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Hitler came to power in 1933.

Beginning in 1934, Augusta Victoria College, a 'finishing school', in Bexhill-on-Sea in England, was educating 24 daughters of certain famous Nazis.

The unsettling story of the Nazi finishing school in East Sussex

The pupils included - 

The goddaughter of Heinrich Himmler

The daughter of Germany's foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, 

Countess Haldenberg, niece to the German ambassador Herbert von Dirksen, 

And Isa von Bergen, the daughter of Hitler's ambassador to the Vatican.

Augusta Victoria College

'The girls were welcomed in East Sussex.' 

The school was headed by Frau Helene Rocholl 'who is believed to be connected to the Nazi regime.' 


'The German government approved of the school' and in 1937 the girls were taken to the Germany Embassy in London to meet war minister Field Marshal von Blomberg.

The war began in 1939 derailing plans by Frau Rocholl to open a campus for 100 boys in the adjacent building.

In September 1939, all pupils and staff fled just days before war broke out when Hitler invaded Poland.

Vincent S.

Vincent S, aged 10 yrs, from Grafton Children's Home, was taken to Elm Guest House boy brothel and to a house in Bexhill.

Collin Pritchard served as the vicar of St.Barnabas, Bexhill. He was jailed for child sexual abuse.

Church of England Rocked By Priestly Abuse Cover-up

John Stingemore lived in Bexhill in Sussex.

John Stingemore accused of historic sex abuse found dead ...

Peter Bick lived in Bexhill in Sussex.

Canon Gordon Rideout sexually abused young girls and boys across the south of England. Rideout was chairman of governors at St Mary’s special school in Bexhill until 2009.




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Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich mp3

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In 1971, Klaus Schwab, under British Pilgrims Society direction, chose Otto von Habsburg, the would-be Fourth Reich king, to keynote the first World Economic Forum (then named the European Management Forum)


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