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UK ELECTION 12 Dec 2019

Peter Lilley (left), former cabinet minister, and close friend of Michael Portillo (not shown), former cabinet minister.

"UK Election Postal votes and almost the ENTIRE ballot process, including managing the Electoral Register, is outsourced to IDOX, the company launched by Lord Peter Lilley."

Concerns raised over senior Tory MP link to election count firm

David Cameron's friend Derek Laud, who allegedly he pimped his classmates to wealthy and influential adults while still at school.

Derek Laud "is known to go on holiday and socialise with Peter Lilley, Lord McAlpine, and Michael Portillo."


Scallywag magzine alleged that Derek Laud was a sadist, who was particularly violent and without mercy in his treatment of boys.

Anonymous writes:

Having read about the queues to vote, it is hard to square this with the official voter turnout. 

According to the BBC there was a turnout of 67.3% which is 1.5% less that last election.

Results of the 2019 General Election - BBC News

People in the Birmingham area reported huge queues as well.

So where did all those votes and extra turnout go?

Robert Halfon (right), Member of Parliament for Harlow.

Conservative Member of Parliament Robert Halfon has said that 'The Conservative Party should change its name to the Workers' Party.

(Details on Robert Halfon below)

There is a belief that the Kosher Nostra plan was as follows -

1. Have a leader of the Labour Party, Corbyn, who would be unpopular.
2. Have Boris Johnson, of the Conservatives, win the 2019 General Election.
3. Have Brexit in Name Only.

Above, we see Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer, who has been linked to people involved in a child abuse ring. In 1986, Corbyn attacked the Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens for drawing public attention to 'a child brothel on Islington's Elthorne housing estate'.

Labour Party losses in the December 2019 election include -

11:30pm: Blyth Valley lost after backing Labour for 45 years

1:30am: Workington lost

1.30am: Darlington lost after supporting Labour for 27 years

1.45am: Peterborough lost

1.50am: Wrexham lost after backing Labour for 84 years

1.59am: Leigh lost

As a child, Jeremy Corbyn lived with his parents in Chippenham, in Wiltshire. MI5's Victor Rothschild lived at Stowell Park, in Marlborough in Wiltshire. During World War II, Jermey Corbyn's father, David Corbyn, had been employed by the security services on a top secret scientific project in Wiltshire. At that time, Victor Rothschild headed scientific projects for the security services. How underachieving Jeremy Corbyn surprised everyone.

2.30am: Vale of Clwyd lost after backing Labour for 79 years

2.35am: Stockton South lost

2.35am: Blackpool South lost after backing Labour for 22 years

2.39am: Wolverhampton North East lost after backing Labour for 27 years

2.44am: Redcar lost after backing Labour since 2015

Jeremy Corbyn and Gerry Adams controlled by the security services? The typical Labour Member of Parliament is a spooky person - like John Stonehouse, George Robertson, Robert Maxwell, Tom Driberg, George Wigg, Peter Mandelson, Ed Balls, Harriet Harman, Peter Hain, John Smith and Tony Blair. "Politicians including Donald Dewar, John Smith, Gordon BrownGeorge FoulkesGeorge Robertson and Robin Cook have been linked to organisations sponsored and endorsed by MI6 and the CIA." Spies in politics

2.48am: Ynys Mon lost after backing Labour for 18 years

2.48am: West Bromwich East lost after backing Labour since the seat's creation

2.49am: Bishop Auckland lost after backing Labour for 84 years

2.52am: Burnley lost after backing Labour since 2015

3.09am: Scunthorpe lost after backing Labour since the seat's creation

3.09am: Bridgend lost after backing Labour for 32 years

3.09am: Hyndburn lost after backing Labour for 27 years

Corbyn at his private school. Jeremy Corbyn's parents were David Benjamin Corbyn (aka Corben) and Naomi Loveday Josling. David Corbyn and Joslin both took part in the 1936 Battle of Cable Street, when Jews and other London East Enders prevented Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts marching through the area. Jeremy Corbyn's favourite London restaurant is Gaby's Deli , a Jewish Soho restaurant

3.14am: Stroud lost after backing Labour since 2017

3.16am: Gedling lost after backing Labour for 22 years

3.28am: Sedgefield lost after backing Labour since 88 years

Jeremy Corbyn was educated at Adams' Grammar School, which has strong links to the military.

