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Trump at NATO summit.

"Andrew Yates, who was at school with Ghislaine Maxwell, is now Deputy Features Editor at the Daily Mail and was surprised to discover his name in the Little Black Book, with his school nickname, ‘Piggy’, alongside...

"I understand from a mutual friend that after school Ghislaine Maxwell travelled to Israel and visited a kibbutz; she was immediately ostracised by the other girls for making a rather-too-obvious beeline for the Adonis-like lifeguard at the kibbutz pool. Very quickly she got her way, as she would with much in her life."

Where on earth is the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ghislaine Maxwell at Stowe school, linked to Carl Beech.


TATLER contributor Mark Edmonds says:


"I don't know her address but my contacts suggest she's with the authorities in the US: the FBI or other law enforcement"

Edmonds believes she's helping the FBI to get a PleaBargain


- Edited by Ghislaine's pal GEORDIE GREIG (now editor of the Daily Mail)

- Published by Ghislaine's pal NICHOLAS COLERIDGE of Conde Nast (who's linked to Stowe School and was Greig's boss)

TATLER has insider information on Ghislaine Maxwell and her whereabouts?

UK Conservative leader Boris Johnson and his chum Lord Rothschild.

UK election - A Savanta ComRes poll  released on 7 December 2019 showed Labour on 36%.



"... There is a striking consistency across the opinion polls that the Tories have stabilised around 42%.

"That is just LESS than they achieved at the 2017 election.

"So how can the Tories be slightly BELOW their 2017 vote, when every single news and current affairs programme on TV and radio for the last three weeks has included vox pops or audience members switching from Labour to Conservative over Brexit?

"The undeniable truth is that almost precisely as many voters have deserted the Tories as have switched to them. Hence they are on the same percentage ...

"Here is the zinger. I have been keeping a tally of vox pops and audience members declaring they are abandoning their allegiance on broadcast media.

"I have tallied 57 vox pop/audience members saying they are deserting Labour, because of Brexit/Corbyn.

"I have tallied 1 – yes ONE – audience member (and zero vox pop) saying they are abandoning the Tories over Brexit/Johnson.

"Even though, with the Tory vote stable, we know in the real world BOTH GROUPS ARE THE SAME SIZE ..."

"What is undoubtedly true is that the broadcasters have colluded, by massive, repeated and deliberate acts, in pushing and reinforcing the No.10 strategy of seeking working class Leave votes, in an effort to normalise the idea that working class northern English communities can vote Tory. 

"And it is undeniably true that they have massively under-reported the equal movement of liberal Tory voters – and former Cabinet ministers – deserting their party."

The Truth About this Election - Craig Murray



"The Scottish town of Motherwell once had one of Europe's biggest steelworks.

"Once bigger than Central Park, the Ravenscraig steelworks was shut and dismantled in 1992, after being privatized by London’s Conservative government....

"The Conservatives' decision to shrink the British state in recent years, cutting welfare payments by about $40 billion, has squeezed Ashleigh Melia's family.

"Her 4-year-old daughter, half blind and half deaf, has been denied disability allowances worth up to $460 a month.

"Fired from her latest job in October, Ms. Melia now struggles to pay bills, her four children joining the 600,000 British minors who have fallen into poverty under the Conservatives.

"To cut electricity costs, she encourages them to play in the dark."

Splintered Isle: A Journey Through Brexit Britain - The New ...

The parents of this young woman who ran a grooming gang in cahoots with a police detective worked for Gillian Pugh's Coram as lawyers.

Kinky Kentucky judge Dawn Gentry is a Republican.



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At 8 December 2019 at 07:48 , Blogger Anon said...


8 December 2019 at 00:28

Just how stupid is the average British citizen....they seem like the ostrich with his head in the sand.

It is an undeniable fact that Britain has the greatest wealth gap of practically all OECD countries.

And....they're forever criticising the French for their protesting.Didn't the British observe Macron backing off the first time around.

Do the British think the forty hour working week came about by had to be fought for and the British seem to have forgotten how.

So either vote for the Conservatives and mass tax evasion or Labour and the mass immigration invasion....EITHER WAY THE AVERAGE BRITISH CITIZENS LOSES.


And every time legitimate political parties arise which want to control immigration and tax evasion they are set apon by the secret police (MI5) AND the media.

It's a stalemate and the only people benefiting are the top ten percent and that's just how they like it...

