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UK's Hidden Shadows


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Again smth of real interest:



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"Support Virginia Roberts/Giuffre's quest for justice. Urge Prince Andrew to testify.

"Virginia Roberts/Giuffre has made an impassioned plea directly to the British public to help secure justice for herself and for all the other young and often underage women trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein for the sexual pleasure of himself and his friends.

"Signatories to this petition demand that Prince Andrew comes forward voluntarily to testify in the United States and gives any information he has not yet revealed to the Metropolitan Police UK, the FBI and lawyers representing the victims. It is hugely courageous for Ms Roberts to challenge a member of the royal family as she has done by speaking out. Let's lend more names and voices to her effort and make it clear that she is heard.

"Money, power and status should protect no one from breaking the law or from the legal consequences of abusing women.

"Prince Andrew has already stepped aside from public duties. The organisations he lent his name to have firmly distanced themselves from him, recognising public revulsion at the dismissive way things have been handled. Those who continue to protect the prince from proper legal scrutiny risk being seen as enablers, siding against women seeking testimony, justice and truth.

"Please sign and share this petition widely and demonstrate that we hold our institutions and the individuals within them fully accountable. Not only must survivors' stories be heard, they must be given every support to challenge denials, cover-ups and attempts to destroy their credibility as they fight for justice."


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I pray to God that THEY aren't in the process of setting up Virgina Roberts Giuffre (or Maria Farmer, or any of the other Epstein/Maxwell victims now going public) to be 'the next Carl Beech'.

As discussed in the recent video posted to Aangirfan ('UK's Hidden Shadows'), one of THEIR favourite techniques for closing down journalistic inquiry and undermining lawsuits is to:

(1) Identify at least one outspoken victims of abuse who is 'flawed' in some way... (Or who can be made to seem 'flawed' when the time is right, using the dark arts of media spin and lies).

THEY might select a victim whose memory is hazy on this or that particular historical detail. It could be that the victim's narrative has changed very slightly over time. It could be that the selected victim has misremembered a detail here or there of the trauma he or she endured. A wrong date, or a misremembered location, for example.

Alternatively -- or additionally -- perhaps the victim THEY select to be the media's 'star witness' has suffered mental health problems in the past. Perhaps the victim they select for media prominence has been chronically depressed, for example. Biographical details such as these can be cited by the evil ones as 'evidence' of a particular victim's 'unreliability' when THEY choose to set those particular wheels in motion in the newspapers and on social media, etc.

(2) Allow the victim selected for media prominence to accuse the guilty parties in the full glare of a national or international media spotlight, attracting maximum publicity for the allegations.

In this way, THEY are encouraging and assisting the 'star' victim -- whom they themselves selected & promoted for media stardom, without the victim herself necessarily realizing it -- to unwittingly repeat certain factual errors in front of a massive audience.

(3) When the moment is ripe and the public at home is beginning to buy-in to the 'star' victim's version of events, the evil ones dramatically reveal the 'errors' or 'inconsistencies' in the star victim's narrative.

The resulting shock causes confusion, then anger or disgust, among members of the public, who feel they have been 'duped' by a a victim who (supposedly) lied or deceived.

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(4) In this way, the 'star' victim's allegations are instantly 'discredited', or have been made to seem fundamentally unreliable, even if 99.99% of what they had to say was entirely true and accurate.

All of the countless OTHER victims and whistle-blowers will then be tarred with the same brush of 'unreliability' by spooky agents and assets working undercover in the controlled news media, the political environment, the celebrity world, etc.

A large portion of the public at home, watching these unedifying events unfold, will take their lead from what the journalists and pundits, law enforcement, lawyers, politicians and judges are saying... and adjust their own beliefs and opinions accordingly.

The public begins to turn on ALL victims at this point!

Compliant corporate and state media will now ensure that ALL other victims and whisteblowers are perceived by the public as discredited even before they speak their truths, using the 'flaws' that were uncovered in the testimony or character of the original 'star' witness to cast doubt on the reputations of all the other witnesses who come forward.

Not only was 99.99% of what the original (now 'discredited') victim said quite likely accurate and true, but all the OTHER victims are likely to have been telling the truth, given that they were prepared to stake their reputations on their testimonies.

Most or all of the other abuse victims will be unrelated to the original victim and will have stepped forward independently to give their accounts of crimes.

In most cases, they will not have discussed the details of the traumatic things they endured with other victims or whistleblowers before going public.

Yet, from this point on, ALL victims and whistleblowers will be prejudged by the public as 'unreliable' witnesses on the basis that if one victim gave 'flawed' testimony, then the testimonies of a thousand other, unrelated, witnesses 'surely must be' equally 'unreliable'.

And this is one of the most reliably effective tricks that THEY set in motion, time and again.

THEY also use intimidation against victims and witnesses, sometimes by trashing reputations through the media, and other times through implied or actual threats of violence to the victims and whistleblowers or their loved ones.

THEY can also target victims and whistleblowers financially.

Finally, some suspect that the evil ones sometimes target the physical health and mental wellness of victims and whistleblowers on occasion, using spells. It is not necessary to believe that spells can work to believe that VIPs think that they do (work).

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13 May 2020 at 14:08

"Why haven't Jeffrey Epstein's associates been held accountable?

"Netflix will probe that question in the four-part docuseries Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, premiering May 27."


13 May 2020 at 14:09

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich | Official Trailer | Netflix



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