Sunday 17 February 2019



Who wants a war between India and Pakistan?

On 14 February 2019, a convoy of vehicles carrying Indian security personnel on the Jammu Srinagar National Highway was attacked by a vehicle-borne bomb at Lethpora in the Pulwama districtJammu and Kashmir, India.

'The attack resulted in the death of 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)[a] personnel and the alleged attacker.' 

The responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Pakistan-based Islamist militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed. A local youth named Adil Ahmed Dar was identified as the attacker.[1][2][3]

Jaish-e-Mohammed is friends with Al Qaeda, which is said to be run by the CIA and its friends.

According to a former Indian spy chief, the Pulwama attack must have been carried out by a group with inside knowledge.

Haiti, very near Venezuela.

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Saturday 16 February 2019


One of the leading artists in the artists' town of Kirkcudbright is Stewart Morrison.

Above, we see the Kikcudbright garden where Stewart does some of his paintings.

Tolbooth, by Stewart Morrison.

Red Chimney, Kirkcudbright, by Stewart Morrison.

Stewart can be compared to Samuel Peploe, whose painting we see below.



Stewart studied physics at university.

Stewart paints scenes from around Scotland.

Catterline, by Stewart Morrison.

Crail Harbour by Stewart Morrison.

Fountain Square, Dumfries, by Stewart Morrison.

The much neglected fountain in Dumfries.

Portpatrick, by Stewart Morrison.

Queensberry Square, Dumfries, by Stewart Morrison.

Ross Bay, by Stewart Morrison.

Stranraer, by Stewart Morrison.

Summer Morning, Kirkcudbright, by Stewart Morrison.

Tolbooth in the snow, by Stewart Morrison.


Kirkcudbright (above) has inspired many artists.


The Old Mill Gallery, Palnackie.

Palnackie is the centre of the universe.


Designs Gallery, in Castle Douglas, is famous for its art and posh cafe.


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Friday 15 February 2019


Nine-year-old Jamel Myles took his own life after enduring four days of homophobic bullying at school.

Women do not like homophobic men because they are such bad lovers?

Some people in heterosexual relationships admit to being bisexual.

(There is a belief that everyone is bisexual, but that some people are more gay/lesbian or straight than others?)

Bisexual actress Amber Heard

"An Australian study by the School of Health and Social Development, found that 'women in relationships with 'bisexual' men say their partners are better lovers and fathers than 'straight' men.

"Researchers concluded that this was because bisexual men were more open to designing a relationship that works for women, rather than a 'straight' man who would come in with certain assumptions of what that relationship should be."

Straight people don't exist 


"Writer Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli’s new book Women in Relationships with Bisexual Men: Bi Men By Women shows that bisexual men, in fact, are prone to be better boyfriends, husbands, and fathers.

"The book also aims to show that bisexual men are more monogamous than most."

Actress Ellen Page is not heterosexual.

Some studies have shown that people who are homophobic are more likely to have repressed homosexual desires.[61] 

In 1996, a controlled study of 64 heterosexual men (half said they were homophobic by experience, with self-reported orientation) at the University of Georgia found that men who were found to be homophobic (as measured by the Index of Homophobia)[62] were considerably more likely to experience more erectile responses when exposed to homoerotic images than non-homophobic men.[63]

Bisexual actress Aubrey Plaza

Another study in 2012 arrived at similar results when researchers found that students who came from "the most rigid anti-gay homes" were most likely to reveal repressed homosexual attraction.[64]

The researchers said that this explained why some religious leaders who denounce homosexuality are later revealed to have secret homosexual relations.[64]

They noted that "these people are at war with themselves and are turning this internal conflict outward."[64]

A 2016 eye-tracking study showed that heterosexual men with high negative impulse reactions toward homosexuals gazed for longer periods at homosexual imagery than other heterosexual men.[65]


'Mugabe has had sex with two male politicians'. 'Mugabe gay' - BBC

There was an ethnic group in central Africa where it was customary for a male warrior to marry a teenage boy.

Africa's homophobic laws were introduced by the European empires that carved up and plundered Africa.

"Prior to western colonisation, there are no records of any African laws against homosexuality."

Africa - homophobia

Nigeria's president, Goodluck Jonathan (above) is reportedly gay and a homophobe.

The share of the sub-Saharan Africa population that is Christian climbed from 9% in 1910 to 63% in 2010, says the Pew Research Centre.

Kapya Kaoma, an Episcopal priest from Zambia said: "Religious fundamentalism is strong in these countries. That provides the militant reaction to LGBT rights.

"One of the fears for fundamentalists is losing grip of the country; they are told they have lost grip because of the gays. They say, 'We don't want to lose Nigeria or Uganda just as our brothers lost America to the gays. If it means killing, we will kill.'"

