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In key votes, the UK's Prime Minister Theresa May needs the votes of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), a party which has been linked to child abuse rings.

Anonymous wrote:


"Sir Anthony Blunt ... wormed his way back into the good books of British intelligence by providing them with details of a paedophile network in Ireland of which he was a member and which they later exploited for blackmail and destabilisation purposes.

(Blunt was close to Lord Victor Rothschild, who was a top man in both MI5 and MI6)


"Theresa May yet clings to power with the aid of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), at least one of whose most senior members frequented the same seedy paedophile underworld as Blunt in the mid and late 1970s...

"Theresa May must shoulder the responsibility for the ongoing cover-up of this far-reaching scandal.

The village of Sonning, west of London, was home to 'Mossad spy' Uri Geller for 35 years. Theresa May (above) lives in Sonning.

"When she was Home Secretary, Theresa May assigned the Kincora Boys Home ('MI5 brothel) probe to the Hart Inquiry which was not given the power to compel witnesses...

"What, if anything, was May told about the use of sexual blackmail involving children during MI5's penetration of the DUP?

Right-wing Loyalist Sir Samuel Knox Cunningham, who befriended Tony Blair at Fettes school.

"By the 1970s, the puppet-masters who were overseeing the machinations of the paedophiles in the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring were not the aristocrats, nor the Unionist politicians who had been running it and preying on orphanages and care homes since the 1940s but rather MI5 and MI6 ...

"Anthony Blunt was a regular visitor to Northern Ireland and a veteran member of the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring. Two of his closest friends in Ireland were paedophiles: Captain Peter Montgomery and Sir Samuel Knox Cunningham.

"Peter Montgomery was the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Tyrone, and a member of Ulster’s landed aristocracy.

"During WWII he served with British military intelligence ...

(Montgomery was a key figure in the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring and procured boys for its members from Portora Royal School in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh) ...

The gay Harold Macmillan (right)

"Sir Knox Cunningham was an Ulster Unionist MP and QC.

"As an MP he had attended Cabinet meetings in Downing Street as the private secretary to British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan ...

('Knox Cunningham was a child abuser') ...


"In the summer of either 1973 or 1974, when Richard Kerr was 12 or 13, and a resident at Williamson House, he was abused by a man who identified himself as 'Andrew'.

"Kerr is adamant that the man was Sir Anthony Blunt....

"'Andrew' was not violent with him as Sir Enoch Powell MP had been ...

"One day Kerr was watching TV when Blunt came on the screen and he recognised him immediately as 'Andrew'. This was undoubtedly the press interview Blunt gave after he had been unmasked as a traitor on 20 November 1979.

There is a belief that many of the top spies, whether in the CIA, MI5, MI6, MOSSAD or the KGB, work for a secretive cabal. Rothschild 'spied as the Fifth Man' | The Independent . Victor Rothschild was said to be mentor of the gay Winston Churchill, the gay Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher.

"The links between the key suppliers of children to the ring such as Eric Witchell at Williamson House and the trio of abusers at Kincora were strong.

"The Kincora trio consisted of Joe Mains (an MI6 and later MI5 agent); William McGrath (also an MI6 and MI5 agent); and Raymond Semple (who did what Mains told him). All of them were visitors to Williamson House. Mains sometimes stayed overnight ...

Israel's friend Sir Jimmy Savile in Belfast 1976. aangirfan: Kincora Boys / aangirfan: JIMMY SAVILE; ROTHSCHILD; ANTHONY BLUNT; MI5

"In 1975 a group of 14-year olds under the care of Witchell at Williamson House was transferred to Kincora...

"They were now earmarked as bait for an MI5 'honey trap' operation based at a series of hotels in Belfast and at least one in Bangor ...

"Most, but not all, of the new boys installed at Kincora hailed from Williamson House. They included Richard Kerr who arrived in August 1975; 'F', who is still alive; 'B', who later shot himself, and 'S'.

"Steven Waring, who had not been in Williamson House, joined a few months after. He committed suicide in 1977....

"MI5 was in complete control of Kincora..."


Fettes ( AuthorLee Kindness

Tony Blair, who is sometimes known as Miranda, attended a private boarding school called Fettes, in Edinburgh.

