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Europe’s best-selling newspaper has announced that the lockdown was a “huge mistake,” citing a number of public intellectuals.

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Prof. Klaus Püschel, a respected pathologist and head of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Hamburg University Hospital, argues that “in the end, COVID-19 is a viral disease like the flu, which in most cases is harmless and is only fatal in exceptional cases.

“It is important to look at the aftermath of the epidemic to see if COVID-19 really was the cause of death,” Püschel observes. “Of the approximately 180 deceased with coronavirus that we have now examined, all suffered from severe pre-existing conditions and were not children or adolescents. The COVID-19 infection was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

University of Hanover Professor Stefan Homburg, a former adviser to the federal government, agrees official figures in Germany in no way justified the lockdown.

Brabantian 17 May 2020 at 06:09 writes -

Daniel Estulin - whose 2005 book, 'True Story of the Bilderberg Group', sold over 7 million copies in 48 languages -

Estulin says that the covid-19 scam is being used to bring about a global tyranny that will be one of the biggest civilisational changes in thousands of years, comparable to events such as the collapse of Rome and the end of feudalism

Estulin expects major collapse and ensuing dictatorship getting underway by autumn

Estulin says the global financial debt collapse necessitates radical change, and the elites will make sure this change takes the form of global oppression.

Daniel Estulin: Coronavirus 


Do certain spooks, working for Big Money, pull the strings?

"The Slog has posted and commented several times as an observer of the UK Civil Service Head, Cabinet Secretary and Military Intelligence officer Mark Sedwill.

"He has always been, and remains, a EUNATO man directly connected with strategic diplomacy and ops in the Secret Service."

"As you may know, the World Health Organization recently announced that COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus, can be characterized as a pandemic.

"In order to protect Tumblr's community from the real and serious danger that misinformation presents, we have terminated your account."

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Prof Michel Chossudovsky (Global Capitalism, "World Government" and the Corona Crisis.) writes -

"Why are politicians lying?

"They are the political instruments of the financial establishment including the “Ultra-rich philanthropists”.

"Their task is to carry out the global economic restructuring project which consists in freezing economic activity Worldwide.

"There is nothing spontaneous or accidental.

This is what the financial establishment does.

"Economic recession is engineered at national and global levels.

"In turn, this crisis is also integrated into US-NATO military and intelligence planning.

"It is intent not only upon weakening China, Russia and Iran, it also consists in destabilizing the economic fabric of the European Union (EU).

"The global financial establishment is not monolithic. It is marked by divisions and rivalry. 

"The dominant Big Money faction seeks to destabilize its competitors from within. 

"The results of which would be a string of bankruptcies of regional and national banking institutions as well as a process of global financial consolidation.

"David Rockefeller at the Bilderberger Meeting, Baden Germany, June 1991 said:

“The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

(quoted by Aspen Times, August 15, 2011)

"National governments are instruments of Big Money. They are proxies. 

"Key political appointments are controlled by lobby groups representing Wall Street, The Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Big Oil, the Corporate Media and the Digital Communications Giants, etc.

London protests against the Coronavirus scam. The Wisconsin Supreme court has tossed governor Gov. Tony Evers' stay at home orders.Wisconsin Now Without COVID-19 Restrictions.

"How to reverse the tide. The first priority is to repeal the lie.

"Organization, Truth and Solidarity are essential to reversing the tide. The first step of a worldwide movement is “counter-propaganda”."

Global Capitalism, "World Government" and the Corona Crisis


Atwater, California has declared itself a "sanctuary city" for all BUSINESSES!


Arrest Bill Gates?

May 14, 2020 (Veritasliberabitvos) – On May 8, three Cardinals and nine Bishops, together with many doctors, journalists, lawyers, thinkers, and professionals from all over the world launched an appeal to raise public awareness among people, governments, scientists, and the media about the serious dangers to individual freedom caused during the alleged spread of Covid-19.

The key members of the rich elite in the USA are said to have planned World Wars I and II in order to increase their wealth and power.

Only the USA made a profit from World War II.

PETER HITCHENS writes about the UK's debt -

"In 1914-18 our huge spending cost us our standing as a great power. 

