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On 24 September 2019, Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani said that Israel is supporting ISIS and 'takes care of their injured fighters'.

Rouhani said that 'there is no terrorism throughout the world that matches the activities of Israel' and insisted that 'Iran is a country that has brought peace in the region'.

Speaking to Fox News he said that Israel has supplied ISIS with Israeli weapons.

He attacked the US government for financing the Saudi-led coalition in the war in Yemen which has killed tens of thousands of people.

Two girls and a bicycle
Iran - Two girls and a bicycle by Damon Lynch

Rouhani said:

'You defend an Israel, the foundation of which is based upon attacking and usurping on the rights of others.

'On a daily basis Israel has targeted the people of Palestine, Lebanon and most recently even Iraq as well as Syria.

'There is no terrorism throughout the world that matches the activities of Israel.'

Rouhani denied American claims that Iran was behind a drone attack on Saudi oil facilities.


IRAN IS RUN BY THE CIA? - aangirfan

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At 25 September 2019 at 14:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...




"Lost touch with reality"

"You should be in jail"

Just a selection of quotes from British Members of Parliament describing one another tonight.

With its robber baron oligarchy, galloping wealth inequality and escalating child poverty; privatised national resources; class riven society; wealth-segregated schooling; landed aristocracy; eighteenth century monarchy / unelected head of state; gargantuan arms industry / permanent war machine; delusions of empire and continuing occupations of the Malvinas, Gibraltar, the Chagos Islands, the north of Ireland, Scotland, Iraq and Syria - at the expense of ending poverty at home; crumbling museum of a national parliament; dangerously and absurdly uncodified constitution; unconscionable centralisation of power in Central London; nineteenth-century House of Lords; decrepit FPTP electoral system; rotten boroughs and lack of primary elections (primaries); distortive, hate-peddling, warmongering news media; immoral Whips' offices; and hundreds of vainglorious, clueless MPs, often subject to control files, and devoted to their career ambitions including through 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fake 'jobs' for private entities and dubious so-called 'think tanks';

... is it really any wonder that the British state is finally having itself a prolonged nervous breakdown?

This could last indefinitely, and get much, MUCH worse.

Its time Britain became a deimperalised, demilitarised, radically decentralized, socialist or social democratic, federal republic of co-equal nations. One with:

A vastly more just distribution of wealth and land, including the world's best minimum wage;

A properly codified Constitution (and Bill of Rights), spelling out a commitment to peaceful neutrality;

Disbanded and radically reformed Intelligence and Security Agencies;

An elected president on the model of the Irish Republic (and no more titles and privileges of monarchy and aristocracy, nor ridiculous imperial honours);

A modern, fit-for-purpose parliament building and offices, located near the geographical centre of the new federal republic;

A proportional-representation voting system; primary elections; and citizen initiatives and referendums;

A desegregated schooling system, including disbanding of the VIP Paedophile, Psychopath, and Warmonger Incubation Facilities (otherwise known as the elite public schools);

An entirely re-imagined criminal justice system with massive de-emphasis on reactive policing and punitive sentencing, in favour of rehabilitation, retraining and comprehensive career-development assistance;

Free public education for all, at all ages, at all levels;

The deepest possible commitments to social justice and civil liberties in all circumstances.

Pervasive recognition embodied in every aspect of the state and the institutions we are all elements of the divine; and that peace, love, and comfortable prosperity are the birthrights of everyone.

We can do this! We can afford it! The wealth is right here, developed by the labours of working women and men, servants and slaves.


BBC's Laura Kuennsberg:

"Have seen more hours of the Commons than I care to remember + that was one of most brutal + mad I have ever seen - no shred of remorse from the PM ruled to have broken law yesterday, paltry attempt at answering Corbyn's Qs, a few Labour MPs screaming, 'you should be in jail'

"Then a government offering the opposition parties the chance to bring it down, but they turn it down, only for another party suggesting impeaching the PM - all accompanied by vitriolic screaming + shouting and the odd burst of wild applause."

At 25 September 2019 at 14:11 , Blogger steve said...

i like how the video basically says its the masonic countries that have the problem , thing is lot of things coming up around 1st nov
brexit , Israel cant decide its government , usa implosion treasury bonds do not compute , its a engineered downfall of lots at same time the explosion frees up the ruder of many

At 27 September 2019 at 03:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freemasonry is simply zionism for the cattle goyim. Masons are the boots on the ground, shabbos goy Useful Idiots carrying out the zionist agenda in every country, in exchange for wealth, fame and power. But all contingent on, and in service of the zionist's "Great Plan of the Ages"; the One World Govt. Really take it apart. Freemasonry's mission, rebuilding the THIRD TEMPLE- all their degrees, rituals and language are "jewish Hebrew Bible" based. In this way, a Masonic franchise in each town, in every land has unified the globe from Hindu India to Buddhist China to atheist EU... Even Saddam Hussein and Ghaddaffi were on board. Far More coverage must be given this angle. Its the keystone to world power.


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