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"It seems like every time a Republican politician starts screaming about the gay agenda, we find out he has a Grindr account or a secret boyfriend." 

Republican Politicians Brought Down By Big Gay Sex Scandals .

Grindr is a gay dating site.

People brought up as fundamentalist and conservative tend to have big problems coping with their sexuality.

Jon Hinson

Jon Hinson was a Republican congressman from Mississippi.

He was arrested for exposing himself to an undercover male police officer.

He was arrested for performing oral sex on a young male clerk in a House of Representatives bathroom.

Glenn Murphy Jr. is an antigay advocate and former president of the Young Republican National Federation. 

He was sentenced to six years in prison after he was found guilty of having sex with an unwilling male after a private party for Republican supporters in Indiana. 

16 Antigay Leaders Exposed as Gay

During the July 2016 Republican Convention, Craigslist saw a huge increase in ads offering gay sex, specifically aimed at Republican attendees, according to The Daily Dot.

During the July 2016 Convention, Republicans employed lots of male escorts, according to the New York Post, which spoke with a number of rent boys working in Cleveland.

They described the typical Republican client as married and aged between 40 and 50.

Male escorts are making crazy money at the RNC | New York Post / RNC So Gay: Male Escorts Rake It In

Troy King

The homophobic Troy King was the Alabama Attorney General, and a Republican.

He was caught by his wife in bed with a young male aide.

The right-wing Conservatives David Schine, Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn were all said to be interested in boys.

William Pryor Jr. is an eleventh-circuit judge and former Attorney General of Alabama. Donald Trump said he was considering Pryor for the Supreme Court. Pryor reportedly featured in nude porn photographs in the 1990s.

"A Huffington Post article reported on an unconfirmed rumour that Donald Trump allegedly 'paid off' a gay lover to prevent their affair from breaking out into a public scandal."

Donald Trump

Roy Ashburn (right)

California State Senator Roy Ashburn was a homophobic Republican.

He was pulled over for drunk driving while leaving a popular Sacramento gay club with another man in his car.

Ashburn came out as gay.

Trump's penthouse in New York

Donald Trump's gilded penthouse was designed by a gay man called Angelo Donghia.

Donghia enjoyed a close personal relationship with Donald Trump, a relationship that lasted until Donghia's 1985 death from AIDS.

Richard Curtis

The Republican Washington State Representative Richard Curtis was a homophobe.

He was outed by a male escort, Cody Castagna, who had been blackmailing him and threatening to tell his wife about their meetings.

Curtis was said to have been clad in women's clothing.[2]

Roy Cohn and Donald Trump

Donald Trump's mentor, Roy Cohn, lusted after blond boys.

Roy Cohn's cousin David L. Marcus "has said that he was astonished by the atmosphere of creepy intimacy that seemed to perfume Cohn's attitude toward his acolyte Donald Trump."

Ed Schrock

Republican congressman Ed Schrock from Virginia was a homophobe.

A tape emerged of him soliciting sex with men on a gay chat line.


Certain 'Twinks' like Trump.

The homophobic Arizona Republican congressman Jim Kolbe married Hector Alfonso, after coming out.

Prosecutors investigated a camping trip that Kolbe took with two teenage boys.


Trump has been a friend of Michael Jackson and of Liberace.

Jim West

James West was a homophobic Republican mayor of Spokane, Washington.

Two former Boy Scouts said that West had fondled them and forced them to perform sex acts when they were minors.

West confirmed that he had offered gifts, favours and an internship in Internet chats with a young man.

West acknowledged that he was gay.

George W Bush has been linked to Johnny Gosch.

Paul Babeau (right)

Republican Pinal County Arizona sheriff Paul Babeau 'threatened an ex-boyfriend with deportation back to Mexico'.

Babeau ran a private boarding school in Massachusetts in the late 1990s.

In 2012, GOProud organised a party at the Republican National Convention.

"Guests will dance the night away after the evening convention session at The Honey Pot night-club in Tampa's Ybor City neighborhood."

Special guests included:

David Keene, Former Chair of the American Conservative Union and Vice-Chair of CPAC
Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform
Mary Matalin, author, CNN contributor and long-time GOP operative
Richard Grenell, former U.S. Spokesman at the United Nations
Amy Kremer, Chair of the Tea Party Express
Mike Flynn, Editor,,
Dana Loesch, contributor to, radio host and CNN contributor

Margaret Hoover, former FOX News contributor, author and current CNN contributor
Larry O’Connor, Editor of and radio host
S.E. Cupp, author and co-host of MSNBC’s “The Cycle”
Will Cain, analyst for The Blaze and CNN contributor

Robert Bauman

As a Republican congressman from Maryland, Robert Bauman preached about the collapse of American morality and founded the Young Americans for Freedom.

Bauman was arrested for attempting to solicit sex from a 16-year-old male prostitute.

Mark Foley

Republican congressman Mark Foley was a homophobe.

It was reported that Foley sexted with two male pages, ages 16 and 18, and, after they turned legal, had sex with them.

Bob Allen

Republican Bob Allen, a married Florida State Representative, was a homophobe.

He was arrested for offering a male undercover cop $20 to receive oral sex in a restroom.

Allen was sentenced to six months' probation.