One of the people Tony Blair had contact with at Fettes was Sir Knox Cunningham.

According to John Rentoul's biography Tony Blair Prime Minister, Knox Cunningham would visit the school several times a year and he liked to visit the boys' quarters.

Blair loved having discussions with Knox Cunningham.


John Rentoul quotes one of Blair's contemporaries as saying: "Cunningham was the sort of man who liked boys."

Tony Blair.

According to Martin Dillon's book "The Trigger Men", Knox Cunningham was homosexual and had links to people involved in a child sex abuse ring.

"William Mc Grath, another pederast, was a British Intelligence agent from the 1950s onwards.

"Like Mc Keague, he sought out young men and boys...

"Both knew Sir Knox Cunningham and other leading Unionist homosexuals.

"Collectively, they were part of what today would be called a pedophile ring.

"While researching my book God and the Gun, I spoke to a source about this 'ring' and he explained that there were several Boys’ Homes in Northern Ireland from which boys were picked up and taken to parties in Brighton, England.

"Mc Grath, unlike Mc Keague, had protection from the British Intelligence community before the Troubles began in earnest. As my source said, 'top hats and royalty', meaning the English upper classes and people connected to the Royal Family, were part of a wider homosexual ring in which Mc Grath was an integral player."

At Fettes, Tony Blair was close friends with Ronald Selby Wright, a Church of Scotland minister with links to the military and to boys clubs.

(Ronald Selby Wright - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

According to John Rentoul, Tony Blair, in his final year at Fettes, ran a summer camp for Selby Wright's boys' club.

Reportedly, Selby Wright was 'a persistent paedophile abusing boys at Fettes and elsewhere'.

According to The Sunday Times, 25 May 1997, "Blair’s School Mentor Was a Sex Abuser."

(The Biggest Secret - Chapter 18).

Guess the Country by Gillian Swanson

"In October, 1970, a little girl is born to a mother who abandons her.

"The child is fostered until she is two years of age, when she is adopted.

"Before her third birthday she is raped by her adoptive father, and the abuse continues throughout her childhood, even though she reports it to social workers and to her teachers.

The council-run Beechwood Children's Home in Mapperley, Nottinghamshire.

"At the age of 15, after she is also raped by her adoptive brother, she is removed from the family and sent to Beechwood children's home run by the local government.

"Within a couple of weeks, she is once more being raped and abused.

"Other children in the home are also being raped, tortured and murdered.

"She herself narrowly escapes an attempt on her life, when she is saved by the unexpected appearance on the scene of a third party, and her attacker lets her go.

"She is eventually allowed to leave this council-run hell-hole.

Sir Peter Hayman (right)1914 – 1992. "Peter Hayman was the key liaison between MI6 and the CIA at the height of the MKULTRA child sexual abuse program." Sir Peter Hayman, former deputy director of MI6, has been accused of raping a young boy, 'Nick', during an orgy in London. 'MI6 chief raped me' claims 'victim of VIP child abuse ring.'‎

"However, Melanie Shaw has no family to turn to, and is offered no help by the social services as, homeless, and totally unprepared for employment, she struggles to find her feet in the outside world.

"Cast loose without an anchor, for several years she succumbs to a life of petty crime and drug addiction on the city streets, but eventually is lucky enough to meet an older man who treats her with respect and provides her with the security of a loving, stable relationship.

"In these improved circumstances she is able to rise above her calamitous childhood and adolescence, though she needs, and will always need, regular medication to keep the horrors of those early years at bay.

"In 2003 she and her partner have a son.

"She is devoted to the child, who thrives on the love she gives him, and even after her partner dies she continues to live a normal life as a well-loved mother and a respected member of her local community, in which she takes an active part - helping out with gardening at her son’s school, for instance, and supporting her local representative on the national assembly.

"Her son’s well-adjusted behaviour and good progress at school is a testimony to the excellent care he receives from his mother.

"Indeed, her long, secure relationship gives her the confidence, in 2010, to report what she experienced and witnessed at the government-run home to the police, and to demand that the perpetrators and facilitators of so much misery pay for their crimes.

