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Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo Jun 21

Mmmh. I wonder if the convicted child abuser James Glendinning born in 1930 and formerly of the Royal Regiment of Artillery knew the newly commissioned 2nd Lieutenant Raymond Beech 443394 who was appointed on the 29.7.1955 into the same Royal Regiment Artillery.

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Raymond Beech is the stepfather of Carl Beech, 'whistleblower on child sexual abuse'.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo Jun 21

Oh, and ain't that a coincidence: Here's another old Royal Artillery comrade, a certain Edward Heath who was given the substantive rank of Lieutenant-Colonel on 1.5.1947 in the same Royal Regiment of Artillery

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo Jun 21

And here's Victor Whitsey, another man of the cloth to come out of the Royal Artillery, a division that spawned an inordinate number of child abusers:

Bishop Victor Whitsey reportedly sexually abused a number of children.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo Jun 21

The Royal Artillery must be mighty proud of Bishop John Neale, who served with the Royal Artillery, and is very close friend of Peter Righton

Neale was chaplain at Ardingly prior to Bishop Ball, friend of BigEars.

"The extent of Peter Righton’s abuses would involve rapes, beatings, young boys being passed between pedophiles 'like pieces of meat,'" according to whistleblower Peter McKelvie, a former child protection officer. 

Peter Righton's Network | cathy fox blog on child abuse .

Bee Carthew acted as go-between, establishing contact between fugitive criminal Jonathan Denby and Harvey Proctor.

It shouldn't be forgotten that Bee Carthew's hubby was a member of Royal Artillery together with Heath, RightonStraubenzee and Bishop Whitsey.

UK government files show that, in 1986, the then MI5 director general Sir Antony Duff wrote to the then Cabinet Secretary Sir Robert Armstrong about serious child abuse by top people.


The files name former MI6 deputy director Peter Hayman, former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, Margaret Thatcher's close aide Peter Morrison and Conservative Member of Parliament William van Straubenzee.

Carl Beech named  as 'child abusers' - Edward Heath, Raymond Beech, Harvey Proctor, and Greville Janner, among others.

Greville Janner was a war crimes investigator with the Royal Artillery "in Germany immediately after the war".

The Royal Artillery Barracks at Woolwich in London, was the home of the Royal Artillery from 1776 until 2007.

 The LEE RIGBY 'false flag' took place in Woolwich

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At 24 June 2019 at 09:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ubique Lodge 1789 is a Masonic Lodge for former and serving members of the Royal regiment of Artillery, Regular and Reserve ... We meet at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London"

"Ubique - that being the motto of the Royal Artillery"

At 25 June 2019 at 09:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greville Janner was a war crimes investigator with the Royal Artillery "in Germany immediately after the war".


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