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Lord Lucan, and Veronica Duncan, who became Lady Lucan.

In September 2017, Lady Lucan was found dead at her home in London .

Back in 1974, Lord Lucan reportedly tried to murder Lady Lucan.


A number of people in Lord Lucan's 'set' died 'in mysterious circumstances', including:

Lady Diana

And Dominic Elwes

And Lord McAlpine.

Robert McAlpine with Richard  Bingham, aka Lord Lucan, at a bridge tournament.

Lady Diana's mother Frances Ruth Roche was married to Earl Spencer.

Frances Ruth Roche then left Earl Spencer and married Peter Shand Kydd.

Peter Shand Kydd's half brother was Bill Shand Kydd.

Bill Shand Kydd was married to Christina, the sister of  Lord Lucan's wife Veronica Duncan.

Bill Shand Kydd eventually brought up the children of Lord Lucan, George Bingham and his two sisters.

Bill Shand Kydd and Christina

Lord Lucan's friends included:

Billionaire Sir James Goldsmith

Allegedly, Sir James Goldsmith, is the father of Princess Diana.


Casino owner John Aspinall, 

Annabel’s nightclub founder Mark Birley,

Gambler Ian Maxwell-Scott, a cousin of the Duke of Norfolk,

Stockbroker Stephen Raphael, 

and artist Dominic Elwes.

Dominic Elwes died "after speaking too freely about the missing Lord Lucan."

Royal Family Death Cult and possible links to Child Sexual Abuse ...

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At 27 September 2017 at 13:57 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

The ultimate fraud of all ...

3 days before his death on 7 March 1999, Stanley Kubrick confessed to fellow film-maker T Patrick Murray, that he had faked the films of the USA claimed 6 'moon landings' of 1969-1972, an era when the CIA had its own film studios at Laurel Canyon, California.

Curiously, Stanley Kubrick (1928-99) was a Jewish film director, who married Christiane Harlan (b. 1932), the niece of leading German Third Reich film director Veit Harlan (1899-1964), who made 'Jud Süß' (1940) & 'Opfergang' (1944) under Joseph Goebbels.

"Kubrick made it clear that he had agreed to the interview for a very specific purpose. He knew that he was close to death & he wanted to get something monumental off his chest before he died. Almost immediately after sitting down, he proceeded to tell the stunned interviewer that the moon landings were fake & he himself had been the director in charge of the filming proceedings.

T (T. Patrick Murray): That we didn't land on the moon, you're saying?

K (Stanley Kubrick): No, we didn't. It was not real.

T: The moon landings were fake?

K: A, a, a ... fictional moon landing. A fantasy. It was not real.

T: The moon landing in '69 ...

K: Is total fiction. I perpetrated a huge fraud on the American public, involving the United States government & NASA, that the moon landings were faked, that the moon landings ALL were faked, & that I was the person who filmed it.

T: Why did they have to fake it? Why would they have to do that?

K: Because it is impossible to get there.

At 28 September 2017 at 03:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it’s worth reproducing this anonymous comment, which may have be posted on the Aangirfan website in the distant past …

I listened to a radio broadcast some years back where an old guy named T Stokes said james Goldsmith set up the referendum party solely to split the Tory vote and allow in Tony Blairs New labour which was a mossad front party for a war on Iraq for the jews. This then led me to go to a talk by this man stokes in londons Euston rd, he claimed that goldsmith and clan would all play cards for big money, but that goldsmith and two others were playing with a marked deck, these were specially printed in Tel Aviv, Lord " lucky " lucan was going through some terrible luck at the card table and realised he was being cheated and stormed out swearing he would expose them to the press and have the Claremont club closed. and then the business where the nanny was killed and Lucan was never seen again. I doubt we will ever know the truth of that now, but stokes argued with his pal peter wright who wrote spycatcher over whether rothschild was the major spy all through w w 2 and into the cold war, where terrible damage was done to the UK, blunt never told the whole truth that his spy rings were run by lord rothschild

At 28 September 2017 at 14:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lord Lucan was hiding out in Goa in the 70's & 80,s & was known as JungleBerry to the locals according to a Gentleman called Bonnie who regularly took him food.


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