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Israel wants the UK to stay in the European Union.

"The EU has underwritten Israel's economic success.

"It has violated its own constitution to give Israel special trading status and thereby turned Europe into Israel’s largest export market."

Israel deeply disturbed by Brexit - Mondialisation.ca

"There are only two political and economic blocs in the world that Israel will listen to: the United States and the EU."

Jews were Europeans 

Letwin, linked to the Rothschilds.

The following are some of the top 'Jewish' people who want the UK to stay in the EU.

Sir Oliver Letwin - "shop steward for Remainer ministers ... coordinating a cross-party alliance of Remainer MPs.

Simon Cowell, George Osborne, Robert HalfonRupert Murdoch, David Beckham

David Beckham: I Consider Myself To Be Jewish – Tablet Magazine

Nick Boles.

Nick Boles, friend of Israel, is said to be the leader of the UK Conservatives who want to keep the UK in the EU.

Remainer MP ringleader Nick Boles celebrates taking control of Brexit ...

Nick Boles is gay,[26] and in May 2011, he entered a civil partnership with Israeli Shay Meshulam [27]

Boles claimed £679 in Parliamentary expenses for Hebrew lessons so that he could talk to his partner, Israeli Shay Meshulam.[28][29] 

Theresa May and Mossad's Uri Geller, who currently lives in Israel.

Yuri Geller wants the UK to stay in the European Union.

Uri Geller is a 'psychic spy' for Mossad.

Uri Geller is the man who runs Britain?

Geller claims that he made Theresa May Prime Minister and claims that he is going to make Theresa May call a second referendum on Brexit.

On 25 March 2019, Geller told UK TV: 'I've known Theresa May for over 21 years. 

"I lived in the same village as she still does, Sonning. 

"She visited my home, I took her to my garage..."

In the garage, 'Geller used telepathic energy to make her Prime Minister'.

Now Geller is going to 'use the power of his mind to help his fellow Remainers'.

He is going to 'mount a telepathic attack on May aimed at forcing her to hold a second referendum'. 

Uri Geller, and his mother Manzy Freud, in Nicosia. Uri Geller later served in the Israeli Army's Paratroop Brigade.

In the Daily Telegraph, Uri Geller says that he told Theresa May in 2013 that she was destined to become the UK's Prime Minister.

Uri Geller has admitted to working with the CIA, MI5 and Mossad.

Uri Geller / dailymail / Uri Geller's double life as a spy.

Does Mossad choose the UK's prime ministers?


Does Mossad choose the US presidents?

Here is Obama and man who looks like astronaut Virgil Grissom, or, Obama's grandfather.

NASA ran a mind control program involving gifted children called 'Space Kids.'

Uri Geller was reportedly involved with a group of NASA Space Kids called the 'Gellerings', who were subjected to intensive hypnosis and trauma based mind control.

Did Uri Geller mind-control Obama?


Theresa May.

The village of Sonning, west of London, was home to Uri Geller for 35 years.

Theresa May lives in Sonning.

Theresa May has been the cabinet minister responsible for MI5, and responsible for dealing with the child abuse crisis.


Geller with former UK prime minister Edward Heath, who has reportedly been linked to pedophile rings, allegedly linked to Mossad.

UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson has a house in Sonning.

People who have visited Geller's house in Sonning include presidents, royalty, Michael Jackson and various Hollywood people.


Sonning is on the edge of Reading, which is linked to Jo Cox and Brendan Cox.


Mossad's Uri Geller with former cabinet minister Michael Portillo.

Uri Geller has been photograpphed with a number of people allegedly linked to alleged child abuse rings.

Uri Geller is related to Sir Clement Freud (above).


It was Clement Freud who persuaded Geller to come to England and settle in Sonning.

Clement Freud's brother Lucian Freud "had a well-documented relationship with the Kray twins."


Clement Freud, grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, had a holiday home in Praia da Luz, in Portugal.

In July 2007, Clement Freud helped the parents of missing child Madeleine McCann by cooking them dinners in Praia da Luz and offering them drinks.

(Clement Freud - Wikipedia)

Sir Clement Freud's son Matthew Freud is married to Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch.

Above, we see Uri Geller and Lord Greville Janner, former President of the Board of British Jews, former vice president of the World Jewish Congress, and former member of the Boy Scouts Association.

Greville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death


Above, we see Michael Jackson, Yuri Geller, Lord Janner, David Blaine and Paul Boateng.


Above, we see Cliff Richard with Uri Geller who has been linked to MOSSAD-CIA MIND CONTROL.


