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Think of a happy bunch of people tuned in to the Divine.

They experience joy and bliss collectively.


According to the Buddhists, and others, Samadhi is 'the highest state of consciousness that a human can reach in life'.

It is the goal of our spiritual journey on earth.

Samadhi - Supreme Consciousness -

'Samadhi is the blissful return to our Divine origin - the eternally true existence and eternally blissful consciousness.'

With Samadhi, there is no longer any individuality.

With Samadhi, "consciousness and self-awareness continue to exist - but not in the previous duality of 'that is mine' and 'that is yours'."

'The person lives on, but from now on the inner Self remains with the Supreme Self.

'This means the end of all problems and pain, the end of suffering, of rebirth and death.

'The liberated one lives on the earth in eternal happiness and joy, and when the body is renounced the consciousness dissolves completely in the Divine Self'.

Samadhi - Supreme Consciousness -

There are several levels of consciousness –

'deep sleep, 

'dream consciousness, 

'waking consciousness, 

'Samhadi consciousness 

'and cosmic consciousness'.

"In deep sleep, we experience a state of mental unconsciousness. The mind is free from restlessness and worries and we enjoy a deep, unspoilt rest and relaxation.

"But when we awaken everything is as before. The thoughts and worries return, our situation and ourselves have not changed in the least.

"In Samhadi, as in sleep, physical sensations such as heat, cold, hunger, thirst, etc., are strongly diminished.

"At any time one can return to “normal consciousness” just as one instantly awakens from a dream if touched or spoken to.

"We return from Samādhi consciousness fundamentally transformed.

"This means that even a completely uneducated and narrow-minded person returns as a scholar and sage when immersed in the infinite, divine consciousness of the highest level of Samādhi."

Samadhi - Supreme Consciousness -

"Cosmic consciousness, can only be realised after death.

"Cosmic consciousness means to be one with the entire Universe, with every atom, and this is not possible on the physical level. 


"When body and mind are correctly attuned and have become quiet and pure the meditative state occurs by itself – just as sleep overcomes us by itself when we go to bed in the evening.

"SAMADHI is the Supreme Consciousness in which knower, knowledge and object of knowledge unite. 

"In reality we are that for which we are seeking!

"When, with this knowledge, our Self unites with the Divine Self it is like a radiant sunrise.

"All Karmas burn in the fire of the Divine Knowledge.

"The chains of Karma dissolve, and all associated attachments vanish.

"I am not this mind, nor intellect, ego or consciousness,

"My form is pure consiousness and absolute bliss

"In me exists neither attachment nor duality,

"Neither greed nor jealousy, neither hate nor anger.

"I have nothing to do with the illusion of the ego,

"I have neither sin nor virtue, nothing to do with either happiness or sorrow,

"I exist in all living beings

"I am not bound, nor require liberation

"My form is truth, consciousness and bliss."

Continued hereSamadhi - Supreme Consciousness -








The philosopher Leibniz argued that if the world did not contain various 'challenges', there could be no courage or compassion.

The Lisbon Earthquake of 1775 was a 'challenge'.

The Lisbon earthquake of 1755 helped lead Voltaire to the conclusion that the 'challenges' in this world are sometimes too great.

Voltaire mocked Leibniz.

Lisbon Earthquake.

People like Leibniz argued that this earthquake produced courage and compassion and love.

Here we come to the word 'Non-Duality' - the idea that, for example, suffering and compassion are two sides of the one thing.

One could say that Duality and Non-Duality are part of the same Whole.

Some people try to describe 'Non-Duality' by saying that every thing is a mixture of 'positive' and 'negative' or 'yin' and 'yang'.

In other words, poison mushrooms are a mixture of 'useful for keeping away flies' and 'not to be eaten' and 'useful for making certain medicines'.

Some people have argued that it is impossible for God to create a 'real' world that does not contain 'yin' and 'yang'.

When some people talk about Non-Duality, they sometimes talk about the inter-connectedness of all things.

