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Trump flew Ghislaine Maxwell and a model to Florida to enjoy time together.

Anouska De Georgiou grew up in an affluent family and attended school with Kate Middleton at the illustrious Marlborough College.


"Paper ballots accounted for as much as 90% of the 2020 totals.

"If those votes had been cast on easily-hacked electronic voting machines, Trump could’ve won in a landslide...

"Paper ballots can be stored, protected, scanned, electronically tallied, and tangibly preserved for the recounts that have proven paper balloting’s real worth...

"The Millennials HATE the Donald. They voted more than 60% to dump him.

"Millennials are some 85 million Americans."

(socialism = a decent minimum wage, free higher public education, abolition of student debt, universal health care)

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New York Post
Joe Biden says he won't mandate getting COVID-19 vaccine, wearing masks
Image Covid anti-vax sentiment rises above 50% in France A new poll shows that 59% of the French public ‘do not intend’ to get a Covid jab when it becomes possible, up from 46%


US aid to Israel

'Trump or Biden? In the end, it doesn't matter, Washington has Israel's back.'

'President Donald J. Trump is ensuring that Americans have access to the most advanced and robust COVID-19 tests in the world.'

President Donald J. Trump and His Administration 

Trump said of Covid-19,  'I beat this crazy, horrible China virus.'

“Covid” is running wild all over the World, not just in the U.S.

We will be healing fast, especially with our vaccines!

Above, we see Donald Trump and Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, in January 2020.

Klaus Schwab, the forum's founder, introduced Trump by praising him for his "inclusiveness" and "optimism."

Schwab's Great Reset is said to be designed to increase the power and wealth of  the billionaires.

Are both Trump and Biden part of the plot?

We dislike both Trump and Biden.

Above, we see Ivanka Trump, Wilbur Ross and Klaus Schwab at the 2020 World Economic Forum.

Says Niall Ferguson of Stanford University, under Trump, the billionaires have become much  richer.

"They’re all a great deal richer than they were.” 

These rich don’t want the Trump boom to end. 

As Ferguson puts it: “The dirty little secret of Davos 2020 is they all need him to get re-elected.”


Trump refers to a news item on the pro-Trump, conservative news outlet One American News Network (OANN).

"Elections systems across the country are found to have deleted millions of votes cast for President Trump," it said.

The OANN report referred to an "unaudited analysis of data" obtained from an election monitoring group called Edison Research.

However, the company's president, Larry Rosin, said: "Edison Research has produced no such report and we have no evidence of any voter fraud."

Trump wanted to steal Libya's oil.

Donald Trump's Libya policy 

Is Trump one of the 'good guys'?

"Electoral fraud - The purpose was not to try to steal the red states, but to make the vote look closer than the expected pattern in order to provide cover for extensive fraud in the critical swing states."

Was the electoral fraud carried out by the supporters of Trump?

In a recent tweet, President Trump claimed that Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving address had received “just 1000 views online, a record low,” when it had actually received millions of views. 

Here is Biden’s Thanksgiving address, which currently sits at 5.3 million views.

Biden's Favorability Rises to 55%

Trump's Dips to 42%

Trump went into hospital, claiming to have Covid 19.

How Trump Lost – Mother Jones - EXTRACTS

When the pandemic arrived in March 2020, national polls showed Trump was behind Biden, the Democratic nominee, by four percentage points

Trump had always been unpopular with the majority.

He earned fewer votes than his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, and after the first week of his presidency, his approval rating never outstripped his disapproval rating. 

In the 2018 midterms, his party lost decisively.

Trump and his best pal Roy Cohn who 'ran the child abuse rings for the CIA'.

Trump’s attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, first through Congress and currently through the courts, are unpopular. 

So was his tax cut, which disproportionately benefited the rich. 

Trump and his good friend Jeffrey Epstein.

Trump sought, like Richard Nixon in 1968, to ride a wave of white racial angst over race riots to a presidential victory. 

On June 1, federal agents used chemical irritants to disperse peaceful demonstrators in Lafayette Park outside the White House so that Trump could walk a few feet to St. John’s Church, where he held up a bible for a photo op. 

Trump's brother said that the Trump family is Jewish.

When Navigator Research asked people if they approved of how chemical agents had been used on the protesters, only 23 percent of respondents said yes. 

According to the poll, “that still remains the most disapproved of action that Trump has taken,” Bennett says. 

