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Young people's art - Scotland.

How successful has been the parliament which Scotland was given in 1999?

Scotland's parliament looks after health, education, farming, housing, policing and local government.

Scotland's parliament is not allowed to deal with foreign policy, defence, central economic policy, broadcasting or immigration.

Public trust in the Scottish government is high, with 65% backing it compared with 25% saying they trust the UK government.

Scotland 2017

However, "there's been a lack of big ideas," says Michael Keating, professor of politics at Aberdeen university, speaking about the Scottish government.

Nigel Smith, chairman of the 1997 referendum campaign, said to the BBC that he would award the parliament a "six out of ten - a pass, but not as good as I hoped it would be."

Scottish parliament - Financial Times

We should all look at Switzerland, which is made up of a number of counties (cantons). The central government in Switzerland controls the railways. The cantons control education, labour, economic and welfare policies and so on. Each canton has its own parliament and constitution.

The SNP's policy of centralisation has meant that parts of Edinburgh and Glasgow have done well, but economic decline has continued in other areas.

There have been closures of bank branches, primary schools, post offices, factories and shops.

These factories have all gone, long ago.

Judging the Scottish government's economic impact is difficult.

Scotland has no control over monetary or trade policies and only partial control over tax.

After Scotland got its parliament, growth in gross domestic product per person was less than half what it had been in the 14 years before Scotland got its parliament.

Scottish parliament - Financial Times

This may be primarily due to the 2008 global financial crisis.

Jean-Paul Votron, of Fortis, Maurice Lippens, of Fortis, Fred Goodwin, former CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), and Emilio Botin, of Santander. Maurice Lippens has been linked to the Dutroux Affair and Bilderberg. FASCISTS / WikiSpooks . Fred Goodwin, whose mother is German Jewish, is the cousin of a top gangster.

The collapse of North Sea oil revenue since 2014 has led to a worsening of Scotland's position.

Economist John McLaren says the Scottish government's impact on the economy is hard to judge but may well "not add up to diddly squat".

"Most of the good things that have happened have happened across the UK," Mr McLaren says.

Scottish parliament - Financial Times

In Scotland, thanks to the Scottish National Party (SNP) government, which came to power in the Scottish Parliament in 2007, most university students do not pay tuition fees.

Scottish parliament - Financial Times

However, fewer and fewer 'poor Scots' are going to university.

"The Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy shows standards of reading, writing and numeracy for 13-14-year-olds all declining since 2011.

"The biggest decrease in both writing and numeracy attainment aged 13-14 has been among disadvantaged students."

It's time the SNP's terrible record in government was exposed - newstatesman.

St Andrews

In 2004, the Labour and Liberal Democrat coalition in the Scottish Parliament decided to make big changes in Scottish school education (the Curriculum for Excellence).

Having come to power in 2007, the SNP foolishly decided it would implement these changes.

Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence is seen as being vague, waffly gobbledygook.

The result is that Scotland has seen declining standards of literacy and numeracy.

What Scotland's schools need is a policy of removing disruptive kids from the classroom and teaching them separately.

Neglected heritage.

The SNP government created a national police force.

This police force has been dogged by scandal.

Crime levels in certain areas have risen.

Violent crime rises / SNP accused of fiddling crime figures

A formerly quiet Scottish town.

The Scottish government has passed laws giving Scots freedom to roam over private land, and has abolished age-old feudal rights, simplifying land ownership.

Five challenges facing the Scottish parliament - Financial Times

The SNP government has quite rightly been reluctant to inject greater market forces into the National Health Service (NHS).

"Our NHS has been more stable over the years and that has possibly been a good thing," said David Bell, professor of economics at Stirling university.

Five challenges facing the Scottish parliament - Financial Times

The big landowners, and the military, are still receiving lots of taxpayer's money.

The SNP government has brought in a policy of free prescriptions for medicine, and, free personal care for the elederly.

Some would argue that the rich folks can afford to pay for their medicines and personal care for the elderly.

Scottish parliament - Financial Times

Scotland 1945.

In Scotland, "the number of working age adults living in absolute poverty (after housing costs) rose by 80,000 between 2010/11 and 2013/14.