3.34am: Don Valley lost after backing Labour for 97 years

3.39am: Bassetlaw lost after backing Labour for 84 years

3.41am: Wakefield lost after backing Labour for 87 years

Above, we see Labour Members of Parliament Keith Vaz (linked to rent boys), Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Bernie Grant at the Labour Party conference.

3.48am: Bury South lost after backing Labour for 22 years

3.49am: North West Durham lost after backing Labour for 69 years

4.13am: Birmingham Northfield lost after backing Labour for 27 years

4.17am: Ashfield lost after backing Labour for 40 years

4.26am: Stoke-on-Trent Central lost

4.36am: Stoke-on-Trent North lost

4.40am: Derby North lost

5.06am: Bolsover lost

Robert Halfon (right), Member of Parliament for Harlow.

Conservative Member of Parliament Robert Halfon has said that 'The Conservative Party should change its name to the Workers' Party.

At times in the past, Halfon's constituency of Harlow has had Labour Members of Parliament - Stan Newers, Jerry Hayes and Bill Rammell.

In 2010, the Conservative Party's Robert Halfon won Harlow.

In 2019, Robert Halfon held on to Harlow and got a big 14,063 majority.

Robert Halfon wants the Conservative Party to be the party of the ordinary working man.

Robert Halfon second from left.

Robert Halfon, educated at Arnold House School, is the son of Clement, a Jew who lives in Israel, and Jennifer who is Ashkenazi Jewish.[9]


In 2014, Robert Halfon was challenged in Parliament over money paid to his constituency office by a close associate of the Ukrainian magnate, Dmitry Firtash.

Since 2014 Firtash has been fighting extradition to the United States on bribery and racketeering charges.

Robert Halfon "claimed over £30,000 in expenses to illicitly meet the woman with whom he was having the affair." .[19]

Robert Halfon worked as chief of staff for the Rothschild-linked Conservative MP Oliver Letwin before becoming political director for Conservative Friends of Israel.

In January 2017, Robert Halfon's assistant, Maria Strizzolo[20] was recorded being wined-and-dined by former Israeli Embassy staffer Shai Masot.

Masot was recorded suggesting to her that he should like to "take down" a government minister, Alan Duncan.

The Israeli Embassy vowed to 'take down' Sir Alan Duncan, Boris Johnson's Foreign Office deputy.

Shai Masot, right, with Israeli ambassador Mark Regev

Strizzolo later hinted that "a little scandal" might see Sir Alan Duncan dismissed.

Maria Strizzolo

Video shows Shai Masot, telling senior Labour MP Joan Ryan that he has got 'more than £1 million' to pay for sympathetic Labour MPs to visit Israel.

Read more: dailymail

Above we see Elliot Johnson, a young UK Conservative politician, who was found dead on the railway tracks at Sandy railway station in Bedfordshire on 15 September 2015.

Tory Sex Scandal: Who Shagged Whom? | Guido Fawkes.

Mark Clarke is the UK Conservative politician who has been linked to the death of  Elliott Johnson.

Marke Clarke

A whistleblower says that the UK Conservative Mark Clarke recently provided young lads and lasses to Conservative Members of Parliament for sex.


Mark Clarke and his 'cronies' are Freemasons, who have attended Phoenix Lodge, in Wandsworth, South London.

"The pound has surged after exit polls showed Boris Johnson’s Conservatives on track for the biggest majority in more than thirty years, as investors in the City bet the outcome would lift some of the intense political uncertainty hanging over the British economy.

"Immediately after publication of the exit poll which showed the Tories were on track for a majority of 86, sterling jumped by more than 2 cents against the US dollar to trade at about $1.35 on the international money markets. The pound also rallied strongly against the euro, gaining by a similar amount to €1.21."

Search Results

In October 1974, Labour won a tiny majority, but the BBC EXIT POLL forecast a Labour landslide. It was wrong by 132 seats.

UK general election 2019: exit poll predicts 86-seat Tory

"Some UK voters have claimed they are victims of electoral fraud after being turned away from polling stations because their names and addresses had already been crossed off.