"And we never repaid our First World War debts (now worth about $225billion) to the USA, and never will. We suspended repayment and interest on June 15, 1934 and never started again. 

"And this is why we have been Washington’s poodle ever since.

"In the Second World War, the entire life savings of the British Empire – from ancient gold doubloons, moidores and pieces of eight captured from Spanish treasure galleons to modern negotiable securities – were shipped to the USA in secret high-speed convoys to pay for weapons. 

Who controls our political leaders, such as Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon?

"Most of this wealth never came back. But it was still not enough.

"When Lend-Lease, the programme under which the US sent supplies to Britain, was cancelled in 1945, Britain was stripped bare.

"To survive, we took out a giant loan from the US worth $53billion in today’s money. Even at very low interest rates the loan (eventually paid off in December 2006) was a crippling load on our economy for half a century."

PETER HITCHENS writes about the UK's debt 


Worldwide Lockdown Protests Coronavirus

Click on the above.

"Billionaires love a crisis.

"There are fortunes to be made on put-options and derivatives; buying cheap stock in failing companies; snatching up foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar; stagnating wages means paying your employees nothing while your profits soar. 

"And debt. Mountains of debt. Private, and corporate, which gives you leverage for years – even decades.

"It is in these crises that oligarchs are born.

"While many of us are struggling, the top billionaires in the US have seen their personal fortunes increase by over 300 billion dollars. 

"The banks handling the bail-outs have charged over 10 billion dollars in banking fees alone."

Opposing lockdown is NOT “profits before people” – OffGuardian


"In Paragraph 1.1 of the UK government's new document on 'rebuilding ' the country after smashing it up, you may find the government's own admission that I was and am in fact absolutely right:

'The longer the virus affects the economy, the greater the risks of long-term scarring and permanently lower economic activity, with business failures, persistently higher unemployment and lower earnings. This would damage the sustainability of the public finances and the ability to fund public services including the NHS. It would also likely lead to worse long-run physical and mental health outcomes, with a significant increase in the prevalence of chronic illness.'

The Strangling of the Economy Does threaten the NHS, Life and Health - according to the Government that Strangled it. Apologies, please


Ministry of Truth@BanTheBBC·12 May

Australian Police going FULL FASCIST - another shocking video of jackbooted state stormtroopers
separating a father from his child. Responsible citizen took this video - LISTEN to the Nazi police protesting at it being filmed.








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  10. Peter Hitchens: "If required to wear a muzzle, here's the one I shall be using":


    1. If, required I shall go for something with the word 'OBEY' written in the style and font of 'They Live", plus the dark glasses for the full effect! It would be interesting to discover any others doing the same!

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  12. the cop is controlled opposition and a mason, see his instagram

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  14. 1992 Tape Of Trump And Epstein
    Bill Gates Repeatedly Met With Jeffrey Epstein | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  16. #SackKingSedwell


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  19. Protest in almost the whole world, my country, Romania included!

  20. In Spain

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  25. "Jeremy Corbyn’s brother is among several people arrested at a coronavirus protest in London.

    Piers Corbyn, the former Labour leader’s brother, used a megaphone to tell the crowd that the pandemic was a “pack of lies to brainwash you and keep you in order”, shouting: “Vaccination is not necessary.”

    The astrophysicist was taken away after refusing to leave when asked by a police officer or to give his details.

    Protesters followed Mr Corbyn as police took him to a nearby van, chanting “shame on you” at officers and booing.

    Like many of the protesters, Mr Corbyn claimed coronavirus was linked to 5G technology"

    Piers Corbyn arrest video

  26. I wonder WHY most don't understand what's going on if we're all meant to read, confessions of an economic hitman, while in college?

