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Above, we see Rachel Meghan Markle.

Things are not always what they seem.

Kim and his wife.

What if Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has been secretly working for the Kosher Nostra?

And what if Kim Jong Un has been mind-controlled by The-Powers-That-Be?

What if President Assad was recruited in London to MI6?

John Coleman

John Coleman, formerly of MI6, has written that we cannot trust anything from the mass media or government.

According to Coleman: "The moral, spiritual, racial, economic, cultural and intellectual bankruptcy we are in the midst of today ... is the product of a carefully planned Tavistock program."

Can we trust John Coleman?
The Tavistock Institute, funded by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, pioneered the techniques of propaganda used to justify wars.

Greenmantle was the Islamist terrorist who was secretly working for the security services. Greenmantle was based on John Buchan's friend, Aubrey Herbert, who worked for the UK intelligence services. John Buchan was a Zionist who worked for UK military intelligence.

When it comes to big events, everything is apparently staged and the script is written by the Kosher Nostra/Deep State/ Rich Elite.
The Kosher Nostra tends to believe in materialism and atheism.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States of America. (Pdf)

According to Coleman, Tavistock was set up with the purpose of convincing people of the need to have bloody wars.

Coleman writes: 'Those fresh-faced young American boys from Arkansas and North Carolina were sent marching off to Europe believing they were "fighting for their country" never knowing that the "democracy"  Wilson sent them to "make the world safe for" was a ... Government dictatorship.'

Erik Hanussen, born Hermann Steinschneider, was a Jewish occultist.

Coleman found that 94% of the keywords and phases developed by Tavistock for use with World War II "matched up with those used in the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War."

According to Coleman, Tavistock has an "invisible army" of actors found "today in the halls of justice, police, churches, school boards, sports bodies, newspapers, TV ... town councils, state legislatures, and are legion in Washington. They run for every office..."

Virtually every important corporation, university, think tank or foundation is linked to Tavistock.

It chooses the entertainers we watch, the pundits we listen to and the politicians we elect.

Every US President since Theodore Roosevelt has been under its control.

Tavistock is behind every "spontaneous" social movements.

Control More Pervasive than We Think -


We are constantly studied to see how we will react under stress.

Tavistock follows Sun Tsu's maxim of "Kill a few; terrorize many."

Continued here: Control More Pervasive than We Think -


John Coleman - 21 Goals of the Illuminati

You Tube Speech by John Coleman

Eric Trist - Wikipedia description of a Tavistock founder

tavistock articles index

coleman beatles and Aquarian Conspiracy

beatles and coleman

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  1. 50+ Paedophiles and Child Traffickers Close to Prince Charles and the British Royal Family

  2. From Lance Welton - 'Evolutionary Psychology Says Meghan and Harry Will Divorce - She’s Trouble - But So Is He!'

    « Divorce is about 40% genetic. Prince Charles and two of his three siblings are divorced. Princess Diana’s parents divorced when she was 8, and her brother, the Earl Spencer, has two failed marriages behind him.

    « Markle’s father has been divorced twice. Her mother has been divorced once. Her half-sister has contracted two failed marriages. And then there’s her half-brother Thomas, a divorced alcoholic, who has charged with holding a gun to his girlfriend’s head in 2017. Meghan’s violent half-brother, brands his sister 'jaded, shallow, and conceited'.

    « Markle herself was already divorced at 32, after just 23 months of marriage, sending her ring back to her ex-husband via registered mail. Her divorce and her ruthless treatment of her ex imply low altruism and low impulse control, both key predictors of marital breakdown. Meghan is not especially close to either parent and doesn’t see them very much.

    « Meghan has dated a porn star and she’s so shallow that she’d rather invite celebrities (whom she hardly knows) to her wedding than the perfectly respectable diplomat uncle who gave Meghan her first job.

    « Markle’s father’s side have shown themselves to be money-grabbing and dishonest ... Markle is low in altruism, which predicts a very rocky relationship. ... Harry, of course, has shown himself to be an embarrassing risk-taker: the nude photos, the drug taking, the Nazi uniform worn to a costume party when he was 20. People from broken homes are prone to risk taking.

    « According to evolutionary psychologist J. Philippe Rushton, we all sit on a spectrum between a fast Life History Strategy (LHS), and a slow LHS. A fast LHS is an adaptation to an unstable ecology in which you “live fast and die young.” ... Whether male or female, they are also attracted to outbreeding ... mixed race and even interethnic marriages are more likely to end in divorce than mono-racial or mono-ethnic ones.