"One woman in London has alleged she was told someone had already voted from her address, while a Hackney resident claimed that someone she doesn't know has registered at her address and two others."

Furious voters claim they are victim of electoral fraud after ...

"Angus Robertson, the Scottish National party’s former Westminster leader, has told BBC Scotland that if the exit poll is correct in predicting 55 SNP seats then Scottish demands for a second independence referendum are undeniable."

UK general election 2019: exit poll predicts 86-seat Tory

We have voted.

JR Retweeted‏ @FindoutnowUK Dec 10

Con: 38.81% 
Lab: 36.31% 

Aidan Cönway@onzlo99

@BBCNews I've been living in Balham, London for 6 years, I have never seen a queue like this at my polling station.

GuntherBett #FBPE‏ @BettGunther Dec 11

For those if you asleep for the past few years & monitoring @bbclaurak 'criminal' actions today- UK Election Postal votes & in fact almost the ENTIRE ballot process, including managing the Electoral Register, is outsourced to IDOX, the 'criminal' company launched by Lord Peter Lilley.

Glyndred#VoteLabour‏ @inigem 6h6 hours ago

#generalelections2019 and the turn out is looking good #VotingLabour and vote for our #ourenvironment


  1. Well pointed out:

  2. Talking Heads' Road to Nowhere song fits perfectly into the picture.

  3. vote for the flat earth- vote for the ancestors -vote for the holographic avatars -vote for the eternal song - vote for the elemental entities - vote for Eden @ the North Pole-vote for dancing under the stars & teleporting to where we really need to be ...Thank You 1& All X

    1. Sorry dude, far too radical. We're only allowed to vote for lies, liars and a rigged system.

      I'll vote for what you're advocating as long as it is underneath the firmament too.

      Peace to you.

  4. The morning weather forecast was dry, later was for heavy rain. Maybe lots of folks fancied voting in the dry?

  5. So what else is new?

    UK system of elections is viewed by many as being unfair




  9. Bollocks! Depends on the time of day and weather... Mine had a huge queue in the morning, nothing all day... One not far from me not busy in the morning queue after 5pm... The further we move to the future, the more bollocks people talk! I better use the buzz word 'fake news' gotta love that 'tactical' voting

  10. @draintheswampp2:

    "A lot of rumours going around that there has been a massive Labour vote turnout."

  11. @Fornenest:

    "... Labour is surging and there will be a hung parliament ..."

  12. @4licerose:

    "Cried at the polling station. There was an actual queue. I have never seen one of those when going out to vote before."

  13. @welshtweetypie:

    "I'm sure this is the biggest election turnout in my lifetime ..."

  14. @thereselite:

    "Had to queue at my polling station ever, because all these pesky young kids have come out to vote never been so proud, Thanks your all amazing"

  15. @Nara_Hodge:

    "... In 17 years that I’ve lived in Witney not once have I seen such a long queue outside our local polling station ..."

  16. @wengemini:

    "Very busy, never seen a queue to vote before. SE Cornwall."

  17. @LilyEvans2002:

    "I cant vote but family members have, said it was the highest turnout they've ever seen."

  18. @lostzimbo:

    "I've never had to stand in a queue to vote before, and the positivity in the line was palpable! ..."

  19. @burntfish

    "... Amazing 18-30 year olds voting in massive numbers right across the country this evening. #YouthQuake"

  20. @salfordrev:

    "Queue to vote is now out of the door at Sacred Trinity! Not seen this before ..."

  21. @NourishNT:

    "Queue out the door at the #PollingStation & people happily standing in the rain to have the chance to cast their vote. Air of optimism & community ..."

  22. @HannahGodfree:

    "Longest queue I've ever known at a polling station ..."

  23. @asilxhh:


  24. @CHillesdon:

    "Long queue to vote in Bournemouth East tonight and the good news is that they were all young ..."

  25. @_vikki_f:

    "For the first time ever I had to queue to vote. Young people were waiting which I've never seen before"

  26. @profmikew:

    "Just had to queue to vote for the first time ever. 95% of the people queuing were at least 35 years younger than me."

  27. @D4AldBrownhills:

    "Just been out to cast my vote in today's #GE2019 in #Brownhills. I have never seen the polling station so busy ..."

