Friday 4 December 2020


Private equity does to a businesses what the US government did to Iraq? 

In 2003, private equity 'fat-cats' bought Debenhams stores in the UK.

They 'stripped its assets'.

The fat cats sold the stores, leased the stores for high rents, collected huge dividends of £1.2 billion, and crippled the future of Debenhams

The private equity 'fat-cats' were TPG, CVC Capital and Merrill Lynch 

TPG Capital is a US investment firm 

The TPG co-founders David Bonderman and Jim Coulter are US billionaires. 

"Private equity has infested the British high street for two decades, with stores often ruthlessly milked for profit then put into administration.

"Restaurants and pub chains came in for similar treatment.

"One of the most toxic episodes until Debenhams was the case of Comet, once a big name electrical goods chain.

"It was taken over by private equity buyers in 2012 for a token sum. Months later the company, whose history dated back to the 1930s, collapsed with the loss of 7,000 jobs. 

"The estimated cost to the taxpayer was nearly £50million in lost tax revenues and redundancy payments."

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At 6 December 2020 at 15:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Henry Kravis?

Man, I'm always confusing this guy with Lenny Kravitz. Wonder if Henry's as good on ax?

Speaking of Western billionaires, some news of sorts concerning Mr "We will coup whoever we want". Looks like his little friend, the lovely and photogenic Ms Áñez, will be answering for her naughtiness.

 I'll have some coffee and a donut.
What do you care? You don't believe in hell.


But hey, dig this: How about just buying the lithium fair and square. Better still, work together, make batteries in Bolivia. Everyone's happy!

Better than stealing the lithium from the Bolivian people.

Your conscience will be so much more at ease.

Also, couping people is impolite. How would you like it if they did to you the same thing you that you did to someone?

Maybe you can strike one up with the prince of darkness as you burn for all eternity.
 And a slice of devil's food cake.


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