    « British Conservative politician Ann Widdecombe dared to say about the soon-to be-royal Ms. Meghan Markle “I think she’s trouble” ... But So Is He... A “super-forecaster” reckons about three years to separation, five or six years to divorce. »

    1. Noone really cares, its just a sham that wont even last 3 years



  5. Meghan Markle is handled by her stylist Jessica Brownstein,a jewish woman of powerful background in Canada.She is married to Ben Mulroney,son of 18th Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.Meghan is definitely a insider.Royal family has sinister purposes behind this marriage.I don't know but it seems to me that Cuba plane crash and Texas false flag shooting did not happened suddenly .Great human sacrifice , terror in mass-mind ,total mass manipulation ...these things Luciferian Occultists want randomly and they are quite successful.By the by Meghan Harry matchmaker is Misha Nonoo , again a jewish fashion designer and friend of Pippa.Mossad agents Mr&Mrs Clooney were honorable guests.

  6. Check out:

    Adolf Hitler Founder of Israel by Hennecke Kardell.


    Brian Mark Rigg author of the jew soldiers in Hitlers army is jew.

    H. Kardell was one of the 150.000 jew soldiers in Hitlers army (infantry in Russia and the Balkan).

  7. Part 1: The Beatles and the Aquarian Conspiracy

    By John Coleman

    An outstanding example of social conditioning to accept change...was the "advent" of the Beatles.

    The Beatles were...part of a social experiment which would subject large population groups to brainwashing of which they were not even aware.
    New words and new phrases - prepared by Tavistock - were introduced [along with the Beatles].

    Words such as "rock" in relation to music sounds, "teenager", "cool", "discovered" and "pop music" were a lexicon of disguised code words signifying the acceptance of drugs and arrived with and accompanied the Beatles wherever they went, to be "discovered" by "teenagers".
    [Nothing] could or would have been accomplished without the cooperation of the media, especially the electronic media...

    Nobody would have paid much attention to the motley crew from Liverpool and the 12-atonal system of "music" that was to follow had it not been for an overabundance of press exposure. The 12-atonal system consisted of heavy, repetitive sounds, taken from the music of the cult of Dionysus and the Baal priesthood by Adorno and given a "modern" flavour by this special friend of the Queen of England and hence the Committee of 300.

    Tavistock and its Stanford Research Center created trigger words which then came into general usage around "rock music" and its fans. Trigger words created a distinct new breakaway largely young population group which was persuaded by social engineering and conditioning to believe that the Beatles really were their favourite group. All trigger words devised in the context of "rock music" were designed for mass control of the new targeted group, [youth].

    The Beatles did a perfect job, or perhaps it would be more correct to say that Tavistock and Stanford did a perfect job, the Beatles merely reacting like trained robots "with a little help from their friends" - code words for using drugs and making it "cool". The Beatles became a highly visible "new type" - more Tavistock jargon - and as such it was not long before the group made new styles (fads in clothing, hairstyles and language usage) which upset the older generation, as was intended. This was part of the "fragmentation-maladaptation" process worked out by Willis Harmon and his team of social scientists and genetic engineering tinkerers and put into action.

    The role of the print and electronic media in our society is crucial to the success of brainwashing large population groups.
    Following the Beatles...came other [rock groups], who, like the Beatles, had Theo Adorno write their cult lyrics and compose all the "music".

  8. Part 2

    Tavistock and Stanford Research then embarked on the second phase of the work commissioned by the Committee of 300 ... The media now focused its attention on the "beat generation"...

    [Youth] underwent a radical revolution without ever being aware of it, while the older generation stood by helplessly, unable to identify the source of the crisis, and thus reacting in a maladaptive manner against its manifestation, which were drugs of all types, marijuana, and later Lysergic acid, "LSD"...

    The Committee of 300 financed the project through one of their banks, SC Warburg, and the drug was carried to America by the philosopher Aldous Huxley.

    The new "wonder drug" was promptly distributed in "sample" size packages, handed out free of charge on college campuses across the United States and at "rock" concerts, which became the leading vehicle for proliferating the use of drugs...