Democrats realized the photo-op, intended to bolster Trump’s image, was moving voters away from him. The picture soon began appearing in pro-Biden ads.

 By September, 64% of suburban woman disapproved of Trump. 

Another group estranged by Trump are independent voters, who broke for him in 2016, but in 2020, early indications suggest, broke for Biden. 

A third critical subset is seniors, usually a stalwart Republican cohort, who drifted toward Biden. 

Trump’s campaign  eased up on his anti-immigrant rhetoric as the election neared and instead targeted Latino voters. The strategy brought them important gains in the Latino community.

How Trump Lost – Mother Jones

Trump has been linked to the Jewish Mafia.

Trump let his son-in-law Jared Kushner bring in a group of ethically conflicted businessmen of dubious expertise to coordinate a national response to the Covid scare.

Some may have enriched themselves

Did 5 million votes for Hillary Clinton go missing? 2016 - total votes for all candidates: 125,644,750. 2016 - 131,7000,000 people voted. TRUMP FAMILY AND FRIENDS 

As campaign manager, Trump chose Brad Parscale,.

Parscale began directing large sums of campaign funds toward his own companies (as well as payments to Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara and Don Jr.’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle). 

Trump’s final campaign manager, Bill Stepien, announced an investigation of Parscale’s finances when he replaced him in July.

How Trump Lost – Mother Jones

Trump in Russia?

Trump entered October with a third of the money that Biden had. 

Yet even as his campaign ran low on cash, it continued to benefit the Trump family. 

In September, the New York Times reported, the campaign and joint party committee made a $640,476 payment to the Trump Hotel Collection.

FULL story hereHow Trump Lost – Mother Jones

Enquiring minds want to know about the relationship between 2 members of the US House Class of 1995: Mark Foley (resigned over an underage male house page sex scandal) and Lindsey Graham.


Nov 1, 2016 - Katie Johnson says Trump took her virginity, and that Trump and Jeffrey Epstein treated her as a 'sex slave' during a 'horrific' summer in 1994.


Jun 24, 2016 - 2016 Election: Donald Trump Wins the White House in Upset ..... "In his own bookTrumpsaid of his many sexual affairs, "If I told the real stories ...
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Feb 20, 2017 - Michael Jackson flew the parents of James Safechuck to New York, and put them up inTrump Tower. Michael Jackson operated child sex ...
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Jan 14, 2017 - Mark Galeotti, an expert on Russia's security services at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, says that the Russians would be very ...


Dec 1, 2016 - Michael Jackson flew the parents of James Safechuck to New York, and put them up inTrump Tower. Michael Jackson operated child sex ...


Jan 1, 2017 - Is Trump pro-Russia and anti-Israel? Is PizzaGate true? Or was PizzaGate devised by the Zionists? Source: The Economist/YouGov poll, which ...

sex and the deep state 3; trump, putin, jfk, ford - Aangirfan - blogger

Jan 14, 2017 - Mariella Novotny played a sex game, called 'nurse and patient', with JFK. She was suspected of being a Communist from Czechoslovakia and ...


Nov 1, 2016 - Is a Russian-Israeli Oligarch Running a Covert Cybe-Channel Between Trump and Russia? Mikhail Fridman "is closely tied into the Muscovite ...

Joe Biden is said to be closely linked to The Council on Foreign Relations.

Jeffrey Epstein has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Chairman of the CFR David M. Rubenstein, Co-founder and Co-executive Chairman, The Carlyle Group.

Vice Chairman of CFR  Jami Miscik, CEO and Vice Chairman, Kissinger Associates.


November 25, 2020 · by nomad 

by Swiss Policy Research

A Joe Biden presidency means a return of the US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

In 2008, Barack Obama received the names of his entire future cabinet already one month prior to his election by CFR Senior Fellow (and Citigroup banker) Michael Froman. 

The key posts in Obama’s cabinet were filled almost exclusively by CFR members, as was the case in most cabinets since World War II. 

Michael Froman later negotiated the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) international trade agreements.

Most of the European media's owners and editors are members of international CFR affiliates like the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission

The CFR in 1996 advocated a closer cooperation between the CIA and the media, i.e. a restart of the famous CIA Operation Mockingbird

Historically, OSS and CIA directors since William Donovan and Allen Dulles have always been CFR members.

Joe Biden - lmost all of his key future cabinet members have one thing in common: they are members of the US Council on Foreign Relations.

