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Aaron Carter has been a friend of Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, and Disney

Aaron Carter, born in1987 in Tampa, Florida, began performing at age seven.

Aaron Carter's second album Aaron's Party (Come Get It) (2000) sold three million copies in the United States,

Aaron Carter's older brother Nick was in the boy band Backstreet Boys.

Aaron Carter came out as bisexual via Twitter, on 5 August 2017.[56]

Aaron and sister Leslie.

Aaron Carter has accused his late sister Leslie Carter of raping him from the ages of 10 to 13.

He has also accused two of his backup dancers of sexual abuse when he was only eight years old.

"My sister raped me from the age of 10 to 13 years old when she wasn’t on her medications and I was absused not only sexually by her but by my first two back up dancers when I was 8 years old. 

"And my brother absused me my whole life," Aaron posted on his Twitter account on September 19, 2019.

Leslie died in 2012 at the age of 25.

Aaron has said: "I suffer from multiple personality disorder." Aaron Carter diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar ...

Aaron was very recently ordered to stay away from his older brother Nick Carter and his family by a restraining order.

Aaron allegedly threatened to kill Nick's pregnant wife.

Aaron Carter ✔@aaroncarter

It runs in the family. I never wanted to tell anyone this. But I have to....

12:14 PM - Sep 19, 2019

Aaron Carter✔@aaroncarter

My sister Leslie suffered from bipolar and took lithium to treat it. She never liked the way it made her feel and when she was off of it she did things that she never meant to do I truly believe that. I was 10 years old....

12:15 PM - Sep 19, 2019

Aaron Carter✔@aaroncarter

I have spent the last 15 years of my life going to therapy for abuse & rape, I’ve been through many different treatments, I have finally found the right treatment. I have had my ups and downs, I continue to work on my mental health and i will soon not have to take anything.

12:19 PM - Sep 19, 2019

Aaron Carter.

Aaron Carter✔@aaroncarter

I went through extensive therapy and treatments and I have NEVER BEEN DIAGNOSED BI POLAR OR SCHIZOPHRENIC

12:20 PM - Sep 19, 2019

Aaron Carter✔@aaroncarter

My sister raped me from the age of 10 to 13 years old when she wasn’t on her medications and I was absused not only sexually by her but by my first two back up dancers when I was 8 years old. And my brother absused me my whole life.

12:21 PM - Sep 19, 2019

Aaron Carter✔@aaroncarter

Now it’s nicks turn to tell the tell the truth of what he did to one of the girls in my family. Since my truth is all out there and I hope all survivors of assault or rape find peace and justice.

1:43 PM - Sep 19, 2019

Aaron Carter✔@aaroncarter

I feel cleansed all my truth is out I just need to focus now on my music my career and supporting all victims of abuse and rape.

1:46 PM - Sep 19, 2019


The reportedly gay Aaron Carter Endorses Donald Trump for President.


Academy Awards - Mark Lester (left) and Jack Wild (right)

As a child, Jack Wild played the part of the Artful Dodger
in Lionel Bart's musical film Oliver!

Jack Wild was born into a working class family
in the Manchester area, in the UK.

Jack Wild

Jack Wild's father was a labourer father and his mother worked as a butcher.[1]

In 1960, Jack Wild moved to Hounslow, in London, with his parents.[2]

Mark Lester (left) and Jack Wild (right) in Oliver!

While playing football with Phil Collins[1], Jack was 'discovered' by theatrical agent June Collins, Phil's mother.

Phil Collins was himself a child actor.

June Collins enrolled both Jack and his brother Arthur at the Barbara Speake Stage School, in Acton in West London.[3]

Jack Wild in H.R. Pufnstuff

It was at the 1968 premiere of Oliver! that Wild met brothers Sid and Marty Krofft.

Later, the Kroffts gave Jack the lead role in H.R. Pufnstuf.


It has been suggested that the Krofft brothers were involved with LSD and CIA mind control.

In H.R. Pufnstuff, "a little boy is lured to a sinister island from which he can never escape.

"Once there, he is pursued by living trees, and an evil witch named Witchiepoo".

The Nightmarish World of Sid & Marty Krofft.

