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John Buchan was in British army intelligence.

In London, John Buchan's Thirty Nine Steps, Richard Hannay comes in contact with Franklin P Scudder.

John Buchan - The Thirty-nine Steps.

Scudder was an American, from Kentucky.

According to Scudder:

Away behind all the Governments and the armies there was a big subterranean movement going on, engineered by very dangerous people. 

Most of the people in it were the sort of educated people that make revolutions, but beside them there were financiers who were playing for money. 

A clever man can make big profits on a falling market. 

According to Scudder:

The aim of the whole conspiracy was to get certain people at loggerheads.

Everything would be in the melting-pot, and they looked to see a new world emerge. 

The capitalists would rake in the shekels, and make fortunes by buying up wreckage. 

Capital, he said, had no conscience and no fatherland. 

Besides, the Jew was behind it. 

Glasgow - not much has changed.

According to Scudder:

The Jew is everywhere, but you have to go far down the backstairs to find him. 

Take any big business concern. 

If you have dealings with it the first man you meet is Prince von und zu Something, an elegant young man who talks Eton-and-Harrow English. 

But he cuts no ice. 

If your business is big, you get behind him and find a prognathous Westphalian with a retreating brow and the manners of a hog. 

But if you're on the biggest kind of job and are bound to get to the real boss, ten to one you are brought up against a little white-faced Jew in a bath-chair with an eye like a rattle-snake. 

Yes, sir, he is the man who is ruling the world just now.

British spy boss John Buchan wrote the spy novel Greenmantle in 1916.

In Greenmantle a shadowy Moslem figure threatens to spark an Islamic jihad.

This shadowy Moslem figure secretly works for the intelligence services.

"The Germans and their Turkish allies are plotting to cause a great uprising throughout the Muslim world, that will throw the whole of the Middle East, India and North Africa into turmoil..."

(Greenmantle - Wikipedia)


Who controls the prime ministers, presidents, police chiefs, spy chiefs, military generals, newspaper editors, TV bosses, trade union leaders, top civil servants, religious leaders, Islamist leaders and terrorist  jihadis?

Max von Oppenheim (above), of the Jewish banking family, had a plan to incite religious violence in various Moslem countries.

He described Islam as 'one of our most important weapons'.

His idea was to use Jihadis to advance a certain agenda.

Thus, spies were sent into Moslem countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iran.

Mullahs were bribed with large sums of money to get them to support Jihad.

Max von Oppenheim.

Of course Britain had the same idea, of using Moslems.

That was in 1914.

Fatwa and Jihad, promoted by Max von Oppenheim

During World War One, Germany used its Moslem prisoners of war to promote jihad.

"Muslim prisoners of war were used as pawns...

"Their duty was to deliver scripted lines in Arabic and Turkish promising the crowds that they would take the German jihad to North Africa."

Germany's Grand WW1 Jihad.

The leader of ISIS (Simon Elliot) with John McCainJAMES FOLEY FALSE FLAG FAKE

The Jewish bankers were not just friends of the Moslems; they were also friends of the Nazis.

American Ambassador in Berlin, William Dodd, wrote about Hitler's American and Jewish friends:

"One evening my wife visited Baron Eberhard von Oppenheim...

"Many German Nazis were present.

"It is said that Oppenheim gave the Nazi party 200,000 marks..."

Hitler's Secret Backers - / The rulers of the World are German

King Idris, leader of the Sanusi, and his British handlers.

In real life, it is Mossad, MI6 and the CIA who control the shadowy Moslem figures.

Sting Says.

Anonymous comments:

The Oppenheim jihadi adventure is covered in McMeekin's Berlin to Baghdad Express account of German Middle East foreign policy up to WW1. 

McMeekin is a pro-Zionist writer so the fact that German intelligence was organized by the scion of a Jewish banking cartel goes unremarked.

Buchan in Greenmantle was a tad more forthright:

"The German has the poorest notion of psychology of any of God's creatures. 

"In Germany only the Jew can get outside himself and that is why, if you look into the matter, you will find that the Jew is at the back of most German enterprises."

Insidious psychological infiltration of host cultures which are vulnerable to the machinations of a hostile minority and international networking via the UN, CFR, the Rothschild fiat money scam et al are hallmarks of the Jewish crimes against humanity which are ongoing in Palestine, Iraq and Syria. 

Moreover the subversion is in plain sight now. 

The Project for the American Century is there for anyone to read.


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At 7 June 2017 at 02:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

so coincidence between this and what happened in Tehran, rite?

At 7 June 2017 at 03:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 7 June 2017 at 11:02 , Blogger steve said...

Dear writer of article ,thank you for putting together a excellent
piece , this autistic brain pays tribute in how you make your articles digestible and constant so even when cross referencing research and including past articles it sure helps us join people together in past debacles that are trying to throw us down rabbit holes of present , thank you for your site
it throws true light to the mind keep up the excellent work

At 7 June 2017 at 11:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iranian parliament was attacked by ISIL/ISIS... most significant attack in recent years due it being in Iran... symbolic attack on Khomeini's shrine and Iranian parliament...
some crazy Iranian analyst from PressTV, although on Russia Today... was talking all crazy about it being funded by Saudis (I know crazy)... he went even further and suggested the Zionist entity of Israel may also being supporting the terrorists!
Lucky we have PressTV banned over here in democratic UK... BAN RUSSIA TODAY ASWELL!

At 8 June 2017 at 03:40 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks Steve.

- Aangirfan

At 8 June 2017 at 10:18 , Blogger steve said...

Here is one , from left field ,karl marx and friedrich engels came to England and stayed for some time in Manchester , to observe the workers in poor part of industrial Britain , in my view to find out what would appeal to them as they were the masses , the area they stayed was Plymouth grove , the 1st tops of the pops in a old Wesleyan church , on Plymouth grove
not only that if we play the hoax game and names used to take the piss , ( there a few you tube channels that discuss this like Russianvids Chanel) the name of the road was Dick-in-son imagine and the area of Manchester Rusholme , i liked how you
the article about Paul Masseys killing and LIFG in Manchester
can imagine those lads returning home with new found bravado from fighting mit guns n killing , getting into the top slot in manchester , there was a article about a drug swoop operation in Brighton 34 class a drug dealers were arrested and successfully prosecuted 32 of them were from Manchester


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