This is the case for Anthony Blinken (State), Alejandro Mayorkas (Homeland Security), Janet Yellen (Treasury), Michele Flournoy and Jeh Johnson (candidates for Defense), Linda Thomas-Greenfield (Ambassador to the UN), Richard Stengel (US Agency for Global Media; Stengel famously called propaganda a “good thing” at a 2018 CFR session), John Kerry (Special Envoy for Climate), Nelson Cunningham (candidate for Trade), and Thomas Donilon (cadidate for CIA Director).

Destroying Scotland.

Pompeo and Kushner are among those who have attended Bilderberg.

Kissinger. KGB or Kosher Nostra?

On August 14, 1975, during a press conference at the Hyatt House in Birmingham, Alabama, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was asked by a reporter:

"Mr. Secretary, we received a report that a Colonel General Michael Goleniewski, who was a Polish Army intelligence officer in World War II, had identified a list of KGB and GRU agents and officers.

The General... identified you, Mr. Kissinger, as having worked for a Soviet intelligence network
- code name ODRA - headquartered in Germany during World War II, at the same time you were a U.S. Army counter-interrogator and instructor in a military intelligence school. . .

In January 1963, Phillip Graham, the owner of the Washington Post, disclosed to a meeting of newspaper editors that John F. Kennedy was having an affair with Mary Pinchot Meyer.

Phil Graham - Wikipedia

Reportedly sex and LSD were being used by Mary Pinchot Meyer to brainwash J F Kennedy, and get him to support a 'one world government'.

President Lancer and the Honeytrap / Spartacus - Kennedy Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer's former husband, Cord Meyer, was in the CIA and had an interest in CIA brainwashing.

Phillip Graham may have been a victim of CIA brainwashing.

President Lancer and the Honeytrap / Spartacus - Kennedy Meyer

Immediately after he had made his revelations, Graham was sedated, bound in a straitjacket, and flown back to Washington on Air Force One.

He was committed for five days to a psychiatric hospital.

On August 3, 1963, Phillip Graham was shot dead.

In November 1963, J F Kennedy was shot dead.

In October 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer was shot dead.

JohnQuincy: "Ever War: President Lancer and the Honeytrap"

Website for this image

Immediately after Kennedy’s assassination, Mary Pinchot Meyer reportedly telephoned Timothy Leary, her supplier of LSD.

"Highly emotional, she exclaimed to Leary, 'They couldn’t control him anymore. He was changing too fast. They've covered everything up. I gotta come see you. I’m afraid. Be careful.'

Meyer was referring to President Kennedy's behaviour after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Kennedy had fired CIA director Alan Dulles and had promised to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”

There are well known spy services such as the CIA, MI6, Mossad and the KGB.

But, there appears to be a 'super-group' that links all of the above and that is more powerful than all of the above.

An agent may have worked for the CIA and KGB, but, mainly for the 'super group'?

The 'super group' may have links to fascist billionaires, the Mafia and Israel?

Or perhaps there are several powerful 'factions' involved?




'Wayne Madsen Report received a list from a reputable Republican source of settlement claims, all of which involve male and female minors:

(1) Michael Parker, 10-years old, oral rape, Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FL, 1992. Trump paid his parents a $3 million settlement.

(2) Kelly Feuer, 12-years old, $1 million settlement paid in 1989, allegations of forced intercourse, Trump Tower, NY, NY.

(3) Charles Bacon, 11-years old, $3 million, allegations of oral and anal intercourse, 1994, Trump Tower, NY, NY.

(4) Rebecca Conway, 13-years old, intercourse and oral sex. Trump Vineyard Estates, Charlottesville, VA, 2012, $5 million settlement.

(5) Maria Olivera, 12-years old. Her family was paid $16 million to settle allegations of forcible intercourse occurring in Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FL, 1993.

(6) Kevin Noll, 11-years old, anal rape, Trump Tower, NY, NY. 1998. Settlement details unknown.'

