Monday 15 June 2020


Mary Trump.

Mary Trump, 55, who has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, is the daughter of Donald Trump's late brother Fred Trump Jr. 

Mary has written a tell-all book, Too Much And Never Enough, which is due out in August 2020 to coincide with the Republican National Convention.

www.thedailybeast... / The Washington Post

The book alleges that Donald Trump and his father, Fred Trump Sr, contributed to the death of Donald Trump's alcoholic elder brother Fred Trump Jr by failing to help him.

Robert, Elizabeth, Fred Jr, Donald, and Maryanne Trump

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At 15 June 2020 at 06:33 , Blogger Stock said...

If you are not-outspoken against the Cabal, you are effectively part of the Cabal, whether through ignorance or weakness.....

At 15 June 2020 at 18:51 , Blogger Cynthia Bashar Al Zawi MacKenzie Rumplestilskin said...

As a PH.D. in Psychology, she is almost certainly complicit in hiding the pandemic levels of Frontal Lobe Syndrome, and its underlying cause - traumatic mind control programming.

At 22 June 2020 at 12:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read Trumps dad cut this son's whole family out of the dad's will. Think they had a very sick son at the time too. The dad's reason was that the son wasnt cutthroat enough. Just a nice guy / dad. Trumps dad wanted a family of vipers n the son didnt cut the gefilte fish.


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