Wednesday, 6 November 2019


👉Disney owns ABC. 👉Disney cruise ships went to Epstein Island. 👉Disney chairman Richard Cook took trips on the Lolita Express, then was appointed to chairman. 👉Disney's ABC squashed the Epstein story three years ago.

Esther Baker alleged that Member of Parliament John Hemming was in a UK child abuse ring whose members, including policemen, sexually abused young girls.

👩‍💻 Esther Baker 👩‍💻‏ @Esther9982 16h16 hours ago

Ok. Let’s clear this up. Various blogs and tweets have said that the judge in the recent libel case has ruled that I am lying - and that Hemming is innocent. That has not been determined. I am merely not using it as a defence against his counterclaim under legal advice. I am not


  1. Former Labour MP Ian Austin, who received stupendous donations from Labour Friends of Israel, the Israeli Government and the American Jewish Congress, pleads with voters to choose Boris Johnson.

    Worried much?

  2. Trumps kids and Jacko.... Grrrr...




  6. Some good news for readers of this blog. So far, the following MPs have all said they are stepping down, either now, or at the general election in a few weeks' time:


    1. Kenneth Clarke, Tory. Child sexual assault allegations (more than one).

    2. Oliver Letwin, Tory. Close to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. A former longtime N.M. Rothschild employee.

    3. Ian Austin, formerly Labour. Extremely close to the Israeli Government.

    4. John Bercow, Tory. A close friend and protector of alleged paedophile Keith Vaz. John Bercow's wife Sally threw investigations into alleged child sex trafficker Alistair McAlpine into disarray.

    5. Louise Ellman, Labour. Chair of Labour Friends of Israel.

    6. Geoffrey Robinson, Labour. Accepted £200,000 from the late Mossad asset Robert Maxwell. The Smith Institute funded by Robinson employs Margaret Hodge's son in law.

    7. Joan Ryan, formerly Labour. Former Chair of Labour Friends of Israel. Extremely close to the Israeli Government.

    8. Stephen Twigg, Labour. He was a councillor at Islington Borough Council from July 1992, just as the London Evening Standard was revealing the full scale of the horrors occurring in Islington children's homes.

    9. John Woodock, formerly Labour. Former Chair of Labour Friends of Israel.

    10... ?? Could Keith Vaz be the next MP who'll announce that he won't contest his seat at the general election ?? We can hope!

  7. Just pray this woman and her son will always stay safe....

  8. Chris Williamson to stand as independent MP in general election after Labour bans him from party

    Mr Williamson, Derby North MP, was suspended from the party in February for claiming Labour had been 'too apologetic' over anti-Semitism allegations.

  9. The British mouthpiece for Israel and global Zionists has upped the ante today: