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World champion boxer Freddie Mills at Talbot Boys Home, Talbot Village, c 1948. Mills was a close friend of Ronnie Kray, who supplied boys to the elite.

Between 1959 and 1965, the naked bodies of at least eight young female prostitutes were found around the River Thames in London.

The murders were called the Jack the Stripper murders.

Freemason John du Rose.

Freddie Mills, light-heavyweight champion of the world, "confessed to a fellow freemason, Chief Superintendent John du Rose, that he was 'Jack the Stripper'".

dailymail / The Secret Life of Freddie Mills by Michael Litchfield

In July 1965, Freddie Mills,  was found shot dead in the back of his car in Soho in London.

Freddy Mills was a Freemason and a close friend of the gangster Ronnie Kray, who supplied young boys to the elite.

Boxing hero Freddie Mills.

The Kray Twins are said to be linked to the death of Freddy Mills.

Frances Brown, aka Margaret McGowan.

Two of the Jack the Stripper victims, Hannah Tailford and Frances Brown, were said to be involved in the Profumo Affair of 1963.

Jack the Stripper

Frances Brown gave evidence at the trial of Stephen Ward who supplied girls to UK government minister Jack Profumo and President John F Kennedy.

The Nude Murders

The gay spy Anthony Blunt carried out the 'clean-up' operation after Ward’s arrest.

Wimpole Muse: Chapter 2 - Dolphin Square

Hanah Tailford. Hannah Tailford, was found by the River Thames at Hammersmith in February 1964.

Hannah Tailford was a visitor to parties at London's Dolphin Square, where the security services apparently supplied girls and boys to the elite.

Wimpole Muse: Chapter 2 - Dolphin Square .

The Profumo-Ward Affair is linked to the murder of President John F Kennedy.

Freddie Mills (right), light-heavyweight champion of the world in 1948, with actor Sid James.

Freddy Mills presented the BBC music show Six-Five Special.


Freddy Mill's alleged gay lover Michael Holiday died mysteriously in 1963.

"Mills had been unable to cope following the 'suicide' of his close friend Michael Holliday, a popular cabaret singer.

"Mills was rumoured to have had an affair with Holliday, who was also connected to Ronnie Kray."

Boxing hero Freddie Mills.

Freddy Mills.

In the early 1960s, various prostitutes told the police that "Mills had behaved violently at a sado-masochistic orgy he held at a friend's luxury apartment."


A policeman and a group of boys near the spot on the Thames towpath where the body of murder victim Gwynneth Rees was discovered, November 1963.

According to Ronnie Kray's wife Kate: 'Ronnie and Freddie were very good friends. So much so that a lot of people believed they were lovers.'

One of the most famous female spies was Mariella Novotny, who was reportedly Jewish. (aangirfan: DOUBLE AGENTS) Novotny was involved with J F Kennedy. Novotny was reportedly supplied to Kennedy by Dr Stephen Ward.

In London, "when the Jewish gangsters the Kray twins took over Rachmans (slum property) empire it was claimed to be with Mossad approval."

Polish Jew slum landlord Peter Rachman and his girlfriend Mandy Rice-Davies "were both Mossad informants."

Mandy Rice-Davies worked for "the CIA spy, osteopath occultist and procurer of young women Stephen Ward."

Stephen Ward was reported to have 'committed suicide'.

Stephen Ward society osteopath and healer was said to have been part of the CIA monarch MK ultra mind control programme.

"Stephen Ward was known to have treated the royal family and particularly Winston Churchill for his crippling alcoholic and depressive fits, and got him painting for relaxation.

"It was rumoured by Sir Anthony Blunt that Ward was killed for what he knew of this.

"In 1962 a high ranking (Soviet) defector named Yuri Krotkov... defected to the west with reams of info...

"All the above people were mentioned along with several people in government, the trade unions, show business and one in the church all assisting ... plans to destroy the British identity.

"Most interesting was that this info was ending up in Israel in the original format..."

- T Stokes London

Boy by Lucian Freud. 

On 20 July 2011, Artist Lucian Freud, died of a 'mystery' illness, aged 88. 

Lucian Freud was the brother of Clement Freud and uncle of Matthew Freud and Emma Freud. 

Lucian Freud 

Matthew Freud is married to Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch.

Clement Freud helped the parents of missing child Madeleine McCann by cooking them dinners in Praia da Luz (aangirfan: FREUD, MADELEINE McCANN, MURDOCH

Emma Freud recommended the 'bed-hopping bisexual' Millie Dobie to former UK prime minister Gordon Brown (aangirfan: GORDON BROWN AND HIS TRAINER

Boy by Lucian Freud

Lucian Freud ran up half a million pounds in gambling debts with the gangster Kray twins, who reportedly ran a child abuse ring for top people. 

Lucian Freud liked to paint a certain type of boy. 

Freud "had a well-documented relationship with the Kray twins Reggie and Ronnie." 

Judy Garland and the UK's Kray Twins (Another Nickel In The Machine - 2). Judy Garland was said to be a victim of brain washing by the spooks. 

The spooks and the police protect child abuse rings? 

Sir Joseph Simpson (1909 – 1968) was the head of the London Metropolitan Police, from 1958 to 1968. 

Simpson apparently turned a blind eye to the crimes of the major London gangsters known as the Kray Twins.


"Even when they turned to murder, there was no attempt to catch them." (Cached) 

Some very powerful and spooky people were at work. 

Christine Keeler and the Kray Twins. The Christine Keeler-Profumo scandal helped Harold Wilson, friend of Israel, to become UK prime minister.

The Krays reportedly ran a child abuse ring linked to top people. 

The Krays liked boys and so did a lot of the top people. 

The Krays were Jewish and gay. 

George Raft and the Kray Twins  ( 

Among the characters in this saga were: 

Lord Boothby, who was very close to Winston Churchill, and who liked masochistic sex with rent boys. 

Boothby's close pal Tom Driberg MP, who was a rent-boy loving spook with links to Russia and hence Israel. 

(Notorious : The Immortal Legend Of The Kray Twins, by John Pearson /Sex, lies, Downing Street and the cover-up that left the Krays ...) 

Boy by Lucian Freud 

According to this source - Archives - the Krays had links to a paedophile ring.

"What was involved was the systematic abuse of ten-to-twelve-year-old boys, one of whom subsequentlybecame fairly well known as a singer.

"Another, rather less fortunate,wound up in six pieces in two suitcases...

"The paedophile ring in question had links to the Kray twins."
More information is found here - Archives

Brad Lane with Reggie Kray at Gartree prison. (Yorkshire Post

"The police uncovered a large-scale juvenile pimping operation centred on a house in a Suffolk village (Tattington) owned by Ronnie Kray. 

(the twins had huge property interests in EastAnglia). 

"Some of the boys were obtained via a close friend of Britten's in London, who named him as one of the beneficiaries of the 'service': other'customers' included Lord Boothby (who frequently shared boys with Ronnie Kray himself) and the record producer Joe Meek. 

"At least two other people died in the aftermath of Bernard's murder as the twins sealed up the leaks." 

Boy by Lucian Freud. 

The spooks and the police protect child abuse rings?

The UK's spooky Tavistock Institute 'researches mind control'(Cached) and the Tavistock strategy 'includes the use of drugs'.(Cached)

Here is part of a Comment on the post "DID SOMETHING GO WRONG IN THE 1960s?"

"I used to model for Harley Street specialists... starting in 1958 as a 12 year-old.

"The police, led by top-cops Joe Simpson and Shirley Becke, used tosupply Profs Emanuel Miller and Richard Asher with the drugs they wanted to study, and used me as a guinea-pig!

"There would be several off-duty coppers present to see the result and work out how to deal with an acid-head."

Anon comments on the link between brainwashing and the following lyrics: 'let me take you DOWN (Negative trigger) cos you're going to, (instruction) strawberry fields (fantasy) NOTHING IS REAL. (disasociation)

Joseph Simpson supplied the drugs?

Sir Joseph Simpson (1909 – 1968) was the head of the London Metropolitan Police, from 1958 to 1968.

Simpson apparently turned a blind eye to the crimes of the major London gangsters known as the Kray Twins.

"Even when they turned to murder, there was no attempt to catch them." 

Some very powerful and spooky people were at work.

Christine Keeler and the Kray Twins The Christine Keeler-Profumo scandal helped Harold Wilson, friend of Israel, to become UK prime minister.   

The Krays reportedly ran a child abuse ring linked to top people.

The Krays liked boys and so did a lot of the top people.

The Krays were Jewish and gay.

Among the characters in this saga were:

Lord Boothby, who was very close to Winston Churchill, and who liked masochistic sex with rent boys.

Boothby's close pal Tom Driberg MP, who was a rent-boy loving spook with links to Russia and hence Israel.

Driberg's very close friend Harold Wilson, whose chief friends were businessmen with links to Israel.

Jewish businessman Harold Kissin.

Influential Jewish lawyer Arnold Goodman.

The 'Jewish Establishment' apparently wanted to protect Driberg, among others.

(Notorious : The Immortal Legend Of The Kray Twins, by John Pearson /Sex, lies, Downing Street and the cover-up that left the Krays ...)

George Raft and the Kray Twins (

Anonymous left the following comment on the post "MICK JAGGER AND THE SPOOKS":

The spooks see to it they have people in all places, areas, influences, races, creeds...

They bred 'spares' for this, especially amongst the poor...

When radio and film and tv came along, the spares who showed a talent (and not a few who didn't, but had the right 'look') were sponsored to succeed.

I saw this with my own eyes in 50's-60's showbiz. It was more rife in American circles, probably because the big money there...

I know of one Brit pop-star who was a spare, knew him as a kid back home...

I knew Brian Epstein in '61-'62, in London, and met 2 other pop-stars (to-be) one who 'virtually' admitted to me he was a spare...

The other was more reticent but didn't say 'no'...

He was murdered later on...

Ask yourself this, if there was a major crisis, a REAL one, who would you rather listen to, a politician or a pop-star...

That's when the spare earns his money....

The spooky Tom Driberg (left) with the Russian spy Guy Burgess, friend of Lord Ted Rothschild. (BRITAIN RUN BY AGENTS OF FOREIGN POWERS?)

Tom Driberg was the "Labour MP with a penchant for cottaging, rent boys and spying (on his own party for MI5), who managed to escape exposure on all counts.

"The policemen used to escort him from the loos of the Albert Embankment if there was an important vote going on in Parliament." (The Pink Paper, 7th. November, 1997, issue 506, page 15.)

Driberg has links to Aleister Crowley.

In Tom Driberg, His Life and Indiscretions, Francis Wheen asks a question about Driberg:

"Can the man who in the 1920s was anointed by Aleister Crowley to succeed him as the Great Beast be the man who in the 1960s tried to persuade Mick Jagger to become a Labour MP?"

Wheen refers to a lunch with Crowley at the Eiffel Tower restaurant; this was when Driberg became Crowley's heir.

The largely Jewish-run KGB infiltrated the British secret service, but it was often difficult to tell who were the double agents.

Maxwell Knight recruited Driberg as an agent for MI5.

In 1941 the communist Anthony Blunt arranged for Driberg to be expelled from the Communist Party.

In 1940 Lord Ted Rothschild (above) suggested that communist Anthony Blunt should be invited to join the UK secret service. 

He also rented a house to his communist friend Guy Burgess. Rothschild worked with communist Kim Philby at the MI6 offices established at the Rothschild family mansion in Paris.

In the book 'The Fifth Man', Roland Perry puts the case that Ted Rothschild was a major spy for Russia and Israel.

Whose side was Driberg on?

"His was a glorious indulgent life that included a highly public wedding in 1951 just a few years after he had concluded an extravagant series of affairs with soldiers, sailors and airmen."

How did Driberg get away with it?

"By far the best story (and one which may even be true) has him fellating Labour party icon Nye Bevan after a bibulous lunch...

"Although Driberg avoided any public scandal during his lifetime, it appears that the Kremlin was able to blackmail him into becoming a KGB agent – codename Lepage – after one blowjob too many in Moscow.

Driberg has links to Moscow and hence to Israel.

Driberg was a close friend of Guy Burgess and visited Moscow with him.

He was a supporter of Stalin and throughout his time in the Commons and later the Lords there were persistent rumours that he was a Soviet agent.

It is claimed it was during one visit to Moscow that the KGB used his habit of picking up men in public lavatories - known as cottaging - to trap him.

Allegedly he attempted to seduce a KGB man in the urinals behind the Metropole Hotel.

Driberg liked boys.

Driberg went as a day-boy to a local school called the Grange. It was here at the age of eleven where he began sexual experimentation with other boys...

In the autumn of 1935 he gave two unemployed miners a place with him in his bed, but when his hands began to wander the men went to report him at the local police station.

On 12th. November 1935 Tom Driberg ended up in court at the Old Bailey on a charge of indecent assault, but he was found not guilty.

His boss, Lord Beaverbrook (Max Aitken), ensured that there was no press coverage, although Tom Driberg had to go to see the editor of The News of the World.

There may have been some reciprocal arrangement as Lady Astor had pleaded with Lord Beaverbrook to keep the homosexual charges against her son Bobbie Shaw out of the papers...

Christine Keeler, who attended some of Lord Astor's sexy parties at Cliveden. Keeler was the lover of a Russian spy and Jack Profumo, the UK Secretary of State for War. (THE CLASSIC SEX SCANDALWebsite for this image

Driberg had a lucky escape when caught with a Norwegian sailor in an air raid shelter in Edinburgh. Fortunately the policeman was an avid reader of the William Hickey column and let him off. In fact the policeman and Tom Driberg became friends and exchanged letters...

In 1949 the Labour Party conference elected him to the National Executive Committee, and he was re-elected every year from 1950 to 1972...

Tom Driberg was chair of the Labour Party in 1957-58.

In 1965 he was appointed as a Privy Counsellor.

He had been an MP for thirty years when he retired in February 1974.

In 1975 he was made a life peer and became Lord Bradwell.

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At 4 September 2017 at 01:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

in east London it was said that Freddie mills was killed by the krays themselves overran argument over a nightclub, the police chief was told to cover it up

At 4 September 2017 at 08:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Freddie was killed but the gun was fired from some feeta way and there was very little powder residue so it could not have been suicide. Lord Goodman was the cut out between rothschild and Lord Boothby and tom Driberg who both suplied boys to Churchill. Churchills secretary John Colvile complained about being sent out in the blackout to find young boys for Churchill

At 4 September 2017 at 13:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

School girls shine!

At 4 September 2017 at 14:24 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Am at times in awe of how much material Aangirfan is able to collate & present, & how well it is done


Latest on Henry Makow's site:

'Joseph Ginsburg - when postwar Germany burned a Jew's books'

« Consider the irony of a Jew who had his books burned (!) repeatedly over many years by post-war, modern Germany, after he dared to question the official Shoah / Holocaust narrative - A Jew who is now being gradually web-erased, 'memory-holed' after his death.

« German-speaking Jewish author Josef Ginsburg - pen name 'Joseph G. Burg' (1908-90), was a rabbi's son who became a fervent Communist. Ginsburg joined advancing Soviet trooops as part of official Soviet teams entering into & inspecting Nazi camps in Poland such as Auschwitz, Birkenau, Majdanek, Treblinka, & Sobibor, known today as the 'death camps'. Technically himself a 'Holocaust survivor', Ginsburg wrote books saying the 'Holocaust' was a fraud. »

« "World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine." - Joseph Burg

« West Germany's government continually attacked Ginsburg, confiscating & burning 7 of Ginsburg's 13 major books / writings from 1962-89, the West German regime ice-cold to the irony of burning a Jew's books over a much longer period than Nazis themselves ever did. Ginsburg was attacked & beaten, apparently by other Jews, & Jews refused to bury him when he died. »

Photo of bearded rebel Jew Joseph Ginsburg aka Joseph G Burg, alongside fellow Holocaust-revisionist Ernst Zündel (1939-2017, who died just last month on 6 August)

88-year-old German woman Ursula Haverbeck, has just had her sentence barbarically increased to 2 years in German prison (!), where she may well die, after her appeal of a criminal conviction for making remarks 'downplaying the Holocaust'

At 4 September 2017 at 14:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ex-MP Harvey Proctor seeks assurances over sex abuse inquiry

At 4 September 2017 at 15:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dorothy Oppenheimer - Portman clinic - Jimmy Savile

Dorothy Oppenheimer, a clinical psychologist at the Portman clinic in Hampstead, and member of the Board of Management at Duncroft Approved School, explains how young women suffering "disturbance of mind" were incarcerated at her "friendly" institution (where Jimmy Savile was regularly invited to rape the girls during visits with the Queen's cousin, Princess Alexandra)

At 4 September 2017 at 16:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Queen Elizabeth II rewards Jersey's Attorney-General William Bailhache with a knighthood for his role in the Haut de la Garenne cover-up:

At 4 September 2017 at 16:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Coleman Experience blog was shut down at the behest of Esther Rantzen?

At 4 September 2017 at 16:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...



'The Sun' undoubtedly received SCORES of comments responding to its article about Esther Rantzen vs. The Coleman Experience blog... a blog which memorably accused the Childline founder of being a satanic child abuser before it was suddenly and abruptly taken offline (under pressure from Rantzen or her lawyers?).

Astonishingly, for reasons perhaps best known to The Sun's editor or publisher, Murdoch's tabloid ***specifically chose*** the following three (3) comments to ***PUBLISH*** on its website, beneath the article.

***NO*** other comments by readers were published below the article. Just the 3 comments reprinted here:

Comment 1:

"Knows a hell of a lot more than she's letting on. Evil creature!"
- Ozzie Boy

Comment 2
"What goes round comes round, no man could help a child in distress because of you."
- David Horne

Comment 3
"She's a lot worse a friend & sympathiser of the beasts hell is waiting......"
- Bea Smith


Dear Esther: Care to sue 'The Sun' for publishing these explosive allegations that you are a "sympathiser" with the paedophile "Beasts" and that you are covering up what you know?

At 4 September 2017 at 19:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Police Chief Joseph Simpson, known as " Simple Simpson" came up through the ranks, he said his hands were tied over the Rachmans krays and jack spot jewish gangs , knows as "razor gangs" as they would use cut throat razors, many women imported from Malta and forced into prostitution, if they ran away got their faces slashed. Mad Frankie Fraser has said on TV that during the war he worked for the jewish gangs who ran london while the men were away, he claimed the the Board Of British Deputies suported the jewish gangs and that Simple Simpson was ham strung by orders from above, and could not clean up Soho or the jewish gangs as he wanted

At 4 September 2017 at 23:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comment on Simple Simpson is quite correct, our boys were away fighting the Germans and the jewish men would get signed off by their doctor from war duties by saying they had flat feet or short sight etc and London was full of them, Mad fankie Fraser also said they would go out in the blackout and rob shops and set the shop alight and say ah it wasa stray german bomb, and the goods would be sold by jewish fences in petticoat ;lane. Oswald moselys blackshirts had to stand guard over all the christians shops during the blackout to protect them from the jewish gangs, my gandad before he died was delirious and kept saying " thank god moselys men protected us "

At 5 September 2017 at 02:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where does Coleman share his information these days? I miss his blog.

At 5 September 2017 at 05:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

coleman was threatened by cliff richards solicitors I didnt know about esther rancid, but I can tell you that the TV personality Isobel Barnet registered with my fathers firm of solicitors that she wanted to set up childline to protect children, with Bernard bradens wife Barbara, Isobel was found dead in the bath, and the following week ester Rancid started it up, but many people who have had contact with childline say its a way of keepinga lid on, rather then exposing child abuse, especially after the nene report where the UK column said boys were abused on an " industrial scale"

At 5 September 2017 at 05:34 , Anonymous wiggins said...

Me too...


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