Three times a year, Uri Geller would bring a number of children to his house.

Round the bend | The Sunday Times.

The house contains a secret passage and a secret room.

Round the bend | The Sunday Times

Geller with Michael Jackson, who is reported to have been mind-controlled.

The village of Sonning was home to Uri Geller for 35 years.

Other people who have houses in Sonning include:

1. Led Zeppelin’s guitarist, Jimmy Page

2. George and Amal Clooney.

Round the bend | The Sunday Times.

Geller's house in Sonning

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At 25 March 2019 at 16:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 25 March 2019 at 23:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jimmy Page is a Jew....as is Michael Portilo...as is George Clooney.(His wife Anal is connected to some VERY unsavoury people....which is odd for a human rights lawyer)

At 26 March 2019 at 00:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

One word Djinn.

At 26 March 2019 at 06:36 , Blogger Julien romanovsky said...

Check out:


At 26 March 2019 at 10:29 , Blogger Anon said...


25 March 2019 at 14:52


This is rampant throughout ***modeling agencies*** all over. It’s time to #WakeUp


ID Models - Paolo Zampolli/Jeffrey Epstein


ELITE MODEL MANAGEMENT - John Casablancas/Donald Trump


MC2 Model Management | Model Agency | Miami | Tel Aviv


The Artist Agency (RHODC) Lynda Erkiletian founded 1985 "#1 model and talent agency in Washington DC."

* Lily-Rose Depp (above) is a model
* Iris Law is a model
* Dylan Penn, the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, is a model
* Sistine Stallone, the daughter of Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin, is a model
* Destry Allyn Spielberg, the daughter of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, is a model
* Sofia Richie, the daughter of Lionel Richie and Diana Alexander Richie, is a model
* Amber Le Bon, the daughter of Simon Le Bon and Yasmin Le Bon, is a model
* Daisy Lowe, the daughter of Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale and Pearl Lowe, is a model
* Rumer Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is a model
* Ivanka Trump, daughter of POTUS, is a model



Clintons Shipwrecked on Ten Islands Part IV: EXPOSED


Beyond Magic: Unclean Spirits; David Copperfield, Mulholland, Blaine, Gellar; Mk-Ultra, Laurel Canyon, Carribean and Hellfire Club

Addendum To "Beyond Magic": Harry Houdini, Rick Rubin, Genesis P'Orridge and the Hampstead Children

Addendum Beyond Magic Unclean Spirits II: In & Of Itself, Frank Oz, Neil Patrick Harris, Gary Goddard, Geffen Playhouse

Eyes Wide Shut Are Open; Antony and Nicole Kidman, Kravitz, Zampolli and MK-Ultra Sex Slavery; Maccoby

Clearly it is all connected.

At 26 March 2019 at 12:39 , Anonymous gamleboeger said...

Hello - Interesting post! Perhaps I wasn't too far off with my (long and tedious) satire, after all?

At 26 March 2019 at 17:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

there are many Archons in Jerusalem...

At 27 March 2019 at 02:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Proofs pls?

At 27 March 2019 at 02:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 27 March 2019 at 03:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 27 March 2019 at 04:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Take it with a grain of salt. Huge propaganda passing as true info. Deception as much as u can take and call it illumination.

At 27 March 2019 at 04:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

who are the unsavory people? Just curious.

At 27 March 2019 at 05:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 27 March 2019 at 10:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 27 March 2019 at 12:43 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Troubling aspect of the Brexit shenanigans, is the poison many people feel about voting for something, and then being cheated out of it

Cheated out of Brexit happening when scheduled two years ago &

Possibly being cheated out of Brexit happening at all, or

Being cheated by a dodgy Brexit which is not really 'leaving'


That sense of normal average people being cheated, is slowly escalating to revolutionary levels in France

All of French-speaking Europe, is talking of the brutal attack by French police in Nice last Saturday, 23 March, upon a 73-year-old woman, and Emmanuel Macron's callous response

Geneviève Legay, a silver-haired anti-globalist and life-long activist, had been standing peacefully with a rainbow-coloured flag with the word 'PAIX' ('PEACE') on it

French police aggressively charged at her, and Ms Legay was quickly unconscious on the ground, bleeding from a fractured skull

Macron's response was to taunt the woman lying in hospital, with a 'wish for her recovery', and that she would have a 'form of wisdom' ('sagesse') in the future, to not be in places like that protesting

Photo of 73-year-old Geneviève Legay being bandaged, lying wounded on a French street - with an inset photo of a winking Macron

At 28 March 2019 at 05:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

23RD March
73 years old
Rainbow flag in the photo

Feel like I'm turning into a conspiracy theorist nut (ha!) but if this story is being given prominence by the MSM then I feel there is another agenda here, with all the usual markers. Can't help feeling the gilets jaunes is just controlled opposition of some sort.

This, added to the Brexit mess, it's as if someone/some group is trying to destabilise the democratic concept in UK and France...

At 28 March 2019 at 15:54 , Blogger Tom said...

Wrong. The CIA wants UK out of the EU.

At 29 March 2019 at 02:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dissolution dis-honours

"BEFORE donating £2m to the Conservatives and becoming the party’s treasurer, Ehud “Udi” Sheleg, owner of the Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair, dissolved so many companies – some set up with men who would later be jailed for fraud – he earnt the nickname “Alka Seltzer”.

Over a decade or so, he left behind a trail of unfiled accounts, unpaid suppliers, investigations and VAT penalties from HM Customs and Excise, along with millions of pounds in dodged tax, all while funding an increasingly luxurious lifestyle."

...I know it's Private Eye but it is worth the read.

At 29 March 2019 at 15:51 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Was feeling sad for Britain about the 29 March Brexit day, scheduled and ballyhooed two years ago, passing without Brexit, quite as the darkest cynics predicted

There seems something deeply poisonous to UK political life about this

Was looking at some of the now quite complex polling of UK citizens, confused by multiple 'alternatives'

In some polls, adding things up, it seems more UK people than not, still want to have Brexit, tho many are scared of the no-deal crash-out Brexit

But this shows a kind of immaturity

Everyone should know, that when you terminate a relationship, there are usually always negatives ... you cannot expect the people you are leaving, to do favours for you ... this is true for a romantic break-up or a divorce, and for secession or revolution

You end the relationship, you expect things can get very chilly, or worse ... If you feel you must go, you accept the consequences of going

Britain's MPs and people, should have been fully ready to crash out on this day of the 29th ... My guess is there would have been not so much negative, as business interests asserted themselves ... Would have been like the 'Y2K' scare of 1 January 2000, everyone laughing afterwards at all the fuss

But now there is just a lingering poison, either with May's or a similar 'deal', or if there is some huge delay of many months, as May apparently will now seek ... it will all feel like a stitch-up, pressed upon a weary public

The best thing for Britain's political and mental health now, I think, is to crash out, no deal, no later than 12 April ... but I suspect the Powers That Be have other plans

At 2 April 2019 at 12:36 , Anonymous gamleboeger said...

Many, many thanks for including my blog in this month's links list! Surely the best birthday present!
All the best,

At 2 April 2019 at 23:46 , Blogger Anon said...

Happy Birthday!

From Aangirfan.

At 3 April 2019 at 04:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Photo of Spencer and Laura Bush....BOTH ARE CRYPTO JEWS.
The Bush family are all Jews....no question.
Lyndon Johnson was also a jew.....there is speculation he murdered JFK....or rather the Mossad did.It was certainly "advantageous" for Israel when Johnson took over....Johnson was completely OTT with his support of Israel.(just like crypto jew Bob Hawke in Australia)

At 4 April 2019 at 13:32 , Anonymous gamleboeger said...

Don't know how to thank you!

At 5 April 2019 at 11:05 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Some history - European police using live bullets to shoot anti-EU protesters

As the betrayal of UK Brexit voters continues by Theresa May and the UK House of Commons

One can recall the similar situation in Denmark, when Danes voted in 1992 against the EU-expanding Maastricht treaty, and then - one YouTuber says -

"Politicians, media and other filth tricked Denmark to join EU with a second rigged referendum" in 1993

After the dodgy 2nd vote, the Copenhagen neighbourhood of Nørrebro, back then a leftist enclave, gathered to protest. Police used tear gas, rioting began, then police used live bullets, shooting into running crowds, hitting 11 people with gunfire, on behalf of the EU

This history seems a bit submerged on the web. Since that era, the Nørrebro area has become very migrant in character, and there have been other riots for other reasons there.


At 5 April 2019 at 14:03 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Legal actions are being taken arguing that Britain actually DID leave the European Union on Friday 29 March 1919

UK courts are now considering whether EU extradition requests from Britain under European Arrest Warrants, became null and void that day

In previous UK law and House of Lords judicial review in the 1920s, it was established that affairs set by statute - voted by Parliament - cannot be usurped by government policy actions which are 'royal prerogative' etc ... in order to do something different, you need a new Parliament statute

After the Brexit vote, Soros-backed legal manoeuvres sought to ensure that a Brexit date was set by statute - and so it was, on 29 March 1919

Now, "the extension to the Article 50 period and the extension of the hated European Communities Act without an Act of Parliament raise significant legal issues", notes barrister Michael Shrimpton on Veterans Today.