He said homosexuality is a rare point of convergence for Christian and Islamic hardliners.

Africa - homophobia


The following is from: Africa: Sub-Saharan, Pre-Independence

In the central African Zande culture, before European conquest, it was regarded "as very sensible for a man to sleep with boys... Some Azande men had sex with boys "just because they like them"...

The South African Thonga provide another particularly well-documented instance of a boy-wife role...

Homosexuality has been discussed as common in the (Nigerian) Hausa bori cult...

Among the Maale of southern Ethiopia, some males crossed over to feminine roles...

Among the Fon, the predominant people in Dahomey (now Benin), Melville Herskovits in the 1930s reported that, after the age at which boys and girls may play together, "the sex drive finds satisfaction in close friendship between boys in the same group . . . .

"A boy may take the other 'as a woman,' this being called gaglgo, homosexuality.

"Sometimes an affair of this sort persists during the entire life of the pair"...

Traditional African gay wedding

Kurt Falk wrote about an especially intimate bond of association, soregus, among the southeastern African Naman that included sex both between men and between women.

An "exceptionally reliable" Nykakyusa (a people living around what is now the Tanzania/Zimbabwe border) reported to Monica Wilson in the early 1930s that male friends, who live in villages of age-mates when not out herding cattle, generally sleep together.

The Nykakyusa accepted that male friends who danced together would have sexual relations...

An Ovimbundu (in Angola) informant, told an ethnographer, "There are men who want men, and women who want women...

Among the Tswana (in addition to homosexuality among the men laboring in the mines), it was reported that back home "lesbian practices are apparently fairly common among the older girls and young women, without being regarded in any way reprehensible"..

With reports from hundreds of sub-Saharan African locales of male-male sexual relations and from about fifty of female-female sexual relations, it is clear that same-sex sexual relations existed in traditional African societies...

Continued here: Africa: Sub-Saharan, Pre-Independence

Picasso had a sexual relationship with the gay French poet Max Jacob.

Gay (bisexual) people are smarter on average

In three large population surveys (USA's AddHealth and GSS, UK's NCDS), Satoshi Kanazawa found a small positive correlation between higher IQ and self-reported homosexual behaviour or identity.

(Homosexuals Are Smart?)

We should not assume that all gay/bisexual people are child abusers, or that all Italians are in the Mafia, or that all Jews are in the Kosher Nostra, or that all Africans are of low intelligence.

Africa has produced some of the most intelligent people on the planet. (List of African-American inventors and scientists)

Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd. According to an article entitled: Bigots are buggers : "Research by US psychologists suggests that 80% of men who are homophobic have secret homosexual feelings. The research results were published in the prestigious Journal of Abnormal Psychology, with the backing of the American Psychological Association."

People who are sexually attracted to children often make the best teachers and girl-guide leaders and often look after the waifs and strays that families have abandoned.

Jewish people are often involved in making useful scientific discoveries. (List of Jewish contributions to the world)

Famous Jews who have made life more interesting include: Jesus Christ, Benjamin Franklin, Felix Mendelssohn, Camille Pissarro, the Marx Brothers, Carl Sagan and Baruch Spinoza.

We should not be like the Nazis and see everything in black and white.

The world needs gay people, black people, Jewish people and even people who find children sexually attractive (so long as they are not child abusers).

Research by the advertising agencies has found that images of boys have a far wider appeal, for both men and women, than images of girls or women or men.

In the New Scientist, 27 October 2007 (Population is the key), Andrew Ferguson pointed out that:

1. World population is likely to be 10 billion by 2070.

2. Even if we adopt a simpler lifesyle, as for example in Cuba, the planet will not be able to cope.

3. For everyone to enjoy western European lifestyles, the world population needs to be about 2 billion.

To help save the planet, we need to demolish the last great taboo.

We need to stop forcing people to go in for relationships that lead to the production of babies.

We need more people to be gay/bisexual.

Gay Chinese (http://gay-art/china-homosexual-art/l)

In Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe, before the missionaries arrived, homosexuality/bisexuality was widespread.

(Bisexual Africa / Bisexual animals? Bisexual Moslems? Sex with boys?/Mediterranean customs?)

The purpose of homosexuality, in evolution, may be to keep down the size of the population.

Francois Boucher

Joan Roughgarden is a professor of biology at Stanford University.

According to Roughgarden, gayness/bisexuality is something you necessarily find in advanced societies.

(Jonah Lehrer writing at Seed: The Gay Animal Kingdom)

Roughgarden argues that homosexuality/bisexuality is a defining feature of advanced animal communities, which require communal bonds in order to function.

"The more complex and sophisticated a social system is," she writes, "the more likely it is to have homosexuality intermixed with heterosexuality."