  28. @j_mcglaughlin:

    "First time I've ever gone to vote and the queue has been out the door of the polling station #SouthAntrim"

  29. @nickjfchambers:

    "I had to queue!! Seems Aldershot has woken up, hopefully to vote for Hope and not Hate ..."

  30. @bluelammy:

    "#YouthQuake so proud to see you younger voters turning out in droves to vote trying to put right the mess us older generations have left you with ..."

  31. @OrphanedByBrex1:

    "Massive queues outside London polling stations as people flock to vote. Look at the picture - fantastic turnout of the younger voters!"

  32. @DaveLoughe:

    "Daughters just rang and said her boyfriend has just finished work and called in to vote on way home and the queue is round the block we never have had queues like this ever ..."

  33. @ianbetteridge:

    "In Canterbury at the polling station on UKC campus and I have NEVER seen a queue to vote like this."

  34. @katierosewindow:

    "Biggest queue I’ve ever seen at the polling station."

  35. @DeborahWDavid:

    "Same thing happening here in Nottingham - amazing. First time I have had to queue to vote in over 20 years!"

  36. @basilrok:

    "Just been to vote, and for the first time in 40 years of being able to do so, I had to queue outside the polling station to get in... In the sleepy Ribble Valley. Something afoot?"

  37. @MikeKnowles5:

    "I had to queue to get in. For ages. In the rain. I've never had to queue to vote before. Ever."

  38. @atenderwolf:

    "I live in a Labour safe seat and for the first time in my voting life I had to queue to vote and when I left the queue was huge. Burst into hopeful tears."

  39. @Rosie_Staniford:

    "Apparently youth turnout at polls today is incredible ..."

  40. @pjryan51:

    "... 2000 per seat is all Labour need on top 50 targets. Turnout high. Younger vote out. Teed up for a shock!"

  41. @crawtonleek:

    "Genuinely never seen a queue at my polling station before, and I've always voted after work. This time, I had to WAIT to VOTE. And I LOVED IT."

  42. @_ownthenight_:

    "just seen a massive queue of young people waiting to vote !! yes !!"

  43. @AKAGem_:

    "rob’s just gone to vote and messaged me to say he’s had to queue, which he’s never done before for an election. is that a flutter of hope i feel in my chest...?"

  44. @RachelEmilyCPit:

    "... We live in a small village near Manchester. For the first time ever I had to queue up to vote!"

  45. @calvinhunter75:

    "Huge queue to vote at my polling station which is not something I witnessed in the referendum or the 2017 election so that's a bloody excellent sign"


    "Just been to vote in Monton.... rammed... never had to queue up to vote before..."

  47. @NatalieHewing:

    "Just got back from voting. Person at the door tells me shes never seen so many women turn out to vote. Melted my heart. Well done ladies."

  48. @karennaiker:

    "Just went to vote. There were two young black boys behind me in the queue. This was probably their first vote, they were that young. I was so proud, it made me cry #YouthQuake"

  49. @amcreamernet:

    "This is great - look at the huge queue of younger people waiting to vote in Leeds, 8 mins ago"

  50. @Mishka_Nady:

    "Big surge in young vote through Brunel University too"

  51. @CFG_Bines:

    "Ace to rock up at our local polling station in Bounds Green to see so many people turning out to vote & so much diversity"

  52. @kehazell:

    "First time I've had to wait to vote in a decent size queue at the polling station - great turn out for our country."

  53. @TheZignal:

    "Well that's the first time I've been in a queue to vote. That's god damn awesome! Keep voting!"

  54. @TheAlbumWall:

    "Wow - for the first time ever, I just had to queue to vote! Out the door at my local polling station!"

  55. @FPLNym:

    "... The most ppl I have seen at my polling station..EVER! ..."

  56. @V_McCairn:

    "Glasgow East polling station had a queue! At 19:30! Never seen that before ..."

  57. @lederroux:

    "I can imagine a *RECORD* turnout in this general election ..."

  58. @ColinG59236541:

    "Turn out looking very STRONG!!

    Young out in huge NUMBERS!!

    Palpable fury at bors johnsons degraded style of POLITICS!! ..."