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At 27 November 2020 at 03:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Thanks for the acid Cary... I'm sorry ya mums a plane!" - 'Dr' Timothy Leary to Cary Grant, Nineteen Fifty something

At 27 November 2020 at 03:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 27 November 2020 at 05:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 27 November 2020 at 07:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smth of real interest

At 27 November 2020 at 07:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 27 November 2020 at 07:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 27 November 2020 at 07:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 28 November 2020 at 09:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Biden team is NOT confident of taking office, this is being increasingly admitted on Twitter etc

There are several pathways for Trump to hold on to power, grounded by how:

80% of Trump voters believe the election was stolen

33% of Biden voters admit there was significant fraud in the election, there is significant de-moralisation amongst Democrats themselves

Evidence of vote fraud is massive and continues to pour forth, unlike anything ever documented before in the USA

(1) US Supreme Court can void vote counts, elector certifications, throwing election to the US Congress House, voting in blocs by state ... majority of states are Republican, so Trump wins

However, whatever the courts do, the evidence in these cases can be seen as setting up the alternative -

(2) Maybe more important - Republicans control significant legislators in a majority of states, including the 'swing states' where votes are disputed ... More and more of these legislators are already speaking of massive vote fraud

These Republicans in each state can hold a vote to send Trump electors, disregarding vote totals they - and the people of their states - regard as fraudulent ... or they can decline to send electors at all, either way eliminating a Biden win

Once again, this throws election to the US Congress House, voting in blocs by state ... majority of states are Republican, so Trump wins

(3) A great many changes have been in US government agency and military command structure recently

With the majority of Americans feeling, or allowing for, the election vote having been greatly fraudulent, they may welcome the severest of actions to 'prevent an election fraud coup by Biden'

Biden-Harris means more lockdowns, more censorship, more war ... They are frightening many

At 29 November 2020 at 15:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top global cyber-security expert, as praised by the New York Times itself, confirms massive fraud in Biden vote totals, will testify for Trump that fraud is overwhelming, clearly provable, Biden did not 'win'

"Dr Navid Keshavarz-Nia is one of the weightiest names in the world when it comes to sniffing out cyber-security problems"

Dr Keshavarz-Nia concluded with "high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states resulting in hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump transferred to Vice President Biden."

"Favorable votes pouring in after hours for Biden could not be accounted for by a Democrat preference for mailed-in ballots. For example, in Pennsylvania, it was physically impossible to feed 400,000 ballots into the machines within 2–3 hours.

A cyber-attack altered votes in battleground states, and then forwarded the results to Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany, to avoid detection

Counts in disputed states - Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia - show electronic manipulation. A cryptographic key, which applied to all voting systems, was used to alter vote counts."

Dr Keshavarz-Nia is a senior director in INFOSEC (Information Security), with 30 years of experience in national security spanning leadership and program execution supporting the civilian, Defense, US Intelligence Agency (USIA), He has led or supported projects at the CIA, NSA, DHS US-CERT, and USCYBERCOM.

This is going to be tough for Democrats to counter.

Photo of Dr Keshavarz-Nia

Dr Navid Keshavarz-Nia is CISO of Black Key Solutions, LLC His qualifications include a PhD in computer engineering, and advanced training from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), DHS office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A) and Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT)

At 30 November 2020 at 13:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The little girl in a pink coat is child actress Mia Talerico, not any Jane Doe/Maria connected to Trumpenstein.

At 30 November 2020 at 17:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe any of the pedophile stories. There always stories but never any real proof. It is disinfo and designed to misdirect your attention from issues that are happening. The fake arrests are to make the tax paying public think they are getting their law enforcement money's worth. The financial at the top and their minions do not need to rape or molest anyone. They have access to the crem dela crem of women that will cater to any desire and fantasy. There are child molesters in your town, but they are usually poor people.

At 1 December 2020 at 02:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Repeating ur broken record again? Jimmy Savile is/was real enough? Leon Brittan was? How gone in the head to be to say what u said?

"The financial at the top and their minions do not need to rape or molest anyone."

Really, how stupid can u be? When they get tired of sex with adults, they want more, therefore they turn to kids, animals, disabled, even dead. Poor u!

At 1 December 2020 at 03:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 1 December 2020 at 03:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 1 December 2020 at 03:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar?

