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Boris Johnson with Greville Janner.


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Lammy the Idi Amin tribute Act. Blacj history month in UK schools yes lessons about Mubuti Sese Seko, Boukasa,Idi Amin, Hastings Bander, Mengistu Mariam and more...

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Drakeford driving radical communist change works for the UN/WEF cabal seddition is the game.

The future is now: delivering the sustainable development ...

The First Minister of Wales, Rt Hon Mark Drakeford, will give a keynote speech. This will reflect on the innovative approach taken in Wales through the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. The act provides a comprehensive legislative response to the SDGs.
Writing the script for the WEF with 55000 + employees is Salesforce. Driving the agenda and making a fat profit.

October 20, 2020
Salesforce Expands to Help Companies Get Back to Growth and Thrive in the New Normal

Salesforce Announces Strong Second Quarter Fiscal 2021 Results•Second Quarter Revenue of $5.15 Billion, up 29% Year-Over-Year, 29% in Constant Currency•Current Remaining Performance Obligation of Approximately $15.2 Billion, up 26% Year-Over-Year, 24% in Constant Currency•Raises FY21 Revenue Guidance to Approximately $20.7 Billion to $20.8 Billion, up Approximately 21% to 22% Year-Over-Year•Initiates Q3 FY21 Revenue Guidance of $5.24 Billion to $5.25 Billion, up Approximately 16% Year-Over-Year


WEF promoted article penned by Salesforce

5 things COVID-19 has taught us about fighting climate change

2. We’re more resilient when we work together

When faced with the unprecedented social conditions imposed as a result of the pandemic, people stepped up to the plate, embracing new working arrangements and personal hardships, and reminding us that the human capacity for resilience is astounding.

As climate change continues to advance and our resilience is put to the test, it is clear we will only come through this by working together. Meaningful partnerships and policy work are needed to push the needle forward. Organizations like the Step Up Coalition, which Salesforce helped spearhead, bring together companies dedicated to using their influence to collaborate on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Wales and the Sustainable Development Goals –Supplementary Report to the UK Voluntary National Review 2019

As we look back on progress since the SDGs were agreed in 2015, we should reflect on the actions we took in Wales to prepare us for Agenda 2030

We extended our historic obligations to promote sustainable development to 44 public bodies, legislating for sustainable development to be the central organising principle of each organisation.We established the world’s first statutory independent Future Generations Commissioner for Wales to be an advocate for the long term and to support decision-makers in Wales.We brought together local government with other key players in statutory partnerships, Public Services Boards, to carry out sustainable development at the local level

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In defence of British Heroine Vanessa Beeley.

Must watch video showing White Helmets fakery. On cue, he starts screaming in pain for the camera

In a coordinated mediawhore attack we see perception manipulators Wiki(Alphabet)pedia denigrate Beeley as soon the nonce liars at the BBC will do in their forthcoming FCO white helmet appreciation society production.

All of the above orgs promote the myth that great white helmet leader and fundraising blagger James Le Mesurier was a good guy LOL. James never one to exaggerate te hee claimed "Assad's Kiloton barrel bomb dropped from a helicopter" in his honest mate speech to potential WH sponsors filmed onstage is he a liar and fraudster !
Nevertheless according to Wikipedia
"Vanessa Beeley is a British conspiracy theorist, activist and blogger. She is known for her pro-Bashar al-Assad advocacy, and for promoting conspiracy theories and falsehoods about the Syrian Civil War, in particular the White Helmets who she falsely claims are a terrorist organisation. Wikipedia"

BBC SCANDAL pictures

In 2013 Conway, accompanied by reporter Ian Pannell, was embedded with then ISIS partners Ahrar al-Sham.

Cameraman on @BBCPanorama's fraudulent 2013 Saving Syria's Children, Darren Conway OBE, returns to Atmeh refugee camp to report on the impact of Covid-19.

BBC's Ian Pannell on breaking a major story in Syria

Ian Pannell, a BBC World News correspondent, broke the Aleppo school bombing in Syria.

At least 18 people, including 10 children, were killed in a Syrian government air strike in the northern city in April 2014.

Here Ian describes breaking the story on BBC World News.

Follow the BBC's Breaking News Twitter feed.

For a list of all programmes, go to BBC World News programmes.


18 July 2014
BBC News
World News TV

Under "entertainment" the regretful BBC publish this.

BBC to make drama about Jimmy Savile's life - BBC News › news › entertainment-arts-54542956

14 Oct 2020 — The BBC has announced its plans for a mini-series about the disgraced late TV personality Jimmy Savile. ·

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James Le Mesurier: from mercenary to “humanitarian”

Though mainstream narratives have suggested that the White Helmets were trained by the Red Cross, the White Helmets were actually founded in March 2013 by Le Mesurier. He, like many officers in the British military, attended the Royal Military Academy, where he graduated at the top of his class, receiving the Queen’s Medal.

He later served in the British Army and operated in a variety of theaters. Most notably, Le Mesurier served as intelligence coordinator for Pristina City in Kosovo soon after the NATO intervention that led to NATO being accused of war crimes for its targeting of thousands of civilians and media.

Prior to his founding of the White Helmets, Le Mesurier served as Vice President for Special Projects at the Olive Group, a private mercenary organization that has since merged with Blackwater-Academi into what is now known as Constellis Holdings. Then, in 2008, Le Mesurier left the Olive Group after he was appointed to the position of Principal at Good Harbor Consulting, chaired by Richard A. Clarke – a veteran of the U.S. national security establishment and the counter-terrorism “czar” under the Bush and Clinton administrations.

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Check out the white helmet fundraiser scams here. Don't forget great white helmet leader Le Mesurier was a top bloke endorsed by great communitarian leader Boris another honest sort :)

Note the prices at "What your support looks like"

$144.64 = £110.90

If that's a bit steep you could source one in the UK

for White PE Safety Helmet With Harness and Chin Strap - Push Button Adjustment - CE Certified - 350g - [HT-PUSH-WHITE]
Our price:
£2.55 = $3.32

White Helmets funding sources

The White Helmets receive funding from the U.K. Foreign Office, curiously through th

Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF)for non-humanitarian aid. According to a statement made by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, “…the total value of funds committed between June 2013 and the end of the current financial year (31 March 2016) is £19.7m.” At the end of September 2016, U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson pledged a further £ 32 million.

A recent investigation into the U.K. Foreign Office’s Conflict Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) has exposed one unexpected funding stream that has allowed money from that £1 billion U.K. taxpayer-contributory, conflict slush fund to be siphoned into promotional activities for the White Helmets, via U.K. Foreign Office ex-employee and diplomat Carne Ross.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson described the volunteers’ deaths as “a huge loss for their families, Syria and the world”. According to a spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the UK has provided the White Helmets with £35 million (over $45 million) in support since 2013.

The White Helmets have faced criticism from activists on social media, mainly for receiving millions of dollars in aid from western governments, including USAID, the UK foreign office and Germany. President Bashar al-Assad's government and his ally Russia also accuse them of being tools in the hands of their international donors.

The group was nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize and a Netflix-produced documentary about them won an Oscar this year.

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#Syria #Aleppo—Hospital #DISINFORMATION
Clip from
@AJArabic footage.
Comments please from pædiatric nurses.


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