Tuesday 25 July 2017



"Richard Huckle, the grammar school-educated, church-going son of a British actress, posed as a volunteer at Christian orphanages all across Asia, while secretly molesting and raping some 200 or more children...

"Huckle’s crimes are part of a tidal wave of tourist/expat sex-crimes, perpetrated largely by males from Australia, the UK, Canada, the US and Europe.

"This is the demographic that forms the growing market for the livestreaming of child-rape and abuse committed mostly against poor Asian children, many orphaned.

"Now that’s a migrant crime wave you won’t hear about on Breitbart or FrontPageMagazine."

The Migrant Invasion of Asia: Pedo Rapist Huckle - by Lila


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At 25 July 2017 at 13:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prince Charles's paedophilic friends preferred Jersey (Sir Jimmy Savile) and Sri Lanka (Sir Arthur C. Clarke).

Praia da Luz in Portugal was the holiday choice of Dame Margaret Hodge's nephew Philip Edmonds and paedophilic Tory Sir Clement Freud, both friends of the McCanns (can't imagine what common interest they all had..)

But North Africa and the Caribbean win out for some allegedly paedophilic Tories.

The BBC's Michael Portillo reportedly enjoyed sunshine holidays in Morocco and Barbados with Westminster colleagues John Whittingdale (whose half-brother is jailed paedophile Charles Napier), Michael Brown (who writes for The Independent), and Derek Laud (Brown's lover during the pair's alleged steering of Dolphin Square paedophile parties and trafficking of kids in cahoots with jailed paedophile care-home boss John Allen).

Morocco's other great fan is evil fugitive from justice Harvey Proctor, who perhaps not coincidentally is a close friend of many or all of the above Tories.

When Proctor wasn't raping trafficked kids with Mr Laud et al. at Dolphin Square paedophile parties ... appearing on the purported 'guest list' of the Elm Guest House child brothel ... violently assaulting youths in his partner's S&M chamber ... or (reportedly) raping and murdering children with Lord Nigel Lawson (according to one survivor's testimony) ... the Daily Mail discovered that Proctor enjoyed nothing better than raping small underage children at the 'Ali Baba' hotel in Agadir.

Tunisia is another of Harvey Proctor's favourite holiday haunts.

According to Private Eye, Proctor used cigarettes to lure impoverished young children back to his Tunisian hotel so that he could sexually assault them.

Wonder where Tory MPs and friends of royalty are holidaying these days?


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