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"New research argues that legitimate, statistically significant evidence for psi, or psychic ability, does exist."

Is There Scientific Proof of Psychic Ability? - The Cut

Parapsychology researcher Etzel Cardeña writes that the strongest support for psi can be found in research which utilizes the “Ganzfeld procedure,” in which blindfolded subjects in a soundproofed room are asked to describe a film clip they have not seen, which they’re either shown after the fact, or which is played simultaneously in another room.

The results can be impressive.

Gordon Smith is the 'Psychic Barber'.

"Gordon Smith is the seventh son of a seventh son, and when he was born the midwife told his mother he would be a healer of some sort.

"Gordon is renowned for his mediumship and offering healing and comfort.

"Gordon has two grown-up sons and still lives in his native Glasgow ... running his busy barber's shop in the city centre, which has given him the nickname 'the psychic barber'."

The following is an account by Tricia Robertson from her book The Truth is Here -

PRISM is an acronym for Psychical Research Involving Selected Mediums. This is a research group that was set up to study paranormal phenomena, including mediumship, in a scientific manner.

Gordon Smith was one of the mediums who willingly participated.

The statistical analysis of his results always showed a high degree of accuracy to the intended recipient.

It was because of the high standard of his work that he was asked to give a demonstration of his mediumship at Glasgow University at the request of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research.

No one was disappointed.


Gordon Smith spoke to Scotland on Sunday:


When I was a little boy, I saw the spirit of a friend of the family.

A man who had been deceased for just over a week appeared before me in the garden in broad daylight.

He was solid, three-dimensional and spoke in an ordinary fashion. There was nothing scary or malevolent about him. It wasn’t until I reported the incident to my mother that there was any reaction. She freaked out.


They are obviously aware of the spiritual energy around me and all mediums who work between the two worlds - after all, isn’t a bird just a spirit in the sky?


Love lifts us up where we belong.

I believe we shall find ourselves with the people we have known and loved in our lives, in a world filled with love, light and laughter.

We will grow according to our own spirituality and according to all the good deeds we have created in this earth life.

So the better you are in this world, the more you create good vibrations - and the more good vibrations you create, the higher you will be lifted.


Be yourself in the face of all things, never try to be more than you can be and accept your life for what it is.


You can’t.

Healing begins when the person wants to be healed.

Some people suffer in this world and because of it become stronger.

When you feel ready to face the world again after your suffering, the healing will begin.


I never can say goodbye to the fair city of Glasgow. Even when I travel all over the world I feel connected to my home city. I used to think that wherever I laid my hat was my home, but I know that my heart belongs to Glasgow.


Every day is a new day. Every experience is new when you live in the moment.

Gordon Smith's psychic gift was ignored as he was growing up ...

Gordon Smith had a difficult childhood.

His book, Best Of Both Worlds, talks  about the poverty and abuse he encountered growing up in 1970s Glasgow.

Years ago the city's Gorbals area,' a poverty-stricken hotbed of gangs and violence'  is where Gordon was raised.

His seven siblings and fiery Irish mother protected him as best they could.

"I was six when a gang broke into our house in the middle of the night and broke every single window," he says.

"I remember being pulled out of bed to terror and screaming."

Gordon's parents in Glasgow 

Gordon suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a local man at around the same time.

"I look back and think I was a child of seven, it wasn't my fault but I had to quietly learn to get over it. At the time I blocked it out, it only surfaced when I practised meditation years later.

"I believe these things arise when you're ready to accept and handle them so there's the ongoing process of working through things and building on them.

"Now I always talk to people who have encountered abuse." During his traumatic encounters Gordon discovered he could escape the situation by leaving his body and entering a new spiritual realm.

His gift was starting to blossom. "I started seeing dead people," he recalls.

"I'd tell my mum and she'd get angry. I saw Ummy, my grandmother's partner, as clear as day. He'd died the week before and I hadn't known about it."

Gordon Smith's psychic gift was ignored as he was growing up ...

Gordon with his cousin Stephen who died aged 11 

"It was only when I'd travel to London to stay with my aunt Sylvia and uncle Michael in their big house in the peaceful suburbs that I realised life could be different," he says.

During these visits he struck up a close bond with their only child, his cousin Stephen.

"Stephen was a little boy who should have had everything," says Gordon.

"But one day out of nowhere when we were eight or nine he had an accident and fell off a swing. He hurt his stomach and when he was operated on doctors discovered that he had cancer.

"It was the saddest thing I remember as a child, knowing that he was ill. Despite my age I learnt to read the atmosphere and knew he was dying even before he did."

When Stephen passed away at the age of 11 Gordon stayed in London at the request of Aunt Sylvia.

"I saw him after he died," he says.

"My aunt wanted to keep me with her and quite often I would feel Stephen's presence in the room and I would close my eyes and he was there and I'd be playing with him.

