Sunday, 5 January 2020

Drought by Design - The Genociding of Australia


  1. Daniel Bethlehem and the deranged, murderous Bethlehem Doctrine

  2. It's hearsay. Ecuadorian friend, upset their President Correa was ousted in a CIA coup so they could install another who would let them have Julian.. spills his brother's beans (used to be 2IC Correa Intelligence) Says 'the country that exploded atomic bombs in Australia are experimenting with HAARP in Australia." Another mate I told this too (in politics) said HM & Co needs to keep Australia in debt to keep the people as 'subjects.' We need to cut the ties. UK is biggest investor in Australia. See and note BELGIUM is #3. Also HM $trillions in Aussie uranium

  3. An ancient viking stone has revealed fears over a problem that still looms

    "The Rök stone, an ancient, five-ton granite slab erected by Vikings in southern Sweden in the 9th century AD, has baffled scientists for more than 100 years. Its inscriptions are the earliest known example of written literature in Sweden, but unfortunately they are extremely well encrypted. But this week, codebreakers announced that they may finally have cracked open the mystery.

    In a paper published in the journal Futhark: International Journal of Runic Studies, Swedish researchers lay out a new interpretation of the Rök stone, one that reveals an unexpected preoccupation for the Vikings who erected it: Climate change."

    ...more at link

  4. The In-Depth Story Behind A Climate Fraud: Debunking The So-Called 97% Consensus

    Dr. John Robson investigates the unsound origins and fundamental inaccuracy, even dishonesty, of the claim that 97% of scientists, or "the world's scientists", or something agree that climate change is man-made, urgent and dangerous.

  5. 'Mickey Mouse' and other fake scientists revealed as signatories on climate petition

    "Sky News host James Morrow says a petition calling for the declaration of a climate emergency is signed by "climate cultists" trying to enforce "their own socialist ideals".

    Mr Morrow’s comments come after it was revealed that 11,000 signatures touted in the media as proof there was a climate emergency may have been hijacked by a few fake signatories including Mickey Mouse from the Mickey Mouse School of the Blind and Zoology professor Araminta Aardvark from the University of Neasden."