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A well nourished man steals maize from a starving child. Photo by Tom Stoddart.

In the UK, 33,500 professional gangsters made an estimated £37 billion in profit in 2018.

These organised crime groups in the UK run human trafficking, the drugs trade, the trade in fake medicines and the trade in fake airport parts.

There is a belief that top people protect these gangs.

John Sellar: crime groups threat being ignored 

MALAYSIAN Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (above)  does not believe that Russia launched the missile that brought down MH17.

Malaysian PM says 'NO EVIDENCE' Russia shot down MH17.

Andrea Davison (former spy) who has tried to expose child abuse gangs. SAVILE, DAVISON, SCALLYWAG...

Andrea Davison‏ @beforethestars Jun 8

Either the Police are the most inept investigators in the world with the intellectual level of a 15 month old baby or they did not want to contact me.

Like all investigations into organised child abuse and the cover-up the Police have no intention of an honest investigation.

JR (@JamesRusbridger) | Twitter

The Met claim they couldn't contact you - yet your website, email and Twitter handle are 'first page' results on Google following a name search. How difficult would it really have been for a copper to reach you?!?!…


Tom London‏ @TomLondon6 Jun 8

I am Jewish. The tweet below is highly dangerous and complete nonsense. Corbyn poses ZERO threat to the Jewish community in the UK. Nor does he pose any threat to Israel. He supports civic and human rights for Palestinians. Who can object to that?

Ben Maxwell Freeman @BenMFreeman

Anyone campaigning to get Labour elected, while Jeremy Corbyn is leader, is working to actively harm the British Jewish community. Corbyn is one election away from being Prime Minister if elected it…

Mike Pompeo tells Jewish leaders he would 'push back' against Corbyn.

Isaac Kappy, the Actor That Named "Elite" Hollywood Pedophiles, Has Died

Sarah Ashcroft,13, when she claims Tom Hanks bought her.

Brabantian 24 May 2019 writes:

"Farage is an Israeli front, a most obvious one if the money trail is followed.

Farage has received vast sums from Arron Banks, a British financier closely tied to the Israeli lobby in the US ... other routes for funds flow from the US Israeli lobby to Farage"

- Ian Greenhalgh, Veterans Today

3 billionaire families dominate financing of the USA Republican party:

- Jewish casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson & his wife Miriam
- Billionaire brothers Charles & David Koch
- Jewish hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer & his daughter Rebekah

The Mercers are the most secretive of the above; their Jewish identity confirmed in Israeli media here:

"In 2014, Steve Bannon set up Breitbart News in London with the specific intention of helping & supporting Farage’s campaign to take Britain out of the EU.

"The money came from Robert Mercer, the hedge-fund billionaire who would go on to become the single biggest donor to the Trump campaign."

On a lower level of wealth, Farage & his Brexit parties have been funded with millions by two UK figures, 'insurance tycoon from Basingstoke' Arron Banks, & 'former diplomat & businessman' UK-Belize dual citizen Andy Wigmore:

"Arron Banks has rented a house in Washington DC for Nigel Farage to use when he visits the US to meet with President Donald Trump.

"Banks, who has donated over £1 million ($1.2 million) to [Farage parties] since 2014, has signed a five-year lease for a three-bedroom house in the Georgetown district of Washington along with fellow Farage ally & Brexiteer Andy Wigmore.

Photo of, from left to right, Arron Banks, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage & Andy Wigmore

"Banks & Wigmore have nicknamed the property the 'alternative British embassy' & expect it host a range of high-profile US politicians as Farage continues to develop his close relationship with the US President.

Farage, Banks, & Wigmore describe themselves as the 'bad boys of Brexit'. All three have met with Trump on a number of occasions, including when they posed for a picture with the businessman-turned-politician in Trump Tower."


Aaron Banks once famously tweeted, “I suppose there are good Jews & bad Jews, then George Soros.”

Nigel Farage's political vehicle was UKIP until he resigned from it in December 2018.

From the Farage days at UKIP:

There is a "strong level of UKIP involvement in a recently formed group dedicated to supporting Israel’s war crimes. 'Friends of Judea & Samaria in the European Parliament', has been set up in response to the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment & sanctions against Israel.