Jack Wild and Mark Lester 

The Kroffts were involved with 'Bulba': which starred a young Bill Hicks, who died at the age of 32.

By age 17 Jack Wild was drinking heavily.[3] 

At age 21 he was already an alcoholic.

Jack and his wife.

Jack Wild produced a memoir, It's A Dodger's Life, which has been completed by his widow, Claire.

Jack writes that he never wanted to be an actor.

But Phil Collins's mother got him involved in acting.

Jack appeared in TV shows, such as Opportunity Knocks, and Z Cars, as well as commercials.

After starring in the film Oliver! Jack started 'guesting' on TV variety shows, including those of Liberace.

Jack Wild.

Then Jack flew to Los Angeles to meet the Kroffts.

It was agreed that there would be a five-year deal for a million dollars.

While filming H. R. Pufnstuf, Jack lived at Marty Krofft's house in Los Angeles. 

Jack was invited to wild parties where the tables were 'laden with bowls of drugs.'

There was speed, cocaine and LSD.

Jack appeared on the Bing Crosby Christmas Special.

Jack Wild.

Jack consumed a lot of alcohol.

Back in the UK, work became 'sporadic'.

In 1985, Jack was taken to hospital and, for a time, was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Jack was born in 1952 and died in 2006, aged 53.


The announcement of Caleb's death was confirmed by Maker Studios, a Disney-owned company that helped to manage the family's channel.

Caleb LeBlanc, 13, was part of famous YouTube family The Bratayleys.


Caleb's father, Billy, is a military man.

The family live in Maryland.

Marque Tate Lynche (dark skinned), Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake...

Marque Tate Lynche was born in St. Petersburg, Florida.

He played the role of Tate on the Mickey Mouse Club.

He died at the age of 34.

On 7 December 2015, "he was found dead under suspicious circumstances in his Harlem apartment."

Marque Tate Lynche

Cat Festa, who lived upstairs from Marque, said: 'There was nothing to suggest he was using drugs, he wasn’t that type...

'I heard him singing Broadway tunes all the time. I miss hearing his singing when I go up the stairs now.

'I think he was trying to get back into music and had some church concerts. I believe he was making his own album.'



Marque tate Lynch appeared on Fox TV's American Idol.

Simon Cowell told Marque "We think you are ... a stage singer. Therefore you will not be on the show tonight."

"Some believe he was penalized for not seeming hetero enough ... Many Idol watchers believe that when the judges say someone is 'too Broadway,' what they're really saying is 'You seem gay.'"

Marque Tate Lynche posted this picture of himself (second from left) on his Facebook page

Above we see a picture of Marque Tate Lynche on his facebook page.

Jack Wild

Jack died relatively young.

Fort Detrick in Maryland, linked to mind control.

"DeSmit, a chief warrant officer and father of three, spent at least $36,000 viewing and producing child pornography over a span of six years...

"An AP investigation found the single largest category of inmates in military prisons to be child sex offenders."

Opaque military justice system shields child sex abuse

Bobby Driscoll 1937 – 1968

Walt Disney reportedly fell in love with Bobby Driscoll who acted in Treasure Island.

Bobby become a methamphetamine addict at 17 and died relatively young.

Walt Disney reportedly has links to CIA brainwashing.


Sawyer and his TWIN brother Sullivan.SAWYER SWEETEN MYSTERY

John W. Cones, in WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON IN HOLLYWOOD, told us that:

1. In 1964 former child star Alan Ladd, star of Shane, died of an overdoes of sedatives and alcohol. Months earlier he nearly killed himself with an 'accidental' self-inflicted gunshot wound.

2. In 1968 child actor Scotty Beckett's death was listed as a probable suicide from sleeping pills .

3. In 1965, the body of former child star Bobby Driscoll was found in the rubble of an abandoned tenement. He had been a drug addict. He was buried in a pauper's grave.

4. In 1969, former child star Judy Garland took her own life in a locked London bathroom.

5. In 1982, child actor Trent Lehman committed suicide.

6. In 1993, former child actor River Phoenix died in mysterious circumstances.



Remember the unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey in 1996?


30 Child Actors Who Lost Their Lives Way Too Soon.

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