"Inspired by her courage, more past inmates of the home in question, and of others in the area, come forward with corroborative testimony, and the police begin to gather all the evidence together under the banner of a single operation.

"Eventually the allegations of more than 130 people are being investigated.

"A total of twelve people are arrested in connection with the allegations, and two are charged with serious sexual offences.


"However, Melanie Shaw is not satisfied.

"Her own evidence, she states, indicates a police and council cover-up which has been going on for more than 40 years, with people at the highest levels of government involved: and she has discovered that, despite the closure of many children’s homes, the police have not been conducting their investigations according to the book.

"They have, for instance, been lying about the interviewing of witnesses.

"In 2014, therefore, she makes a complaint … and her life begins to fall apart.

"She is subjected to unremitting persecution.

"Her son is removed into foster care on spurious grounds.

"Then, on 10 July, 2014, she disappears.

Dutroux. Was Dutroux working for the security services?

"Only because friends persist in asking questions is it eventually discovered that the police have taken her into custody, that a court hearing has taken place behind closed doors, and that she is being held in a high-security prison on charges of reckless arson and criminal damage.

"Her friends are disturbed to note several anomalies relating to these charges.

"During close on four months of incarceration, no account is taken, in determining her treatment by the prison authorities, of this highly vulnerable woman’s past history of rape and abuse.

"Indeed, quite the opposite: it seems that they are going out of their way to break her spirit and reduce her to a state of mental incompetence.

"She is moved frequently from cell to cell, leading to disorientation.

"She is repeatedly strip-searched and, she claims, sexually assaulted.

"She is subjected to bouts of solitary confinement.

"She is bullied.

"A boil on her leg is allowed to become dangerously infected, while expensive medication sent by friends to treat it is discarded by prison staff.

"Worst of all, she is denied the regular doses of Valium which she needs to keep the nightmares of her childhood and adolescence at bay, and endures hours of terror as the memories resurface.

When she is finally brought to trial, the infection in her leg is so bad that she can walk only with the aid of crutches.

"She has no faith in her counsel, who fail to represent her adequately or to attack questionable elements in the prosecution’s case, while the judge tells the jury that the police operation she set in motion is nothing but “a conspiracy theory”.

"She is found guilty of “arson reckless and criminal damage” and bailed for six weeks for psychiatric assessment awaiting sentence.

"At the end of this period she is given three years’ probation - presumably on the assumption that she has been sufficiently intimidated to stop making embarrassing demands for justice.

"However, the powers-that-be have misjudged their woman, for she refuses to be silenced, now going so far as to mention the names of those whom the police have failed to question: people in positions of power, including highly-placed persons in the national government, who, she alleges, were implicated in assaults on young boys.

Sir Jimmy Savile with his friend Mick Starkey, a West Yorkshire police inspector.

"She is arrested again, on a trivial and, once more, questionable charge, and finds herself back in the same prison from which she recently emerged on crutches, where she is held, against UN guidelines, in solitary confinement.

"After some time she is released, and informed that she has “served her sentence” - though since there has been no public trial, it is unclear exactly what her sentence was.

"She goes to stay with friends, but within a couple of weeks of her release is re-arrested, then released on the following day.

"Back in her home city she is arrested yet again, allegedly for “harassing” the police officer who was her original contact when she blew the whistle.

"Once more she is released on the following day, after 27 hours in custody.

"Annoyingly, for the authorities, she has still not been subdued. She continues to talk.

"She gives an interview. She posts a video message on social media, asking what she has done to merit the unending persecution.

"The harassment continues throughout 2015. Clearly the authorities are concerned that this nuisance of a woman has not learnt her lesson. Since she persists in making inconvenient revelations, something more needs to be done either to silence her or to undermine her credibility.

"So in January, 2016, a judge sentences her behind closed doors to two years in prison, at a hearing without benefit of jury, with no public presence to confirm that justice has been done, and in the absence of the accused, who appears only by virtue of a video link which fails when she attempts to defend herself.

"There is no public announcement of the offence for which her sentence was incurred, and friends writing for that information are refused an answer. The excuse given is the prisoner’s right to privacy.

Suspect in Madeleine McCann disappearance and Dutroux' accomplice Lelievre.

"Since May 2016 this woman has been moved from prison to prison.

