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Baby Peter Connelly (above) was tortured over a long period of time.

John Wedger, a former London detective, is suing the police after claiming he was bullied for exposing child abuse and corruption.

Baby P detective sues 'bully' police after exposing child abuse

John Wedger was commended for his work on the Baby P investigation, which has been linked to a child abuse ring for top people.


John Wedger.

Wedger says he was got-at after producing an intelligence report reporting that some of his police colleagues knew a prostitute was pimping out girls as young as nine but turned a blind eye.

He says he was told by a high-ranking London Met officer to keep quiet or be 'thrown to the wolves'.

Wedger, 47, was involved in an investigation into a well known prostitute in 2004 who was suspected of selling children.

She was linked to organised crime.

Intelligence from 'multiple sources' suggested she also had friends within the local police.

The prostitute would give youngsters, including a 14-year-old girl, drugs and alcohol and then pimp them out to men in budget hotels near Paddington railway station in west London.

Wedger says he found that not only were the police aware the youngsters were being used for sex but that at least one officer was supplying the criminal gang with information about the investigation.

Wedger was brought in to see a senior officer at Scotland Yard headquarters.

Wedger says: "He told me in a firm and formal manner that I had 'dug too deep'".

Baby P detective sues 'bully' police after exposing child abuse

Elm Guest House was one of many child abuse brothels in the UK.

Murder of owner of child abuse brothel linked to MI5

Mary Jeffries, trafficker and brothel owner, has Cabinet members and royalty among her clientele.

Young virgin girls are strapped to beds.

Brothels have padded rooms to mask the screams of young girls, some as young as twelve.

A report by a police inspector, Jeremiah Minahan, reveals the extent of the child prostitution.

"Victorian Values" 

Minahan's investigation reveals that the people using the child prostitutes included top members of the military, Leopold the King of Belgium, the Prince of Wales...

The Home Secretary, the government minister in charge of the police, Sir William Harcourt, orders Minahan's bosses to drop the case.

Harcourt himself is a lover of young whores.

Within days, Minahan is forced out of the Metropolitan Police.

"Victorian Values" Jim Hutchinson's Two Tomorrows The Happy Fox ...

Mary Jeffries ran child brothels for the elite.

She kidnapped children and provided them to the elite for sex.

One of Mary Jeffries's brothels had a torture chamber.

"There were rings in the ceiling for hanging women and children up by the wrists, ladders for strapping them down at any angle, as well as the ordinary stretcher to which the victim is fastened so as to be unable to move."

Mary Jeffries was protected by the police, the military and other members of the Establishment.

Mary Jeffries - Wikipedia / Book review. / Brothels - Soiled Doves / Encyclopedia - Google Books Result

König Albert I. von Belgien mit seinen SÖhnen Leopold und Charles

In London, Mary Jeffries operated child brothels in posh Church Street, a flagellation house in wealthy Hampstead, and a "chamber of horrors" in up-market Gray's Inn Road.

She was said to have used a house near Kew, for the smuggling abroad of kidnapped children.

The police would not prosecute Mary Jeffries.

Among the witnesses prepared to speak out was a 13-year-old child who testified to having been whipped and raped.

Someone began a private prosecution.

13-year-old cadet, Harry Hayes.

Wealthy army officers turned up in court to offer support for Jeffries.

She arranged with the court to plead guilty, and thus the evidence against her, and the elite, remained undisclosed.

She was given a small fine.

Jersey in the UK - child abuse reportedly linked to top people and covered up by the authorities.

However, the journalist who had investigated and helped to expose Mary Jeffries was sent to jail.

Mary Jeffries is long dead, but brothels, where children are tortured, reportedly continue to exist, and reportedly continue to be protected by the police and security services.

Apparently, in the 1950s and 1960s, MI5 ran a brothel in Church Street in Kensington for the use of visiting dignitaries, diplomats and intelligence officers.

Young female or male company could also be supplied directly to a VIP's hotel bedroom...

(PROFUMO, John - Spy School Bios)


rico sorda at RICO SORDA

There is a country where there are allegations that crimes by powerful people are not being investigated and prosecuted. 

A journalist has been refused entry to stop reporting about an issue.

The chief of police has been suspended to stop him investigating crimes. 

Bloggers are being threatened to stop them talking about people. 

Decisions by the state not to prosecute cannot be challenged, nor is private prosecution allowed. 

The country is Jersey. 

The journalist is Leah McGrath Goodman, who is an American. 

The chief of police was Graham Power. 

Furthermore, Andrew Marolia, David Minty, David Wherry and Jonathan Sharrock Haworth have, with the assistance of the Jersey Government, obtained a super-injunction against ex-Senator Stuart Syvret—under the Data Protection Act of all things—to prevent from him saying things about them on his blog that are true. 

Mr Syvret has evidence that criminal offences are being swept under the carpet, but nothing is being done.

A lay judge—known as a jurat—called John le Breton has been allowed to sit as a jurat, even though he was vice-principal of Victoria college when he wrote to the governors in support of Andrew Jervis-Dykes, who ended up getting a jail sentence. 

