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The UK's Scallywag Magazine, published between 1991 and 1998, 'exposed corruption'.

(Scallywag Contents)

Here are some of Scallywag's allegations:

1. "Doubts about Prince Andrew's fatherhood have been going the rounds ever since the Princely Gelding was conceived and Prince Philip did a lengthy runner on the royal yacht and did not come back until a few days before the birth.

"The Greek lothario, of course, did not go unaccompanied - with full approval, even connivance, of the Queen who was at the time having it off with Lord Carnarvon (then Lord Porchester, her racing manager).

"Porchester, so top racing people allege, is Andrew's real father..."

Issue 26

(Downton Abbey is Highclere Castle in Berkshire, the home of Lord and Lady Carnarvon)

The late Lord Carnarvon

2. "The story now circulating from the Portland naval base in Dorset, where Andrew is disliked intensely by fellow officers, is that he is suffering from HIV Positive after having a lengthy affair with his valet, and possibly the odd rating or two."

3. "Researchers within the Conservative Party Central Office compiled a dossier on Tony Blair's early life.

"In particular his days at Fettes (private school) in Edinburgh.

"A source claims that they have 'evidence' that Tony Blair conducted several homosexual relationships with fellow pupils.

"The dossier is also said to contain further damaging material about a later relationship with a male Labour MP..."


4. "The Conservative Party Research Department is almost all gay."

Issue 26

Lord Alistair McAlpine, who was at the centre of the child abuse scandal in the UK, is listed in Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book. EPSTEIN'S BLACK BOOK - NAMES LISTED

5. "The tentacles of a viscous paedophile ring, in North Wales and elsewhere, spread to penetrate every important section of the establishment, including, quite prominently, the biggest wigs in the Tory party...

"Right at the top of our dishonour's list was Lord McAlpine, former fund raiser to the Tory party, and one of their die-hard heavyweights.

"We named him because we knew at the time that he was under investigation by a police force who had been bought in to find out the complicity of various police officers who were either part of the filthy ring, or involved in extensive cover-ups.

"We have always alleged, now more so, that the whole rotten affair had a predominantly freemason perspective."

6. "Fraud Squad officers were alerted to investigate allegations that while McAlpine was a fund-raiser he not only created a slush fund, but got into a money laundering operation, using Tory party bank accounts.

"Our sources claim that much of the slush fund was used to help cover-up the activities of his fellow conspirators in the gay- paedophile ring, and other impending sex scandals.

"But a new question mark now hangs over the money laundering allegation.

"Is this where Mark Thatcher managed to 'cleanse' his dirty- dealing money?"
(Table of Contents)

Patrick Plunket (right)

Patrick Plunket, 7th Baron Plunket (1923-1975) was Equerry (personal attendant) to Queen Elizabeth II.

Patrick Plunket was very close to the Queen.

Patrick Plunket "gave Queen Elizabeth solace when her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh hit hard times."


Patrick (left) with his father Terence Plunket (right), and his mother Dorothe.

Patrick Plunket's mother, Dorothé Lewis, was the illegitimate daughter of the actress Fannie Ward and the 7th Marquess of Londonderry.

Patrick Plunket's father was Terence Plunket, the 6th Baron Plunket

Terence Plunket and his wife died in 1938 in a plane crash in California, while heading for the Hearst ranch at San Simeon, now known as Hearst Castle.

After the death of Terence and his wife, Patrick was brought up by Terence's sister the Hon. Helen Rhodes and her husband, Arthur Tahu Rhodes.

William Plunket, the 5th Baron Plunket, was Governor of New Zealand (1906-1909) and Grand Master of New Zealand's Grand Lodge

Patrick Plunket was close friends with Queen Elizabeth since childhood.

Plunket's cousin, Lady Annabel Goldsmith, told The Sun: 'He adored her from the outset.

Lady Annabel Goldsmith, née Vane-Tempest-Stewart, married Mark Birley and then Sir James Goldsmith.

Sir James Goldsmith is said to be the father of Princess Diana.


'The King Edward hotel has been host to gay 'royalty' throughout its history.'


Anonymous -


Fergie (who was married to Prince Andrew) breaks down on television and reveals: 'My mother told me I had the devil in me'

"... Fergie said: 'WHEN SHE USED TO ME because I didn't sit on my potty or wouldn't eat, a little vein would come up on the centre of my head near my red hair.'

"It was this vein that her mother dubbed the 'SIGN OF THE DEVIL' as she tried to beat it out of her ..."



My mother didn't beat me - it was just a joke says Fergie as she backtracks on abuse claims

"Just two months ago, she accused her mother of horrific abuse in an emotional outpouring on American TV.

"Her late mother, Susan Barrantes, regularly beat her, the Duchess of York alleged during her reality show Finding Sarah ...

