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Cliff Richard and Lord Boothby
The 'friends' of the rent-boy-loving Lord Boothby included:

1. Cliff Richard

2. The child abusing Jewish gangsters called the Kray Twins, who ran a child abuse ring.

In 1969, Ronnie Kray wrote: "John, I had a very nice letter from Cliff Richard."

Kray twins - Telegraph

3. The rent-boy-loving MI5/KGB agent Tom Driberg

Tom Driberg, rent boys, Aleister Crowley, the KGB and . / MYSTERIOUS MICK JAGGER

4. And the 'boy-loving Jew' Winston Churchill, who liked holidays in Morocco.


Above we see Lord Boothby, gangster Ronnie Kray and Ronnie's lover Leslie Holt.

Lord Boothby and Ronnie Kray.

Above, we see Tom Driberg and Lord Boothby

Lord Boothby and Ronnie Kray.

According to biographer Francis Wheen: Driberg was a regular at Ronnie Kray’s flat, where 'rough, but compliant East End lads were served like so many canapes'.

The Kray Twins were linked to:

1. The American Mafia

2. Christine Keeler, who helped bring down the government.


3. And presumably to the Mossad and its friends.


Cliff Richard keeps dangerous company.

Kurt Lewin

In 1921, in London, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up to study the 'breaking point' of humans.

In 1932, Kurt Lewin, a German-Jewish psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute, at Tavistock Square in London.

He studied the use of terror to achieve mind control. (Cached )


Sir Cliff Richard reportedly owned a company, Blacknight Ltd, which was registered at Tavistock Square, where the 7/7 bombings took place.

Full list of current and 6 past directors / Thecolemanexperience - Mossad's links to Filthy Britain

The US evangelist Billy Graham and Sir Cliff Richard (above) have links to CIA-Mossad-MI5 mind control and child sexual abuse?

Sir Cliff's association with Billy Graham dates back to 1966.

Sir Cliff Richard has been accused of sexually molesting a young boy on the night he appeared with Billy Graham at a football stadium in Sheffield in 1985.

Sir Cliff has also been linked to the boy brothel Elm Guest House.

(Billy Graham, chatting up a young boy. Billy Graham has Jewish roots.)


Billy Graham is linked to the CIA and CIA brainwashing.

"In 1992 ... after Bush Sr. gave his now infamous New World Order Speech, the Rev. Billy Graham said that we should 'embrace' this 'New World Order'.

"In The Deadly Deception, by Jim Shaw, an ex-33rd degree mason, ... Shaw relates how Graham was present at his ceremony initiating him into the 33rd degree. Only freemasons are allowed to attend these ceremonies."

(The Unholy Alliance - Christianity & The NWO Part II/Http://

(Kathleen Sullivan "was raped by Billy Graham". Website for image)

"When Billy Graham's family migrated to Turtle Island, they arrived with the name Frank, being related to Jakob Frank; then they changed to a Scottish name, Graham.

"Billy Graham's daughters lived in Israel and his son fought for Israel in the 6-day war."

( :: View topic - MK ULTRA/CIA/Freemasonry..Was It ...)

"Mind-control survivor K. Sullivan has written an astounding book called MK...

"Sullivan says she was abused and raped by ... Billy Graham, among others."

(Mind Control, Slavery, and the New World Order)

Evangelical Christians have a long association with child abuse, mind control and support for Israel..


Cliff - top row third from right.

Certain security services are always on the lookout for kids to mind-control and turn into sex slaves.

Cliff - top row, second from right.

Cliff has been close friends with all the wrong people, from Lord Boothby (pedophile rings) to Tony Blair.

Cliff Richard with Yuri Geller who has been linked to MOSSAD-CIA MIND CONTROL.

Harry Webb, aka Cliff Richard, was born in India, a top recruiting ground for MI5.

His mother, Dorothy Marie Dazely, came from a military family.

His father, Rodger Webb, used to cane young Harry.

Young Cliff Richard (Harry Web) top left.

In 1948, Harry and his family moved to London.

Harry's father got a job with Thorn Electrical Industries (EMI) "a key member of Britain's military intelligence establishment."

Young Cliff (Harry Web) top right

By the 1950s Harry Webb was renamed Cliff Richard and was trying to become the UK's Elvis Presley.

Harry was involved with the entrepreneur Harry Greatorex, Norrie Paramor, the TV producer Jack Good, and members of the Kosher Nostra.

In 1959, Cliff's group landed an EMI recording contract.

EMI, a key member of Britain's military intelligence establishment, has been linked to mind control.

Savile, EMI, mk ultra, eric woolfson, darren burn

When people are mind-controlled they are given several personalities, such as sex slave, ardent Christian, assassin...

In My Life, My Way, Cliff writes:

"It was as if I was becoming a different character - almost like the mild mannered Clark Kent ...

"The moment I put on the pink jacket ... I was Cliff ... and when I came off the stage I went back to being a shy little boy..."

In 1965, Cliff travelled to the USA to make music with Billy Sherrill in Nashville, Tennessee.

Cliff appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

In 1964, Cliff became an active Christian.

He made appearances with the Billy Graham crusades.

Billy Graham is linked to the CIA and CIA brainwashing.

In 1976, Cliff became a "rock" artist.

In 1986, Richard was involved in a five-car crash in West London.