In other words, when we look at the world we normally see separate selves and separate objects, but, some people see that everything is 'connected'.

Non-Duality is difficult to describe with language, because language is dualistic (it sees everything as separate objects)

In Newtonian physics, 'things' are seen as hard, individual objects, specific to a particular space and time.

Experiments in Quantum Physics show that particles that have been separated by many miles can "maintain some kind of on-going non-local connection." 

At a quantum level, the physical world is apparently an inseparable whole. 

The Next Great Turning - Context Institute

According to some research at Princeton University

We can mentally influence - and are influenced by - the thoughts of others.

We can mentally influence biological processes in bodies other than our own.

We can mentally influence the functioning of non-biological systems.

We see ourselves as separate selves.

Our body feels the pleasures and pains of life.

Imagine switching out of the SELF mode into the NON-SELF mode.

In the NON-SELF mode there is no grasping of pain or pleasure.

But this is difficult for our minds to imagine, just as 'infinity' is difficult to imagine.

Some people write about the dangers of talking about the Oneness of everything.

"Holding to both the oneness and multiplicity of existence takes greater spiritual maturity...

"It requires being present with the moment with all it's paradox and radicalness. 

"Experiencing both the bliss and sorrow of existence takes greater spiritual maturity...

"It requires us to be present to the entire situation of existence, our own and all others. 

"In terms of our tradition, we describe this as the dance between emptiness and form and our path as the willingness to experience both and their mutuality. 

"The main emphasis of our path is to show up wakefully to the play of emptiness and form..."

Not Duality is Not Non Duality | School of Yogic Buddhism

Anonymous comments:

The other term for non-duality is monism.

The belief that there is no essential difference between the physical and the conscious.

That they are different manifestations of the same essence.

The nature of reality and existence is intimately and inextricably connected to the nature of consciousness.

This is still more than a research problem. It is *the* research problem.

You are conscious. You know that.

You suspect that I probably am too, because there is a certain observational equivalence to our external behaviours. That is, you exercise empathy. You imagine what it's like to be me.

Is a chimpanzee or a dolphin conscious? For the same reasons, you think yes.

How about an octopus? An ant? An RSV retrovirus? An electron?

The only intellectually satisfying theory of consciousness is that everything is conscious. Only to a greater or lesser extent.

This is Tononi's Integrated Information Theory. Consciousness is a statistical emergent property of informational interconnectedness. Just as in statistical mechanics, temperature is an aggregate property derived from randomness and energy of particle movements.

I've had these sorts of discussions maybe twenty years ago. Colleagues insisted there was some sort of arbitrary dividing line: dogs are conscious but ants are not. To me this was nonsensical: where do you draw the line? Consciousness is an inherent quantifiable phenomenon of nature, like a natural force. But when you push the issue, they just get impatient. The notion that a molecule has some infinitesimally small degree of consciousness was just too radical for them.

There is also a physical basis for the notion of universal interconnectedness.

In quantum mechanics, better named as wave theory, a particle is actually a wave that spans all space but is mostly localized. So in a trivial sense, yes, everything is connected. (A gross oversimplification, I know.)

Anyway, that's just physics. It doesn't translate necessarily into the touchy-feely ideas we discuss here. But it does make you think the nature of the world could be very different from the standard view.

These points enforce two important principles:

1) The importance of reality checks like the scientific method and statistical inference. To try your absolute best not to fool yourself.

2) The importance of intellectual humility and keeping your mind open to possibilities.

The world is unutterably strange and subtle. You will never fully understand it. You can only increase your meagre understanding through a humble and childlike curiosity and wonder. Moreover, in a created world, you will only know what you are permitted to know.

The more interesting question, mostly what you're interested in here, is this: Is God personal?

Does God care about each of us individually?
Of course, to keep track of every single individual you would have to be a god. The God, even. Which of course God is.

"I'm going to give you a little advice. There's a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it."

Like very many people, Nixon Scraypes does not like the idea of NON-DUALITY 

Nixon Scraypes said...