"But now the Duchess, who was reportedly paid £200,000 by Oprah Winfrey for the series, has claimed it was a joke ...

"... [The] Duchess elaborated on her beating allegation: 'She didn't actually do that ... she probably smacked my bottom a couple of times.

'I was just being light-hearted. She was a wonderful mother and I loved every moment with her ... I used to leave messages for her when I was little, saying, "I'M FRIGHTENED YOU'RE GOING TO DIE IN A CAR CRASH." OBVIOUSLY, I HAD A PREMONITION' ... "




Trauma based mind control?

Fergie's mother was violently and dramatically murdered as a way to keep Fergie under control and 'under the spell'? ... as well as to drastically upset Fergie's psychological equilibrium, the better to mind-control her?

It was simply a continuation of the trauma (emotional, physical and presumably sexual abuse) that Fergie may have been forced to endure ever since she was born, and still to this day?

Fergie has always feared that if she didn't comply with instructions, then the same violent fate that befell her mother (and, of course, Princess Diana), could one day befall herself... or her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie?

Fergie maintained close friendships of long standing with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (flying on the 'Lolita Express' with her young daughters, etc)... Yet, she saw nothing, and she says nothing.

Fergie strongly suspected - or knew about - VIP paedophile rings and child trafficking?... Yet, she saw nothing, and she says nothing.

Fergie strongly suspected that something was 'very wrong' the night that Greville Janner joined her and Prince Andrew at the Earl's Court Olympia to watch a show, accompanied as the Labour MP was by a disorientated youth... Yet, she saw nothing, and she says nothing.

Fergie is well aware that her friendships with the family of the late Robert Maxwell's business partner (the Wallersteiners) place her potentially once again in the orbit of Mossad?... Yet, she sees nothing, and she says nothing.

Fergie is aware that the events of 9/11 (events that saw her and her best friend and then-landlord Howard Lutnick survive, even as hundreds of their colleagues from the same office space perished) are not adequately explained by her changing tales of traffic jams and lucky red dolls... Yet, she sees nothing, and she says nothing.

Fergie is well aware that her allegedly fake charities are allegedly largely front organisations for God-knows-what, that money goes missing, and that many of the high-profile supporters of Street Child and its predecessors are quite sinister people?... Yet, she sees nothing, and she says nothing.

Because Fergie knows or feels that she can't do anything about any of this, because she has been mind-controlled with threats? And because she has learned well the lesson they teach her (and us): which is that they are cold-blooded murderers, more than capable of killing her or/and her daughters?


Just watched GMTV (Piers Morgan) interview Lady Victoria Hervey on live TV 7.30ish Am 20.11.19.

Ms Hervey is a (so called) socialite and was better known a few decades ago as an 'It Girl'.

Piers was interviewing her in the context of Prince Andrew and Lady Victoria said she attended a dinner with Epstein after being invited by Ghislaine Maxwell.

She announced that Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Epstein and Prince Andrew and Maxwell were all in attendance.

Piers Morgan was asking questions about why she would be there ie a young airhead.

She alluded to other businessmen in attendance and played down the affair stating that many others had these kind of dinners where a disproportionate amount of 'models' might be flown on private jets or spend time on luxury yachts.

She also stated that she stayed at Epsteins lair in New York. She said she felt she was being watched and left after about 10 days.

Nice to see that so called political opposites are in fact 'best buddies' and hang out in small circles.

Interesting dinner guests - Piers Morgan thought so to. So much so, he was playing the role of 'love struck puppy' when interviewing Ms Hervey.

No doubt when Boris Gump and Creepy Corbyn finished their epic 'battle royal' on TV last night, they too couldn't stop laughing at the electorate and went for a few beers.

All just a pile of bad actors reading of an even worse script during Pantomime season.

Never mind not long before the UK can choose between Bad Actor A and Bad Actor B.

Peace to the humans.


We Live in a World of Miraculous Coincidences. | crimesofempire

Troy retweeted
Children have rights @UK_Database_CSA · A famous 'Christian popstar' was seen on many occasions by residents visiting John Stingemore at Grafton close children's home.

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Prince Andrew 'was given ANOTHER trafficked youth in New Mexico'

Investigative journalist Melissa Cronin "alleged that based on her investigation, Giuffre may not have been the only 'young woman' from Epstein’s circle that Andrew was involved with.

"'We know of at least one other incident where he spent with a young woman who was not Virginia Roberts,' claimed Cronin.

"'We spoke exclusively with a staffer at the New Mexico property who told us that she personally served Andrew during a three-day visit, in which he was given a young woman as his companion. And, while the staffer that we talked to had seen Virginia Roberts at the ranch before, she said that this woman that spent time with Andrew was not Roberts' ..."

