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Eisenhower chatting up young boys in Germany.

Operation OVERLORD, the D-Day invasion of France in June 1944, was an unnecessary invasion.

THE NAZIS worked for the Kosher Nostra.

HITLER left Germany in early 1944 and retired to ARGENTINA

The real Hitler? Hitler had Jewish connections.

Sir Alan Lascelles was King George VI's private secretary from 1943-52.

Lascelles, in his diaries, entitled King's Counsellor, wrote that, in June 1944, General Georges Catroux, of the Free French forces, had asked the British government's Alfred Duff Cooper "to see a certain French officer, urgently."

The diary entry for 21 June 1944 continues: "This man, who is a very big noise in the French intelligence service, told Duff that he had very reliable information that Hitler had fled from Berlin to a villa near Perpignan, where he is now hiding and waiting a favourable opportunity to slip across the Spanish frontier."

By 1944, Hitler no longer appeared in public.

(20 July plot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Why might Hitler have wanted to leave Germany in 1944?

According to Lascelles, Germany talked of peace terms as early as 1943.

In his diary entry for 27 december 1943, Lascelles wrote: "Hughe Knatchbull-Hugessen telegraphed yesterday from Ankara that Numan (Turkish Foreign Minister) had told him ... that the German Minister in Bucharest had called (in uniform) on the Romanian Foreign Minister, and told him Germany would accept peace on the following terms: they would surrender fleet, submarines, merchant fleet, air force, disarm completely, evacuate all occupied territory, undertake never to ask for colonies, and leave Europe to be organised according to the wishes of the Allies.

"The only condition they asked for is economic freedom for Germany, but this is to be arranged as found suitable by the Allies."


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At 2 June 2019 at 04:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 2 June 2019 at 05:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

6th Hour, 6th Day, 6th Month. Although it was an unnecessary military campaign, it was absolutely essential to mark Devils Day with a blood sacrifice.

Occultist numerology ever present. Thing is next week is 75th anniversary. Do pay close attention to what rotbags will attend the event.

The event will be well attended by Jinn halfbreeds.

Peace to the humans.

At 2 June 2019 at 07:37 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Photo of Hitler's alleged house in Argentina - Residencia Inalco, Bariloche

« This is the house were Hitler spent the last years of his life, a remote mansion similar to the infamous Berghof located in the Nahuel Huapi Lake, in Patagonia, Argentina, a remote mountainous paradise full of Nazi refugees. »

« The first several chapters of the book are the first-hand accounts of Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco, a Spaniard who worked for the Nazis before, during and after WWII. He gives details about serving in the Bunker the last few months of the war, travelling by submarine a year later helping Martin Bormann escape to Argentina, and his involvement with the Nazis in South America for several years after the war. He got flown down from Mexico in the early 1950's to a hidden Nazi complex, presumably in Bariloche, Argentina, and met briefly with Hitler who by then was a feeble, old man. »

Notably, Patagonia Argentina, and New Zealand, are cited as the two major 'bolt-holes' for the world's elite billionaires today, where they have been buying property in preparation for comfortable exile from a world that may be shortly in collapse and devastation ... perhaps with a culling of the world population, now that the elite no longer need so much labour, thanks to automation & technology?

« Argentina is home to 182,300 Jews, the world's 7th largest Jewish population »


On media star Swedish climate change teen Greta Thunberg, diagnosed a while back with Asperger's syndrome - Is she a manipulated child? - Greta is now taking a year off school and will travel by cruise liner to the USA for her campaign (she refuses to fly in aeroplanes) -

On her "very corporate children’s crusade - Behind the schoolgirl climate warrior lies a shadowy cabal of lobbyists, investors and energy companies seeking to profit from a green bonanza"

At 2 June 2019 at 07:40 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Eccentric USA techno-futurist 'presidential candidate', engineer Wayne Lambright, says that thanks to 3-D printing, a fully functional small one-bedroom home can be supplied for about $4000 and built in about 24 hours.

"Why is home ownership so expensive, when it’s just a box?" he asks. Photos of this type of home on his 'The future is bright if you want it, Lambright 2020' web page


On the Boris Johnson legal case for 'lying about Brexit' - 'Johnson did not lie about EU costs to Britain'

'Legal Harassment of Boris Johnson Reeks of Remainer Despotism' by Andrew Lilico in the Telegraph:

« Will David Cameron then be arrested for having said he would trigger Article 50 immediately following the election? Will George Osborne be taken to court for claiming a vote to leave would mean an emergency budget raising taxes and accompanied by interest rate hikes?

It shouldn’t matter to this discussion, but it’s also quite wrong to claim that the “£350 million sent to Brussels” claim was a lie.

The most straightforward of these is that that was indeed approximately the UK’s gross contribution to the EU budget. It just was. Saying “Ah, but we get a rebate” misses a fundamental point: the rebate is paid to the UK by the member states, not by the EU. The EU does not give us a discount on our membership fee; rather the member states pay us something in return.

Second, the £350 million claim is not a lie because in fact even when one takes the wider context into account, it’s roughly the correct amount. Critics of the figure say it neglects the rebate. But that criticism neglects the supposed accumulated “liabilities” that we’ve become aware of as the “divorce bill”. A little over half the £40 billion or so “divorce bill” takes that form. If we spread £23 billion in such “liabilities” over five years and add the weekly sum of that to the £250 million or so weekly sum, net of the rebate, then we come to about £340 million per week “sent to Brussels” as an overall net figure.

So it’s just wrong to call the £350 million figure a lie. It is not a “lie” in any sense. It is not a lie in that it was the literal amount, and it’s not a lie in that it was the overall amount once one took everything into consideration. »

At 2 June 2019 at 09:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 2 June 2019 at 14:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The site
OVERLORD, the D-Day invasion of France in June 1944, was an unnecessary invasion.
Is stating,
“The German oil production industry was also targeted. Although the bomber force had been adequate for the task for several months, preliminary raids were not conducted until May 1944, and the main blow was not struck until after D-day.”
Kosher Churchill and cohorts had preferred instead, to decimate with incendiary bombing / fire storms the civilian population in German cities.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, to figure out, that in war, fuel for terrestrial and air fighting and transport is of utmost importance. Even the most technically advanced Me262 jet and Tiger tank is just a heap of scrap, if no fuel is available.
Why did the Allies basically wait to the very end of the war, until the plants for synthetic fuel production were bombed out of operation?? The reasoning, that the bombing was not accurate enough and the forces had to be diverted for OVERLORD, sound very hollow to me.
Was there an agenda to keep to a certain time-table, and the war was deliberately prolonged? Also the operation of the Bank of International Settlements (with the US-president McKittrick in charge) in Basle, which enabled the Germans to finance their war efforts over the entire war period, is pointing to a preplanned scheme of the highest echelons of all the different Allied- and Axis-forces involved…

At 3 June 2019 at 02:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Further to your comments and suspicions. The Americans and the axis of evil not only provided the financial means for the war, they also built Germanys infrastructure prior to the event and by their own admission supplied the German army with a large portion of their fuel via Standard Oil.

As you rightly allude to, no fuel=no army=no war. Of course, however let's just ignore all this. Far too inconvenient to discuss these matters.

The ink had barely dried on the Treaty of Versailles when the rotbags were planning their next war.

Never mind though, they planned 3 wars, therefore (by my reckoning) we still have 1 to go!

Peace to the humans

At 4 June 2019 at 02:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting first hand account of Hitler leaving Germany on april 30 1945 the day he supposedly died

At 5 June 2019 at 12:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

it (overlord) was unnecessary - Germany was on it's knees - as it was in 1942 on the Eastern if there was ever a time for an assault from the West - it was then.....but then there was never a need for a War was there ?....well, unless your some crazed deviant Oligarchy....with a Plan to accomplish.


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