It wasn't until my aunt Sylvia was dying many years later that she told me she used to stand outside the playroom and listen to me and if she closed her eyes Stephen was alive. That was a beautiful thing to her."

Gordon Smith's psychic gift was ignored as he was growing up ...


Gordon  became a barber and at the age of 17 met Kate, a girl who lived near his grandmother in Glasgow.

By the time Gordon was 19 she was pregnant.

"We got married because that was the done thing and we were in love," says Gordon.

For the following decade he lived a normal life with a wife, two children and a job as a hairdresser.

And then he saw another spirit.
"It was my colleague Chrissie's brother standing in my bedroom in a tartan shirt and tight blue jeans with his arms folded," he says.

"Ten minutes later the police knocked on my door. They had come to deliver the salon keys as Chrissie had been in a house fire. It was only the following day that I found out her brother had died."

At Chrissie's request Gordon accompanied her to see a medium in an attempt to make contact with her dead brother. But when they arrived it was Gordon the medium had a message for.

"She told me, 'You are a medium yourself. 'You'll be on the stage doing this within five years.'

"And then she proceeded to tell me all about my grandmother who'd died at the age of 42."

Gordon Smith's psychic gift was ignored as he was growing up ...

At 29, Gordon realised that he was gay.

"It hadn't really occurred to me but when I delved back into my childhood I realised I did have desires when I was about 13 or 14 that I must have brushed under the carpet," he says.

"But really Kate and I fell out of love and that was the catalyst."

He is thankful that he was able to maintain good relationships with both his sons.


Gordon started working as a medium and would do readings at spiritualist churches for free.

"One of the most amazing things for me was locating a woman's son who'd disappeared on an Army training exercise. She didn't realise her son was dead so it was hard.

"But I told her about a river in France where his body was, although only a part of it.

"A year later they found a human thigh-bone belonging to her son. How could I have known that? It's like finding a needle in a haystack."

For Gordon the most rewarding part of his job is bringing comfort to the bereaved.

"I was sitting with a mother whose 17-year-old son committed suicide and her boy came through and gave her lovely evidence that his spirit was still alive," he says.

"He told her he didn't kill himself because of her and she shouldn't blame herself. I could never charge someone for that. I get my rewards in so many ways."

Gordon Smith's psychic gift was ignored as he was growing up ...

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At 23 August 2020 at 03:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Once you familiarize yourself with the cold reading techniques psychic parasites use, you can't unsee it. Not saying all psychics are frauds, there's some really interesting research came out of the CIA and other alphabet agency stuff from the 60's onwards, but you don't usually see those people on the stage.

At 23 August 2020 at 22:03 , Blogger Greg Burton said...

Five Amazing Ways to Communicate with Loved Ones in the Spirit World - Gordon Smith

1. True for me: 'feeling' my mother, filled with warmth, moments before the phone rang when my brother told me she was gone.

2. Going through a perilous, sick time in my life, full of fear, sitting in my car, wondering what to do next ... then smelling my father: the distinct mixture of after-shave and bourbon ... I knew he was there, that he was telling me I was in trouble, and I had better get my butt in gear and figure it out.

3. Asking that my decease nephew reach out and let me know he was all right ... that night his portrait, in a glass case, fell off the book shelf.

4. Waking up in the middle of the night with someone 'holding my hand'.

5. Having my head 'petted' at night. This has happened more than once.

6. Then, the dreams after 9/11. That we were all in trouble, global tyranny, Satanic pedophiles ... that I must do all I could to tell others about the dangers we all face with the monsters attempting to enslave us all.

At 23 August 2020 at 22:49 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks Greg for your comment. Very useful.

- Aangirfan.

At 26 August 2020 at 01:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers mate.

I had physical contact with the spirit of a departed lady and her pet dog about 20 years ago. I was sitting in the chair she died in two years earlier, and felt their pressure on my shoulder and leg. The room filled with the smell of stale tobacco and I heard a voice tell me me four pieces of information. The person whose house it was, and whose mother had died, did not experience these effects, and had not told me of the death. When I recounted the words spoken to me about Congleton in Cheshire UK, an engagement ring and two people's names, he turned white and ran out of the room and upstairs. He quickly returned with his mother's will. He was the executor and had not given monies and jewels to the beneficiaries.

I have had such experiences since I was young. I have been working for most of this year on the death of a friend's mother. The lady's spirit came to me and told me the story of her death wasn't true, and her partner had been responsible

I have since obtained evidence from doctors and hospital notes, insurance companies and a transcript of him explaining his actions, which suggests possible foul play.

This evidence has been reviewed by a recently-retired police inspector and he thinks there is enough evidence to present to the authorities. So I've created a rerport to be given to the police, which will be passed over in the next few days.

I'll keep you updated and maybe I can write a fuller account as events progress?

At 26 August 2020 at 02:55 , Blogger Anon said...

Fascinating. Very many thanks for your information.

- Aangirfan


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