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Great series about our subject: human trafficking - mainly gals/women into prostitution

At 21 November 2019 at 12:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: Duchess of York a victim of trauma-based mind controlled?

Take a look at these photos of Sarah Ferguson, at an auction for her 'fake' Children in Crisis charity, wearing large, impossible-to-miss, BUTTERFLIES on her shoes:

From the article:

"They [Sarah and her former partner Manuel Fernandez] made several public appearances together at a string of high-profile events and, last September, THE PAIR ATTENDED SIR BOB GELDOF'S WEDDING in the South of France ..."

At 21 November 2019 at 12:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Farage under fire for conspiracy claims linked to antisemitism

Is it an Israeli general election or a British general election? ffs

At 21 November 2019 at 21:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ghislaine Maxwell is granted more time as she tries to stop hundreds of Epstein associates being named

At 21 November 2019 at 22:27 , Blogger Anon said...


Witness: TRUMP also raped 12 year old and used her disappearance to threaten another victim "A contractor says there was a photo on show of Jeffrey Epstein with BILL CLINTON surrounded by topless under-age girls."

At 22 November 2019 at 00:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


"YouGov's verdict of a 51 to 49 victory for Johnson was very dubious indeed. But even that would be a major advance for Corbyn given the constant barrage of unfair media demonisation to which he has been subjected in the last five years ... I suspect it really went better than that. YouGov have a long and dishonourable history as Tory push pollsters."

At 22 November 2019 at 01:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alex Salmond Case.

The 14 charges that are levied against the ex First Minister, Alex Salmond appear to be politically motivated, contrived or just not adding up.

11 of the 14 charges relate to Section 3 of Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009, 2 of Section 1 of the Act and 1 unspecified.

**Part 3 of the Act**

Mentally disordered persons

17 Capacity to consent

(1)This section applies in relation to sections 1 to 9.

(2)A mentally disordered person is incapable of consenting to conduct where, by reason of mental disorder, the person is unable to do one or more of the following—

(a)understand what the conduct is,

(b)form a decision as to whether to engage in the conduct (or as to whether the conduct should take place),

(c)communicate any such decision.

(3)In this Act, “mental disorder” has the same meaning as in section 328 of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 (asp 13) (and related expressions are to be construed accordingly).

Part 3 does not include unfit through temporary impairment (ie drink of drugs) or sleep or unconsciousness.

It related to the specific definition of mental impairment as defined in 328 of the Mental health Act.

So, WTF......... Below, I have highlighted 2 of the 14 charges to illustrate the nature of the charges. The wording of all the others is almost identical and extremely vague. Again, 11 of the 14 charges under Section 3.

Therefore, we must believe that Alex Salmond has had the capacity to come into contact with a number of women who satisfy the definition of the Act under Section 3.

Specimen Charge 1

2. On an occasion in December 2010, or in December, 2011, the year being to the Prosecutor unknown, you Alexander Salmond did sexually assault Victim 1 by touching her arms and hips with your hands over her clothing: contrary to Section 3 of the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009

Specimen Charge 2

8. In December, 2013, at Bute House you Alexander Salmond did sexually assault Victim 6 in that you did cause her to sit on a bed, lie on top of her, make sexual remarks to her, touch her buttocks, thighs and breasts over her clothing with your hands, repeatedly kiss her face, struggle with her, pull up her dress and this you did with intent to rape her as defined in Section 1 of the after mentioned Act: Contrary to Section 3 of the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009.

1st charge, it would appear, the alleged victim was so traumatised she couldn't even remember what year the assault took place. **A decent lawyer will utterly destroy her credibility on that alone**

2nd charge (on a more serious offence) the victim, again, had difficulty remembering when the event took place. The offence being 'intent' to rape and not 'attempted' rape.

A rape conviction is quite rare due to the lack of evidence, witnesses and an unwillingness to convict by jury when the burden of proof is beyond reasonable doubt. Likewise an 'attempted' rape. Therefore, how you convict for 'intent'is anyone's guess ?????????

All the other charges are essentially the same. I used your link above (if anyone is interested). The charges are very vague, easily destroyed in court and relates to unwanted advances (at best).

Again, even more curious with this strange case......... Salmond won the Civil case brought against him related to the very same alleged offences.

Two things. Firstly, if they cannot get a satisfactory outcome in the civil courts where the burden of proof is much lower. How does the courts expect to convict on criminal matters. Makes no sense.

Secondly, in terms of process. If there is a lack of evidence in a criminal case, the perceived victim may use the civil courts for justice with the lower burden of proof. I am not aware of a situation where the civil has preceded the criminal.

Therefore, either the case is politically motivated or it is some weird ritual humiliation (Harvey Weinstein) style. Of course, he may be guilty (likewise).

Who knows.

Peace to the humans.


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