Sunday 20 October 2019


"The alleged use of subliminal messaging in advertising, music, film, television, anti-theft devices, political propaganda, military psychological operations, and advanced weapons development."

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At 20 October 2019 at 23:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corbyn as PM would be disastrous for UK-Israel relations


"The United Kingdom currently benefits from a close partnership with Israel. Any damage to this relationship deployed by a future Corbyn government would have devastating consequences.

"The two countries have one of the closest intelligence-sharing operations in the world. The intelligence given to the United Kingdom by Israel has helped prevent numerous terror attacks in Britain and Europe, including the discovery of a Hezbollah explosives stockpile in London in 2015 that was discovered thanks to Israeli intelligence.

"High-level security experts, such as retired British army officer Col. Richard Kemp, have warned that crucial intelligence-sharing and military cooperation will cease under a Corbyn-led Labour government ..."

At 20 October 2019 at 23:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prince Andrew joined Epstein’s island orgy, Virginia Roberts Giuffre claimed

"Prince Andrew was involved in an orgy with Jeffrey Epstein and nine girls on the financier's private island, it is claimed in a TV documentary to be broadcast tonight.

"The claim is made by one of the women, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, in US court documents. The Duke of York has denied ever having sex with her ...

"A special edition of Channel 4's Dispatches entitled The Prince and the Paedophile, examines her claim to have had sex with the two men on Little St James, Epstein's Caribbean island.

"'The third time I had sex with Andy was in an orgy on Epstein’s private island in the US Virgin Islands. I was around 18 at the time,' she wrote in evidence to a Florida court in 2015. 'Epstein, Andy, approximately eight other young girls and I had sex together. The other girls all seemed and appeared to be under the age of 18 and didn't really speak English. Epstein laughed about the fact they couldn’t really communicate, saying that they are the "easiest" girls to get along with.'

"Ms Roberts Giuffre has never spoken in public about the orgy allegation, and Buckingham Palace has denied that the Duke of York had any sexual contact with her.

"However, Dispatches obtained medical records that appear to support her claim to have been abused by Epstein or others on separate occasions. Documents from New York Presbyterian Hospital show that she was admitted on July 9, 2001 after three weeks of vaginal bleeding. In a separate legal declaration from 2015, Ms Roberts Giuffre wrote: 'Without going into the details of the sexual activities I was forced to endure, there were times when I was physically abused to the point that I remember fearfully thinking that I didn’t know whether I was going to survive.'

"There is no suggestion that she was speaking about Prince Andrew.

"Dispatches has established that the duke met Epstein at least 10 times during their 12-year friendship and sometimes stayed with him for several days.

"Epstein had 13 phone numbers on which to contact the duke, according to Mike Fisten, a former Florida detective who has investigated the case.

"The programme also alleges that in 2009 Lord Mandelson, then a Labour cabinet minister, phoned Epstein to seek a personal favour while the billionaire was serving a sentence for child sex offences.

"Lord Mandelson rang Epstein's office, where he spent time on day release from prison, to ask for help arranging a meeting with Jamie Dimon, chairman of JP Morgan, the US investment bank, according to an anonymous friend of Epstein.

"Lord Mandelson's lawyers said that he had no memory of the phone call. They added: 'Our client would have no need whatsoever to make such a request. As business secretary ... he met or talked on the phone to bank CEOs on a regular basis, including Mr Dimon. These contacts were all arranged through his government office.'

"Ms Roberts Giuffre's allegations about Prince Andrew were struck from the US court record in 2015 ..." (Paywall)

At 21 October 2019 at 04:32 , Blogger Anon said...

So, vote for Corbyn?


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