"The number of children living in absolute poverty also rose by 30,000, and the number of pensioners by 20,000."

It's time the SNP's terrible record in government was exposed - newstatesman.


French geographer Christophe Guilluy refers to the rich parts of France and the poor neglected parts of France.

In the neglected French towns, police stations, factories, shops, schools and post offices have been closed.

Christophe Guilluy refers to the neglected parts of France as being "Peripheral France".

He says that 60% of the population live in "Peripheral France".

"Peripheral France" includes the poor, neglected parts of Paris.

Dumfries, a very large town in Scotland, has no town council. It has suffered from the closure of rail links, factories, shops etc.

France, like so many other countries, has caught 'The American Disease'.

In the USA, the good things go to the areas with political power.

Beattyville, in Kentucky, is neglected and poor.

Chappaqua, New York, the home of the Clintons, is well looked after and rich.

Above, we see Singapore in the 1950s, before it became independent.


Above, we see how tiny Sigapore has changed for the better, as the result of becoming independent.

When an area has power, it has the possibility to prosper.


We have the solution to the question of how an area can become rich.

Daniel Ly, Born and living in Switzerland writes:

"150 years ago Switzerland was a dirt poor country.

"It's landlocked.

"The country is hilly and mountainous with little arable lands - what is flat was once marshy and malarious flood plains.

"Additionally there are few primary resources like ores.

"So why is Switzerland rich?"

1. Switzerland's 26 Cantons have enormous powers, and the central government has limited powers.

Towns have real power.

The cantons control education, labour, economic and welfare policies and so on.

Each canton has its own parliament and constitution.

2. Direct Democracy

"Laws are passed only after extensive consultation with almost everybody." 

There are frequent referendums.


3. Avoidance of war

4. Education

Switzerland believes in apprenticeships.

5. Cultural habits of the people

"The Swiss are social people ...looking out for the common good."

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At 12 September 2017 at 07:35 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Well in some places it is definitely worse ...

The Times of Israel itself asks, "Is Israel a Mafia State?"

« 25% of the revenue of Israel’s lauded high-tech sector comes from shady or fraudulent industries; three-quarters of MKs [Members of the Knesset - Israeli Parliament) are said to be in thrall to special interest groups

« Massive growth of organised crime in Israel over the past ten years ... Israel has become one of the world’s leading exporters of investment scams, stealing an estimated $5 billion to $10 billion per year from victims worldwide ... organised crime has grown to “monstrous proportions” as a consequence of little to no law enforcement for years ... fraudulent industries have a powerful lobby in the Knesset »


At 12 September 2017 at 11:11 , Blogger RAYESTE said...

Greetings from France.
Will ad from my side that author of this book
"La France peripherique" not long time ago appeared on French TV,
being intervied by journalist Natasha Polony :
their conversation was called...will peripheral France explode ?

About beautiful Swiss :
banking sector MUST be mentioned, and II war history as well. This is the biggest banking "fortress". Apart from chocolate and watches ;-)

And i can say something bout Swiss : been there, also collecting Swiss items, like 2nd hand mtb wheel etc.


At 12 September 2017 at 11:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rural France is still beautiful, and Swiss as well,
but you wouldn't like living in Swiss,
trust me...like most of us, non Swiss.

this is sooo organised country, more than Germany, with a little place for spontaneous behaviour :
Swiss people have also specific nature, which contributes to their wealth.
But foreigners found this country too organised.

Who can stand this "paradise" ?
Maybe Phil Collins.

At 12 September 2017 at 12:41 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

There is a joke that in Switzerland, if it is not forbidden, it is mandatory

It is a country of odd regulations ... people have told me of living in a Swiss block of flats & being prohibited from flushing toilets after 10:30pm

People who have lived there often relate they are glad to be out & once again living in less regulated environments

Switzerland is majority German-speaking but things are said to be a bit looser in the French & small Italian-speaking regions

At 12 September 2017 at 12:44 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

'Donald Trump being drugged in White House before they remove him'

Roger Stone says Donald Trump is likely being drugged by his aides as prelude to a coup d'état ... and that Chief of Staff John Kelly may be doing the drugging, after pressuring Trump's long-time personal bodyguard Keith Schiller to leave the White House, Schiller regarded as a personal aide totally loyal to & protective of Trump.