Oh,come on.

I have a bowl of organic brown rice and a bowl of poison toadstools.

Which shall I eat?

You tell me which is good which is bad?

What we would argue is that poison mushrooms are a mixture of 'good' and 'bad'.
'Fly Agaric' is a poison toadstool.

It is 'good' in that it is used by people to eliminate flies. 

"Medical practitioners in Siberia have used this mushroom to promote the creative conditions of the mind."

Agaricus - Homeopathy - Herbs To Herbs

"As a homeopathic medication, Agaricus is useful for its wonderful curative attributes."

Agaricus - Homeopathy - Herbs To Herbs

Eisenhower. A mixture of good and bad. Responsible for a lot of deaths.

Franz does not like the idea of NON-DUALITY (the idea that things can be a mixture of 'good' and 'bad')

Franz writes:


Do I look for some good in Savile?

Do I look for some BAD in the girl?

What we would argue is that everyone is a mixture of 'good' and 'bad'.

Jimmy Savile left the bulk of his £4.3m fortune to good causes

Someone said of Savile: "You should see him with disabled kids. You should see the pleasure he brings them."

St. Mary Magdalene was a sinner (prostitute and an adulteress) and a saint.

Rudy M comments:

In your example of the uses of a poisonous toadstool, you still are making a dualistic judgment. 

You are saying: "these properties are good." 

You aren't doing away with a binary category, you are just applying it to specific qualities... 

I've always understood non-dualism to be a lot more radical than you are presenting it to be. 

Rudy M is correct in that we are not taking a radical position.

We are still using words like 'good' and 'bad'.

Language is dualistic.

Girls of Golf...

What we are saying is that:

We should not label things, such as Poison Mushrooms, as being "all good" or "all bad".

When we describe 'the perfect game of golf' we are forced to describe certain moments in the game as 'good' and certain moments as 'bad'.

But the game overall can be described as perfect.

Some people believe that 'reality at the deepest level' cannot be described easily with words.

Some people believe that "Only the whole of existence itself can be said to be nondualistic, because there is nothing outside the whole of existence to distinguish it from."

words in non-dualism - philodynamics 

Concentration camp victims. David C

Alexander Solzhenitsyn said:

"If only there were evil people somewhere, insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. 

"But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. 

"And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?"

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung said:

"Natural history tells us of a haphazard and casual transformation of species over hundreds of millions of years of devouring and being devoured."

Hawks eat doves and humans eat lambs.

However, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung also said:

"But the history of the mind offers a different picture. 

"Here the miracle of reflecting consciousness intervenes."

Walking on hot coals. Detaching oneself from fear and pain.  

Is it possible for humans to enlighten themselves so that they escape from a world of suffering?

"When Jack Schwarz sticks a long sailor's needle through his bicep, he feels no pain, does not bleed and has no infection.

"Why? He uses a detachment visualization technique.

"It is not HIS arm attached to HIS body, but instead it is AN arm away from his body and therefore no feeling is possible.

"Amputees sometimes suffer from the phantom limb 'itch' where they feel an itch on a limb that does not exist."

Superconscious: Pain Control Via Detachment

Consider Duality and Non-Duality.

Duality can mean that we label things as either 'good' or 'evil'.

The problem is that some Nazis labeled the concentration camps as good, vultures label dead humans as good, and some people even like the game of cricket.

The problem is that a pleasant game of golf is always a mixture of plus and minus.

And even 'Suffering' can be positive if it leads to progress on a spiritual path, or if it reminds you that it's time to visit the dentist.

Concentration camps?

Of course concentration camps are 'bad'.

But, the reason we got concentration camps in Germany was because the Nazis labeled certain Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and handicapped people as 'bad'.

Ideally, we see that "the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being."

What is Non-duality?

There are many different descriptions.

Imagine that you do not label anything as being entirely good or entirely bad.

Imagine you can see some good in your pet cat, which has just killed the bird.

Should we believe in Duality or Non-Duality or both?