It seeks to build a direct link between the Brussels institutions & Israeli settlers. The group was founded by Yossi Dagan, chair of Samaria Regional Council, local authority for some of Israel’s illegal settlements. Fifteen members of the European Parliament support the new group, three of the 15 belong to UKIP, the only party to have more than one."

There are questions & investigations as to where & how Arron Banks & Andy Wigmore got their funds for Farage's political parties, with media notes suggesting, e.g., business contacts involving a 'Russian with Israeli - Belize passports'

"The United Kingdom's Electoral Commission has referred Arron Banks, a British businessman who co-founded one of the campaigns to exit the European Union, for criminal investigation for concealing the source of $10.3 million in campaign funds that were allegedly obtained improperly."

"The EU has launched an investigation into claims that wealthy Brexit donor Arron Banks splashed £450,000 on a luxury lifestyle for Nigel Farage following the referendum. The European Parliament’s advisory committee will probe the Brexit Party leader for failing to declare the lavish expenses."

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At 11 June 2019 at 06:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

MI5 accused of 'extraordinary and persistent illegality'

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At 11 June 2019 at 14:55 , Blogger SwordOfCreation said...

@Aaingirfan That article to which you linked on Isaac Kappy was rather softball; almost mainstream by failing to point out everyone that exposes this Jewish/Satanic child snatching, selling and murdering cult ends up dead with CULT cops, at a minimum, covering it up.

Isaac was/is one heck of a man who knew well the consequences of his words and faced it like a real "JEW"!

Here's some further proof on top of historical patterns of "accidents", "suicides" and hotel bath-tub 'drownings' like happened to Whitney Houston.

1) Qabala evidence Isaac Kappy was ritually murdered.

2) Qabala evidence Whitney Houston was ritually murdered.

The 19, 13 and 14, as in 7 July, 7+7=(14), patterns are now quite easy to see and does not take any knowledge of Qabala in the "refined" series HERE.

If anyone would please be so kind as to give feedback on whether I'm deluding myself on this being easily spotted by ANYONE, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Regards from Commmiefornia,

I noticed this was not approved the first time and removed what may be the cause and keep in mind my children are Jews thanks
to their mom; great kids both of them who were targeted by this cult at their "Top 5%" high schools!

At 11 June 2019 at 16:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tara" Andrea Davidson needs to be treated with caution.......

Felinheli woman jailed for document frauds

A WOMAN who claimed she worked for the security services has been jailed for two and a half years for a series of frauds.

Andrea Davison, believed to have fled the country and claimed political asylum, denied 27 theft and fraud offences.

The prosecution said she was running a false document factory after she kept items from a mail drop service, including passports, as templates to recreate documents.

She was convicted unanimously of 26 charges by a jury at Mold Crown Court, who found her not guilty of one charge at the direction of the judge.

Judge Niclas Parry said Davison had made it clear at the start that she was not attending her trial, and information provided to the court indicated she was at an embassy in Ecuador seeking political asylum.

Davison had, he said, been convicted on overwhelming evidence of serious offences of fraud and dishonesty over many years. It was a breach of trust because people who trusted her with crucial personal information as part of a mail drop service had their privacy violated in a calculated and deliberate way.

Judge Parry said he was satisfied that she was a highly intelligent woman who used information she fraudulently obtained to repeatedly create false identification documents for the purpose of obtaining, potentially, many thousands of pounds worth of credit. It had left people devastated.

“The potential for loss was quite enormous,” he said.

The court heard how Derby Police economic crime unit raided Davison’s Felinheli home after documents uncovered in another fraud case were found to have come from her.

DC Stephen Winnard, commended by the judge for his work, said after the case: “What we found was a document factory at Felinheli, personal documents that could be used in any type of fraud. The end result of her actions is that many people lost their life savings through organised crime groups.”

Davison, 62, of Bangor Street, Felinheli, admitted much of what was alleged.

But she said she provided herself with false or virtual identification because she was trying to protect herself. People had been trying to kill her because of her previous covert work for the security services, she claimed in police interviews.