Gay Moslem Art

Professor David P. Barash has written "The evolutionary mystery of homosexuality".

He writes of the paradox: that if homosexuality is a product of evolution, then "genetic factors associated with same-sex preference must enjoy some sort of reproductive advantage...

"Anything that diminishes, even slightly, the reproductive performance of any gene should (in evolutionary terms) be vigorously selected against...

"The consensus among scientists is that same-sex preference is rooted in our biology.

"Some of the evidence comes from the widespread distribution of homosexuality among animals in the wild..."

Gustave Courbet

David Barash suggests some possibilities.

1. "Insofar as homosexuals have been freed from investing time and energy in their own reproduction, perhaps they are able to help their relatives rear offspring."

This could be "to the ultimate evolutionary benefit of any homosexuality-promoting genes present in those children...

"Some recent research has focused on male homosexuals among a more traditional population on Samoa.

"Known as fa'afafine, these men do not reproduce, are fully accepted into Samoan society in general and into their kin-based families in particular, and lavish attention upon their nieces and nephews - with whom they share, on average, 25 percent of their genes.

Fa'afafine. By jeantine

2. "There is some anthropological evidence that in pre-industrial societies homosexual men are more than randomly likely to become priests or shamans."

"Perhaps the additional social prestige conveyed to their heterosexual relatives might give a reproductive boost to those relatives, and thereby to any shared genes carrying a predisposition toward homosexuality."

3. "Groups containing homosexuals might have done better than groups composed entirely of straights.

"It has recently been argued, most cogently by the anthropologist Sarah B. Hrdy, that for much of human evolutionary history, child-rearing was not the province of parents (especially mothers) alone.

Relatives helped bring up children.

"If sufficient numbers of those assistants had been gay, their groups may have benefited disproportionately.

"Alternatively, if some human ancestors with a same-sex preference reproduced less (or even not at all), that, in itself, could have freed up resources for their straight relatives...

"Homosexuality might correlate with greater sociality and social cooperation; similarly, it might deter violent competition for females."

For the Buddhists, all visual attraction is the reaction of the lower self. Fleshly charm does not last and is in a sense unreal. In other words, you don't need a girl/boyfriend; and thegirl/boyfriend's sexiness is a bit of an illusion. However, according to the Buddhists, avoiding sex, while continuing to think foul thoughts, is not good. Better to obtain physical outlet, while thinking wholesome thoughts. (aangirfan: THOMAS MANN)

4. "One study has found that female relatives of gay men have more children than do those of straight men.

Continued here: The evolutionary mystery of homosexuality

David P. Barash, an evolutionary biologist, is a professor of psychology at the University of Washington. His most recent book is Homo Mysterious: Evolutionary Puzzles of Human Nature (Oxford University Press, 2012).

In the 1950s Nabokov wrote Lolita. 

Nabokov liked girls, so long as they looked like boys. Lolita was the girl with the ‘puerile hips’, the girl wearing ‘shorts’. Nabokov and Pale Fire and deception

Famous gay/bisexual people?

Alexander the Great



Charles Dickens 1812-1870



Paul Gauguin

Ernest Hemingway

Alexander Ivanov

Julius III - Pope

Rudyard Kipling

C S Lewis


Albert Goldman’s 'The Lives Of John Lennon' (1988) claimed that John Lennon had a gay affair with The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, during a four-day holiday in Barcelona in April 1963. (Cached) It also refers to a number of relationships which Lennon reportedly had with other men.Goldman claims that Lennon visited underage boy prostitutes in Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Great article as always, Aangirfan.

Just one point of dissension: Jesus was NOT a Jew, he was a JUDEAN - the native of a certain geographic location.

"Jews" are NOT judeans. In Jeebus' times there were no "jews", there were pharisees. "jews" are a relatively new phenomenon dating not more back not earlier than about the 12th century, when they made their appearance in the European political context. In english I understand that the label dates to not earlier than the 16th century.

Dumb white people put the homophobic fundamentalists into power in Iran

Anonymous writes:


I am the gay oldest of four sibs.

I've never been able to enjoy the happiness and security of marriage.

My three sisters have been helped by me in their childrearing for 20 yrs.

I must say all the love and joy I've recieved from the co-parenting has very much enriched my life, and I say with pride, the lives of my nephews and nieces.

They all love and respect me.

You know why? Because as a nonperverted, decent, moral gay person, I earned thier love and support.

Their will always be hateful people who try to morph the pedophiles and abusers with the moral, nonperverted gay, but the statistics on hetero males abusing daughters, sisters, and what not is staggering.

Not to in any way demean the pain and anguish the abused have suffered at the hands of the evil abusers who are gay, but satanic torture is about gaining demonic payback, not sexual pleasure.

The issues are far more complex than the average person knows.