In other words, as there was no Act of Parliament re-writing the earlier statute setting the Brexit date ... it can be argued that Brexit has occurred.

"The English Democrats [minor UK 'English Nationalist' political party] have commenced judicial review proceedings against the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union."

"A group of requested persons under European Arrest Warrants [sought to be extradited to EU countries] have separately applied for the warrants to be quashed, on the ground that they expired on Friday [29 March 2019], i.e. Exit Day."


At 6 April 2019 at 01:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is worth remembering where legal matters are concerned that the UK, US and Israel are examples where the rule of law does not apply to those respective governments.

Gulf war and the invasion of Iraq. An illegal war and occupation where no-one was held to account for that debacle.

The rule of law again, doesn't apply to Israel and its illegal occupation of Palestine.

The US, see Israel and the UK. No laws apply to Washington and they can invade and murder their way around the world with no fear of reprisals. Look what happened at 911.

So, despite a case being lodged in the High Court, the government can sleep at night knowing they have little to fear - business as usual it would appear.

At 6 April 2019 at 13:34 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Poll - More Britons want 'No Deal' Brexit, immediately, than want to 'Remain in the EU'

Only London & Scotland prefer 'Remain', rest of Britain prefers 'No Deal' Brexit

Story that 'duplicitous' Theresa May worked with Merkel to sabotage Brexit, mislead UK citizens & May's own Brexit 'negotiators' ... Merkel's office drafted the 'Brexit Agreement' (!)

ZeroHedge has been leading with a story with nice opinon poll graphs:

'Most Brits Now Just Want to Leave with No Deal ... Get Out While They Can, Poll Shows'

"May will not compromise for it is very clear that she will not yield to her own people and is attempting to force the EU demands down everyone’s throat"

May's deal permanently subjects Britain to an EU-oriented 'arbitration panel', i.e., No Exit, 'BRINO', BRexit In Name Only'

May and Donald Tusk etc are all going for a big 'extension', May says 30 June, Tusk says 1 year, with Britain voting in the EU Parliament elections again in May

Such a delay appears to many as the brutal end, total betrayal, no Brexit ... beginning of major civil strife in Britain, people feeling cheated by corrupt leaders

Only 11% of Britons want a delay, even if the EU offers it, say poll numbers

42% of Britons want 'Remain', but the largest number, 44% are ready for 'No Deal Exit Now', others don't know ... Only London and Scotland are majority Remainers, all rest of Britain wants Brexit Now, No Deal fine

The hope for Brexit, seems to rest on the slim reed, that 1 of the 27 EU countries will block any new extension past 12 April ... maybe as likely as UK judges ruling that Brexit already took place on 29 March 2019, due to Parliament not nullifying its Brexit statute, as litigants point out


The euro-sceptic London-based Bruges Group carried a story speaking of documents they had seen, painting a horrid picture of Theresa May working with Angela Merkel to betray British citizens

The article says the Brexit deal "Agreement draft was completed in May 2018 in Berlin ... authored in the German Chancellor's private office ... then
sent to the UK Government Cabinet Office marked ‘Secret’ ... The Cabinet returned the Agreement draft with suggestions ...

"Prime Minister [May] and senior civil servants were working with Germany to stop Brexit or water it down to prevent free trade and the ending of freedom of movement, but to keep cash flowing to the EU.

"David Davis was kept in the dark while key EU premiers ... were briefed in full."

The Bruges Group erased the article - under pressure? ... it is repeated on this website:
Screenshot of original Bruges Group article here

At 8 April 2019 at 03:48 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Excellent 2 minute 'Broken Promises Brexit' video, just clips of May, Cameron, & other UK leading figures, all speaking their promises that the Brexit referendum was final, no 2nd referendum, UK will be out of the EU, its Single Market & its Customs Union on 29 March 2019, absolutely

Even Theresa May assuring all of Britain that 'No Deal is Better than a Bad Deal', so no one should doubt 29 March 2019 it would all be done, Parliament would not get in the way of No Deal Exit

All lies apparently?

2 minutes 2 seconds:

At 9 April 2019 at 04:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the Epicentre of Corbyn’s Antisemitism Story?

I have seen little online myself about the British American Project


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