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Dr E's  marriage had been struggling for years.

Dr E. settled five malpractice suits in Virginia within a period of ten years.[10]

Dr E. became seriously ill and was in a coma.

Dr E. had a near-death experience.

Dr E. writes: "I was in a coma for a week...

"After a week, my doctors gravely told my family that it was time to let me die.

"Hearing this, my ten-year-old son ran into the room, pulled open my eyelids and started pleading with me.

"'Daddy,' he cried, over and over again, 'you’re gonna be OK.'

"Across the vast reaches of the spiritual realm, I felt his presence very clearly . . . and began to wake."


Many marriages break up after one partner has a near-death experience.

Dr E. and his wife had an amicable parting.

Dr E. writes: "For my then wife and me, it became clear that our life together was not meant to last for ever."


Dr E. writes: "In the early weeks of recovery after my coma, I experienced a constant crackling energy ...

"Bizarre phenomena happened all around me. 

"Street lights would blink as I walked beneath them. 

"My laptop seemed prone to crashing ...

"A massive branch tore itself away from the oak tree outside my study window ...

"In order to bring this whirling energy under control, I began to explore other ways to understand the brain than the merely medical ..."

Dr E. writes:  "For me, one of the most effective Buddhist practices is a form of meditation called mindfulness.

"I find I can accomplish it by placing all my attention on whatever activity is taking place, whether it is walking, sitting quietly or just drinking a cup of coffee.

"Mindfulness involves the constant awareness of the breath and the body, to move the mind’s attention away from negative or distressing thoughts."

Dr E. writes: "As my attention remains focused only on the present moment, my mind eventually becomes free of all other distractions...

"By getting the brain 'out of the way', we can explore the world of universal consciousness..."

Dr E. writes: "The novelist Robert Louis Stevenson ... travelled to the edge of dreams to harvest ideas for his stories... 

"There are hidden phenomena, which can only be experienced personally, such as a dream, a secret wish, or a near-death experience..."

From - Living In A Mindful Universe by Dr Eben Alexander and Karen Newell.



Dr Eben Alexander's biological parents gave him away.

The Alexander family of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, adopted him.


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At 9 December 2017 at 02:31 , Blogger Kaivey said...

My mind races and chats away and I have real difficulty being mindful while sitting still although I can achieve it for a while. But I go for mindful walks and I can slow my mind right down to a halt at times and when this happens often magic can occur.

For some strange reason when I mindful walk I go back in time to being a little boy again. When I was little, anywhere from 5 onwards, the world was new and awesome, tremendous, and absolutely fabulous.

When I mindful walk, especially in the countryside, there comes a point where there is no past or future, just now, and in the purity of it all my mind is fresh and new, like when I was young. Some scientists call this the Open Focus State.

As I walk forgotten memories of happiness will flash back into my mind I am in awe and experience bliss again. The other day I remembered now much I loved the sea side and the British Rail trains and all sorts of memories came back. I remembered the smells and touch of things and the delight of getting an icecream. I remembered the piers and the fun fairs, such happy memories.

The other day I had a strange experience. I was in the woods in a beautiful part I hadn't been in before and I imagined I lived in a stately home and I was lost in the grounds. It was like, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and I was lost in a new place. I felt entirely safe, content, and happy.

I shall be mindful walking again sometime today.

At 9 December 2017 at 04:07 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks for the poetic comment.

- Aangirfan.

At 9 December 2017 at 09:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything that guy just said in the article is me. I was once that person. Street lights went out when I walked near. At exactly a 45 degree angle tree branches would rip themselves from the tree. I could make a wall pop, like a house settling pop, with my mind.

Electronics malfunctioned. Lights would flicker. One day a tv was unplugged in the living room. My now ex wife started dialing her phone, the key tones came through an unplugged television. When the refrigerator compressor would kick on it would shock me in the brain sometimes.

I could not touch my cat without giving him a jolt. A trifield meter could pick me up from 20 feet and the normal range is about 2 feet.

I could see a blue fog floating in the air. I think it is the ether. I could see purplish blue sort of translucent little balls of light floating through the air. My cat could see them too. I think that is what cats see when it seems like the are swatting at nothing.

Sometimes squirrels did not recognize me as human and would come up to me. My body interacted with the wind and the wind would blow around me in a circle and I could affect it's direction with my mind.

I could hear the 60 hertz tone of electricity coming from breaks in electrical lines such as light switches, wall outlets, lamps, etc....

There was a crackling sensation all around me like static electricity. I could see energy. I could see a thin line of energy running across the surface of other people's body. Inanimate objects like coffee tables had a line of energy running across them and it had no color, it was clear.