But she said a large number of people knew who she was and could verify who she was, including former prime minister Tony Blair.

In police interviews she said that she had been deeply involved in the arms to Iraq inquiry. She said she had become involved in the inquiry and many agencies and organisations were trying to kill her, while other agencies were trying to protect her.

Davison confirmed she had credit or bank accounts in other names but said they were all paid up. She spoke of providing virtual realities for other people and told how she ran an organisation called The Association for Former British Intelligence Officers."

Here in the next link
scroll down to the comments section to read comments from "Gordon" for more details of Davidsons activities.

"Gordon" in this case is Gordon Bowden;

It was Gordons research and initial complaint that led to the trial and conviction of Tara Andrea Davidson. Gordon, iving in Derbyshire reported the crime locally.

He has done extensive forensic financial research implicating many UK high profile publics figures and openly prints his contact details begging those he accuses to take him to court. He has been consulted by international crime agencies and aided with convictions. It does make for a very interesting read, so I highly recommend.

There is also a selection of Gordon Bowden material on Youtube

Look out for the Welsh loss making mine run by former BBC top brass from the Masonic Lodge in London...

At 11 June 2019 at 16:13 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

The censorship monster is raging like never before, moving quickly from censoring the far right, to all sorts of seemingly ordinary views which merely question official narratives or agendas

The long-running, highly-popular, old-hippie-style 'Natural News' website, combining alternative health & wellness info with political questioning - with 2.5 million followers - was just exterminated from Facebook

Ridiculously, Facebook has also banned the simple word 'honk', given that political critics sometimes describe our society as 'clown world', and use images of a cartoon clown with a red nose and the phrase 'honk honk' to point to absurdity

The Zionist ADL Anti-Defamation League is proudly boasting of the leading Jewish role in censorship via the tech and internet companies

This has the feeling of rather a final kind of battle -

"As the Titanic heads for the iceberg, the American political establishment has convinced itself that it can hang on to power through censorship" - Hunter Wallace

Donald Trump's poll numbers amongst his voter base, have begun greatly sinking in a new, dramatic fashion ... his former supporters are full of scorn for him, above all now because of the censorship campaigns Trump is allowing to occur, Trump not using the anti-monopoly and 'media political fairness' tools the US government can easily deploy

Trump's supporters add this to the record high millions of non-legal migrants arriving in the USA, and how Trump never delivered either on the 'good jobs for Americans' he promised to fight for ... ZeroHedge reporting 1/4 of all jobs in the USA are temporary 'gig' work, such as driving for Uber, or temporary service at an office or warehouse

USA people talk more and more of a 2020s break-up of the USA - East and West Coast and the already-Mexican Southwest split off, the rest keep the heartland

At 11 June 2019 at 16:16 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

The Vatican has just spoken out against the trans-gender movement

The social and sexual movements of today - and Jewish involvement in leading those movements - were quite paralleled in Weimar Germany

It is exactly 100 years ago, in 1919, that the first 'trans-gender clinic', the 'Institute of Sex Research', was opened in Germany by Polish-born Jew Magnus Hirschfeld

In 1933 as Nazis came to power, the Hitler Youth burned that clinic to the ground

At 12 June 2019 at 22:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you read Sarah Ashcroft's Twitter you'll see she is a Trump fan feeding QAnon their Democrats-are-all-pedos content. If you read Isaac Kappy's suicide note you'll see he admits to buying into her accusations against Hanks and Green. Trump's pedo propaganda basically ruined his career and ended his life.

At 14 June 2019 at 10:29 , Blogger SwordOfCreation said...

Trump is a Qabalist Jew, according to his book.

IOW the same ones Isaac Kappy and I have being outing.

Those that but into his driving 1000 miles to "jump off a bridge", considering the context, history and damning evidence I've published, are disingenuous at best.
(His "suicide" had ALL the numeric markers of a "satanic" ritual, in spades!)

Tried to post it here, but it was disallowed; see my blog for details as Kappy, an obviously good Jew, deserves more after knowingly, risking and giving his life just like CHRIST. (Assuming this comment is allowed.)

At 13 July 2019 at 15:36 , Blogger SIDVICIOUS1977 said...



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