Rumour has it that Johnstein worked on a kibbutz in Israel in the 1980's......

At 8 December 2019 at 08:14 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Re Ghislaine Maxwell, the source for the Mark Edmonds claim that she is with USA law enforcement, is apparently verbal quotes attributed to him, in this article in New Zealand

Though a few weeks ago in mid-November, in the Tatler itself, Mark Edmonds said he didn't know where she was ... lots of detail tho on Ghislaine's life, her residences & friends in the UK etc:

At 8 December 2019 at 12:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour are by far the better option for the British people at this election. Hence the establishment's desperate efforts to stop Corbyn.

At 8 December 2019 at 14:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ghislaine Maxwell plans to defend Prince Andrew in tell-all TV interview

At 8 December 2019 at 20:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeremy Corbyn, Uriel Da Costa, and the meaning of 'real apology'

At 8 December 2019 at 20:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

*** I have no idea whether the following material represents truth, error, spoof, or misdirection. ***


Kirby Sommers @kirbysommers:

"BREAKING Ghislaine Maxwell is using her Amazon account to send messages to others in the 'network.'

"It appears she is asking trying to sell information and is asking for money.

"[FROM AMAZON.COM:] 'This is a great book about the gig economy and how hard it is to make a living driving the streets. The author has an easy conversational style and good grasp of the issues surrounding the ride share phenomenon. The facts and figures are fascinating and the tales of riders make it a great read. Buy this book. Duane needs to pay off his car.'

"The review left on 'The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives' was written days after Jeffrey Epstein died on August 15, 2019. It reads:

"[FROM AMAZON.COM:] 'A good friend of mine died recently under very tragic circumstances. Some of us saw it coming for quite a while but it was still a huge shock when it finally happened. I picked up this book at the advice of a friend and absolutely couldn't put it down. I'd read it walking the dog, getting fast food, or even just lounging around the house. It helped me realized that my friend really believed in something, and that giving your life for the CIA, NSA, FBI, Mossad, or other intelligence agency is truly a higher calling and not something to mourn. A wholehearted recommendation.'

"Ghislaine Maxwell appears to be using the Amazon account to send messages.

"This would indicate that she cannot use ordinary methods of communication.

"Maxwell appears to know she is being watched.

"This is an open blackmail attempt.

"The words 'FACTS AND FIGURES,' 'BUY THIS BOOK,' DUANE NEEDS TO PAY OFF HIS CAR,' show she is trying to sell information and needs money.

"Ghislaine Maxwell appears to have landed in the same situation as her father Robert Maxwell in '91.

"Attempting blackmail in need of money.

"In another book review dated 2016 for 'Monsters in the Dark' about human trafficking she writes:

"[FROM AMAZON.COM:] 'A tough but enthralling read. March 15, 2016. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

"'This is a dark and sometimes painful study of twisted desire and human trafficing. Both the main characters seem to revel in the painful aspects of sex with plenty of blood shed during lovemaking. The scenes of sex slavery and the kidnapping rings are very graphic and difficult to read at times but Winter keeps you enthralled if horrified ...

"'This couple deserves some happiness after the events portrayed although you are never sure they will get it. A good story but tough to take at times. It kept me awake at night.'

"This speaks directly about human trafficking and her feeling that 'the couple deserves happiness'."


Kirby Sommers
Independent journalist. Sex slave survivor. Founder | https://LandlordLinks.Net | Working the Jeffrey Epstein case.




At 9 December 2019 at 00:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour are 100% controlled opposition. Jeremy Corbyn is a Fabian Society fraud.

Let us reflect on Jeremy Corbyns tenure at Islington Council. The real Jeremy Corby. Jeremy (it would appear) is the paedophiles friend.

There are no desperate efforts to stop Jeremy as you wrongly suggest.

The powers that be are backing Boris and Jeremy is 'acting' out his role as the unelectable dinosaur from a 'by-gone' era.

The same 'play book' unfolded with Foot v Thatcher. A duffle coat wearing Diddy being anhilialated by the popular press. A man, a Marxist a scruffy fool.

The picture of 'Boris the Donmeh' dual nationalist and his Bullingdon Club photo is all that we all need to know about politics. The Prime Minister was chosen decades ago.

Unfortunately, however, you evidently failed to notice this. That said, if it makes you feel better - Christmas is coming soon. It would be much easier to believe that the guy 'coming down the chimney wearing red' had more chance of winning the election than the guy wearing 'red under the bed'.

