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Iris Goldsmith, daughter of Ben Goldsmith and Kate Rothschild.

15 year old Iris Goldsmith, the daughter of Kate Rothschild, was reportedly killed in an accident on the 8th of July 2019

Iris died when an "all-terrain type" vehicle she was driving overturned, an interim inquest heard.

Iris Goldsmith died when 'all-terrain vehicle' overturned - BBC ...

"All-terrain type" vehicle

"Kate Rothschild, 37, was staying at the Goldsmith country estate when the accident happened and her ex-husband Ben Goldsmith, 38, was playing in a cricket match, in Surrey, at the time."


Ben Goldsmith with Iris.

A cricketer, Mr Khan, said -

'We were told at the time the accident wasn't serious and that it wasn't a life-threatening situation.

We were told that his daughter was ok, but that she needed to go to hospital.’


It later transpired that Iris died at the scene of the accident.

The Rothschild Conspiracy

Iris Goldsmith (left)

A friend who was on the vehicle with her escaped without serious injury.

The cause of death has not yet been established:

An interim inquest into Iris's death heard (19/7/19) that Iris died when an off-road farm bike she was driving overturned at the country home of Ben Goldsmith and his wife Jemima Jones…

"But the cause of her death remains a mystery and post mortem toxicology tests are being carried out."


Iris Goldsmith

"Iris was buried on the 18th of July… why is there such a delay on the toxicology report?"

The Rothschild Conspiracy

Coroner Tony Williams said: "From the limited information available at this time Iris was driving a left-hand drive all-terrain type vehicle when it turned over for reasons yet to be established. As a result she suffered fatal injuries."

Iris Goldsmith..

"Coroner Tony Williams added that toxicology tests are routine in post mortem examinations of accident victims.

Adjourning the hearing the coroner said: 'Avon and Somerset Constabulary are not treating the death as suspicious and are in the process of preparing a detailed report for me at a final inquest hearing.'"


"But why - eleven days after the event - was there such 'limited information'.

"I mean, Iris’s passenger/friend ... can’t say what happened?"

The Rothschild Conspiracy

Iris's parents separated in 2012 when Kate Rothschild began a relationship with rapper Jay Electronica

"An interim post mortem report from pathologist Dr Edwin Cooper at Yeovil District Hospital states the cause of death is currently unascertained, pending blood analysis."

"Had her head been caved in or her chest crushed then the cause of death would have been obvious… Not 'unascertained'."

The Rothschild Conspiracy

"Ben Goldsmith, 38, said the family encouraged 15-year-old Iris to use the off-road ranger - which comes equipped with a roll cage

"Ben Goldsmith says Iris turned too fast, or too sharply, and the vehicle flipped, sending the passenger flying out of the buggy.

Iris Goldsmith: - 20 July 2019

"Iris is thought to have tried to jump to safety, but the vehicle landed on her, breaking her clavicle and her leg, and eventually crushing her to death...

"The gardener came running but I think Iris had already died.

"A couple of others helped lift it off. The ambulance crew spent an hour trying to save her."

Iris Goldsmith:
 - 20 July 2019

On 6 July 2019, Disney star Cameron Boyce died at the age of 20.

Sam Younger

On 1 April 2019, 22 -year-old Sam Younger, the son of MI6  (secret intelligence service) chief Alex Younger, died after an 'unexplained crash' at a Scottish estate.


On 18 June 2019, the body of 17-year-old Katya Tsukanova, was found dead at her London home.

Katya is the daughter of former Russian banker Igor Tsukanov.

On 8 July 2019, 15-year-old Iris Goldsmith, the daughter of Kate Rothschild, died in a 'quad bike crash' on a Goldsmith' family farm in Somerset.

Zac Goldsmith called for an inquiry into child abuse "cover-ups" by local authorities.

Both Iris and Katya attended Wycombe Abbey school.

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss attended Wycombe Abbey school.



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At 21 October 2019 at 02:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont forget poor Saoirse Kennedy, sexually abused by a (female) member of her famous family.... RIP to all of them....

At 21 October 2019 at 06:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 22 October 2019 at 13:45 , Blogger steve said...

its beyond a beggars belief that one is capable of creating scrambled eggs,,,,, while delivering a near perfect omelette
we must humbly offer for enlightenment as you do
the perplexities of living with in the present construct , and its spiders web, that does not resonate with man on earth , we are like a puppy rescue you tube video , just seeking dearly beloveds
to make this world a better place , thank you for you ardent enlightenment , you are truly a angel nay a beacon within the storm , i thank you , from one to another , you are certainly a model to behold :) you have given me many years , of consciousness , to acknowledge other perspectives , to have a active mind , the one that my father in heaven gave me , so i really do bow humberly down to you , as you remind of of my own name Stephen , the 1st martyr :)

At 22 October 2019 at 18:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could it be that the unseen and nameless upper elite is visiting its displeasure -via the worst kind of punishment' on the visible elite? Remember, it's a tripartite system.


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