"For eighteen months of that time she has been held in solitary confinement, in direct contravention of UN guidelines.

"She has been denied the sensitive treatment required by one who, from infancy, and throughout childhood and adolescence, was subjected to repeated physical and mental abuse of the severest kind.

"She has been strip-searched.

"She has been assaulted by prison guards in riot gear. She has been escorted to the toilet by male prison guards, who keep her under observation until she is ready to return to her cell.

"She has been deprived of contact with the outside world. Her post does not reach her. Visitors, including her lay legal adviser and the social worker assigned to check up on her state of mental and physical health, are turned away.

"She does not receive the regular medication which she needs. Only rarely does a letter from the prisoner herself get through to the outside world. Her friends begin to wonder whether she is still of sound mind, or whether she is even alive. Letters asking how she is, why she was imprisoned and when she will be released go unanswered.

"Then somebody manages to discover that she was due to be released on 2 June, 2018 - but that date has already passed. Why is she still being held incommunicado ?

"Word leaks out that she is on remand for offences committed in prison.

"At a mentions hearing in July it emerges that she is accused of four counts of arson, which took place months before her official release date.

"How, her friends wonder, were the prison authorities unable to prevent these incidents, when the offender was under such close observation ? Why, especially, did they not ensure that she had no means of lighting any more fires after the first one had been extinguished ?

"And why, in any case, is this woman being put through the entire ordeal of trial and sentencing yet again ? After all, it is widely known that the usual procedure in cases of this kind is to administer punishment on the spot, usually by reducing the remission time allowed for good behaviour. In this case, remission was certainly cut way past the bone, since the full sentence, plus some, had been served. So why the additional punishment now ?

John Allen (Mr X) and kids. Angus James, co-founder of Scallywag magazine, was reportedly murdered. Angus James wrote about several people linked to Edward Heath, David Cameron and their Conservative Party. Angus James wrote: Lord McAlpine and the Child Abuse Ring

"When she finally appears in court, the prisoner is raving. Either she has been driven over the edge by the past four years of persecution and ill treatment - something which, according to UN Special Rapporteur Juan Méndez, might well result solely from the infliction of months in solitary confinement; or she has been deliberately drugged, or inappropriately medicated, in order for her to be paraded before her friends to demonstrate in public that she is of unsound mind: thus justifying indefinite incarceration in a psychiatric hospital.

"Such a conclusion would, of course, destroy her credibility in the eyes of the uninformed public, while saving those who wish to silence her from the embarrassment of a further string of trials on trumped-up charges.

"Crucially, requests to the judge that she be physically examined without delay, in order to test for the presence of drugs, go unheeded: and some weeks later, after a psychiatric examination has taken place, the prisoner is, predictably, deemed unfit to stand trial.

"Instead, a “trial of facts” takes place in her absence. She is found guilty, and now awaits “sentencing” - even though it is commonly understood that a trial of facts can result in neither a judgement nor a sentence.

"So what kind of a country is this, you must be asking, that has no compunction in playing fast and loose with the basic principles of justice ? That permits trials in camera, where justice is not seen to be done ? That refuses to say why a woman is imprisoned, or confirm the length of her sentence ? That allows judges to mislead juries with impunity ?

"What kind of a country can allow tiny children to be placed in the care of state-approved custodians who viciously abuse their bodies and their trust ? What kind of a country would wish to turn a blind eye to rape, torture and murder carried out by government-paid officials and public servants in the very institutions set up by state agencies to “care” for helpless young people ?

"What kind of a country considers that the right of the wealthy and powerful to torment and violate little boys and girls should take precedence over the rule of law ? ...

Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where, reportedly, Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive. Paul Bonacci has stated that, as a youth, he was forced to participate in satanic snuff films. He identified Bohemian Grove as the location of a satanic murder. Paul A. Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped by the US military, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control. In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages.

Another Crucial Fact, Ignored By The IICSA, About Melanie Shaw - by Robert Green

Six years ago, when Melanie, along with others, first informed the authorities of the horrific crimes committed at Beechwood Care Home, Nottingham, she was offered a considerable sum, thought to be around £36,000, to compensate for her ordeals, by Nottinghamshire County Council.

