Wednesday 1 January 2020


Does it look a bit fake?

Brabantian 31 December 2019 at 11:44 writes:

The Texas church shooting has signs of being a False Flag?

A strategy of tension fuelling USA civil conflict?

USA civil conflict will allow Trump to 'legally', under 'emergency powers', cancel the 2020 election

Just one day after the Saturday 28 December synagogue 'stabbing attack', a house of prayer 'killing' took place in Texas

In a video livestream of a Sunday 29 December church service, it looks like a man pulled out a shotgun, and killed two people, but congregants quickly drew their concealed handguns in response.

An age 71 ex-deputy, quickly 'killed the shooter' with an impressive single handgun shot to the head from down the church aisle, about 8 metres away


The church shooting was at a 'Church of Christ' in 'Tarrant County'

The Christchurch New Zealand shooting by 'Brenton Tarrant' on 15 March 2019

The church is in the town of 'White Settlement, Texas' (i.e., not Amer-Indian, not Latino, per its racially-centred founding name)

White Settlement is at 666 feet above sea level.

Both 'shootings' were livestreamed.

The day before the Texas shooting, 'Grafton Thomas' stabbed Jews at a New York synagogue ... 

'Brenton Tarrant' of the Christchurch NZ shooting, is from Grafton, Australia

The senior citizen 'heroic boomer' who dispatched the 'Texas shooter', is Jack Wilson, former sheriff's deputy, running for political office with a campaign slogan of 'Make sure your vote is On Target'.

"Keith Kinnunen, above, was fatally shot by the church’s head of security." Kinnunen was reportedly a mentally-ill homeless man with little or no money. He had a criminal record.

The alleged assailant, Keith Thomas Kinnunen, 43, quickly 'dead[ as usual, was 'known to the police' as usual, with a long petty crime history

Although in the church he was somewhat hooded, with a long trenchcoat hiding his shotgun, his identity not revealed by authorities for about 24 hours ... he did not seem too suspicious to the several volunteer 'armed security force' at the church?


"At least 750 paratroopers are already making their way to the Middle East, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper confirmed in a statement on Tuesday, with 4,000 soldiers put on notice for imminent deployment in the next 96 hours."

Protesters at the entrance of US Embassy in Baghdad after Pompeo and Esper murdered 32 Iraqi Security Forces who were fighting ISIS on the Iraq - Syria border.

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At 1 January 2020 at 00:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just one spiritual query: Does shooting dead with a concealed handgun count as turning the other cheek?

At 1 January 2020 at 10:46 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Today, there is an increasing theme amongst far-right youth, that Christianity was a Jewish creation seeking to destroy the fighting spirit of the Romans / gentiles, with its messages of love and universalism, 'slave morality' as Nietsche called it

The support of Pope Francis and other Christian leaders for migrant arrivals and transformation of Europe by the migrants, is fuelling this theme further

(Awful episode this week of Pope Francis having an Asian woman yank his arm, and then Pope Francis hits the woman - 31 seconds)

Some right-wingers say that, a culture should not be asked to destroy or even change itself, as Pope Francis is asking of us ... Jews in Israel protect their own culture, so why can't others?

Others in the right wing, however, say that Europeans were the most assertive, confident and conquering when they were the most Christian - crusades and cathedrals and colonies

4chan hosts an enormous rolling debate between young 'pagans' and 'trad [traditional] Christians', some even making posts partly in Latin ... Fascinating how much youth are interested in religious history

Historian Edward Gibbon (1737-94) in his 'Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire' essentially gave the same conclusion as well, that Christianity internally sabotaged the Romans' martial will, hence Rome was doomed after Constantine began imposing Christianity

Jewish writer Marcus Eli Ravage (1884-1965), agreed with Gibbon, saying that Christianity destroyed Europe's ancient cultures, enervating the gentile fighting spirit in ancient times

Ravage said also that when Europe was recovering paganism and vigour during the Renaissance, Jews helped sponsor Martin Luther - a young student of Hebrew and the Kabbalah - to bring in a new kind of cult focusing on Jewish Bible writings, getting the Vatican as well to re-publish the Talmud, previously burned at Paris, starting the chain down to today's 'Bible Christian Zionists'

Jewish writer Ravage said that Europeans are weakened by forever having Jewish-created ideologies, taking over their minds with Israelite stories and sayings, and Europeans will forever subconsciously resent Jews for this


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