Mr le Breton was appointed to judge on a case even though he is a personal friend of a director of the defendant—this is a defamation case where the local politician, Trevor Pitman, has been taking legal action against the local newspaper. 

The end result in Jersey is that part of these events has been struck from the state’s version of Hansard, and the culture of cover-up continues. 

Jersey is an independent country, but the UK Government have a responsibility for ensuring good governance in Jersey. The UK is not doing its job properly.

The UK is not as bad, but at times it has a good try. 

The situation in England and Wales is so bad that foreign countries are expressing concern about the abuse of human rights in the English courts. 

Over the weekend, there was a three-hour programme on Slovak television debating a case in England. 

In England, however, we are banned from discussing all the details of the case in the media... 

 It is clear that the Slovak Government believe that there are a number of cases—not just one isolated case—where the human rights of their citizens are being undermined in England...

The family division of the Court of Appeal appears not to be correcting all the public family law cases that reach it and that it should correct...
My estimate, on a statistical basis, is that around 1,000 children are wrongfully adopted each year... 

This is a really big problem; there has been a really big cover-up, and it needs to be sorted out.

"Second Mile announced it was shutting down an internal investigation into who, at the organization, knew about Sandusky's criminal acts before his arrest, and exactly when they knew.

"It's not clear who at Second Mile made the recent decision to transfer the charity's remaining assets, $2.6 million, to Houston-based Arrow Child and Family Ministries. It is clear, however, that Arrow Ministries has significant connections to the Bush family.

"On Arrow's board of directors sits Maria Bush, the wife of Neil Bush, son Of George HW Bush and Barbara Bush. Another board member, Susie Peake, '...served in various capacities for George HW Bush for over ten years.'"

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At 12 November 2017 at 11:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 13 November 2017 at 16:38 , Blogger Big E said...

As an aside Aang, you may well be advised (by me and others) to dig deeper into what has been unveiled in the comments section on the blog posting about the missing page 20 of the Sharp Report above!!!

At 13 November 2017 at 21:58 , Blogger Anon said...

Ian Evans

My blog is in your links page? Oh, sweet dude! What matters is that every man and woman does what is right with the time we have been allocated in this realm! It really is that simple.

Been off the air for a year Aang, six months in jail on yet another stitch up via doctored police evidence but, did it shut me up? :)

It is 'Danny' Wherry who tried to sneak back into Haute De La Garenne with Deputy Anne Pryke, wife of the former Assistant Chief Police Officer of Jersey! Thankfully, Lenny Harper told them to fuck off and leave the premises. Link is below.

Jervis Dykes also features greatly in the Sharpe Report of which, page 20 went mysteriously missing, but it was found by the jersey bloggers :) It's below....

At 13 November 2017 at 22:00 , Blogger Anon said...

Ian Evans 12 November 2017 at 17:08

Hmmmm? Like the picture Aang, "no child is safe in Jersey"! Even after the Committee of Inquiry, that picture I created still applies....NO CHILD WILL EVER BE SAFE IN JERSEY simply because Jersey is the only place on the planet with the title, "A Peculiar Possession". Let the sheeple delve into this "Peculiar" title and work out for themselves exactly what this "Title" encompasses? And by the way Aang, it is Danny Wherry, who, I believe, is still under the employ of the Jersey health authority up at Overdale Hospital in the "children's ward" believe it or not!

At 14 November 2017 at 03:43 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

On Henry Makow - Government Ties to Porn & re the CIA, the Tor browser & the paedophile networks

« It appears the hugely popular 'free porn video' sites are secretly funded by governments or billionaire oligarchs, the only people who can afford to host them ... at some moments, the world's most popular free porn video site, spikes to more than 2% of ALL the internet traffic data volume *in the entire world* ... thousands of hours of porn on the web is free, huge waves of pornography that would bankrupt all but the wealthiest website owners ... there is [only] very partial copyright policing ... It seems adult site owners, have a memo to 'go easy' in permitting free distribution of their wares

« Various articles now are talking about the huge amount of paedophile material on the 'Dark Web', the websites you can only access through special tools like the Tor browser ... but this also turns out to be a government operation

« The Tor browser, whose past & present board direction is significantly Jewish, including the rabbi in the Tor team photo ... The major use of the Deep Web / Tor is paedophilia & other gangland transactional crime, drugs etc ... not the 'dissident opportunity' as claimed, given how in China, Iran etc it appears to be a simple matter to just block Tor from functioning altogether

« The Tor browser was developed by CIA-tied United States Naval Research Laboratory employees ... Tor's directors always avoided blocking paedophiles from Tor [but] the Tor browser people openly discussed modifying the Tor programme to ban 'neo-Nazi' [Andrew] Anglin & [his Daily] Stormer

« Tor's board seems to have been shamed by Anglin's big point that this threat, proved to the world that the Tor designers - openly connected to USA intelligence agencies - have intentionally created Tor for use by paedophiles

« Developed by CIA-tied people, Tor is generally suspected of having back doors to help US gov, CIA-Mossad etc identify any users ... including all the Tor-using paedophiles ... This gives them a great gold mine of people who can be blackmailed or destroyed whenever needed ... »


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