Roger Stone says, "The president does not drink, the president most certainly does not do drugs. With a loyalist like Schiller no longer standing next to the president, incapacitating him would be relatively easy."

More from Kit Daniels on Infowars:

« Trump's reportedly sudden shifts in behavior mesh perfectly – too perfectly – with the establishment media’s prediction that the president would soon suffer cognitive issues.

« Deep state operatives are putting sedatives in President Trump’s food & drink to make him more pliable & disoriented, according to multiple White House sources ... Insiders close to Trump noticed his slurred speech & sleepiness over the past several months, which are strikingly similar to changes observed in former Presidents John F. Kennedy & Ronald Reagan, both of whom were sedated. »

At 12 September 2017 at 13:52 , Blogger Olive Farmer said...

The United Nations, instrument of the globalist Luciferians, whilst busy making people distrust admittedly fake democracy, has its own solution to the problem once (soon?) disenchantment with nation state democracies reaches boiling point. Democracies will die, and City States will emerge via the Global Council of Mayors, the 100 'Sustainable Cities' (Rockefeller).....and so AAN is proposing exactly what the globalists have already built behind the scenes.
Read "Global Cities, Governance and Diplomacy: The Urban Link" by Michele Acuto, now heading up bit of this NWO decentralised (and therefore weaker)future for we slaves at the UN.

At 12 September 2017 at 17:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Scottish Parliament is a parliament in name only. The vote in 97 was essentially the centralisation on the previous Regional Councils with a few extra powers thrown in. The real control still rests with Westminster. The 'new powers' on taxation are nothing of the kind. The original ballot paper in 97 gave the option, 'Should such an assembly have tax raising powers' The people voted in favour of this and I worked in an office where preparation was being made for the so called 'Tartan Tax'

No party ever wanted to be the one to use it - political suicide. The only way to make use of it is to have COMPLETE control of at least ONE tax. Instead, all the parliament can do is kill itself politically by raising tax and getting into debt it has no way of getting out of. The design of the parliament and it's powers is purely to stymie thoughts of having ACTUAL home rule.

That said, free peronal care, free prescriptions, publicly owned water etc etc etc...

At 13 September 2017 at 01:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Understandable, hes not being drugged, hes a cokehead himself and thats common knowledge. Stop turning him into a victim, he aint no victim! We are!

At 14 September 2017 at 03:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So true haha !
Thanx for posting, Brabantian.
Paradise has it's price.

Of course in French and Italian part its less "official", but still regulated.

South of Europe was always much more messy, but also more arty and spontaneous. But balance is the best thing, huh ?


At 14 September 2017 at 03:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So right ! he is NOT a victim.

And could be cokehead. All of them are , more or less, zombies, sadly...

And Infowars are sionist site, pseudo truther Alex J. is a FRAUD...

At 14 September 2017 at 03:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bitter but good comment...aprecciated. Of course real power rests in occult Westminster. But one day even this will fall,
no doubt !


At 14 September 2017 at 07:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ISIS Has Been Openly Using Google Plus For Months Without Being Banned

At 15 September 2017 at 06:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the highly secretive Bank of International Settlements. You also forgot to mention that Switzerland is the money-laundering capital of the world. You didn't mention that it is the centre of trading in gold and other commodities that rape the planet...

At 15 September 2017 at 12:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As admitted before, I do agree that the Swiss political system is providing to her citizens generally a comfortable life, like low unemployment, good healthcare etc.
Here some downside of this system:
as explained today in the news, starting coming November, Switzerland will block any .ch or .swiss site with “criminal” content, or with “links leading to criminal content”. Very strongly assuming, that the slightest critics on anything “Zionist” will be considered “criminal”.
Understand, these bans will be issued by an administrative body, and can probably only be contested in front of a court of justice, with big difficulties.
Personally I have a strong feeling, that direct democracy (voting on referendums / Initiatives) is more and more badly manipulated, not the least with help of “digital voting”.

At 18 September 2017 at 18:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chief of Staff John Kelly is a JEW.


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