Sunday, 3 June 2018



The writings of University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson are inspired by Hitler and Trump's The Art of the Deal?

Jordan Peterson suffers from severe depression and an auto-immune disorder.

He has suffered from psoriasis and gum disease.

Peterson's daughter has also suffered from depression.

'Alt-light Jordan Peterson has defended Jewish power by saying that Jews have higher average IQs than the general population, which he claims accounts for their disproportionate influence...'

Peterson 'has admitted that most of his friends are Jewish...

'Peterson has cozied up with the Zionist media boss Ezra Levant.'

Jordan Peterson Supports Jewish Supremacy


Jordan Peterson is from Canada.



  1. Questionable, yet, with plenty good. Wouldn’t be so quick to… Takes rightful, careful, consideration. Yes, avoids. While a heartfelt, genuine, upsetter.

    1. Gatekeepers aren't any good to our evil rulers if they don't come across as genuine, heartfelt and anti establishment. He is a good one, fooled you, good of this site to inform people about this greasy fraud.

  2. HPrice (as anonymous today as I've always been)3 June 2018 at 15:07

    Came across this guy recently on a youtube video, and yep, he doesn't sound that great considering he is apparently rather influential.

    I don't think Jewish people they are brighter than anyone else (IQ tests are rather a silly way to work out someone's intelligence. In my opinion they only tell you that the person taking the test can do the IQ test quite well. I've met people in the high IQ "club", MENSA. Not that bright, actually. I was a bit non-plussed that these super intelligent people could be so uninteresting, and a bit stupid.)

    Anyway, I think Jewish people are more "proactive". They are really driven to do X, Y and Z. And that gives them an edge in some pursuits.

    1. Money is their only god. The rest is crap, bollocks, propaganda, lies. They arent smarter than the rest, never been, never will be. Its proved, fact. They can only wish.

    2. Jews are good at marketing things. For example if I have an old chair sitting around the house that has absolutely no value to me. Just something I need to get riddle. For a jew, he.she will create some nice story about this chair like: this chair belonged to the King of England; it has been in the family for four generation; it was made of sheep skin and so on. They know how to add value to something. They do that in Israel so well by selling fake antique artifacts to dumb Christians. This is just a minor sample.

  3. How fabulous, I liked him too!
    Oh well, I shall add him to the ever increasing pile of heroic disappointments!

    How's you anyway? Keeping well?
    I hardly ever get time to speak to/at you anymore, far too busy these days! Which is good but also a wee bit sucky!

    Thank you for yet another eye opener!
    Hope to speak at you again soon lol. Take care.

    C xx

  4. This prick , Jordan peterson well , i kind of nearly fell for him , but things did not just add up with him , he is out of the same ezra levant rebel media , just like tommy robinson , he dont add up either , he is a cuck , there both cucks , its strange when i comment on lets say or you tube now , i get the peterson logic , thrown at me , i ordered his book then when i was waiting for it i discovered how he will not answer the jewish question with any relevance . kind of like tomy not telling everyone the reason the Migrants are in europe in the 1st place is because of the Kalergi plan and the Jews oy vey what can i say ,

  5. Just another tool

  6. When Peterson is talking about 9/11, he is really beating about the bush. He is not addressing the discrepancies in the official narrative, he is deploring the additional car traffic victims due to fear of flying, but not feeling sorry about the 1 million+ Iraqis (proven innocent), which got consequently killed by the US and their lackeys.
    The guy is as convincing as Noam Chomsky, who claimed, “it will be impossible to find the culprits of 9/11”, a statement which implies, that you know, who the culprits really were…

    1. He was created or managed by Jews.He will never say anything against the Jews. I think he is a Jew himself or maybe married to one. He reminds of Jarred Taylor.

    2. Right. Jordan (!) B. (Benjamin?) Peterson (?).

      I have heard that - in the Netherlands, it will be probably the same in most other ´free´ Western countries - when a jew wants to change his family name it is arranged for free, under the table.

      When a non-jew wants to leave out or add even one letter to his family name for whatever reason the civil servant starts waving with the price list.

      CIA O

  7. Hi Ladies. It looks like CDAN has put in their bit of stake in on the UK SRA/MK Sexual Abuse Scandals...

    Blind Item #3 - Man Hunt - A Birdie Blind Item

    You may have read about it by now. If you haven't, just know that police in a foreign country have just reopened a decades-old murder-for-hire case. If it had been successful, it would have been one of the crimes of the century. As it is, it was one of the scandals of the century.

    What's being kept under wraps though is the connection to a notorious international pedophile ring. Police are working round the clock on this manhunt, knowing that if he's still alive other accusers might be at risk.

    This all goes back to that last decade of political turmoil, when a certain third party politician with aspirations for high office tried, in vein, to sweep the skeletons from his closet. Not surprisingly, he was a key player in this ring. More shocking, but no less surprising, is that an occupant of the high office itself was also a part of it. Police have long suspected that the man in charge of recruitment was a doctor from a long time, war torn country, who served briefly as one of the personal and official doctors to both other men.


    longtimereader said...

    Jeremy thorpe and edward heath. Heath was UK P.M. in the early 70's. Rumours for years about his proclivities. Funny how the yewtree investigation around dolphin sq. suddenly disappeared isn't it?

    So Who's this doctor?

    Police have long suspected that the man in charge of recruitment was a doctor from a long time, war torn country, who served briefly as one of the personal and official doctors to both other men.

    1. hey CDAN is good , i like it have you ever seen i think the guy called jamie who goes through them on youtube

  8. I'm surprised you don't have his UN ties listed, or the time he tried to downplay a pedophile ring in Cornwall. JBP is controlled opposition.

  9. Had my doubts when he encouraged the use of anti depressants as something "the Universe was offering". Another snake oil salesman working out of the back of a covered wagon.

  10. Do not recognize the Jordan Peterson in your video.
    Compare with this classic hit piece on gender, the poor interviewer is floored.
    If I am wrong ignore this, or is there perhaps more than one JP?

  11. Jews may well have higher than average IQs, but that is not the main reason for their success and wealth.

    Having worked in a bank conducting due diligence on commercial customers I have been able to see that without exception Jews only give business to other Jews. They will sell their wares to anyone, but their suppliers are ALWAYS other Jews. They're accountants, they're lawyers, their landlords are also all Jews.

    They also without exception have family trusts in offshore jurisdictions to avoid paying tax. The wealthier ones also have charities that they buy property through with only Jewish beneficiaries.

    So basically, once they have earned a buck, it never leaves their people, even avoids the taxman as much as possible. That is why Jews are disproportionately successful.

  12. Check Out:

    Jordan Peterson obviously himself part and parcel of Dangerous People Teaching Your Kids.

    CIA O

  13. According to wiki, Peterson's Alma Mater was McGill University. Which I'm sure you know was also home to CIA "brain washer" Dr Ewen Cameron!