Monday, 24 July 2017



Anthony Scaramucci
is Donald Trump's White House Communications Director[5]

Scaramucci began his career at Goldman Sachs.

Scaramucci and Kevin Spacey.

Scaramucci describes himself as a committed 'gay rights activist.'

Scaramucci told the BBC: "I'm … a gay rights activist. …

"I’ve given to the (pro-'gay' Republican) American Unity PAC ... to the Human Rights Campaign.

"I’m for … marriage equality."

Scaramucci was linked to a $10 billion Russian investment fund.



Scaramucci has attacked climate change deniers.

Scaramucci is pro-choice.

Scaramucci tweeted 'Walls don't work. Never have, never will.'


Does Trump love Scaramucci?

The Scaramucci family originated in Volturara Irpina.




  1. good boy

  2. the brainwashing goes on



  5. In Scaramucci's tweet posted above he says the USA has 50% of the [presumably civilian] guns in the world

    There are lots & lots of guns in Canada and Europe legally ... plus huge numbers of guns illegally in many places ... so not sure that is right

    In the USA gun ownership is about 1 to 1 ... amongst 100 people you have 100 guns on average ... in Europe the figures are as high as 45 guns per 100 people in some countries ... the UK is quite low, with 6.6 per 100 -

    A very useful graphic chart, map of Europe with number of guns per 100 people labelled on each country

    Europe is the safest continent in the world, but the 2nd highest in civilian gun ownership

    45 of the 50 world big cities with the highest murder rates are in either North or South America ... but ironically, the 4 'safest' countries in the Americas - with the lowest murder rates - include, along with Chile & Cuba, the two countries with the most guns, Canada & the USA

    Yes that is correct, the USA with its 300 million guns, has only one-third the murder rate of Mexico which has 'strict gun control' ... in much of Central & South America, murders are done with knives & clubs, whilst disarmed civilians have no effective defence against gang violence

    The moral seems to be, that once violence is present in a society beyond a certain tipping point, crime is lowered by civilians having guns ... the USA could be as violent as Brazil, but is much less so because US civilians in much of the country, can shoot back

  6. Seattle mayor Ed Murray melting down in pedophile allegation. The fourth accuser is discovered. All of them were troubled teen boys, one of whom was foster son of Murray. All were black adolescents. Murray is still the sitting mayor of Seattle.


  8. Scaramucci has that 'Uncle Creepy' look to him, no tellin what is buried in his closet or back yard.

    Wasn't a Scaramucci a Bond villain?

    1. Scaramanga in fact

    2. Or better try this:

  9. The actions of cryptojews never get old.

  10. Anthony Scaramucci also was connected to the FOX of Rupert Murdoch and was involved in selecting new members for the Trump administration.

    I thought that the links of Jared Kushner to George Soros and Goldman Sachs was interesting, the links between Rupert Murdoch (who owns FOX) is arguably even better.

    The best I have found (until now) are the connections between Michael Flynn, Donald Trump, Alptekin, Ratio Energy, Erdogan, the KGB and Putin: