Thursday, 25 October 2018

Attack Of The Algorithm

Under Trump, the Kosher Nostra is increasingly taking over the Internet?



  2. "Under Trump, the Kosher Nostra is increasingly taking over the Internet?"

    It would have made no difference if Clinton or anyone else was in power.

    1. Both Clinton and Trump are crypto Jews....which explains why their respective children married Jews...simple.
      So Trump is really engaged in an elaborate sideshow to fool non Jews.
      Not surprisingly Trump authorised the shift of the U.S. embassy to putting Jew Trump into the oval office was a good trick because left leaning politicians would not have risked alienating their supporters.
      Hence their support for the crypto jew Tommy Robinson...said to have received over two million pounds in donations...some of which no doubt emanated from Israel sources.

    2. The stupid "Americans"don't understand that the "left"and the "right"are both jewish factions using the stupid "americans (melting pot) as tools. pawns. Are there still real "americans"?

  3. I like Brother Nathaniel even though he is very conservative.

  4. When you translate “pe pe pe pe...” from Romanian to English using Google you get some Zionist propaganda (depending on the numbers of pe’s) in return, like for example: “I want to worship the people of Israel, and to the people of Israel”.