I could even affect the clouds in the sky. I know that sounds impossible but it is true. I would attract thunder storms and lightening. A few times I thought I might get struck by lightening. A couple of times sonic booms split the air a few hundred feet above my house.

For a while a cloud hovered above my house and it had a round hole in the middle. It stayed for days, at least.

I felt like a tornado. A human tornado. I knew things just by wondering about them. Nature would teach me things. It was awesome but it was also scary because I had no control over it. It can also be dangerous because I could affect other people with it and a mind is a hard thing to control.

I was connected to the atmosphere somehow. I always suspected that my body lost its ground, so to speak, and that I was connected to the ionosphere, or something like that. Sometimes with tennis shoes on, standing on concrete, a metal door handle would give me a shock.

This is just for starters, I could go on for days about the bizarre phenomenon I experience for about 9 nine years. At times I was desperate for it to go away, but I didn't want it to leave me. I felt like I was connected to some sort of God force.

Maybe it was kundalini. I read Gopi Krishna's "The Evolutionary Energy In Man." Its real. I know it is.

I miss it, but then I don't. I could never properly control it and it is an awesome force.

Thank you for your blog. I am a big fan. Don't stop. You should archive it and and sell it on a usb stick.

At 9 December 2017 at 09:39 , Blogger Anon said...


- Aangirfan

At 9 December 2017 at 11:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9 December 2017 at 13:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9 December 2017 at 14:38 , Blogger Kaivey said...

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At 9 December 2017 at 14:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

After an accident when I "died" for over half an hour, in the years of recovery that followed, I experienced all sorts of electrical strange things--like breaking CD players, appliances, or other electronics malfunctioning just if I entered the room. I could not wear a watch, and my friends' watches stopped as well (but they said they started again after they were far away). Lights flashed on and off, walls popped, and streetlights flickered as I passed under them. It seems that this is not at all unusual and there are other aspects to it as well.

It was disconcerting to be able to literally hear other people's thoughts involuntarily. I prayed for it to stop.

Many years later, things have calmed down quite a bit.

Spiritually, my life is much more intense, though I always prayed and meditated, and mindfulness is old news to me.

A trip to the other side can do strange things, as anyone who has had a conscious NDE can tell you.

At 9 December 2017 at 14:44 , Blogger Kaivey said...

Crikey! Awesome!

At 9 December 2017 at 16:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9 December 2017 at 17:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most interesting topic. In 1986 I fell in love at first sight with a Japanese man standing across the room at the Hilton bar in Sydney. At the time I'd been dating an Aussie, good job etc. The ensuing obsession with my new Japanese friend created such disruption to my normal Aussie relationship he accused me of needing to see a psychiatrist. As it was a very compelling attraction to the Japanese man of Samurai blood line I did see a psych. He put me under regression hypno therapy. What I saw (without having been to Japan or China at that time) - I recorded. It ended in tears for me. Everytime I thought of the memories unlocked in that hypno session I would burst into uncontrollable tears. The story later unfolded when over the ensuing years - 18 in all. I went to Japan with my Japanese partner every year. Every years when we travelled I would see and photograph confirmation of what was on the hypno therapy records. It appeared that in my deep psyche were the memories of a Chinese woman who had a loving relationship with a Samurai emmisary to China. They had two chjildren whose hair was shaved at the top into a circle denoting Samurai paternity. During one of endless conflagrations the children were burned to death. The grief of the loss to their mother - that painful loss had passed through time to me. It is a very long story. However the conclusion was that he the Japanese had expressed hatred for both Korean and Chinese. It seemed to be my task to stop that. So I took us to China and Korea. When he discovered that the Japanese (not Ainu) had come from there - when he could read some of their Chinese calligraphy. He bowed down mid waste and apologised. To me and to them. He no longer teaches his grand daughters the hatred he had. He says we are all one family. I did love him very much and have not had a serious relationship since he returned to Japan and never came back to Australia. My photo album shows all the evidence.

At 9 December 2017 at 23:52 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks for this fascinating comment.

- Aangirfan

At 9 December 2017 at 23:54 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks for this most useful information.

- Aangirfan

At 10 December 2017 at 06:13 , Anonymous wiggins said...

I read this guy's book and was impressed at the time. Now, not so sure when other equations are factored into his story.

At 10 December 2017 at 11:39 , Blogger Kaivey said...

I think my comment got removed about the US fire bombing of North Korea, Aang, the censorship has started. Why can't we write about that? Why can't we say it was wrong? Why can't we tell people how bad it was? Why can't we say that the Russians and the Chinese never did anything like that?

US Bombing campaigns since 1945


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