In this world it is only natural that some people label things as being entirely good or entirely bad.

But, ideally we should try to understand Non-Duality.

The US military labeled this Asian child as unimportant. The child is a victim of the Pentagon's Agent Orange.

If the Nazis had adopted the idea of Non-Duality, they would have seen that they were related to the Jews.

(The top Nazis were said to be crypto-Jews)

If the Pentagon adopted the idea of Non-Duality, they would stop murdering dark-skinned children all over the world.

There are various descriptions of Non-Duality.

Imagine pure Being, Consciousness and Bliss, which is so enlightened that it is free from suffering.

Imagine that your 'mind' and the universe are, in a sense, One.

The spiritual teachers of the past seem to have had a lot in common.

From Luke 9:48

The one who is least among you is the greatest.

From Taoism:

If you want to be reborn, let yourself die.

If you want to be given everything, give everything up.

Mind over matter.

The Taoist Seng T'san wrote:

Don't keep searching for the truth; just let go of your opinions.

For the mind in harmony with the Tao, all selfishness disappears.

With not even a trace of self-doubt, you can trust the universe completely.

The Taoist Seng T'san wrote:

All at once you are free, with nothing left to hold on to.

All is empty, brilliant, perfect in its own being.

The Taoist Seng T'san wrote:

In the world of things as they are, there is no self, no non self.

If you want to describe its essence, the best you can say is "Not-two."

In this "Not-two" nothing is separate, and nothing in the world is excluded.

The enlightened of all times and places have entered into this truth.

The Taoist Seng T'san wrote:

In it there is no gain or loss; one instant is ten thousand years.

There is no here, no there; infinity is right before your eyes.

The tiny is as large as the vast when objective boundaries have vanished;

the vast is as small as the tiny when you don't have external limits.

Being is an aspect of non-being; non-being is no different from being.

Until you understand this truth, you won't see anything clearly.

Nonduality | Non-duality - Stillness Speaks

Anonymous writes:

May I add - this can also be discussed in graphical terms.

I like to think of it as the triumph of the enso over the taijitu.

For mine, the taijitu is too complicated. Unnecessarily busy.


The enso on the other hand is the simplest symbol that exists.

Which in symbol terms makes it pretty much perfect. (Or is that word bad? How about 'ideal'?)

enso "It symbolizes absolute enlightenment. In Zen Buddhist painting, ensō symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create."

And then there's the enso's unconnected appearance in mathematics wherein it represents zero. Or is it unconnected? Where's Jung when you need him?

Regardless, zero is interesting - it didn't exist until really quite late in history. It took a long time for people to get their heads around it. I also like the fact that zero is (arguably) the antithesis of mathematics. I never did like maths - it's the language of priests - and zero (qua zero) is pretty much of no use to them.

From maths to religion and back again: zero equals nothingness, and nothingness equals a transcendence of duality. So we've two priesthoods, one embracing numbers, and the other embracing duality, and both find themselves stymied by the simplest symbol in the world.

Which happily brings us full circle.

But then it would, wouldn't it?

best etc. etc.

Anonymous comments:

It's funny how you mention the Lisbon earthquake and Voltaire. Only a month ago I finally got round to reading Candide. What an extraordinary book. It's as funny as anything I've ever read and yet it details nothing but a long list of utter disasters. All of the episodes are related in a truly curious tone of sanguine naivete. Disaster follows triumph follows disaster, ad infinitum, with each as real as it is absurd.

Perhaps it is fair to say that there is no 'attachment' to anything? Regardless it all ends with Pangloss and his clapped-out Leibnitzean philosophical platitudes being ignored in favour of that most mundane of things, gardening.

What if I was to say that: some things just are. Or simpler yet: things just are. Disasters, triumphs, they are both just things to be survived. To define oneself by either would be foolishness. Imagine a man who never got past a tragedy that befell him. Or a one-time celebrity who never got over their sense of deserving. Tedious.

Thus, the mushrooms are survived or they aren't. The rice is survived or it isn't. The concentration camps are survived or they aren't. The guilt of surviving is survived or it isn't.

Paul Rassinier...

May I come back to Paul Rassinier? The entire war spent in Treblinka and yet he felt no great antipathy towards the Germans. He viewed what was done to him as being much like what he'd participated in in the French army in Morocco. A variation on Candide it seems. Further, he put the extremity of those survivors howling bloody murder down to their own sense of shame due to having been guiltier than the SS in terms of their infliction of misery and suffering. The 'un-Candide' perhaps?

The Alfred Russel Wallace who discovered evolution at the same time as Darwin. Wallace believed that people have spirits which survive death.

Survive, not survive, might we declare we're in Darwin's turf now? In spite of not being a philosopher as such, Darwin was, ahem, a philosopher. He attains this by the simple expedient of attaching no judgement to anything. It should be noted that the word 'fittest' was not his but rather a later foreword writer's. He himself never uttered it. That would have been judgemental. For Darwin things were survived or they weren't and that's all there was to it. Or to put it another way, they were neither good nor bad, they merely were.

Of course it's no surprise that the church loathed Darwin. Where was the judgemental God in this world that just was? And of course the same went for Voltaire's Candide. It was banned most everywhere with the US still cracking down on it in the 1930's. "Let us eat a Jesuit" ha ha ha.

Otherwise God forbid we should view the world in anything other than a simple dualistic fashion. No really, it must be that way or else what need of God would there be?

It's a laugh isn't it? In a logic-free world it's as sensible a response as any other.

Off I go now, etc. etc. 


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At 4 January 2021 at 04:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 January 2021 at 09:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because of hypoxia/muzzles

At 6 January 2021 at 13:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New year Aang.

Great stuff on the Samadhi. Thanks for much needed boost.

Ive attached a short video on Sufi Dhikr (rememberance).

The circle dance is truly mesmerising (not whirling). The circle dance being performed by Chechens. Thought you might find it interesting.

The minorities and truly spiritual are a pleasure to learn about.


At 7 January 2021 at 00:02 , Blogger Anon said...

Happy New Year to you.

- Aangirfan

At 9 January 2021 at 00:09 , Anonymous brabantian said...

Hello dear great lady Aangirfan

Your many spiritual postings will ripple through time

As new internet purges unroll, perhaps soon to vapourise many good sites and blogs (and also as I will be more often in places distant from the internet)

Whilst I still can, wanted to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for everything you have done for so many ... it is a great profound work of humanity you have undertaken these years ... I know people whose lives you have greatly touched & helped

You've been very kind in acknowledging sources who contribute ... have been posting anonymously a bit here, because I thought to not have my pen name so much on your blog, with my gift for sometimes picking out relevant excerpts and links ... and am mentally preparing for the old internet era ending

Wish you many days of ease and comfort in time ahead

Perhaps will see you sometime in transit amongst the lifetimes

May heaven bless you

At 9 January 2021 at 00:27 , Blogger Anon said...

May heaven bless you too!

- Aangirfan

At 9 January 2021 at 03:33 , Blogger Neilly Free Mind said...

Only there are many who know the positive (non-dialectic) dialectic and its misdeeds. We live it. It is a more precisely Kabbalistic fabrication of man.

Just a few reviews

Tk y

'With the advent of Darwinism, which was perceived as having finally discredited religion, any belief in the “divine” was henceforth considered unscientific, and therefore “irrational.” This strict empiricism, which confined human knowledge to the known and to what could be demonstrated by the current definitions of the
scientific method, was evidently excessive and dogmatic. It is in this way that the Hegelian Dialectic served to pit secular science against religious fundamentalism, in order to open the way instead for the acceptance of alternative “spirituality,” in other words, what came to be called the “New Age,” founded on the occult teachings of the Kabbalah.'