    1. The true answer is because they are dumb, end of story.

  27. Daniel Estulin - whose 2005 book, 'True Story of the Bilderberg Group', sold over 7 million copies in 48 languages -

    Estulin says that the covid-19 scam is being used to bring about a global tyranny that will be one of the biggest civilisational changes in thousands of years, comparable to events such as the collapse of Rome and the end of feudalism

    Estulin expects major collapse and ensuing dictatorship getting underway by autumn

    Estulin says the global financial debt collapse necessitates radical change, and the elites will make sure this change takes the form of global oppression

    He says that the USA and China have an 'understanding' on this, and that hoping for some kind of anti-USA or anti-globalist 'saviour' is an illusion

    Estulin has also written on Tavistock, and how Julian Assange is an intel agency fraud

    Estulin is somewhat comparable to Alex Jones, saying many valuable things, but also somewhat distracting from Israel and Jewish influences, which is perhaps why both have been allowed to be so famous and earn so much money from their 'conspiracy' talk

    Estulin shifts the discussion to 'shadowy elites' descended from such as the 'Venetian Black Nobility', an theme Estulin shared with the late Lyndon LaRouche

    Notes on Estulin and the coronavirus, and a podcast interview with him:





  32. Check Out:

    C.A.R.E. Act in january 2019

    C.A.R.E.S. = Coronavirus Aid Economic Security Act


    (Note the similarity with a.i.d.s. etc.etc.)


  34. Robert Cohen's open letter to the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews

    "Looking the other way when a crime is committed is not a Jewish value I remember being taught in my Hebrew classes."

  35. Since 2008 under one Gordon Brown,New World Order promoter,now has David Miiband, BBC, Hard Talk, Global take over to suppress Covonavirus 19?
    Local Authorities had Millions of pounds decimated from their budgets,then NHS,Fire,Police Authorities,mass redundancy of Staff?
    Capital cuts to Budgets,12 yrs austerity?
    5 yrs of MP's unwillingness"Brexit",seems most of these MP's disobey the electorate on most matters, Dec 2019 Boris elected with side kick demonic Dominic?
    March 2020, Boris,Dominic and cohort MP's defy the electorate and pass "Martial Law" upon UK Residents at the behest of Rushiks CCFF £300 Billion tax funded slush fund?
    how many MP's have rejected the CCFF Scheme, None, the poor will pay always will have to?
    now turned the future financing of NHS into some sort of, "Gofundme" charitable organisation enmass, just look at the amount of "Charities" asking for funds now on Coronavirus 19, All part of the New World Order plan,Blair,Brown,Milband,campbell clan,now with Keir starmer at the helm in case conservatives unexpectadly removed from office,Bboris resigns?
    All those innocent lives lost fighting for "Justice" in how many World Wars,facilitated by Bilderberg clan elites?
    Now these bleeding Heart reptiles, MP's,stating how did the country get into this mess, 111's die in Care Homes after NHS send patients infected with Coronavirus 19 into Care Home system? simple, you All voted through the cuts to public services, you cretins!

  36. Spooky death of Chinese Ambassador to Israel linked to coronavirus politics

    On Wednesday 13 May US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, broke international quarantine protocols for an 8-hour visit to Israel

    5 days later on Sunday 17 May, China's ambassador to Israel Du Wei was found dead in his home near Tel Aviv

    "Ambassador Du Wei had reportedly specifically condemned Pompeo’s anti-China rhetoric on an official website"

    The Sun video, saying "Chinese ambassador, 58, who hit out at coronavirus criticism of Beijing mysteriously found dead in his bed in Israel", 1min25sec

    A poster on 4chan /pol/ from Israel - where your IP address creates a flag image of the country from which you post, unless you manually change the flag to one of the 'theme' options -

    That Israeli poster says the Chinese ambassador was murdered by the Israeli internal security agency Shin Bet, after the ambassador had begun an asylum request involving a US official -

    here is the 4chan post screenshot, with photo of ambassador

    thread here

    After the above post, other Israelis quickly responded in Hebrew, some of this translated by other users

    The first Hebrew response was

    >'Delete it you fool'

    then also in Hebrew:

    >Say you lost all your sanity? Missing some screw or something?

    >Wipe it out fast, people entered the prison for life on less

    Others noted that it is extremely difficult to post alternate info on this incident, and that Israeli communications are bogging down

    Another person wrote:
    "The Israelis let it happen because they don't want the west to find out about how much of China is controlled by their Asian Crypto Jew brethren."

  37. Check Out:

    5G 60 ghz engineers are ordered not to open the hardware they had to install in masts during lockdown. This one in England did. To his disgust he finds out that the hardware is clearlyy labeled : COVID 19