Thursday 6 July 2017


"Seymour Hersh, the guy who broke My Lai, Noriega drug trade, and Abu Graib torture and many, many other scandals can no longer be published in the US...

"His second-to-last historic bombshell - the expose on the 2013 sarin false-flag attack in Syria - was published only in the London Review of Books.

"But now he can't publish there either."

Alison Jackson

"By establishing a chain of airbases, military outposts and missile bases inside Syria, the US is illegally, stealth-occupying a sovereign nation. 

"The number of US military installations in Syria has increased to eight bases according to recent reports, and possibly nine according to one other military analyst."

US Expands Military Footprint in Syria to EIGHT Bases


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At 6 July 2017 at 09:41 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Nonetheless, Jewish writer Seymour Hersh is limited hang-out hoaxer, fake 'hero dissident writer' like 'Zionist lite' Noam Chomsky, this is a psy-op

Actually progress, as the Trump White House seems to have ordered a wind-down of some of the CIA-backed media fakers ... but this does let us see again how much of the big media is CIA-tied, they 'follow orders'

Seymour Hersh claims to believe the official US gov 9-11 story "19 Arabs did it"

Hersh followed up with a dubious story on the 'assassination of bin Laden' allegedly in 2011 though it seems more probable that the real Osama bin Laden died nearly a decade earlier

Just like two other limited hang-out hoaxers - who also claim to believe the official US gov 9-11 story - Julian Assange & Edward Snowden, Hersh is allegedly 'under fire'

Absurdly, Julian is still allegedly "living in a closet-like room at the London Ecuador Embassy" even though the Swedish fake 'rape charges' against him have been dropped, in fact at US CIA request ... they just can't figure out the new story yet, where Julian should park himself

The US deep state is winding down some big media fakers, after Donald Trump's White House learned that Snowden & Assange were frauds, and had Hillary-favouring CIA handlers who were instructing them to criticise Trump ... which led to dropping the Assange charges, and Assange & Snowden pulling back from their Trump criticism

A problem in US gov now, is that these frauds are extremely embarrassing, and so the question is how to wind them all down ... With Hersh we can see one strategy, just pretend they are not there

PasteBin: DOJ Dossier Memo on James Comey crimes ... how the Trump White House learned that Assange & Snowden were frauds

Veterans Today: Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald are CIA frauds

At 6 July 2017 at 09:50 , Anonymous Bigmoo said...

Let's not allow the truth get in the way of a good story. As the duplicitous Al Gore once said or at least coined the phrase "An Inconvenient Truth" - although Gore was lying about climate change which is acceptable in the inverted world we live on.

Seymnour Hersh now finds himself marginalised in a world full of liars. Nobody wants to hear the truth eh?

As we now know the 2013 false flag gas attack was falsified and the (readily available) evidence proves this. A bunch of crisis actors doing their bit for the BBC and making good the predictive programming that follows every event.

Fast forward (skipping a zillion fake terror attacks) and the new sarin gas or chlorine or whatever tripe they tell us is evidently just about ready. The predictive programming has started and the beat of the drum gets louder. Washington announces the new gas attack as the 8th illegal airbase inside Syria is now ready and fully functioning. Kobani has been modified and awaits the next group of instructions to continue the "War On Lies" as it were.

Meanwhile the British are also ready for the new terror attack and for Assad to gas his own people. Al Tafn just north of the Jordanian border will see a useful bunch of trained professionals (idiots) waiting their green light too. Helicopters, tanks and troops at the ready. Fck knows who else is in there.

Who would have thought that the real terrorists all this time and the axis of evil is in fact the US, UK, Israhell and the vassal states that operate alongside their collective stratagem NATO. Or should I say OTAN (the fatherland).

Lets just hope that the Russians and their collective efforts are indeed a genuine attempt to keep at bay the axis of evil and their as yet (unstated) plans for the Greater Israel project.

Putin, the consummate statesman, is a beacon of hope that might prove a counter balance. That said, I still have this nagging doubt that he is one half of the East-West Paradigm and that the Bolshevik Revolution (lead almost exclusively by cryptos)was the historical marker that serves as a note of caution that needs consideration (even in todays geopolitical framework).

Peace to the humans.

At 6 July 2017 at 10:15 , Blogger stevebCAN said...


At 7 July 2017 at 05:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exposed: Wikileaks Is A Zionist Cover-Up Operation

Does Wikileaks work in the interests of humanity or the illegal state of Israel? Decide for yourself, in this tell-all about Julian Assange

At 7 July 2017 at 09:04 , Anonymous Bigmoo said...

Julian Assange is yet another fraud. His cult background alone makes good reading.

I listened to the Joochoob thingy. Very good indeed. Inversion and false reality are ruling the day it appears.

What a strange world we find ourselves in.


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