    ... [Rock] concerts began to become a fixture on the social calendar ... [and] the use of drugs among the youth rose in proportion. The ... discordant heavy beat sounds numbed the minds of listeners so that they were easily persuaded to try the new drug on the basis that "everybody is doing it." Peer pressure is a very strong weapon. The "new culture" received maximum coverage from the jackal media...

    [In accordance with the methodology used by Tavistock and Stanford Research, one method of social conditioning] is to have live television talk shows in which a panel of experts promotes the product and or idea under the pretext of "discussing" it. There are point and counter-point, both pro and con participants airing their support or opposition. When it is all over, the subject to be promoted has been dinned into the public mind ... [Today this] is standard practice...
    Without massive media hype, and without almost around the clock coverage, the hippie-beatnik rock, drug cult would never have gotten off the ground...
    The men buried in the think tanks and research institutions, whose names and faces are still not known to but a few people, made sure that the press played its part. Conversely, the media's important role in not exposing the power behind the future cultural shocks made certain that the source of the crisis was never identified.

    Thus was our society driven mad through psychological shocks and stress.....

    Thus softened up, [the population] was now deemed ripe for the introduction of drugs ... This too was an integral part of the Aquarian Conspiracy. The proliferation of drug usage was one of the subjects under study at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at Tavistock's Sussex University facility. It was known as the "future shocks" centre, a title given to so-called future oriented psychology designed to manipulate whole population groups to induce "future shocks". It was the first of several such institutions set up by Tavistock.

    "Future shocks" is described as a series of events which come so fast that the human brain cannot absorb the information ... [Science] has shown that there are clearly marked limits to the amount of changes and the nature of them that the mind can deal with. After continuous shocks, the large targeted population group discovers that it does not want to make choices any more. Apathy takes over, often preceded by mindless violence...

    Such a group becomes easy to control and will docilely follow orders without rebelling, which is the object of the exercise...

    Just as an overloaded electrical circuit will activate a trip switch...such a targeted group is ready to "trip out" and take to drugs as a means of escape from the pressures of so many choices having to be made.
    The drug trade is controlled by the Committee of 300 from the top down. The drug trade started with the British East India Company and was closely followed by the Dutch East India Company. Both were controlled by a "Council of 300"...

  9. I am convinced there is an international homosexual/bisexual secret organization. All the major urban centers in the world have this hidden network. I confess to going to "chaturbate" (look that up) all the girls and women there are under some type of misogynist control. It is even in eastern bloc countries. Putin and Lavrov experienced some type of internal set back recently. This was that international homosexual network, no doubt in my mind. Sex traffic everywhere even in Russia and Romainia, and Ukraine.The girls all dress like western sex slaves. Organized crime networks, at the top, all homo and bisexual men.

  10. Such a fishy wedding. I am surprised that it went ahead. I thought I saw Diana's sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale wearing an interesting dress.

  11. This may also have something to do with Harry wishing to "get back" the people responsible for his mother's murder.....what could be better than marrying someone of mixed ancestry.
    Anyway it will be a huge laugh when their marriage hits the rocks.....another blow to the Windsors already poor reputation....maybe when he Queen dies....this will provide the catalyst for much needed change in the way Britain is MIGHT just reduce the number of beggars and homeless people on the streets...might.


  13. lmao, how many lives this guy has? as many as CIA/MOSSAD gives him

  14. Israeli police break activist's leg while in custody: Report



  17. Alan Trist was editor of ice nine publishing, the Grateful Dead zine for deadheads, tour dates and stories, was the son of Tavistock co-founder Eric Trist.

    Rest In Peace Dave McGowan


  18. The personal wealth of Queen Elizabeth II is estimated at £500,000,000 gbp. (This is personal and known wealth only; it excludes assets held in trust by the queen acting as lifetime custodian on behalf of the British nation.)

    The average annual income in Sub-Saharan Africa is £1500 gbp.

    Queen Elizabeth II has as much personal wealth inherited from her slave trade sponsoring forebears as the salaries of 333,333 human beings.

    Under these circumstances, one wonders how Queen Elizabeth II can sleep at night.


  19. The Jewish Fuldead were all Jews or mixed with the Jews.

  20. I'm surprised you don't mention Sigmund Freud. He set a false flag with false memories.

    1. Sigmund Fraud. How a letter can change everything!

  21. What if Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has been secretly working for the Kosher Nostra?
    Maduro is a Jew.

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