  59. @harlanthejester:

    "Just voted in the midlands small village town first time I have ever had to queue up ..."

  60. @CMAGracias:

    "Just walked past the polling station in Colindale, North West London, at 7pm and just now 9pm. Record numbers of people coming out to vote. I have never seen such a big turn out in the last 20 plus years ..."

  61. @bobbattye:

    "Election 'Youthquake' as students queue in pouring rain to vote"

  62. @SandyWaldron4:

    "I got out of my sick bed to vote. I have never had to queue to vote before, but I waited for half an hour.. Job done."

  63. @DavidC_420:

    "My polling station had a queue for the first time ever of under 30's. So did my sisters and then she struggled to get into the gym because there was a long queue of young voters ..."

  64. @LiamElvish:

    "Enormous queues outside the Polling Stations today - this could be the deciding factor"

  65. @RosieGrace164:

    "#youthquake is trending because of the record numbers of young voters in this election. I am SO proud of all of us, this is what they weren't expecting ..."

  66. @CharleyDWY:

    "#Youthquake you just made me the happiest I’ve ever been on a polling day ..."

  67. @_GeigerCounter:

    "This is fantastic news, an hours wait because of the turnout to vote. This is amazing ..."

  68. @FrancesCrosland:

    "For first time ever I was queuing out of door of polling station waiting to vote.
    The village hall where I do yoga is also a polling station. By 19.00 they had 75% turnout & apparently it's the same all over district.
    I don't know what this means but it seems unprecedented."

  69. @jallison31:

    "Parents went to vote and were shocked by the number of people there. I mean, it's South Norfolk, but one can hope."

  70. @MrsHisback:

    "Video shows 'massive queues of young people' waiting to vote in Leeds"

  71. @jamieK206:

    "A 30 to 50% increase in the vote in every constituency is massive. if this is not rigged we have this vote labour"

  72. @TrilbeeReviews:

    "I'm hearing from friends that there are hour long queues at polling stations ..."

  73. @Poughill:

    "I was so happy that, for the first time in all my years of voting in my tiny rural village, there was actually a queue to Vote! ..."

  74. @rebexashley:

    "one last round to get out the vote in Shoreham, 45 mins before polls close. The turnout has been massive. Folk have been queuing at polling stations all day, and 200 volunteers showed up to help ..."

  75. @Richard_Daws:

    "Here is my early call. A hung parliament, big Tory casualties, Rabb, perhaps Johnson ..."

  76. @LynneHaywood:

    "There's a #YouthQuake taking place in #Britain
    #Emotional time
    #Twitter in #Meltdown ..."

  77. @harrjams:

    "Heard it said earlier but: whatever happens, we've already won. Been out all day and the amazing turnout & solidarity from people canvassing for labour has been incredible and the tories will never ever have that"

  78. And the good news story of this election........... Jo Swinson lost her seat. Hahaha haha haha.

    Looks as though a nice day for a change.

  79. Aangirfans suggestion that the Jews were running both candidates sounds right...CORBYN JOHNSON AND FARAGE ARE ALL JEWS.....make no mistake about that.

    1. Proofs, pls, on Farage, the other 2 I know what they are.

  80. Makes you wonder who else on the Left, or among the radical intelligentsia, is a sleeper agent or part of the controlled opposition.

    Nicola Sturgeon? John McDonnell? George Galloway? Ken Livingstone? Caroline Lucas?

    Who really even knows anymore? It's almost time to despair. Desperately depressing times.

    1. Depresssing times because of stupid ppl, thats the truth.

  81. The size of the Tory win is bewildering. I can only assume some form of vote rigging or just blatant lying about the actual results.

  82. Having read all the above comments it is hard to square this with the official voter turnout. According to the BBC there was a turnout of 67.3% which is 1.5% less that last election.

    People in the Birmingham area reported huge queues as well.

    So where did all those votes and extra turnout go?

    At least we can trust the new PM and his pals - if there has been fraud, they will no doubt blame ... the Russians!

    1. It doesn’t add up at all. Everyone is saying they’ve never seen their polling station so busy.

      There are also lots of reports on Twitter of people not being allowed to vote.

