Thursday 11 February 2021


The EU provided crowd control training to Myanmar police units

EU provided crowd control training to Myanmar police units

"China, Myanmar’s top trade partner, is guided by three crucial strategic imperatives in the relationship with its southern neighbor Myanmar:

"Trade/connectivity via a Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) corridor; 

"Full access to energy and minerals; 

"And cultivating a key ally, Myanmar, within the 10-member ASEAN. ... 

"None of that will change, whoever runs the politico-economic show in Myanmar.

"Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Aung San Suu Kyi, were discussing the China-Myanmar economic corridor only three weeks before the coup.

"Beijing and Myanmar have clinched no less than 33 economic deals only in 2020. ...

"Yet this is not all about China.

"The coup is an eminently domestic affair – which involved resorting to the same old school, CIA-style method that installed them as a harsh military dictatorship way back in 1962."

Jamila Begum, 35, cries when talking about how members of Myanmar's armed forces accused of massacring civilians in her village Maung Nu, in Myanmar's Rakhine State, killed her son and husband

'Myanmar’s government and military have been accused of carrying out a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Rohingya Muslim minority, killing thousands of people and sending over 700,000 fleeing into neighboring Bangladesh. A UN commission has recommended genocide and war crimes charges against top Myanmar military leaders.

'A Myanmar human rights group has accused a publicly traded Israeli company, Gilat Satellite Networks, of selling its technology to Myanmar’s military, saying in a report that Gilat is complicit in the regime’s alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity.'

The High Ranked Officer of Myanmar Police Shot Down three Citizens in Naypyidaw. Without Warning.

Two Seriously Injuried & One is critical situation. #WhatIsHappeningInMyanmar #Feb9Coup #UnlawfulPolice #BreakHumanRight

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