At 1 December 2020 at 04:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many facts above ... Trump served the Deep State ... but he also irritated them

Unlike any other US President ever, he was under continual attack by Deep State forces and most national media ... Clearly, Trump 'symbolised' something the Deep State hated

Hence his passionate core of voters ... many of whom criticise 'Zion Don' but said, 'He is a middle finger to the Soros crowd, so we need to vote for him'

The Trump passionate core is something Biden-Harris never had ... NO ONE attended their rallies ... even now after 'victory', e.g., 4 people (!) showed up to see Biden drive by one day

Even if insincere. the Trump rhetoric - 'drain the swamp' - 'end immigration' - 'anti-globalism, protect local workers' - 'stop demeaning white people as inherently racist' ... 'stop the censorship of alternative voices' ... they were powerful words

The Deep State wants to crush any politician merely saying these things ... all of Trump's service merely kept him alive, but it didn't stop the Deep State attacking him

Biden-Harris frightened many centre whites

- the 'all whites are racist' training and imposed ideology, that Trump cancelled & that Biden-Harris will restore, whites (and Latinos!) to pay 'reparations' etc

- aggressive censorship that would shut down Aangirfan-type blogs

- open borders, 50 million migrants to arrive, many packing their bags now

- lockdown coronavirus insanity to accelerate

- more wars, this is clear from BIden's very neo-con cabinet picks

Donald Trump is the first USA President since Jimmy Carter (1977-81), who did not start a NEW war or bombing campaign anywhere

Tend to doubt he really 'lost'

At 1 December 2020 at 04:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There seems to be always vote fraud in the USA, but this time it was off the scale

One-third of Biden voters accept there was major USA vote fraud ... tho they like to think it was not enough to sway the election

80% of Trump voters think there was result-changing fraud, a civil-war-prelude number

You have a lot of Democrat-party-type intellectuals, feeling sick about this way of 'winning' and about the 4 years of 'Russia hoax' impeachment etc

You had places where 'more than 100% of registered voters' voted ... It was a third-world level of fraud:

"Legitimacy of Biden Win Buried by Objective Data

Emerging information from the states render Biden victory less and less plausible

by David Catron

A growing body of evidence ranging from straightforward ballot audits to complex quantitative analyses suggests that the tabulation of the votes was characterized by enough chicanery to alter the outcome of the election

A consensus has gradually developed among the auditors of publicly available information released by the states ... The more data experts see, the less convinced they are that Biden won"

At 1 December 2020 at 04:29 , Blogger Anon said...

Jimmy Carter was a room mate of Jackson Stephens, who has been linked to 9 11. Jimmy Carter may have been employed by the US intelligence services. Jimmy Carter's government selected large numbers of members of the Trilateral Commission to run the USA. Jimmy Carter built up the mad Muslims in Afghanistan and thus wrecked Afghanistan. The spooky peanut farmer was as fake as Trump.

- Aangirfan.

At 1 December 2020 at 06:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cult-owned, Gates-owned liar Fauci now says schools should open because data shows children are not affected by the ‘virus’ – so why have they been closed month after month? And it’s not about Trump, Tucker, it’s about a long-planned global agenda for controlling the minds of children and young people

At 1 December 2020 at 08:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do u make out of this?

At 1 December 2020 at 08:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 1 December 2020 at 08:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 December 2020 at 01:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is all getting more and more bizarre

US Attorney General William Barr declares that he 'hasn't seen' evidence of election-changing vote fraud, although claiming that information is being 'run down', with so far just tiny little frauds here & there

Is this the Deep State signal, Trump is abandoned, left out to dry?

Yet Trump's lawyer Giuliani says the hundreds of witnesses giving affidavits etc about massive vote fraud, have not been interviewed or contacted by the FBI or Barr's Justice Department

Trump is mad at Barr, which is very funny
- 'drain the swamp'
- hires swamp creatures
- be angry when swamp creatures like Barr act swampy


Is Bill Barr's greatest achievement, getting Jeffrey Epstein back to Israel, whilst appearing to be dead?

Bill Barr with his family's nearly half-century entangled with Jeffrey Epstein, 1973-2019

father Don Barr born Jewish, worked for OSS (CIA predecessor), headmaster of Dalton School giving Epstein his 1st job, Epstein teaching teens 1973-75, Don Barr likewise fascinated with sexual slavery, publishing 1973 novel on that topic 'Space Relations'

Bill Barr working for CIA 1973-77, law school at night supported by CIA, then working for Kirkland Ellis representing Jeffrey Epstein ... prison employee saying Epstein was driven out of prison in van by men with military uniforms, just before he 'died'

At 2 December 2020 at 03:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 December 2020 at 04:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 December 2020 at 04:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 December 2020 at 06:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A respite from the madness and why we are doing what we do – the kids: What home-schooled children look like out of the system – ENJOY

At 2 December 2020 at 06:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 December 2020 at 06:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 December 2020 at 06:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spain on the brink of financial collapse

At 2 December 2020 at 10:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 December 2020 at 10:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 December 2020 at 10:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 December 2020 at 14:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scummy Fauci, of course


At 3 December 2020 at 08:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 3 December 2020 at 08:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 3 December 2020 at 08:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 3 December 2020 at 10:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 3 December 2020 at 12:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has Aanirfan been taking over? The relentless pointless smears on Trump are not a good look under the current circumstances when he is the only western leader opposing the covid hoax.

