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Billionaires tend to make their money from things such as PROPERTY and FINANCE, rather than from the production of things that are useful.

Sheldon Adelson, worth £27 billion, makes his money from casinos.

Bernard Arnault of France, worth £53 billion, makes his money from luxury goods.

Robert, Budi and Michael Hartono, of Indonesia, worth £29 billion, make their money from banking and tobacco.

Eight billionaires have as much money as the total wealth of the poorest half of humanity.

Increasing taxes on these billionaires would be a good thing. 

Happy countries, such as Iceland, tend to have virtually no billionaires.

Iceland has only one billionaire and he lives in London. 

We need to copy the small countries, like Iceland, that combine moderate capitalism and moderate socialism.


The Sunday Times Rich List examines the people who are worth £1,000,000,000 or more (sterling billionaires).

The top 4 cities

London has 95 sterling billionaires.

San Francisco has 73 sterling billionaires

New York has 71 sterling billionaires.

Hong Kong has 61 sterling billionaires.

The top 4 countries

The USA has 463 sterling billionaires.

China has 294 sterling billionaires.

The UK has 151 sterling billionaires

Germany has 116 sterling billionaires

Billionaires Who Run Trump's Government

The richest in the USA are said to be -

The Walton Family (Walmart) £132 billion. 

Charles and David Koch (Fuel/Energy) £79 billion.

The top sterling billionaires in the UK tend not to be 'English' in origin -

1. Sri and Gopi Hinduja and family (industry and finance) £22 billion.

2. David and Simon Reuben (property and internet) £18 billion.

4. Sir Len Blavatnik (investment and media) £14 billion.

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At 25 June 2019 at 15:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Billionaires tend to make their money from things such as property and finance".

Yeah .........sure they do.

Billionaires make their money through theft, corruption, exploitation, misappropriation of funds, fraudulent government contracts, overseas foreign aid, selling off state assets for a penny in the pound, liquidating healthy companies, asset stripping, wars, drugs, racketeering, prostitution, child trafficking, rigged markets and whatever else I've forgot to mention.

There are two types of modern billionaire and their fake 'rags to riches' stories are thus:

"I was so poor that the 7 of us siblings had only one day a week with the only shoes in the family.

"We were so hungry we only had dragon fly wings for supper and only breathed when we had to to stop being hungry".

In fact, "when growing up we used to live in a shopping trolley with a card board roof".

Perhaps a little exaggeration for effect but the same old bollocks 'rags to riches' story is literally a pile of utter tripe. The same story resonates around dozens of these kakistocratic wankers.

Story 2.0 isn't that much different but needs to be applied to frauds such as Mark Fuckenburg, George Sore-Ass, Elong Tusk and all the single generation wealth generators who have applied the Biblical tale of King Midas to their every day lives.

Indeed the Midas effect is the truest analogy that could be applied. In the case of Fuckenberg for example - how else can you explain a 20-30 something spam head Joo (just a thought) able to make squillions? As many have now realised his company - nothing more than a large database for the CIA. Therefore, Mark Twattenberg is clearly a fraud.

Elong Tusk. If you really are dumb enough to believe that tosser is sending anything to space in his Luciferian (CGI) rockets - then hell mend you. A sensational liar with fake achievements that appear real because mankind has been taken for a ride on his fake rockets.

Just a thought (Newtons 3rd Law): For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Try thrusting in a vacuum - good luck.

Another fraud. Fake news (get it yet?)

George Sore-Ass. A true account of his Nazi background might still be circulating on the net - by his own admission hanging out with his Nazi death squads murdering and looting the real Joos.

A financial wizard and market expert. How about a real wizard and a market rigger. Working with his clandestine cryptos around the world to manipulate 'rigged markets' with his crypto, Nazi pals.

Yup, the average billionaire tends to have similar traits. They appear to be TRIBAL, criminal and nothing more than a fantasy to whet the imagination of the masses.

These scumbags have 'sumpped' the wealth of nations, the pensions of the hard working, devoured sovereign wealth funds and have parasited their prey far too long.

Think about it. Did Abrhamovic just happen to 'acquire' 2/3 of the Russian energy markets unopposed?

Did Sore-Ass really have the Midas touch?

Did Fuckenberg really stumble across a great product?

Did Elong Tusk really send a car into space?

Did Bill Gates really just make PCs and be a closet Eugenicist at the same time?

Did Steve Jobs really sell his 1st computer for $666 dollars by chance?

Did Phillip Green really have the interests of the pensionable staff at BHS when he bought the company?

Did Sheldon Adelson really just like Newspapers - so he bought them ALL?

Did Murdoch just like watching TV so again, bought all the networks?

Did the British Royals really 'pull a sword' out of stone (more like their ass) giving the right to devour the earth?

Did Crown Prince MBS from the Wahabbi Khawriji apostate abominations really just happen to own a strip of sand that contains so much oil?

If you answer 'yes' to any of my fake questions then the next question has to be............Are you f$#@× serious?

Peace to the humans

At 25 June 2019 at 19:23 , Blogger misterwebb said...

The world's third largest economy, Japan, has 33 billionaires - that's one per 3,842 citizens, putting it between Kazakhstan and Slovakia. Most billionaires acquired their wealth through crony capitalism, whereby they use the power of the state to create cartels.

At 26 June 2019 at 05:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

absolutely spot on..........

At 26 June 2019 at 13:58 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Creepy - scary - significant ... How much of web content, or even 'mainstream journalism' now, is by robots?

Watch an AI (Artificial Intelligence) machine, free on the web, finish an internet posting for you.

You write a few words, hit the 'Complete Text' button, and it will generate some paragraphs for you - here is the AI machine, by Adam Daniel King:

[Ironically, the AI machine asks you to do the Google-managed ritual of clicking on some pictures to verify you are not a robot.)

To test it, I wrote only the following 9-word sentence thinking of Aangirfan's post above:

« Billionaires tend to have immense leverage over legal systems. »

Within a few seconds, the AI machine then added the following short article - with no further input by me beyond the original above 9 words, after I pushed the 'Complete Text' button:

« They don't use a legal pad to do it or even think about using it (see: the infamous Koch brothers). Their influence isn't limited to buying a company, and most likely comes from their ownership of media companies, big insurance companies and other companies with the power to enforce the rules surrounding the sale and use of property. It comes from influence over regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), and from the influence over the U.S. government itself, both through lobbying and through an army of bureaucrats. And, if you're fortunate enough to have been born into a billionaire family, and are not particularly wealthy yourself (like most members of this family), you're also probably well aware that you are also very much tied to your genes and that you're likely to have children bearing your blood. Of course, there's another class of the affluent that does something completely different: they don't pay taxes.

The Koch brothers are certainly not the first to be involved in this type of political strategy—and they certainly will be not the last. Many rich people are also part of corporate and political groups like MoveOn, which also has become an arm of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and is behind the infamous "super PAC" called Correct the Record »

At 3 July 2019 at 19:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

these are the nouveau riche merchant class. There is an echelon of multi-generational wealth whose names we don't even know.


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