Politics is for the terminally dumb. There is no political freedom. There is no choice. Taking part in rigged elections with rigged outcomes with fake politicians, is no system to speak of.

Look around the world at the state of the dynastic politics and its so-called leaders. None of these controlled clowns 'stack up' either.

As it is the season of goodwill, peace and blessings to you sir. However, as I self identify as a Turkey, I'm off to vote for Xmas.

Peace to the humans.

At 9 December 2019 at 02:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The long list of shame: Tory ‘achievements’ 2010-2019

more than one in three children live in poverty – more than 4 million
national debt has risen £1,400,000,000,000 from £850bn to £2.25 trillion
UK government and policies condemned by UN for inflicting needless poverty and misery
1 million poor, hungry children deprived of free school meals
43,000 NHS nurse posts unfilled
student nurse bursary abolished
5 million bed spaces per year gone
millions of cruel benefit sanctions
millions left with no funds – intentionally – through Universal Credit system
massive failed NHS privatisations
massive social care crisis
approximately 185,000 extra deaths linked to politically-driven austerity
10,000 fewer medical professionals
25,000 fewer bed spaces for mental illness
almost half of people claiming disability benefits have attempted suicide
food bank use up 2,400%
homelessness up 1,000%
rough sleeping up 1,200%
left most of the Grenfell Tower survivors without a permanent home for years after promising to rehome them within three weeks
Bedroom Tax caused mass evictions
evictions running at record highs
massive cuts in school funding
student fees up 300%
student debt has risen 150%
forced academisation of schools against parents’ wishes
1,000 Sure Start centres closed
780 libraries closed
700 football pitches closed
removal of EMA (education maintenance allowance) for poor pupils
pound down appr. 15% versus EUR and USD
manufacturing in recession
construction in recession
services close to recession
25-30% cuts to all govt departments
25-30% cuts to all councils, mainly centred on Labour councils in poorer areas
half of councils close to bankruptcy
21,000 fewer front-line police
20,000 fewer prison officers
10,000 fewer border officials
10,000 fewer firefighters
OECD calculate 3 million hidden unemployed, rate is really 13%
mushrooming insecure work: temporary, self employed, gig economy and zero hours contracts
only 30k full time work positions created.
almost half of workers are in insecure work: self-employed, ZHC, or part-time ‘precariat’
80% of the 5.3 million self-employed live below the poverty line
more than 1 in 3 self-employed only earn £100 a month
25% cuts for our disabled people
80% cuts to Mobility Allowance.
Remploy closed
40% of working households just one crisis away from destitution
70% of households have less than 10k savings
60% of households can only survive 2 months without a wage
household debt reaches new peak, despite emergency base rates
50% increase in hate crimes
150% increase in knife crime to 22,000 per year
teenage suicide up by 70%
suicides up 12% just in 2018
self-harm among young women up 70%
life-expectancy down – for first time in decades – by 3 years
lowest ever NHS satisfaction level
council-home building down 90%
200k social homes lost
ZERO starter homes built, despite Tory flagship programme
council home-building down 90%
one million families on council home waiting list
36,000 teachers have left the profession
multiple collapsed private rail franchises
collapsed building and maintenance giants leaving schools and hospitals in the lurch – that the government knew were coming and ignored

This is only a partial list. More will no doubt be added.

At 10 December 2019 at 02:29 , Blogger mayanway said...

Firstly this is third time iv uploasded a comment to this website - the previous two were not uploaded probably because this site reviewed them as not appropriate to this site's political agendas
So i suppose this wont be accepted either but we'll see

Why are all you readers spinning in circles debating political policies - surely by now (2019) you must realise you're wasting your time Eg all those facts above relating to stats - has the poster checked every one and, if he has, it must've taken significant hours of work and all for nothing because facts like that are cmpletely mis-leading when taken out of context

And thats what politics is all about - misleading the public - so why waste your time? 'Poly' 'tricks'

|By devoting so much effort into fighting it you make the system stronger - doesnt matter whether you're supporting it or fighting it, its just the fact that your energies are channelled into politics and of courese thats why so much effort is put into getting you to vote

If youre fed up with the political system then its simple: ignore it, turn your back and walk away, make it irrelevant in your life
Whwn the majority of people do that, it will fall like a set of dominoes

And to do that, we need to start being responsible for ourselves and ignore government help


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