      There are news reports of voting fraud in Scotland with police investigating cases of impersonation, where people turned up to vote, only to be told someone had already voted in their name.

  83. Comment 1 of 2


    The heartbreaking general election result could cause hundreds of thousands of English progressives to abandon all engagement in party politics in despair.

    This is for the best.

    After the War on/of Terror from 2003, it was a decade or more before many English progressives were ready to delude themselves again, into fantasizing that the Anglo-US-Israeli War Machine might - just might - ever be reformed by joining a left-of-centre political party and voting.

    Now, that naivety and foolishness (which at least brought hope) has been crushed once again for many English, at least for the foreseeable future.

    Here is why this is a good thing:

    Left-leaning Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish need not despair, for they can work towards independence and Irish unification, respectively, as their ticket to exit from Zio-paedo-poundland.

    But the belly of the beast is in England, and this beast is much stronger - indeed far more ruthless - than any national 'opposition' political party could ever be .

    Defeating the beast will be more difficult for the residents of England, compared to the relatively easier tasks facing the Scots, Northern Irish, and Welsh.

    The unholy alliance of the Zionist mega lobby - with global capital/the City of London - the defence industy - MI5/6 and its BBC arm - the landowning aristocracy - the elite public schools-Oxbridge pipeline - the freemasons and secret societies - the deeply-corrupt Third Sector - and the lying corporate media scum ...has England in a choke-hold.

    And, of course, there is organised paedophilia fueling and running through the entire diseased alliance "like a stick of Blackpool rock" (to borrow the words of the previous Tory PM who got squeezed, then devoured, by the current much-more-psychotic one).

    No, this tarantula's web of Zio-paedo-Mammon-worshiping institutions will NEVER be reformed through citizens joining a political party and voting.

    The beastly alliance have that avenue comprehensively stitched-up.


  84. [comment continues, 2 of 2...]

    The best hope lies, instead, in the peaceful break up of the United Kingdom into smaller, more manageable countries: each the approximate size (in population terms) of a Luxembourg or a Switzerland.

    This dissolution should begin with Scottish independence.

    After Scottish independence, the reunification of Northern Ireland with the rest of Ireland; after Irish unification, Welsh independence; after Welsh independence, a new Republic of London; after London, a Republic of the North; after the North, a Republic of the Midlands; after the Midlands, a Republic of the Westcountry; until there is nothing left of the once mighty, murderous, British Empire but a pathetic bunch of child raping, warmongering, Zionist megalomaniacs in the Home Counties attempting (less and less successfully, by this time) to run the world from the legacy nation (now renamed the "Royal Home Counties") with their kindred reptile-spirits in other de facto or de jure city-states around the world.

    The new states called Scotland, Wales, the Republic of London, Northern England, the English Midlands, the Westcountry, and Southern England, will then be free to create (if they wish) a modern federation of cooperating states with freedom of movement, cooperative defence arrangements, etc. An arrangement like the old EEC, perhaps?

    The new country known as the "Royal Home Counties" would of course be the richest country in the British and Irish Isles (in fact richer than ever, because the banks and businesses of the City of London will have decamped there, along with most of the billionaires of Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Kensington and Belgravia).

    But this new country centred on the English Home Counties will be far less powerful (read: less dangerous) than the former United Kingdom.

    And, crucially, this new rich city-state will no longer able to unilaterally wage terror campaigns on either the poor of the British and Irish Isles... or the brown skinned people of other countries.


    If all our people are to have a brighter future, the dissolution of the United Kingdom should now be the priority for progressives.

    Let Boris Johnson and the Tories have the Zio-paedo-Mammon-paradise they crave!

    But let's make the country they rule into one that's so small, that they can see the geographical boundaries of it from their miserable breakfast tables.

    1. "Defeating the beast will be more difficult for the residents of England, compared to the relatively easier tasks facing the Scots, Northern Irish, and Welsh.

      Why do you perceive it to be difficult to defeat the beast?

      It's not difficult at all. Quite the contrary, in fact. All you need to do to defeat the beast is to string two letters together, N and O, and pronounce them. It's so easy, try it and you will immediately discover how self-empowering you become.

      Tel 'them' you see what they are doing. Tell 'them' you do not support them, and you are not going to.

