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Gary Weber was a senior vice president for research labs with 1000 people under him.

"Gary Weber was raised in a devout Methodist home and through early adolescence was involved in religious affairs, giving annual religious talks.

"From early adolescence until late twenties, he went through a secular life with marriage, two children, undergraduate school, military service, and then graduate school.

"Following a near-death experience in the military, he became intent on deeply exploring what was possible to bring understanding to life, to personally experience “enlightenment”, and to end the mental turmoil and suffering he experienced and saw in those around him.

"One day, reading what turned out to be a famous Zen poem that he had happened upon “by accident”, the normal world fell away and he was in a state never before experienced and beyond any context he knew.

"After some time the state passed, but he was left with a burning desire to return to whatever it was that he had experienced...


"One day a complete shift in consciousness occurred in which self-referential thought fell away and all that happened, happened in stillness and presence.

"He realized that he was not this body, nor these thoughts, but the undying consciousness behind them. 

"He saw that everything was perfect as it was and that all was somehow within him, and that simultaneously everything was God...

"The events were created out of the control of any “I” and arose from nothingness and went into nothingness.

"Attaching any importance, ownership, or personal causation to these events is incorrect."

Gary Weber | Buddha at the Gas Pump


"The 'I' blew out, irrevocably, thoughts stopped; stillness beyond imagination.

"I was not body, nor thoughts, but unchanging consciousness.

"Everything complete just as it was; all One.

"I resisted teaching; no teacher, no one to teach."

- Gary Weber

Gary Weber writes: "My own concept of 'god' has evolved to fit 'what I don't understand'.

"As my ongoing experiencing is 'All is One', seeing the 'world' as an apparent illusion and w/many apparently inexplicable serendipities and precognitions daily, and now w/some certainty of there being an 'all pervasive field', I have come to the Atman/Brahman concept.

"An all-pervasive field that is conscious and self-aware, and evolving through us, seems to fit and it apparently answers many phenomena in contemporary physics."

How God(s) Evolve...Evidence of God? 

Gary Weber refers to writer Robert Wright looks for evidence of the existence of "god" in how things have evolved.

How God(s) Evolve...Evidence of God? 

Wright sees a "moral direction in history" as evidence of a higher purpose.

 His "Nonzero", and widely-viewed TEDx talk "Progress is not a zero-sum game", show how "non-zero-sum" games/relationships in which "we both win (or lose) together", underlies our moral improvement over time.

"There is (the illusion of) a kind of 'false self' aka 'the ego' aka 'the I' that creates and inhabits a fundamentally problematic and deluded world.

"And on the other hand there is the real selfless world, and it is the goal of the practitioner to destroy, defeat, see-through, or otherwise out-manuever the 'false-self' in order to inhabit the world of oneness."

Gary Weber Won't Answer Tough Questions


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At 1 February 2019 at 10:03 , Blogger RAYESTE said...

Thank you for posting !

Never heard abour Mr Weber yet, but saw this face before, however.

There is a 'false ego' ( I am American, Russian, Indian, Polish , French itd, white or brown , black yellow you name it...) and e t e r n a l one :
I am conciousness, individual consciousness which is filling every inch of a body where i am residing now, feeling pleasure or pain, struggle or relief...and am like the drop of water in the Ocean, but i will NEVER became Ocean ( this is the trap of impersonalism and last trap of elevated false ego...which is false haha ! )

No, this "Ocean" is God :i will exist eternally, as a small part of Him, and a l w a y s be conscious infinitely small particle, individual being : i never become Him, doesn't matter what 'teachers' are saying, (which in fact doesn't change that in some other subjects they are right ).

Individual Soul and the Supreme Soul. Together forever :-), and forever keeping their inviduality, could be united in loving relationship. Both PERSONS.

This is the essence of Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition.

Namaste...Ommm Greetings,

At 1 February 2019 at 22:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I started out a skeptic with this but a lot of what Weber says makes sense, so thankyou for finally giving some concrete advice. I followed the links that Matthew didn't and was rewarded with these gems,

'mental illness is a preoccupation with one’s own thoughts, a condition meditation seems to affect' 'Less mind wandering is associated with increased happiness levels' 'Experienced meditators had decreased activity in areas of the brain called the default mode network' 'we have found in the on-going Yale study that experienced meditators can permanently change their DMN to one that does not have the randomly wandering self-narrative'

Bless you for your open minds and infinite patience.

At 7 February 2019 at 18:31 , Blogger misterwebb said...

Monism is evil. Dualism is truth. Good is not a "degree" of evil. Your overlapping circle diagram is merely describing the free market. Selfishness is the only proper and virtuous motivation. Altruism is pathological.


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