Cliff has a Portuguese home is near to where Madeleine McCann disappeared,

In 1995 Cliff became Sir Cliff Richard, joining other famous knights such as Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith and Sir Bob Geldof.
In 2009, Cliff said: "I was the only one who didn't spit or swear or sleep around. I didn't do drugs. I didn't get drunk. I didn't indulge in soulless sex."[63]

Cliff and boys from Brazil
Cliff Richard is a lifelong bachelor.[69]

For many years he shared his main home with Bill Latham.[80][81]

Cliff has spoken of his friendship with John McElynn, an American former missionary whom Richard met in 2001 on a visit to New York.[86]

In 2008, Cliff said: "John now spends most of his time looking after my properties, which means I don't have to. John and I have over time struck up a close friendship. He has also become a companion, which is great because I don't like living alone, even now."[71]

Cliff has escaped from corrupt England, where pop stars allegedly visited a child brothel called Elm Guest House.
In 2010, Cliff confirmed that he is no longer a resident of the United Kingdom and had been granted citizenship by Barbados.

He still has a house in Sunningdale, Berkshire, in the UK.[94]


For over 40 years Cliff has been an active supporter of Tearfund, a Christian charity.

Cliff has made a number of overseas visits to see their work in such countries as Uganda, Bangladesh and Brazil.

Pop star Cliff Richard was a close friend of the BBC journalist Jill Dando.

In 1999, Jill Dando was murdered by a professional hitman outside her home in Gowan Avenue in London.

Jill Dando and Cliff Richard
Jill rarely visited her home in Gowan Avenue.

Only a handful of close friends and relatives could have known she would be there on that particular day.

Reportedly, Jill was investigating a pedophile ring involving the top people.

Cliff Richard was interviewed by the police investigating the shooting.

Why was Cliff Richard interviewed by Jill Dando murder police...

Alan Farthing was part of the medical team responsible for the birth of Kate and William's new baby, Prince George.

Alan Farthing is the Queen's Gynaecologist.

Alan Farthing was the fiance of the BBC TV presenter Jill Dando.

Cliff Richard was a close friend and confidante of Jill Dando.

Jill Dando's BBC colleague Nick Ross is married to Sarah Caplan the cousin of Jimmy Savile's friend Esther Rantzen.

Caplan and Rantzen founded the controversial charity called Childline.

There has been speculation that the murder of Jill Dando is linked to "a VIP paedophile ring which was operating within the BBC and in the Elm Guest House and various children's homes."

More here: Jill Dando, Jimmy Savile, BBC paedophiles, Cliff ...

In December 2012, Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse at the hospital where Kate Middleton was staying, 'was found dead.'

The official story was that she had committed suicide.

Some reports suggested that she had been murdered to shut her up.

Harvey Proctor, who was a member of the UK parliament, opened a shop in Richmond in London, near the Elm Guest House boy brothel, which was said to have been visited by a famous pop star, a famous cabinet minister, and a man linked to MI5.

Reportedly, Harvey proctor had financial backing from former colleagues, including Michael Heseltine (former top cabinet minister) and Jeffrey Archer.

In 1992, Harvey Proctor and Neil Hamilton, then a government minister, were assaulted by two men on a 'gay bashing expedition'.

Neil Hamilton’s nose was broken in the attack in Mr Proctor’s shop in Richmond-on-Thames.

Harvey Proctor

In the 1970s, Lord Longford, friend of the child killer Myra Hindley, compiled a self-funded report into pornography.

Lord Longford invited Sir Jimmy Savile and Cliff Richard to join him on a wide-ranging tour of sex industry establishments, including strip clubs in Copenhagen.

Cliff Richard, Jimmy Savile, Lord Longford, Myra Hindley

The Longford Report, in 1972, was a best-seller.

It contained a long account of sex and sadism in a boys' boarding school:

‘Sometimes the prefects did a lot of the whipping; at other times they made the third-year boys do it as well, or the second-year boys whip the first years and the first years whip each other.’

Cliff Richard and Tony Blair

Cliff Richard is close friends with 'war criminal' Tony Blair.

Tony Blair has spent time at Cliff's villa (above) in Barbados.

So, who is Cliff Richard working for?

Is this a clue?


Former UK prime minister John Major and Cliff Richard.

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At 23 July 2018 at 14:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cliff's been vindicated!!! The BBC is unrepentant. Enjoy him for what he is OK? Sure it galls people but he is not the devil he played in the Heathcliff musical nor one who needs to justify his existence after 60 years on the scene. If you have truth on hard core rock stars fine.

At 24 July 2018 at 15:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't this just a push to shut people up and promote this agenda of 'fake news', look cliff Richard was 'wrongly accused' so we need to monitor all news even more so now type nonsense, there was this push from parliament about stopping any of their personal habits and goings on from being investigated or published. I think we know what this was all about. . .

At 30 July 2018 at 16:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

O LORDY! CLIFF'S NOT IN PARLIAMENT. Andrew Lloyd Webber maybe. Tony Blair wanted Mick Jagger to be knighted. The British gov't is on wane and the media can therefore concentrate on Harry and Meghan's gospel-style wedding and the overnight sensation of a black preacher! Incidentally Meghan has a long way to go to be the new Audrey Hepburn despite Givenchy dress.

At 31 December 2022 at 00:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disney Legend Barbara Walters

“Barbara was a true legend, a pioneer not just for women in journalism but for journalism itself,” said Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company …

“‘I was able to call her a dear friend. She will be missed by all of us at The Walt Disney Company …’

“She [secured] the first interview with President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 …

“In 2008 … she was named a Disney Legend ….”

At 31 December 2022 at 08:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cliff only ever sang about piffle. Imagine if real artists were given a voice.

Food n’ Health n’ Hope

MP3 plays for free

At 11 August 2023 at 11:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Guthrie's schools Edinburgh were horrible abusive institutions and these filthy places are supposed to be investigated by the bogus Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.


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