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King Edward VII's family in 1890. Left - Prince Albert (Prince Eddy), Right - King Edward VII (then Prince of Wales)

In The Age of Decadence, Simon Heffer, a Conservative journalist, writes about the rise of class warfare in Victorian and Edwardian Britain, from 1880 to 1914.

In 1880, the big landowners, who traditionally behaved rather badly, owned 92% of the UK's wealth.

In 1894, a Liberal government introduced 'death duties' and this made things a little more fair.

Poverty in Liverpool.

In the 1890s the new 'popular press' began to expose some of the sins of the elite.

William Stead, 'the father of tabloid journalism', revealed the trafficking and prostitution of children.

We have written elsewhere about Queen Victoria's son Edward VII and Edward's eldest son Eddy:

King Edward VII tried to seduce the homosexual Russian prince Felix Yusupov.

King Edward VII had relationships with Lillie Langtry, Carolina Otero, Sarah Bernhardt, Rosa Lewis, Winston Churchill's mother Jennie Jerome, and the young girls from a brothel next to Fortnum and Mason's.

Prince Edward and Lord Nathaniel Rothschild

Edward, who became King Edward VII, was close to the Rothschilds.

Edward VII, had borrowed heavily from Sir Ernest Cassell, the Rothschilds and the Sassoons.

Edward helped to create the military alliances with Russia, France and Belgium.

Edward was said to be part of the ROTHSCHILD CABAL which allegedly started World War I.

Edward VII's eldest son, Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, known as Prince Eddy,  was involved in the Cleveland Street Scandal of 1889. 

This scandal involved a boy brothel in London's Cleveland Street.

Prince Eddy secretly married a poor Catholic girl named Anne Crook, and she gave birth to his child, a girl named Alice.

Sir William Gull, one of the royal family's doctors, was reportedly commissioned to operate on Anne's brain and have her placed in a mental institution.

The British Empire, of Queen Victoria and Edward VII, was involved in:

The drugs trade
(Dope inc), institutionalised racism, concentration camps, and false flag terror.

David Sassoon, whose grandson Edward Albert Sassoon, married Aline Caroline de Rothschild.

The British government gave David Sassoon 'monopoly rights' to the manufacture of Opium.

Sassoon expanded his opium trade from India into China and Japan. 

In 1919, at Amritsar in India, Britain's General Edward Dyer ordered his troops to kill unarmed men, women and children. 

Hundreds were killed. More than 1000 were wounded.

The British bullied the starving Irish. Irish family evicted at Moyasta, County Clare.

In the Jubilee Plot of 1887, British government ministers, led by Prime Minister Lord Salisbury, decided:

(1) to use a double-agent Francis Millen to organise a 'false flag plot' to blow up Westminster Abbey, thus killing Queen Victoria and half the British cabinet.

(2) to have the plot discovered and revealed during Queen Victoria's golden jubilee.

The classic false flag operation. / Britain framed Irish hero with 'jubilee plot' to murder Victoria

A child victim of a British concentration camp.

In 1899 Britain wanted to steal the gold in the Transvaal, a Boer republic in Southern Africa.

The British rounded up 160,000 women and children and put them into concentration camps.

Around 26,000 Boer women and children died in those camps.

80% of the dead were children under the age of 16.


The officers in the British military crucified some of their own young soldiers.

Crucifying Tommy

When the UK military tried to recruit young men for the Boer war, they found that vast numbers of them suffered from rickets and stunted growth caused by malnourishment. 

According to Simon Heffer, "the boiling-hot summers before World War I were rife with strikes: dockers, steelworkers, miners, railway workers, sewing machinists, brought to their wits' ends by low pay and brutal working conditions, took to the streets in 'the Great Unrest'."

The 'socialists' and 'liberals' wanted an end to brutal working conditions.

Some of the Old Guard wanted the rebellious young men sent off to be killed in the trenches.


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At 27 November 2017 at 00:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 27 November 2017 at 01:02 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Certain things seem to be snowballing in recent days

« Second UK Labour Member dies suddenly amidst sexual misconduct claims ... he had been caught digitally manipulating the faces of people onto the bodies of porn stars ... He was suspended from both the party and his job, and his death was announced to colleagues on Thursday.

« In early November, ex-minister of the Welsh government Carl Sargeant was found dead several days after he had been accused of sexual misconduct and deprived of membership in the party. ... he is believed to have committed suicide.

« Conservative party announced that it has suspended its MP Charlie Elphicke over "serious allegations," which were reported to the police. The Labour party also revealed that another of its MPs, Clive Lewis, is also under investigation for sexual misconduct, groping at Labour's 2017 conference. »

At 27 November 2017 at 05:01 , Blogger Kaivey said...

The BBC Accused of Spreading Fake News by Members of Parliament

The BBC has got into trouble for reporting the C14 Ukrainian neo-Nazi as just lovable rogues trying to protect their country. But this is propaganda.


If the BBC carried a report portraying Neo-Nazi’s engaged in hate crime in London as lovable rogues turned to a good cause there would be outrage. Yet that is what the BBC has done in a report on Ukraine entitled ‘C14 Group: hooligans who catch separatists’.

An impartial journalist adhering to the BBC “editorial integrity” would have revealed that for all their denials and camouflage C14 are unreconstructed Hitlerites seeking legitimacy – BBC has shockingly assisted them.

BBC portrays C14 as well-meaning youth who in a time of war are doing their civic duty protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty from supporters of Putin. The assertion that the targets of C14 are “separatists” helping Putin is a convenient cover for violence consistent with their entire record of far right bigotry.


John Cryer MP, the Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party has joined calls for action against the far-right terror group C14 active in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In an Early Day Motion submitted to the UK Parliament has called the BBC to account for its appalling reporting of the C14 terror group that have given legitimacy to its campaign of hate crimes.

The Real News - Europe's White Supremacists Have Powerful Allies

At 27 November 2017 at 06:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahuwa Zeus seems to blog on many similar topics to your own. He adds a bit more of the Arab insight - The Sassoon family have intermarried with the Rothschild family several times. Albert Sassoon was a British Knight of the Order of the Bath and Knight of the Order of the Star of India. Albert Sassoon set up banks and merchant companies in India and Hong Kong like the David Sassoon & Company which built the Sassoon Docks for trading in Bombay. Baron William Mackinnon established the British-India Steam Navigation Company which did business in India and Asia and eventually absorbed into DP World now owned by wealthy business in Dubai like the Sulayem family who also own Dubai World. Dubai and the United Arab Emirates were also established by the British Crown after they set up oil and industrial businesses like the Anglo-Persian Oil Company there before propping up the Arab nobility to rule which still continue serve the British Crown's interests through business contracts. Under British rule the Vatican Romanized much of India and there are many Jesuit universities all through out India today. The British Crown and London businessmen still have major influences over banks and companies operating in India and China.

At 27 November 2017 at 10:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 27 November 2017 at 10:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The once-cherished legacy of Lord Louis Mountbatten, mentor and godfather to Prince Charles, is gradually being revised as allegations persist about his possible links to the Kincora Boys Home scandal and paedophilia.

"His bizarre friendship with predatory sex offender Jimmy Saville, whom Mountbatten introduced to the inner circle of the British royal family, has added fuel to the claims.

"Belfast writer Robin Bryans was considered at length in an article by Joseph De Búrca last month in Village. His family connections to the Orange Order gave him access to the secret lives of some members of the British aristocracy. In 1990, he claimed that Mountbatten was involved in an old-boys' network that held gay orgies in country houses.

"There is growing disquiet about what really went on behind the austere walls of Mountbatten’s Sligo castle, 'Classiebawn', where he employed young boys to work for him.

"One of them, Paul Maxwell from Enniskillen, Fermanagh, was his waiter and 'boat-boy'.

"He was just 15 when he died alongside Mountbatten (79) in an IRA bomb attack during a fishing trip in August 1979.

"Maxwell attended Portora Royal College in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland's most hallowed school, about which allegations have been made that vice rings were able to procure some of its well-bred students.

"On summer trips to his imposing Victorian castle, Mountbatten got to know locals with influence and similar interests.

"Sean McEniff was one of the first on the scene in Mullaghmore harbour on the day of the explosion. Eyebrows were raised when the Donegal councillor later called for the erection of a memorial to Mountbatten in Sligo, generating consternation in some quarters as to why a Fianna Fáil politician from outside the area would take such a stance, and questions were asked as to who exactly he was trying to impress.

"Fianna Fail's connections with Mountbatten's close friend Jimmy Saville are well documented. The 'Top of the Pops' host who sexually abused hundreds of children at the height of his fame in the 1970s was a regular visitor to Charles Haughey's Dublin home 'Abbeville' in Kinsealy.

"Another close associate of Mceniff, Bundoran beef baron Hugh Tunney, became an unlikely friend of Mountbatten during his stays in Sligo.

"The former butcher’s apprentice, who went on to own the Gresham Hotel in Dublin, came to his aid when he could no longer fund the running of Classiebawn.

"In 1976, a leasing agreement was put in place between the pair which allowed the British royal to visit the 3000-acre estate every August.

"Reported to be a devout Catholic, Tunney was said to be present in the castle saying his rosary on the day the explosion struck.

"Local affection for Tunney, who died in 2011, is thin on the ground.

"Within the castle grounds, a graveyard containing the remains of dozens of unbaptised infants has become the subject of controversy in recent years. In 2006, a group of locals asked Tunney if they could erect a memorial to the children in the burial ground known as Cill na mBochtan, but he turned them down.

"They were forced to place it on the roadside outside the estate instead, leaving a sour taste in the community for the millionaire cattle-dealer. Questions linger as to why he would not grant permission for it.

At 27 November 2017 at 10:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 27 November 2017 at 10:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Earlier this month, Mountbatten's murder again came under scrutiny when it emerged that a former British military police officer who worked as his security guard in Sligo had warned superiors several times that his old fishing boat was vulnerable to a bomb attack. The officer, Graham Yuill, said his concerns met deaf ears.

"He was removed from his post shortly before the bombing and was told that Gardai would be looking after Mountbatten from then on, an unusual decision given his status in the royal family.

"These revelations add credence to theories that his IRA killers may not have acted alone and that he may have been killed for reasons that went deeper than the conflict in Northern Ireland.

"Was a darker side to Mountbatten's life in Sligo about to be revealed? Did others, apart from the Provisionals, want him dead? Why was security around him so lax given the fact that he was such an obvious target?

"There's little doubt that powerful forces were involved in Mary Boyle's disappearance and the cover-up that followed. Is it possible that the sordid world of Anglo-Irish child abuse trafficking networks in London and Belfast, and of associated secret-service blackmailings, outlined in recent months by Joseph De Burca in Village, had tentacles that reached into Cashelard in Donegal? This might explain the baffling failure by so many Garda commissioners, justice ministers and Irish governments to deal with a case that many believe could easily be solved. It could also provide an insight into why the British authorities have turned their backs on Mary Boyle, even though she was one of their own who went missing, abroad."

Village Magazine 21/11

Welcome to the family, Meghan Markle.

At 27 November 2017 at 11:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kincora Survivor: The stolen life of Richard Kerr, including his account of how Ian Paisley strove to cover up child abuse

At 29 November 2017 at 06:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

> Kaivey27 November 2017 at 05:01


Doubt whether MI5/MI6 activities against the Nazis in WW2 excited that much outrage.

Like it or not, Russia is annexing bits of Ukraine, with little or no objection from the West. Despite the treaties we signed to protect it.

At 29 November 2017 at 12:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Aangirfan,

(I think I posted this in the wrong place before. Oh well.)

The whole Jubilee plot sounds like some Arthur Conan Doyle novella. (Oh incidentally, 1887 is also the year of publication of the first Sherlock Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet.)

I'm surprised that a book about British false flag terrorism is reviewed in the Guardian. That paper is an utter propaganda rag for the globalists. There's even a website that shows the many reader comments from the Guardian that have been censored for disagreeing with the fake news worldview of the globalists.

The Jubilee plot shows how little real power British royalty have had for many years. The power has long been the money behind not just the City of London, but international finance. At that time, predominantly the Five Arrows, of course, who just a few years earlier got their man Disraeli into power. A Jewish Prime Minister would hitherto have been unheard of.

In this instance, the fake false flag seems only intended to discredit Irish nationalists and prevent Irish Home Rule, rather some wider plot of the dark money powers, who quietly plot world supremacy. Prime Minister Gladstone introduced the First Home Rule Bill in 1886, which was probably the impetus.

"Well Inspector, I have five minutes before my next engagement, so why don't you regale me with your stories of conspiracy."

At 29 November 2017 at 12:44 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks as always for the valuable information.

- Aangirfan


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