There was, however, a condition attached to her receiving this sum.

Melanie was to be subjected to a gagging order that was to prevent her from naming her abusers and those she had witnessed committing other serious crimes from the police or anyone else.

Being a public-spirited person of integrity and courage, Melanie rejected this condition as she considered it to be outrageous that dangerous sex predators should be protected so by the state. Her reward for this truly outstanding example of honesty and bravery is now there for all to see.

As a result of continual sexual abuses suffered whilst in the hands of the state, whose duty it was to protect her, the same state is guilty of pursuing a relentless and barbaric vendetta against her because she dares to be prepared to name her state-sponsored criminal abusers.

This is the true state of our once great country today.

The solicitor who negotiated the offer from Nottinghamshire County Council to Melanie is Mr Chris Ratcliffe , of Nottingham firm Uppal Taylor.

This information has been passed to the IICSA`s chief, Professor Alexis Jay and to the judge at the most recent 'trial of facts' hearing , Her Honour Judge Penelope Belcher, who has been courteous enough to acknowledge receipt.

Robert Green


Mike James: Are Pedophiles Running Blair's War Machine?



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At 24 October 2018 at 02:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 24 October 2018 at 02:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Despite the seriousness of the article by yourselves Aang. Can we 'kick things off' on a slightly uplifting and altogether more positive note!!!!

Your picture of Fetid College doesn't actually tell the whole story. On the right hand side of the picture, behind the trees - is my old comprehensive school - Broughton.

During my mid 80s attendance, football thuggery had hit its high note and every scumbag in my inner city school thought they were hard.

Whilst Fetid College were breeding the next generation of Bankers, Dictators, Politicians and other heinous abominations, Broughton produced some of the other 'end of the spectrum' lowlife (hooligans).

So, with our new careers and our near neighbours 'cutting' around the place in striped blazers and boater hats. It made our lives easier when picking targets for a good old fashioned 1980s 'kicking'.

We handed out routine beatings to those assholes. Little did we know that Miranda and the despots were the little darlings who were the beneficiaries of our charity.

So, I thank you all in anticipation for congratulating me and my fellow 'low lifes'. We were doing our public service on a pro-bono basis.

Let's just hope Miranda was on the receiving end.

One final note Steve Mnuchins wife went to Fetid and checking through their Alma Mater is interesting. Their is a very strong military connection.

General De Castellan (Northern Ireland Agreement) guy and Tilda Swinton amongst the pondlife.

Scottish Police HQ sits slightly to the left - no doubt to protect future Satanic Paedos.

Peaceto the humans.

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Help me not to vomit!

At 24 October 2018 at 04:59 , Anonymous Firestarter said...

A couple of days ago PM Scott Morrison of British colony Australia publicly appologised for the “thousands of Australians” who suffered crimes of “ritual sexual abuse” in schools, churches, youth groups, scout troops, orphanages, foster homes, sporting clubs, group homes, charities and in family homes, by “individuals supposed to care for them”.

At 24 October 2018 at 05:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 24 October 2018 at 06:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

263 San Francisco Bay Area priests branded sexual abusers: Report

At 24 October 2018 at 10:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Professor Alexis Jay needs to ask questions about MI5 and Kincora??? Alexis would never do such a thing, she's a drip of a social worker out of her depth who concealed abuse herself! Why else was she given the task of Chairing the IICSA?? The Shirley Oaks Survivors have already walked out of IICSA after denouncing it as a social workers' talking shop and pointing out that it was social workers who abused them. Alexis there to Share and Listen To Stories while she wears a faux sympathetic expression while refusing to admit that her own colleagues committed/facilitated these very, very serious crimes. Alexis will be a past master; should any Survivor dare actually name someone, they’ll be interrupted with 'well I don’t think this is going to take us anywhere positive' and they’ll be silenced. I am bright and quite brave, I am not a trembling wreck and such techniques were used for years to shut me up in 'mediations' and 'ways forward' when I was about to discuss the crimes of named people.

Alexis Jay and her IICSA are going nowhere, that is the point of it."

-- Dr Sally Baker

At 29 October 2018 at 17:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

These fans got the chance to see the #OnePlus6 early.


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