Above, we see Donald Trump posing with Andrew Horner in a restroom.

Married homophobic Republican Chris Myers was the mayor of Medford, New Jersey.

He was accused of having sex with a male prostitute in a California hotel.

The prostitute said that Myers broke a promise to give him a car and other gifts.

Myers resigned.

Phil Hinkle (left)

Phil Hinkle was a homophobic Republican member of the Indiana House of Representatives.

Hinkle asked an 18-year-old boy he met on Craigslist up to his hotel room.

He declined to seek reelection.

Milo (left)

"Milo Yiannopoulos, influential Trump supporter, close associate of Steve Bannon, and keynote speaker at the CPAC conference, is on video appearing to advocate the legalization of sex between boys and older men."

Republican Bruce Barclay, chairman of the Cumberland County commissioners office, spoke about his belief that homosexuality is a sin.

Barclay was caught with hundreds of tapes of him having sex with boy prostitutes.

Barclay, at least twice, flew a 19-year-old to his home in West Palm Beach.

Larry Craig

Republican senator Larry Craig was arrested for soliciting in an airport bathroom.

Steve Wiles

Steve Wiles was a homophobic Republican candidate for the senate

Wiles had performed as Miss Mona Sinclair at a drag club in Winston-Salem.

He was a promoter for the 2011 Miss Gay America pageant.


Republicans tend to be keen on young lads?

Randy Boehning

Randy Boehning, a member of the North Dakota House of Representatives, was a homophobe.

He was outed on Grindr with explicit photos and messages.

He then outed himself.

Mike Yenni

Mike Yenni was Republican mayor of Kenner, Louisiana, and married to wife Michelle.

He 'sexted 17-year-old Alex Daigle.'

Yenni reportedly met Daigle in a bathroom and gave Daigle some designer underwear.

Yenni 'told Daigle that he wanted to perform a sex act on him.'

Yenni  denies he is gay.

Below is A Brief History of Antigay Religious Leaders Engulfed In Gay Scandals

Monsignor Lawrence McGovern was the pastor of Presentation Parish in Stockton, California.

"He propositioned the church's pool boy for sex and then fired him after he turned down unwanted advances.

The pool boy said to the priest: Kindly Stop Sending Me Your Naughty Photos

Pastor Boyd Watson Holder Jr. of Tennessee preached against homosexuality.

"He stole over $60,000 from his church’s bank account to pay for subscriptions to gay dating websites like ManHunt and Farmers Only."

He was caught 'having relations' with another man in a church van.

The Rev. Peter Miqueli was a preacher in New York.

He was accused of stealing $1 million to pay for sex with a rent boy.

Pastor Jose Santiago kept quiet about having been a gay actor in x-rated videos.

Santiago became the boss of the House of Prayer Monte Santo in Puerto Rico.

Father Rory Coyle, a Catholic priest from Northern Ireland was outed for 'keeping a secret Grindr account' and having 'scandalous photos of himself'.

Someone contacted the local Catholic newspaper to say he had sexted with Coyle, and that Coyle had said he enjoyed taking part in orgies.

Reverend Matthew Makela

The reverend Matthew Makela liked telling gay teens that they were destined to burn in hell for eternity.

Rev. Matthew Makela, the married father of five from Michigan, preached homophobia by day and cruised the gay dating site Grindr by night.

When Makela was exposed, he resigned from his church.

George Washington.

The USA has always been run by gay/bisexual men, reportedly.

Historians in Paris uncovered gay love letters exchanged by George Washington and his lover, Guy Raffleur III.

Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed spent four years living together and sharing a small bed.

Abraham Lincoln

According to an article entitled: Gay Men and the Presidents Who Loved Them:

William King is said to been the gay lover of President James Buchanan. 

Eisenhower chatting up young boys in Germany.

Arthur Vandenberg Jr. was the gay friend of Dwight Eisenhower.

Charles 'Bebe' Rebozo was the gay 'lover' of the right-wing homophobe Richard Nixon.

Oliver Sipple, an ex-marine, was the gay friend of Gerald Ford.

Rock Hudson was the gay friend of Ronald Reagan.

A column by Drew Pearson in the New York Post, 1967, reported that: 'A homosexual ring' operated out of Governor Reagan’s office...'

Reportedly, lobbyist Craig Spence conducted a 1am tour of the Reagan White House on July 3, 1988 for six friends, including homosexual call boys.


Dana Carvey spent the night at the White House.

The gay Charles Francis has been close to George W Bush.

The 'gay' Jeff Gannon stayed at the White House of George W Bush.

Victor Ashe is said to have been close to George W Bush.

 Gay Men and the Presidents Who Loved Them

 Study Shows Homophobic Male College Students Attracted To Gay Imagery


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Robert Green Update On Child Abuse Developments Including Ted Heath at Fresh Start Foundation

At 28 July 2017 at 05:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 30 July 2017 at 18:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone offer any discourse as to why it seems that child abuse, and from what we are finding out the horrific extent of, seems to proliferate in a segment of the population that consists of white, repressed anglo saxon religious extremists that prefer to 'have their cake and eat it too', ie, 'maintaining' the religious fronted, bearded vanilla family life and then duplicitously indulging in depravities in a secret life?



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