      They CANNOT achieve their objectives without your participation. YOU are the oil in THEIR engine. If there's no oil in the engine, what's going to happen? If you don't participate, what can they do?

      Yeah, for a while things may get a bit difficult, because they've had their way for so long, but not half as difficult as it's going to get if no resistance is given and they get what they want.

      But it will be too late by then.

      Say NO to them NOW !!

  85. I am pretty sure, that I had seen a comment under above title, which stated something as to:
    „the UK government sourced out the counting and adminstration of the postal vote to a private company D….“.
    This comment is missing now, even if it is the most important issue in this whole „election-Kabuki-theatre“!
    Most probably following post was referring to the same subject, no wonder it has been scrapped as well...

    1. From the main article above... "UK Election Postal votes and almost the ENTIRE ballot process, including managing the Electoral Register, is outsourced to IDOX, the company launched by Lord Peter Lilley."

  86. I voted around 11am in a NW London constituency and there was no queue whatever. I walked straight in, straight over to table with officials, got my ballot paper, all within 15 seconds.

    Just me in one polling station.

    But the truth.


  87. Rothschild Control

    List of banks in possession and under control of the Rothschilds

    More and more people are beginning to understand that 99% of the world population is controlled by an elite within the remaining one percent – But who controls this elite one percent? Is it merely a conspiracy theory that attributes this elite-control to the Rothschilds? Seeing as, allegedly, the Rothschild family controls literally everything, including the elite one percent.
    Therefore, to shed further light on this assertion, let us consider it in the light of the following list, which should give irrefutable evidence:
    It only itemizes the banks in the possession of and under the control of the Rothschilds. Fasten your seat-belts – off we go…

    164 banks in possession of and under control of the Rothschilds:

  88. The whole thing stinks. The media and establishment destroyed Corbyn like they do every Labour leader (except Blair) and clearly fiddled some of the Labour marginals.

    1. Divide and conquer, smoke and mirrors, enormous deception. Controlled opposition (Corbyn). Wake up! Its not about u/for u, its against u!

  89. Congratulations to Boris and his large but shallow victory. Predictive programming of the masses has clearly worked again.

    The victory has been carefully manoeuvred since his Bullingdon days and the choreography with it.

    His slightly left of Stalin arch nemesis Corbyn had no chance. He has had a daily kickin' from his own party, the MSM and all other shady actors.

    Let's not forget Jo Swinson in all this too. Her role was to inflame the fake Brexit paradigm and ensure she too became unelectable. Jo - in her infinite wisdom - decided to turn down 17.4 million votes before a single campaign day had even begun. (Not a wise political choice).

    Wee Jimmy Krankie done reasonably well in Scotland (just now that is). If my sources are to be believed, her fake marriage/relationship of convenience might be her undoing. It has been suggested that she is having a relationship with an Ambassador from Portugals wife (allegedly). Potentially representing Portugal in The French Republic.

    Election now over. My personal favourites being Swinson, Chuka Ummna and Berger getting the heave-ho.

    Oh, before I forget, the New Zealand volcano more than likely had an eruption. Dont dispute it for a second, however, the story surrounding the event has been faked (as usual).

    Thought I'd give it an honorary mention before it runs out of traction.

    I was up a volcano in Indonesia a couple of months ago. There was a minor couple of puffs coming out Mt Merpati and every route up was closed. Closed also meant closed. This place is very active and control and evacuation plans are well rehearsed and adhered to.

    Looking at the NZ gig - it's got fake tripe written all over the narrative.

    Never mind eh.

    Peace and seasonal salutations to the humans.

  90. Apologies Mt Merapi not Merpati. Central Java.

  91. Looks like a game is being played out with Corbin and Labour. Push forward brilliant radical socialist ideas. Then make yourself unelectable by sitting on the brexit fence. Loose the election. Then the media inquest prounces the radical socialist manifesto was to blame and bring the labour party back into the centre ground with a yewish candidate and now Labour is no longer a danger to the rich elites...

    1. Call it business as usual, dear!

  92. The Establishment is coming for your media

    Here's a review of a press conference for the American Anti-Semetism Tsar...

    Anti-Semitism Czar Press Conference Analysis(46:28)