Tuesday 8 September 2020


We’ve come a long way in the fight against coronavirus. Let’s keep moving forward, not back.


Stick with It, Scotland

    • Charmaine Gordon So..... those NOT following the government guidelines are irresponsible conspiracy theorists??!! Surely, a conspiracy theorist is someone who actually takes the time to question things and spends a good deal of their valuable time researching what DocSee more

  • Marianne Fox Don't make any Christmas day plans with family!!! Grinding everyone down so they take a vaccination. So predictable watching this unfold. Sturgeon is being made to look so competent as England so bad. Her reward is independance keeping Scotland in bondage to E.U. its all a game.
  • Kevin McCluskey The scottish government are destroying our lives. Our rights are slowly being erroded as we fall into the loving dependency of SNP communisim.

    Your fear mongering and social manipulation will continue, based on lies and deception, it will not be tolerated not much longer.
    See more
  • Samantha Thomson Any progress is the result of a change in season....not masks, not lockdown, not social distancing. The coronavirus’ and influenza virus’ run from November to April....

    That’s why the trend is the same im countries that didn’t control the public & destroy the economy. So when rates do go up...cold & flu season is upon us again...as it happens every year...since forever.
  • Jane Jackson If anyone still thinks these measures are in place to save us then back to sleep you go. This is all about control and a very real agenda which you would know if only you engage brain and research instead of listening to the one narrative of the msm
  • Trish Steele But we are going backwards...6 months of doing what we are told and guess what restrictions being implemented slowly but surely! Your recommendations aren't working... time to give the Scottish people their "Freedom" for those that have to shield and they know who they are...get on with it...but please don't let the remainder of society feel guilty about living their one and only life!
  • Wesley Mcgee Scotland we've come along way, we've managed to brainwash the vast majority of you and have you living in fear. Now is not the time to question anything
  • Mary-Rose McIlhone Brainwashing, instilling fear, dividing family and the people. Falsified statistics, discrimination, changing laws to suit the agenda. It’s highly documented that face masks do not work and promote other health issues. When you freedom has gone it willSee more
  • Seymone McGregor Oh and I forgot how clever this Virus is! So you can’t go to an NHS dentist for a filling but you can pay PRIVATE for a filling! Again how clever is Covid 😜😜😜
  • Tam Macbride Innerstand the difference between information that is fed and that which you find that resonates with what you already know.
  • Isie Weir What happens when this is all over will they still be able to track & trace anyone whoes been tested in months & years to come sounds like control to me
  • Elizabeth McNeil Dont know I'll do my own thing wake up world
  • Jane Sinclair People will need to come to there senses and join together and stop this nonsense, people are the real power.
  • Jamie McMonagle Nothing to do with pubs.Biggest scam ever.Death rate is minimal despite increased testing and more positive cases.What are they testing for as the system seems seriously flawed,and there is no actual test for covid 19.Wake up!!!
  • Karen Reed I’d that coronavirus or Covid, the two seem to be becoming one. Covid hasn’t been isolated yet and the pcr test can’t distinguish which virus you test positive for, so for all we know, all these positive results are for the common cold, another variation of the coronavirus. More cases, does not mean more Covid, so please stop with this tomfuckery and let us get back to normal!!!
  • Karen Wilson Scottish government couldn't run a raffle.
  • Rethun Eigna What the world actually needs is ... wee Nic's corrupt globalist pals to eff off. Soros, Gates, Rothschilds, Bilderbergs, Clintons, Obamas. We KNOW, Nicola, we know what's going on here and anyone in cahoots with these clowns, their days are equally numbered!
  • Linsay Goodfellow Explain that to the elderly & vulnerable in care & nursing homes😔
    Left alone , dying, lonely, afraid, wasting away for months 😢 without a cuddle or a holding hand moment.
    Zoo animals get treated better.
  • Doug Richards Project fear and control continues. 🙄
  • Marianne Fox All part of the plan. Lockdown by Oct 1 and with no furlough people may just wake up. All very sad this was predicted years ago.

  • Caroline McKay Missed the bit where if you wear a school uniform you’re fully protected- no social distancing, hand washing or mask required
  • Jim McFadyen Actually it is. Paid for by the TAX payer
  • Robert Smith We would have had more success if we had ignored the COVID psyop completely 😏
  • Alan Kay How much of our money was wasted on this?
  • Nic Ola Elizabeth Meanwhile the top 2% are taking in the profits. Follow the money.
  • Jan Woodcock Wish they would stop this advertising they are getting worse at track and trace its all about control what about making general practitioners see patients
  • Antony Crilly Snr Waves of mass unemployment coming, suicides through the roof, mental illness escalating on a daily basis, vital hospital appointments cancelled. Not to mention a forthcoming global recession that will make the 1930's and the Weimar republic seem prosperous by comparison. But of course keep wearing your masks, social distancing, scrubbing your hands, grassing on your neighbours etc and everything will be o.k 👍
  • Libby Ma Ceile Oh My! A new low with the emotional blackmail scotgov.co...
    Euwww. 🤑

  • Tahir Naseem This scottish government has no idea what to do and no idea about how to run a nation.
  • Helen Osborne Well tell people the truth then Nicola ,tell them the false numbers ,tell them masks don't make a difference ,tell them about the changes to our rights that you have made behind our backs tell them tell them tell them all about control .
  • Ronnie Whittaker #fearmongering Mindspin

    Anyone out there still beleiving this non-sense?
  • David Gass It’s a social control scam 😳😳

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At 9 September 2020 at 10:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

#resignsturgeon has a tweet every couple of minutes, she is loathed beyond belief

At 9 September 2020 at 15:28 , Blogger Freeborn said...

I loathe ALL the repellent tyrants who have reared their heads during the SCAMDEMIC.

But there is a special stratospheric level of hatred I hold for Nicola Sturgeon.

And I'm not even Scottish!


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