Monday 13 August 2018



The evolution of consciousness back into light?

"Rather than seeing illness as our failure to be responsible for our health, it's more useful to view it as a sign that we're ready to grow.

"The part of us that chooses illness is the 'Self' with a capital 'S', the Spiritual Self that sees our highest good in a way the limited perceptions of our ego can't."

The Spiritual Purpose of Physical Illness


Al Franken.

Aangirfan has been to France.

Above we see a Moslem girl.








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At 13 August 2018 at 01:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you mention 9/11, I spent the weekend going over some research on the debris since Richard Halls new film is promoting Judy Woods Hypothesis again. That film bugged me, so I did some more reading. Between these two docs I think there is enough evidence that we can ingnore Judy Woods hypothesis. (261 pages detailing a forensic level assesment of the debris)

"We won't entertain theories that metal was turned to dust, as 2.9% of WTC dust samples
were aluminum, and 1.63% iron [USGS website], which is consistent with cement composition."

and (31 page debunking of JW's theories)

so back to conventional (or exotic) explosive demo, faked video of planes, fake or confused witnesses.

Another thread I came across was really interesting post which shows how the seeds of the plan probably originated before the buildings were even built, and why they had >20years to plan all the fine details and use it to their best advantage, a real eye opener.


At 13 August 2018 at 06:37 , Anonymous Firestarter said...

I’ve collected information on 9/11 at the link at the bottom…

- Most (if not all) of the video footage of the Twin Towers is fake (filled with Computer Generated Images).
- The Twin Towers (and WTC-7) were imploded by controlled demolition (witnesses actually heard the explosions). Nanothermite was found at Ground Zero.
- There is no evidence of any plane crash. BTS, ACT, ACARS data shows that no planes crashed.

- If the WTC complex had been demolished in a regular (legal) way, asbestos removal would have cost $9.5 billion.
- Larry Silverstein, owner or leaser of the WTC, made $4.55 billions from the insurance.
- There was a massive spike in put and call options in the week before 9/11.

- Timothy (Tim) McNiven, when he was stationed in Germany in 1976, designed a plan on how terrorists could hijack a plane and crash it into the WTC.
- William Cooper predicted in advance that a “terror attack” would be staged and blamed on Osama Bin Laden. Cooper was murdered by cops on 5 November 2001.
- Robert Mueller was appointed FBI director one week before 11 September 2001.


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