Wednesday, 11 December 2019


Child star Jack Burns has died aged 14.

Ballet dancer Jack Burns was dubbed the next 'Billy Elliot' and starred in TV hits Outlander and Plain Sight. 

Jack Burns was part of several BBC productions. 

Jack also worked as a model for global brands through The Model Team in Glasgow.

Jack, father Robert, and brother Rory. His mother is Karen.

The cause of Jack Burns' death is unclear.

Jack Burns was found dead at home in Greenock in Scotland on December 1 2019.

Jack attended St Columba's School in Kilmacolm, which has been linked to child abuse.

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  1. Teens arrested as Spain police smash global paedophile ring

  2. There is no such thing as "dying suddenly", especially when it comes to a healthy child/young person. Obviously we are not told the truth as usual.

  3. & there was the piper, Gordon Walker from the same school..

    "In August 2019 Gordon was found guilty of a catalogue of abuse against six pupils at the private school where he was the teacher of piping. Although he did not receive a prison sentence he has been placed under supervision by social workers for three years, has to carry out 300 hours’ unpaid work and is banned from contacting or being with children under the age of 17. He has also been placed on the Sex Offenders Register for three years."



  4. ObsoleteBrainFlux12 December 2019 at 07:27

    Way too many coincidences.

  5. Anonymous
    14 December 2019 at 06:29

    There's more to it than bullying, be sure, and we all know what":