At 3 December 2020 at 13:44 , Blogger Neilly Free Mind said...



Tk y

At 4 December 2020 at 01:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 December 2020 at 02:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at this face and it's enuff!

At 4 December 2020 at 02:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The joke's on....

At 4 December 2020 at 02:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 December 2020 at 03:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faced with fascism, no problem – their kids facing a nightmare dystopia for the rest of their lives, no problem. But a football team not winning enough matches – RIOOOOOT!! What’s the word I’m looking for? Er, PATHETIC

At 4 December 2020 at 04:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

American mayor delivers ‘stay at home’ order to population from a beach resort in Mexico – what are we doing obeying these hypocrites, liars and frauds?

At 4 December 2020 at 04:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 December 2020 at 04:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 December 2020 at 04:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 December 2020 at 04:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 December 2020 at 04:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 December 2020 at 04:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 December 2020 at 04:38 , Blogger Anon said...


The US politicos are an affront to decency. If you still think in the year 2020 that Tronald Dump is beyond criticism - then there is no hope left for the humans.

This is the year that mankind should have realised that the self serving political elite, their oligarchs and corporations are the enemy of mankind. Fake pandemics, fake elections, planned anarchy (BLM and Antifa), fake terror attacks, forced lockdowns, mass bankruptcy and businesses being decimated for starters. Why stop there?

We will no doubt be coerced/forced into an unlawful fake vaccination program (Tiergartenstrasse 4).

All of this on Trumps watch.

As for opposing the Covid Hoax. Have you seen LA and NYC recently? Brought to their knees and destroyed. Remind me though, who the President is? Again, the utter fraud that vacuous, brain dead chimps see no wrong in. Anyone dumb enough to place their hopes in Trump, deserve another 4 years of him.

Still, it could be worse, you might end up with Biden. Until enough people oppose or see through ALL the political frauds, the brain dead masses that pass themselves off as rational human beings will drag the rest of us 'over the cliff' with them. Rant over. Your badly structured sentence has 'troll' written all over it. Sometimes it is nice to 'vent'.

At 5 December 2020 at 02:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morning Aang. Speaking of World Economic Forum..................

Having looked through their 'back catalogue' of conferences, the 2011 conference was of interest for a largely unconnected reason.

A guest keynote speaker at the event was none other than Chesley Sullenberger. The brave, all American hero who ditched his plane in the Hudson River.

He presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, as well as the Swiss Economic Forum that same year.

The aptly titled "Shared Norms For The New Reality" was the theme in 2011.

Having looked through his resume of life achievements, he is only bettered by (none other) than Jesus himself.

This guy is utterly brilliant and has 'ticked' every box on mankind's greatest achievements list.

I digress. On the fateful day, At 3:26:37 Sullenberger remarked to Skiles (his co-pilot): "What a view of the Hudson today." Who'd have thought eh?

Nevertheless, At 3:27:{{33}}, Sullenberger radioed a mayday call to New York Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON): "... this is Cactus 1539 [sic – correct call sign was Cactus 1549], hit birds. Mr Sullenberger had clearly forgotten the call sign of his aircraft. Woops!!!

His emergency broadcast to TRACON sounded like he was ordering 'a big mac and fries' and had zero urgency about his predicament.

A consummate, unflappable professional (some might say). Moving on swiftly. At 3.30pm the stricken liner hits the water and is floating along the Hudson.

A CCTV unit that was trained on the river (with grainy, crap footage) in 2009 just happened to see a little splash which is believed to be the plane. An operator panning the river with his camera instead of providing security for his employer.

Moving swiftly along, it was just as well that NY Waterways had boats enroute to help the rescue. All passengers pulled out of the water by 3.55pm. Just as well. The air temperature was - 7c and water at 5c. [Heat loss in water happens 20xs quicker than air].

A broadcast of the event (which is attached) describes the lack of urgency at the scene - which too seems odd.

Other footage (at the time is also worth looking at).

You can clearly see where my thoughts are on this.

The accolades awarded to Mr Sullenberger, likewise, were of interest too.