'The New Age has its antecedents in the ancient traditions of East Asian
religions, Gnosticism and Hermeticism, transmitted largely through the Occult
Revival of the late nineteenth century. As described by Nevill Drury in The New Age:
Searching for the Spiritual Self, there are four key precursors of the New Age, who had
set the way for many of its widely held precepts.1 They were Emanuel Swedenborg,
Franz Mesmer (1734 – 1815), Helena P. Blavatsky (1831 – 1891), one of the founders
of the Theosophical Society, which itself combined a number of elements from
Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism with Western elements, and George
I. Gurdjieff (c. 1866 – 1949).'

David Livingstone in Transhumanism

At 9 January 2021 at 04:16 , Blogger Neilly Free Mind said...

You know what Aangirfan.

Okay! I am going to pick up on this subject, you quote and I cannot let that go. You understand we are too many to denounce their misdeeds.
We cannot forgive everything. Especially when children are being mind controlled for a very bad purpose. The idea of ​​Samadhi is used in Mk Ultra mind control.

The suffering is real. To hell with their illusions.

David Livingstone said this in A Hegelian Dialectic: Liberals vs Conservatives. He calmed my mind. Not the postive dialectic. Better to face the truth.

'The movement of truth is corrupted with the form of dialectical thought intended to keep the movement not only divided, but unable to grasp the truth of the conspiracy / scheme.

The ruse has succeeded in making most people forget one of their biggest basic childhood lesson, which: two evils don't make a right!

In summary, the Hegelian dialectical words represent themselves like this: First of all, an idea is derived from Kabbalah, which justifies its Luciferianism by claiming that evil is part of creation, and that the good will be absent from the result. In reality, evil is not a cosmic force, but a resistance or a contradiction of cosmic truth.

Ultimately, the Hegelian dialectic, like Kabbalah, postulates that history evolves, and that in the end the truth will end in resolving contradictions. First, an idea begins as a "thesis". It is then opposed by an "anti-thesis", before being resolved by a "synthesis". '

At 10 January 2021 at 01:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I note your comments (both the above comments). It is not clear which side of the divide you are coming from or advocating for. Indeed if you advocate non-dialectic, could you expand this further please?

**genuine questions**

Are you suggesting dialectics is a false dichotomy and that another way or ways should be considered? Perhaps non-dialectics.

If we are to accept our reality, we have to accept 'evil' exists in a dualistic sense. In this world (I may add). How is this manifest?

Where does all of existence and reality fit into this within a non dialectic frame work? Is their a supreme being?

Hope you can find a little time to expand on your ideas.


Peace to the humans.

At 10 January 2021 at 07:29 , Blogger Neilly Free Mind said...

okay, tk y

It is not the right to criticism between people that is called into question.
It is perhaps the source of dualities, and their ends which justify all means. (Problem, reaction, solution)
Especially if the good is missing in the result.

Will put the entire writing of David Livingstone.

(It became difficult to find, personally I had translated it into French. But someone saved it)

About: The Hegelian Dialectic and its use in Controlling Modern Society

Building on Lurianic Kabbalah, Hegel believed that history is the process of
God coming to know himself through man. So it is man that fulfills God's
destiny, by arriving at the "End of History", when he finally realizes that
he is God.

At 10 January 2021 at 07:33 , Blogger Neilly Free Mind said...

On the other hand, I left you a link which proves the reading of Samadhi with the brotherhoods and the New Age.
I don't know if their followers know this themselves.
But those who handle them certainly.

I do not know if my comment reached its destination.

But I'll do it and send it to you.

Peace to your soul.

At 10 January 2021 at 08:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for both your responses. Very insightful. I will click on the links provided too.

Peace to you and your family

At 10 January 2021 at 08:14 , Blogger Neilly Free Mind said...

Thank you so much.
Take care of yourself.

Peace to your soul and your family.

At 10 January 2021 at 08:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In extreme potentially harmful situations, thwarting pain through detachment is only a part of the picture. Subsequent healing, or the complete evasion of damage, is another matter.


At 16 January 2021 at 15:32 , Blogger Neilly Free Mind said...


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