You may have noticed that certain people are in need of a good education.

These are usually white people.

"White schoolchildren in Britain's poorest communities lag behind peers who are black or of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin."

This is according to a Financial Times analysis of more than 3m sets of exam results.

"Poor white children even achieve worse average results than deprived pupils for whom English is a second language."

It is generally these 'poor whites' who write the 'ignorant' comments on blogs.

Lynching of an innocent black kid in the USA. Outside a courthouse in Omaha, Will Brown, after being killed, mutilated and burned. Brown was innocent of the crime of which he had been accused. Cached

In the UK, "Poor white children have fallen behind by the time they reach the age of seven...

"In Hull, the worst-performing local authority area, a child eligible for free school meals, a widely used indicator of poverty, has a more than two-thirds chance of finishing in the bottom fifth of national exam results at the age of 16."

Matthew Shepard was an American student who was tortured and murdered near Laramie, Wyoming in 1998. Shepard was targeted because he was gay.[1]. A gay teenager was reportedly murdered by his uncle and father in Turkey because of his sexuality, according to Hurriyet Daily News.

Dumb whites tend to see things in simple black and white terms.

A study by Edinburgh University researchers found that childhood intelligence is linked to voting preferences and political involvement in adulthood.

British National Party voters, some of whom are fans of Hitler, had the lowest average intelligence - scoring just 98.4.
BNP voters have lowest IQ

The USA also has its poorly educated, fundamentalist whites.

People who give in to racism, and prejudice against people like gays, may simply be poorly educated.

Read the article.

"The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults."

The research was led by Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario.

"Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward racist and prejudiced political beliefs, the study found.

Earlier studies have found links between low levels of education and higher levels of prejudice.

The Nazi party was founded in "a tavern frequented by homosexual roughnecks....a gay bar." THE REAL HITLER

Low intelligence in childhood corresponded with racism in adulthood.

"There is reason to believe that strict right-wing ideology might appeal to those who have trouble grasping the complexity of the world."

According to Hodson: "Socially conservative ideologies tend to offer structure and order," something which appeals to people with low intelligence. "Unfortunately, many of these features can also contribute to prejudice."

In a study in the United States, Hodson and Busseri compared 254 people with the same amount of education but different levels of ability in abstract reasoning.

They found that people who were poorer at abstract reasoning were more likely to exhibit prejudice against gays.

(5 Myths About Gay People Debunked)

Brian Nosek, a social and cognitive psychologist at the University of Virginia, says: "I think that lower cognitive capacity can lead to multiple simple ways to represent the world, and one of those can be embodied in a right-wing ideology..."

"There may be cognitive limits in the ability to take the perspective of others, particularly foreigners," Hodson says.

"Much of the present research literature suggests that our prejudices are primarily emotional in origin rather than cognitive."

A gay couple, who are penguins, have adopted an abandoned chick.

The human staff at the Wingham Wildlife Park in the UK say that the gay couple, Jumbs and Kermit, are the two 'best penguin parents' they have had

Wingham Wildlife Park / Gay penguins are 'the best parents' / Kent gay penguins are 'the best parents in the zoo'

The animal and human kingdoms are bisexual.

Gay wild Australian black swans sometimes form threesomes with two males and a female.

Jonny Saelua (right) androphilic male from Samoa.

Why does God, or nature, create gay/bisexual people?

Alice Dreger at Pacific Standard asks Why has homosexuality survived evolution?

Alice Dreger writes:

1. "Androphilic males - that is, males who are sexually oriented toward other males - show up in cultures around the world."

God is not a fundamentalist.

2. In many cultures certain types of Androphile males are reputed to be particularly kind towards members of their family.

3. "In Samoa, for example, there is now substantial evidence for above-average kin-directed altruism among the culture’s androphilic males, a group known as the fa'afafine."

Harvard University sociobiologist E.O. Wilson has suggested that:

A man's 'Gay genes' are passed on via the 'straight' family members that he helps - family members who share many of his genes.

Another reality TV gay

4. In Samoa, a young boy who shows an interest in female-type activities like cooking will spend a lot of time attending to the family needs.

"It is common to hear people say that families that include fa'afafine are particularly fortunate..."

"The men who have sex with fa'afafine typically prefer ordinary female sexual partners, but when they have sex with fa'afafine, it isn't seen by the culture as homosexual."

animal population

5. A team of researchers, writing in the journal Human Nature, suggest that what they have found in Samoa may be the way things have been throughout much of human History.

6. The Aché, hunter-gatherer people from Paraguay, have a type of androphilic male who "generally stay with the women's and children's group during the day.... They also sometimes care for sick and injured individuals..."

7. "Perhaps what these (gay) boys need is fewer doctors, and more grateful families."

More here: Why has homosexuality survived evolution?

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