Frances Legion of Honor(Templars)
Times (Influential 100)
Keys to NYC
2 Book Deals, Hollywood Film
Obama and Bush both offering gratitude. Invite to inauguration for Obama
Super Bowl XL111 invite and ovation
Grand Marshall at Tournament of Roses
Past Grand Marshalls include:

John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin, Walt Disney, Bob Hope, Richard Nixon, Eisenhower, Ford, Sinatra and the Apollo 12 Astro-nots. An interesting 'who is who' looking at the parade Grand Marshalls.

A Grand Marshall is a very senior rank in The Teutonic Knights Order. An extensive look at the previous Grand Marshalls is really quite an impressive list.

Regardless, who am I to 'sully' the flawless achievements of this iconoclastic being. Perhaps it was the WEF, the ever-present no. 33 and his Masonic ring on his right hand that was of interest.

Peace to the humans.

At 6 December 2020 at 11:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Media is masking that one of the top Biden appointees is actually Jewish, and not 'minority Latino'

Alejandro Mayorkas named above, picked to be the new Homeland Security chief, the top law enforcement figure of the USA, is the new Michael Chertoff figure and just as Jewish

Tho he is bally-hooed as 'Hispanic', 'Latino', 'Cuban-American' etc, in order to fill out the 'minority appointment' boasts

Regarding Mayorkas - Meyer-caso, house of Meyer -

His father was a Sephardic Jew in Cuba, and his mother was a Romanian Jew who emigrated to Cuba in the 1940s

Mayorkas was Deputy Chief of Homeland Security under Obama, and worked at the shady WilmerHale political law firm where Robert Mueller also worked after leaving the FBI ... Mueller described as collecting rewards for indulging international crimes of WilmerHale when Mueller was FBI Director, the 'Mueller payoff' described in a US Dept of Justice Inspector General filing

At 8 December 2020 at 11:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Significant political development in the US, with the Texas lawsuit against the other states at the US Supreme Court, in favour of Trump winning the election

The 'hero' US Senator from Texas, right-wing Latino Ted Cruz, declares his readiness to argue the case himself

Ted Cruz is now a highly likely US President candidate in 2024

This case has some potential to give Trump the victory ... but it also embodies the new USA political alignment

It is a possibly successful court argument that corrupt rule changes, vote fraud etc in other states, deprives Texans of the President who actually won

But this scenario reflects both that the USA is now rather a Latino nation ... with a strong Latino right wing

It is usually and falsely assumed Hispanic Latinos are a 'bloc' in the USA voting left & Democratic

Actually, about 30-40% of them traditionally vote right wing ... including about 37% of them voting for Trump in this election

There are many reasons for some Latinos to be conservative

- Some are Cuban, Venezuelan etc exiles hating leftism & communism, Ted Cruz himself has Cuban family roots

- Latinos are more deeply Christian-conservative, traditional family people ... disliking ultra-leftist, LGBT etc agendas

- Many Latinos are hard-working independent business people, inclined toward conservative, more rightist policies

- Many Latinos who are now legal US citizens, want to control immigration so as not to spoil their own prosperity

At 9 December 2020 at 10:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is something striking about the US states suing each other, to try to determine the election

That Texas gambit is expanding ... It is now Texas, Louisiana & Missouri, suing Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan at the Supreme Court

Looks like a prelude to the USA breaking up ... middle heartland states against coastal / northern states

It's too big and too divided a country ... maybe it should break up

At 9 December 2020 at 10:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Key Chinese figure says - It's Jews, not Biden, who will be in charge in the USA

"A November 28th, 2020 talk by Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) foreign relation’s expert, Di Dongsheng, is being circulated throughout social media

Professor Dongsheng said: Joe Biden is controlled by Wall Street Jews, who the CCP deal with directly when they need something from America.

