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At the age of nine, Louise 'was molested' by a house painter, who 'had lured' Louise to his home.

From the age of fourteen, Louise  was a heavy drinker and 'wildly' promiscuous.

In 1922, 15-year-old Louise Brooks, and her middle-aged chaperone Alice Mills, travelled from  Kansas to New York.

Louise had won the chance to study with a top dance troupe.

Louise and Alice Mills 'shared a lumpy bed each night in their modest rented apartment.'

The creator of Downton makes a movie about Louise Brooks ...

At 17, Louise was a chorus girl in a Broadway show famous for nudity.

Louise, and some of her fellow showgirls, slept with top people, from New York, London and Paris.

She reported: 'There was a hand-picked group of beautiful girls who were invited to entertain the great men in finance and government.'

If they slept with top people, they were rewarded with 'money, jewels, mink coats, a film job - name it.'

One of these top people was  newspaper tycoon Lord Beaverbrook.

jfk, murders, freddy mills, kray twins, freemasons... - Aangirfan

At the age of 18, Louise had a five-year contract with Paramount Studios.

Louise had a two-month affair with Charlie Chaplin.


Louise and Chaplin moved into New York's Ambassador Hotel, where they were sometimes joined by 17-year-old Peggy Fears, Louise's best friend, and Peggy's fiancĂ©, financier Alfred Blumenthal.

Alfred Blumenthal, real estate developer and theatrical promoter.

Louise reported that the foursome once had a three-day orgy in Blumenthal's suite at the Ambassador.

Louise later claimed she and Fears had been lesbian lovers.

Louise made films in Hollywood.

At the age of 19, Louise married British-born playboy and director Eddie Sutherland.

A year later, Louise visited New York, to have fun with Peggy Fears and Alfred Blumenthal and millionaire George Preston Marshall.

In 1928, less than two years after their wedding, she divorced Sutherland after falling 'terribly in love' with Marshall.

Sutherland claimed Louise's activities led him to seek psychiatric help.


Louise said that women had pursued her since she was 15.

She claimed she had one night of passion with Greta Garbo, when they were both in their early 20s.

In 1928, Louise moved to Berlin, to enjoy Berlin's debauchery and make some films.

In Pandora's Box, she played Lulu, a sexually uninhibited showgirl whose behaviour leads to prostitution and ruin.

In 1930 Louise returned to Hollywood in 1930.

Columbia promised Louise a contract.

Louise refused to sleep with Columbia's boss Harry Cohn.

When Louise refused, Cohn ensured that Louise only got B-movie roles.

Louise Brooks.

Louise's second marriage was to industrial heir Deering Davis.

The marriage lasted five months.

One of Louise's numerous one-night stands was with Humphry Bogart.

In 1938, Louise got a job as a salesgirl in a department store in New York.

Louise sometimes joined the actress Tallulah Bankhead at sex parties to which Tallulah Bankhead invited lots of sailors.

Aged 36, the alcoholic Louise became a call-girl for three rich Manhattan clients.

From 1960, she became a recluse.

She converted to Catholicism and died of a heart attack, aged 78.

The creator of Downton makes a movie about Louise Brooks ...

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At 3 May 2019 at 04:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the most beautiful, intelligent and talented actresses ever. Her life is one more proof of how trauma can change u forever and usually not in a good way.

At 4 May 2019 at 17:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...



Cent'An..: Down-the-Drain in to SoCal, the LongLine, and CattleCall, have snaked how Many "of the most beautiful" from america through its SoCalled dreamFFactory toward a run0FF
SumpPump of deep, Deep, degrad'ded aesthetics ... EUgenics ... and godFForsaken HebeFFilia . . . voluntarily . . .




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