Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Stephen Ward with Christine Keeler (top right). Stephen Ward was an osteopath with links to the US President, royalty, Hollywood stars and the security services.

  • Wimpole Muse - An introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Confessions of a teenage pornstar
  • Chapter 2 - Dolphin Square
  • Chapter 3 - Cheshire Cats
  • Chapter 4 - My fair lady
  • Chapter 5 - The X factor
  • Chapter 6 - A process of mind-control
  • Chapter 7 - The teacher and the oracle
  • Chapter 8 - Bob and Mary have a little plan
  • Chapter 9 - De Wolfe in sheep's clothing
  • Chapter 10 - Battered Strumpets
  • Mandy Rice Davies with the Israeli army. Mandy was one of Ward's girls. She converted to Judaism, married an Israeli businessman, Rafi Shauli, and opened nightclubs and restaurants in Tel Aviv. (Mandy Rice-Davies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Her activities in London and the USA were financed by Peter Rachman (Mandy Rice-Davies), who was allegedly a Mossad spy. (Cached)
  • Chapter 11 - Ward's girls
  • Chapter 12 - Gay Ellen
  • Chapter 13 - The hand of Hod
  • Chapter 14 - Mary, Mary, quite contrary
  • Chapter 15 - God's sorting office
  • Chapter 16 - A nailed on defence
  • Chapter 17 - Just like that
  • Chapter 18 - Bloodlines
  • Chapter 19 - Game, Set and Match
  • Chapter 20 - Jack the Stripper
  • Chapter 21 - Never knowingly undersold
  • Chapter 22 - Baker Street Robbery
  • Chapter 23 - A Few conclusions

    1. Peter Welsh was a member of the socoialist workers party
      and a hells angel, he was part of the left wing rentamob
      who turned to cause trouble at oswald mosley rallys and NF meetings. he became an informer to Pter Wright of spycatcher fame and the intell whistleblower T stoakes he gave info on just how much control Mossad had in London crime syndicates, jack spot peter ranchman the krays etc

    2. I can't figure how someone could eventually write these memories without real experiences with Ward and Mind Control.

      That being said, this is a nice repost by Aang and a very important read. I warn anyone to read fist the previous articles by Aang on Ward - as the recent ones about Profumo Affaire - and then read these Wimpole memories as they are both catchy and beyond most available testimonies about how these cabals to their dirty works. The guy is far from Europe, so that's why he's speaking now. There are many stories connected, as the Process Church for the Final Judgement.

    3. M W Mathis has a pdf about the Manson group. Worth a read.

      1. Miles Mathis has got nothing to say about the Manson story. All disinfo. People like him and now Neil Sanders discount the spiritual element of the story. Perhaps that's their job.

    4. its Good you read about wimpole , what's your feeling on its %
      of truth
      have you ever read Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall a good friend of christopher storey she wrote when the swans neck breaks very interesting book about clones etc