Sunday 22 December 2019


Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov (1939 – 1993),[2] aka Tomas David Schuman, was a Soviet journalist for RIA Novosti and a former PGU KGB informant who defected to Canada.

Bezmenov was NOT ex-KGB. 

He was a right-wing Ukrainian dissident with fascist sympathies trotted out by the Pentagon to reinforce an absurd narrative...

Bezmenov was a ham-handed psyop.

Check out the places where you should check in... 

Is Boris Johnson to be trusted on Brexit?

"All he can deliver is the worst consequences of Brexit – further destabilisation in Ireland, fresh separatist feeling in Scotland, a new iteration of division between leave and remain in England and Wales, more parliamentary conflict, renewed economic uncertainty for business and jobs, and the further humiliation of Britain on the world stage."

Boris Johnson will not get Brexit done...

Who is Boris Johnson working for?

Cobham takeover: Boris Johnson defends £4bn sale to US ...THE TAKEOVER OF THE UK

Ghislaine Maxwell

"To win in politics, Trump makes voters believe that his presidency benefits them.

"To avoid accountability, Trump makes the media, and truth, the “enemy of the people.”"

Trump and the art of constant deception

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At 23 December 2019 at 01:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bezmenov...what a boring spud

At 23 December 2019 at 15:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course it could be deception,that goes for anything on line or anywhere else, it fits the m.o. of communism though.


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