Dongsheng makes it clear that the Chinese are fully aware that for almost 50 years, Jews have been subversively using their control over America to try and ingratiate themselves with China’s political elites

It’s increasingly looking like China ... is closing tried and true vectors traditionally used by Jewish interlopers ... World Jewry may have just met its match"

At 11 December 2020 at 06:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two thirds of the USA population in general, including many Democrats, agree there was election fraud - amongst Trump voters this number is 87%

Poll numbers here -

As dozens of US states line up against each other at the US Supreme Court, in what seems like the lines of USA break-up -

From James Howard Kunstler, lifelong supporter of the US Democratic Party, two times Obama voter and then Hillary voter in 2016 .... Kuntstler now convinced, that USA election totals are vote-count fraud stealing the victory from Trump:

US vote count was largely tabulated by the Dominion Voting Systems company ... which sent information illegally in real-time to a foreign location, the Dominion server in Frankfurt, Germany ... which was quickly seized by US army Special Forces ... Dominion's holding company is 75% Chinese-owned

"The president cleaned house at the top of the Pentagon this fall, and probably not for nothing

Since the election there have been unusual movements of US military aircraft around the country, including C-130 Hercules troop carrier planes ... The navy has two carrier groups out along the Pacific Coast and three strung along the Atlantic coast ... Sounds like preparation for something"

At 12 December 2020 at 10:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US Supreme Court voted 7-2 to not even look at or listen to evidence of election fraud in the big lawsuit by many states and Trump

The US Supreme Court refuses to hear arguments 99% of all cases presented to it, literally

But what is very funny -

Whilst denying to hear the Trump vote fraud case, without considering evidence, the Justices did however this week agree, to hear in detail, an appeal by very-Jewish investment bank Goldman Sachs, which is seeking to evade judgments to pay investors who felt defrauded by Goldman

Goldman Sachs being accused of fraud is one of those rare cases 'important' for the Supreme Court ... but not the nation's common citizens getting the wrong President through fraud, the Supreme Court ain't got no time to even look at evidence about that

Trump still does have legal authority to call the troops in to stay in office

Under USA federal law 10 US Code §253, the President can "by using militia or armed forces or any means ... suppress in a State any conspiracy ... if any part of people is deprived of a right ... or denied equal protection of laws ..."

If the Supreme Court is part of the 'conspiracy' Trump can have the military arrest them too ... and many hope Trump will do exactly that

At 13 December 2020 at 14:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This drama with the election fraud claims seems more and more bizarre

Hal Turner published a striking piece said to be a leak by a US Supreme Court law clerk - link below - who wrote of how USA Chief Justice John Roberts went off the rails this past week, with screaming and intimidation about 'riots in the streets', in order to get the majority of the other judges to refuse to hear the big election voting fraud case

The black intellectual and longest-serving Justice Clarence Thomas is quoted as lamenting, "This is the end of democracy", Thomas & Alito the only hold-outs (7-2 vote) on giving Trump a day in court, the basic right to a hearing on something important ... and why not?

With 60 million at least Americans believing it was fraud, viewing Newsmax (the new 'Fox') etc ... shouldn't there have been a day of hearings in the Supreme Court to sort it out? If it's nonsense, why not show that in court? ... They are trying to spark a US civil war?

Giuliani has dozens of alleged witnesses which the FBI and Bill Barr at the US Justice Dept, are refusing to interview ... Why doesn't Giuliani demand that Trump fire Barr?

Trump is tweeting spite at 'do-nothing' Bill Barr, but doesn't fire him ... Why not? Trump is blackmailed so badly he is only allowed to tweet?

US Chief Justice Roberts, is long understood to be double-blackmailed
- first for his 1990s 'international child trafficking', getting an Irish mother to illegally take her kids to South America so Roberts could adopt (buy?) them, and
- secondly with Roberts' name prominently on the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs, presumably videos to match now also in the Deep State 'Chief Justice Roberts control file'

Hal Turner article on the Supreme Court law clerk leaker

Photo of Roberts and Epstein, along with the inculpating Justice Roberts - Epstein Express flight log

At 13 December 2020 at 21:47 , Blogger Anon said...

At 14 December 2020 at 06:19 , Blogger bllogger567 said...

Well, well, well?

At 14 December 2020 at 09:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 14 December 2020 at 09:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 14 December 2020 at 09:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lying psychopath Gates says there are ‘no downsides’ to wearing masks (breathing in your own carbon dioxide, not enough oxygen, build up of bacteria, facial rash, breathing in mask fibres, etc., etc. etc.) and we are nowhere near returning to ‘normal’ which he knows is absolutely never meant to happen

At 14 December 2020 at 09:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 14 December 2020 at 09:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This 22-year-old Palestinian student says she was tortured in an Israeli prison and endured extended hours of physical and psychological abuse.

At 14 December 2020 at 09:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 14 December 2020 at 09:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 14 December 2020 at 09:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 14 December 2020 at 10:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 14 December 2020 at 14:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone else notice how China seems to be gearing up for war?


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