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Robert Maudsley

Robert Maudsley is from Liverpool in the UK.

The Liverpool-Southport area is famous for the Beatles, football, 'corrupt police', child abuse and snuff movies. SEX ORGIES

Robert Maudsley was born in 1953, the fourth child of a Liverpool lorry driver.

Maudsley has a genius-level IQ.

Maudsley loves classical music, poetry and art.

Friends and family describe him as gentle and kind.

Maudsley spent most of his early years in an orphanage run by nuns.

The Jamie Bulger murder took place in LIVERPOOL. Jon Venables drew this picture entitled 'MY DAD'S HOUSE, weeks before he and Robert Thompson murdered two-year-old James Bulger. http://www.dailymail.

At the age of eight, Maudsley was taken home by his parents.

His father beat him regularly.

Maudsley says: 'All I remember of my childhood is the beatings.

"Once I was locked in a room for six months and my father only opened the door to come in to beat me, four or six times a day.

"He used to hit me with sticks or rods and once he bust a .22 air rifle over my back.'

Apparently he was raped.

He was eventually removed from his parents care by social services.[ 2]

He was placed in a series of foster homes.

Matthew Byrne. On 23 March 2010, we learn that Matthew Byrne, the children's charity boss from LIVERPOOL, has admitted a string of sadistic sex attacks on children in a 'torture chamber bedroom'

Social services in the UK are sometimes linked to child abuse rings.

During the late 1960s, as a teenager, Maudsley was a rent boy in London.

He was also a drug addict.

He made several suicide attempts.

He spent time in psychiatric hospitals and told doctors that he could hear voices in his head telling him to kill his parents.

William Hitler was born in Liverpool. He was the son of Hitler's brother, Alois Hitler Jr., and his Irish-born wife Bridget Dowling. William threatened to reveal to the press that Hitler's paternal grandfather was a Jewish merchant. Hitler stayed in a flat in Liverpool with his married half-brother Alois from November 1912 to April 1913. WILLIAM HITLER.

In 1974, Robert Maudsley was picked up by a man looking for sex. [5]

The man showed Maudsley pictures of children he had sexually abused.

Maudsley 'killed the man'.

Maudsley was sent to Broadmoor Hospital for the criminally insane, with a recommendation that he should never be released.

In 1977, while in Broadmoor, 'Maudsley and another inmate, David Cheeseman, murdered a convicted child molester.' [2]

In 1978, while in Wakefield Prison, 'Maudsley killed two more prisoners'.

A court heard that during his violent rages Maudsley believed his victims were his parents.

Shy Keenan. The Liverpool Echo, 4 February 2008, had a news story entitled Monsters ruined my life (uk). Shy Keenan, as a child, was in the hands of a child-abusing paedophile ring. Stanley Claridge and his ring abused children in Wirral’s Noctorum estate, near Liverpool in the UK.

Before he killed anyone, Robert Maudsley spent time in psychiatric hospitals.

The late Kenneth Milner, a psychiatrist, ran Aston Hall Children's Hospital in Derbyshire in the UK for 28 years.

Milner is accused of injecting children with 'truth serum' and then sexually abusing them.


Milner had previously worked at Broadmoor and Rampton hospitals.

David Martin, 55, claims he was abused by Dr Milner at Aston Hall while aged 12 and 13.

Dr Kenneth Milner / dailymail /58 crimes recorded at former Derbyshire mental hospital / Doctor 'carried out experiments on patients at mental hospital' / goodnessandharmony

The security services like to mind-control children, from care homes, to turn them into sex slaves and assassins, reportedly.


Harold Wilson and Jimmy Savile

Harold Wilson, the former UK Prime Minister and alleged Satanist, was the Member of Parliament for Huyton, on the edge of Liverpool.

How healthy is the government of the UK?

Sir Peter Hayman (above) is believed to have been the deputy boss of the UK security service MI6.

Sir Peter may have been a Kim Philby type of character working for some hidden deep state; the KGB spy Philby was close to Lord Ted Rothschild.

Sir Peter Hayman was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) an organisation which is believed to have been used by the security services to control certain top people.

Blackmailing spooks funded paedophile group.

In the UK parliament, Conservative Member of Parliament Geoffrey Dickens (above) raised issue of Sir Peter Hayman's child abuse activity.

Geoffrey Dickens died in strange circumstances.

Sir Peter Hayman lived with his wife in South Oxfordshire where he was deputy chairman of the Conservative Association and where he was a churchwarden's assistant.

Russian Embassy building, London.

Sir Peter's correspondence with fellow paedophiles was sent to a flat at 95 Linden Gardens, Notting Hill Gate, in London.

This London flat, used for sexual liaisons, was almost across the road from the Soviet embassy.

During the cold war, Sir Peter had been deputy commandant of the British zone in Berlin.

By mistake, Sir Peter left paedophile material in an envelope on a London bus. 

The envelope was addressed to a Mr Peter Henderson (aka Sir Peter Hayman) at 95 Linden Gardens.

Soon afterwards, in November 1978, the police raided the Linden Gardens flat and found extreme child porn.

They also found diaries in which Sir Peter had recorded his sexual experiences with children.

The police also found letters to fellow child abusers.

Two of the letter writers had an interest in the extreme sexual torture and murder of children.

The notorious Director of Public Prosecutions let Sir Peter off with a caution.

How the Establishment hid the monster.

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At 22 May 2017 at 00:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 22 May 2017 at 04:36 , Blogger Rob Watson said...

Aangirfan, for your interest

At 22 May 2017 at 07:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sick, darkest, rotten to the depths of hell !
Without second thought, this couldn't be a human perversion :
these sounds diabolic, reptilian, you name it !

Mon Dieu, world is on it's edge,
massive cataclism seems to be the only RELIEF from the
above pattern of hellish tortures...

poor kids. Beyond words.
But of course, this was not only in kongdom of ElizardBeth...

OMMM for peace.

Too much of this darkest stuff for me !

But thanks again, Aanir.

At 12 June 2017 at 16:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, JFK was gay and Jackie removed from her home because Black Jack couldn't keep his hands off her. What a family. JFK Jr. gay too?

At 26 August 2018 at 16:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Jamie Bulger thing is a good example of how the press, the public, the parents, the children etc. all got screwed. This is an ongoing thing. I think they should lift the anonymity of both of them, emphasize the Catholic background of the little boy to counteract the bad press surrounding church because sex scandals and finally get these darn British actors to make a film of.

At 26 August 2018 at 16:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie Bulger has been swept under the rug like you wouldn't believe.No wonder the interest continues. Thank you for the explanation of the Venables picture. It was helpful indeed.

At 27 August 2018 at 19:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find this case exceedingly interesting. I too went to a Catholic primary school named Sacred Heart. I also recall a horrible fire set by a schoolboy December 1,l958 in Chicago. His identity was never revealed as part of a cover by the Archdiocese of Chicago. Those innocent young faces will choke you up every time. I wish to God the anonymity of both would be revealed very soon. Knowing their behavior somebody might figure it out and let's say accidentally on purpose rub them out.

At 20 October 2018 at 16:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess this Jamie Bulger thing will drag on forever. Too bad. Life is hard enough as it is.


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